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Amsterdam airport terrorist attack foiled

Credit Dr. Jill Bellamy warning Lisa Benson show listeners as early as last November on how vulnerable Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is to a terrorist attack, whether, conventional or using Chemical and biological weapons. This latest Daily Mail news report gives credence to her warning. Add to that would be susceptibility of Schiphol to a dirty bomb attack via the metro that runs under airport. An equivalent to the Washington, D.C. Metro attack scenario in the 2003 PBS NOVA BBC Horizon documentary, ” Dirty Bomb” we posted.

Schiphol is a major international aviation transit hub. That would make it vulnerable to a biological agent that could be spread globally, not unlike the pathway evident in the spread of the Zika virus. Let’s see how the Dutch counterterrorism echelon deals with this latest lapse in security.

Remember they didn’t respond to FBI warnings about one of the Brussels airport suicide bombers. That caused a ruckus in the Hague parliament with letters to the interior minister forcing him to fess up about the FBI warning.

Time for Geert Wilders to lead the battle to protect his fellow citizens in Holland and potentially world civilian aviation?

Meanwhile, the political trial against him by Dutch emigre Muslims for alleged hate crime violations labors on with a biased judge that included a hearing in a secure facility at where? Schiphol!

Terror at Amsterdam airport: Passengers stranded as armed police and bomb squad storm terminal after man was seen acting suspiciously

Amsterdam airport was evacuated last night as armed police and a bomb squad patrolled the terminal after officials reported a ‘suspicious situation’.

One man was arrested by military police on the plaza outside the main entrance to the airport following the warning and his bags were searched by bomb disposal experts.

Heavily armed Dutch special military police, wearing balaclavas, were seen guarding the airport, which has been on high alert since the March 22 attacks in Brussels.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of Dutch police at the Amsterdam airport is by the Associated Press.