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Recently we put together a definitive list of reasonable books on climate change — and it has been well-received. As a parallel effort, we now have a brand new list of some good books related to industrial wind energy. As before, if you have any suggested additions or deletions, please send them on, and we will update. Enjoy!

We’re strong supporters of PragerU and other sources (e.g. Clear Energy Alliance) that try to digest complicated matters into more understandable short videos. Welcome a relative newcomer: TPPF. Here is a collection of their videos, and a great example of a spot-on short (2 minutes) energy video.

Since there is such a diversity of interesting news worthy articles, for awhile I’ll try to divide them further:

Energy —

Wind & Solar Are Always Ruinously Expensive

NY Turbine Leaseholders hit with Liens for Wind Developer’s Unpaid Bills

President Trump Seeking Major Cuts to Renewable Subsidies

How did  Rick Perry and DOE get into the Ditch???

The Green New Deal —

The American Way of Life will be on the 2020 Ballot

Carlson video: Dems Say The End of the World in 12 Years!

The Green New Deal Is Unserious and Juvenile

The PCCS —

Massive Coalition Backs Trump’s Climate Science Committee

It’s Time To Expose The Shoddy Climate Science Of The Obama Years

Dr. Happer will set them free

Global Warming —

Climate Science’s Myth-Buster

New way to turn carbon dioxide into coal could ‘rewind the emissions clock’

It’s Not about the Climate—It Never Was

Powerful video: Nicholas Lewis and Climate Sensitivity

Media touts ‘clear sign of human-caused climate change.’ Here are the facts

Revealing Worldwide Poll as to What Our Priorities Should Be

House Climate Hearing off to Bad Start

Misc (Education, Science, etc.) —

Feds Push Climate Alarmism on our Children

Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and the Leftist Takeover of the Colleges

Note 1: We recommend reading the Newsletter on your computer, not your phone. Some documents (e.g. PDFs) are easier to read on a computer. We’ve tried to use common fonts, etc. to minimize issues.

Note 2: Our intention is to put some balance into what most people see from the mainstream media about energy and environmental issues… As always, please pass this on to open-minded citizens, and link to this on your social media sites. If there are others who you think would benefit from being on our energy & environmental email list, please let me know. If at any time you’d like to be taken off this list, simply send me an email saying that.

Note 3: This Newsletter is intended to supplement the material on our website, The most important page there is the Winning page.

Note 4: I am not an attorney, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or our website) should be construed as giving legal advice. My recommendation has always been: consult a competent licensed attorney when you are involved with legal issues.

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