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Planned Parenthood has exterminated 10 times more people than the Nazis. Justice demands that they be tried in the same manner.

Mosques – Dangerous to Extremely Dangerous – Georgia, Extremely Dangerous

Dave Gaubatz, invited to investigate 3 mosques in the Savannah, GA area.  Gaubatz has investigated over 300+ mosques in the U.S. and over 150 internationally.  He did that with a standard analysis process to measure the level of dangers being promoted inside each mosque he visited.

From Dave’s report below:

“Islamic leaders have informed Dave Gaubatz during his various undercover operations that right now in America they (Islam and its leaders) are winning and their strategy of an Islamic caliphate in America is on pace to succeed with limited violence. ” 

VIDEO: Enemies Within The Community – With Dave Gaubatz and David Bores.

The final analysis for Savannah is available in PDF form on Sharia Crime Stoppers Page here and included in full below.

Sworn Affidavit
Dave Gaubatz, USAF (retired), U.S. Federal Agent (retired), and American Patriot  (active)
8 July 2019 

NOTE:  When I conduct counter-terrorism research in America it is my objective to expose Islam when Islam requires exposing, which is 24/7.  Anything I do or any materials I uncover are for public release.  It is my policy to provide the public my raw intelligence first before providing to all others.  Only the American public can protect America.  It is the responsibility of the public to insure politicians and our senior law enforcement do the job which they have sworn an oath to do, which is protect America and most importantly protect our children.  The public must also demand our media report the news based on facts and evidence and not their personal political agendas as is now the case by far in America.

Note:  The following 20 points are for credibility purposes to validate the counter-terrorism research I conducted in the Statesboro and Savannah Georgia region during the period 26 – 30 June 2019.

  1. Background:  I was a U.S. Federal Agent with a Top Secret/SCI clearance for approx.. 15.5 years.  This was during the time 1988 – 2003.
  2. In addition to my Top Secret/SCI clearance I was also briefed into many programs known to the public as “Black Projects”.  These projects pertained essentially to counterterrorism and counter-intelligence operations.  These cases were U.S. National Security matters.
  3. On 11 Sep 2001, I was assigned as an (1811) civilian Federal Agent in Albuquerque, NM.  I had primarily been assigned the duties of ‘Technology Protection’ in regards to our countries highest classification of technologies used to defend our country.
  4. After the attack on our country, 11 Sep 2001, I was assigned to the Foreign Service Institute (U.S. State Dept./Arlington, Va.  My duties were to train full time in Arabic and counter-terrorism issues.  The Arabic language course was one year.  During this time period I was sent to Jordan for a three-week immersion program to better understand the Arabic language, the culture, and Islam.
  5. In Jan 2003, before Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was deployed as a civilian Federal Agent to ArAr Air Base, Saudi Arabia (next to Iraqi border).  My full time duties were to collect intelligence involving potential attacks against U.S. Armed Forces personnel and to conduct counter-espionage against Saudi Arabian government/military, Iraqi, and other people in the ArAr area.  I led several counter-terrorism/counter-intelligence expeditions.
  6. From Apr – Jul 2003, I was assigned inside Nasiriyah, Baghdad, Basrah, and other cities in Iraq, and my primary duties were counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence.
  7. While in Iraq I interviewed numerous Iraqis and Iranians in regard to terrorism acts against the U.S., the Islamic ideology pertaining to violent Jihadists activity, and the methodology of Islamic terrorists.
  8. While in Iraq I had the opportunity to discuss the training and tactics used by Islamic terrorist leaders and their supporters.  I had the opportunity to review thousands of pieces of Islamic material pertaining on tactics to attack U.S. interests and the overthrow of America.
  9. I have received training on the Islamic ideology/tactics from people who were former members of Islamic terrorist groups and from Muslims who were investigating groups themselves.  These people included military and police officers who served under Saddam Hussein (former Iraqi President).
  10. Since returning from Iraq in 2003, I have trained over 3000 U.S. law enforcement officers in Arabic and counter-terrorism involving Islamic terrorist groups and their supporters.
  11. I have discussed Islamic issues with over 600 Imams and Islamic leaders.
  12. I have listened to over 2000 hours of lectures by Islamic scholars/leaders that have been trained in
  13. I have read over 5500 different publications, books, and brochures by Islamic scholars.
  14. In 2005, I hired a senior Council on American Islamic Relations leader to provide me training on the operation of this Islamic organization.  This was an undercover operation directed toward CAIR.
  15. I have personally conducted first hand research at over 300 Islamic Centers/Mosques in America and over 100 outside of America.  The research has included speaking with the leaders, worshippers, and reviewing the materials they use to educate their worshippers (men, women, and children.
  16. I have monitored several overseas based Islamic terrorist group internet sites.
  17. I have received numerous U.S. Government awards pertaining to my work in protecting our country, our technology, and U.S. Armed Forces personnel.
  18. I have worked jointly in counter-terrorism research and investigations with Muslims and non-Muslims.
  19. I have written two books. 1:  Arabic for Law Enforcement and Military 2: Muslim Mafia
  20. At the direction of a former Under Secretary of Defense for President Ronald Reagan I placed 5 undercover researchers inside a Muslim Brotherhood organization (CAIR) operating inside America.  The result was uncovering over 12,000 documents and 300 hours of audio/video relating to criminal terrorism against America.


It is very important for American citizens and others who are victimized by Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters to understand there is a dramatic difference in investigating mosques in predominately Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia versus mosque activity in America.  One cannot rely on Sharia compliance from a Saudi mosque for instance and a mosque in Savannah, Georgia.  Sharia compliance alone can more closely determine if a mosque in an Islamic country poses a potential threat to innocent people and countries than Sharia compliance in a mosque in America will.

Mosques located throughout the Middle East have been around for over 1400 years and the earliest mosque in America was less than 100 years ago (1922, Chicago, Illinois).  Even as late as 1980 there were only a 150 or so in America.  Now there are approximately 3000, but this is in no comparison to the tens of thousands throughout the Middle East and for which Sharia compliance has been brainwashed and enforced into the Muslim mind for 1400 plus years.  Sharia compliance in a mosque has been branded in the Islamic culture throughout the Middle East but is still in its infancy in America.

The major point for one to understand is that it does not take a large percentage of Muslims in a mosque to be Sharia compliant in order for the mosque to be evaluated as a high risk for terrorism to generate from the mosque.  Example:  If the mosque membership is 350 and only 20 are truly Sharia compliant does not necessarily mean this mosque poses a low threat of potential violence.  In the Middle East it likely would.  But, since many Muslims in America are first generation ‘converts’ they are still in a learning curve compared to their fellow Muslims in the Middle East.  It will take time for Sharia compliance by a large percentage of Muslims in an American mosque to be the primary source to determine the potential danger the mosque poses.

To make an accurate determination if an American mosque is more dangerous than another American mosque or Middle Eastern mosque requires the researcher to have many of the requirements as are mentioned in my 20 points of credibility listed above and to have the 26 factors evaluated as I have identified below.  I have named this evaluation criteria “The Islamic Terror Alphabet” (copyright Dave Gaubatz 2019)


  1. The Islamic ideology is not peaceful; it is violent and dangerous to the world.
  2. There are no safe mosques; there are only various degrees of danger.
  3. When (not if) the Islamic leaders throughout the world (Sunni/Shia/Sufi) determine they are powerful enough to plunge the world into total chaos so as to complete their final objective of an Islamic Ummah (nation) worldwide, all mosques, all Muslims will unite to meet this goal.
  4. There is only Pure Islam and Pure Muslims.  There is no such thing as moderate Islam or moderate Muslims.  A Muslim in accordance with their Prophet Mohammed must adhere to all aspects of Sharia law.  They are not allowed to pick and choose which parts of Sharia to follow and not to follow.  Sharia is an all or nothing.  If a Muslim does not do this, they are Apostates of Islam.  The penalty is death for them, regardless if they are in Saudi Arabia or Savannah, Georgia.
  5. Islam defined:  Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology which uses religion as a tool to achieve their ultimate goal of an Islamic Ummah worldwide and under Sharia law.
  6. Sharia law defined:  Sharia is a belief that everything Mohammed said or did in his life is the perfect example to all.  What he did and said is Sharia.  Sharia covers everything a Muslim does in his/her life from the moment they awake until they fall asleep and even while they are deep in sleep.
  7. Sharia law cannot be changed nor removed from Islam.  There is no validity in the reform of Islam.  There are Muslims (Apostates) who claim to want to reform Islam, but once you have removed Sharia, you have simply started another religion.  You can no more remove Sharia from Islam than you can the 10 Commandments from Christianity.
  8. Evaluate the mosques solely on firsthand evidence and do not rely on 2nd, 3rd, or other sources unless they are validated by an experienced counter-terrorism researcher.
  9. Remain unbiased.  If there is no firsthand evidence to support a rating above ‘Dangerous’ then rate the mosque at the lowest level.
  10. Innocent people throughout the world must realize that the Islamic Prophet Mohammed endorsed child marriages and Islamic scholars do not refute this.  Mohammed married Aisha when she was six (6) years old and consummated the marriage when she was nine (9).  In actuality Mohammed married a 6-year-old child and began sexually assaulting and raping her.  Do not get wrapped up in the nice and soft word of consummating.  An adult does not consummate with a child, he rapes them.  This very act and belief alone makes the whole of Islam dangerous regardless of the millions of peaceful interfaith meetings Islamic leaders may put on.  Although Mohammed died over 1400 years ago Muslims firmly believe he is the purest example of all and one who must be followed in every aspect of his life.  To this day in 2019 Muslims believe Mohammed was correct in marrying children and raping them.  This practice has not repealed by Islamic scholars and is still conducted openly throughout the world, to include America.


(copyright 2019 by Dave Gaubatz) Dave Gaubatz encourages all to use the ITAC system as a tool and to share with others, but be professional and give credit to Dave Gaubatz for the development of this counter-terrorism tool.

Islamic Center of Savannah, Georgia

A:  Mosque location (neighborhood, strip mall, typical identifiable mosque structure, or Islamic Center) Keep in mind a mosque is defined as a place for Muslims to gather for prayer and strategic planning.  The place can be in the basement of a house, a garage, a room in a university, a small building structure or a mega structure) The IC of Savannah is an Islamic Center which is typical for a Sunni mosque.  The term Islamic Center is not typical for identifying Shia mosques.  They do not use this term.

B:  Number of members 350 plus

C:  Sunni/Shia/Sufi:   This is a Sunni Wahhabi/Salafist mosque that primarily use the Hanbali Islamic school of thought.  There are four Sunni schools of thought. 1.  Hanafi 2. Maliki 3. Shafi’I 4. Hanbali.   Most counter-terrorism professionals agree the Hanbali school of thought is the most dangerous.  ISIS, Al Qaeda and other Sunni terrorist organizations follow the Hanbali school of thought.

D:  Material in mosque (such as Fiqh Us Sunnah, Riyadh Ul Salheen, Sahih Muslim, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Sahih Bukkari, Reliance of the Traveler, Maududi or Qutb material, etc…)  Fiqh US Sunnah, Riyadh Ul Salheen, Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukkari were located in the prayer room available to all worshippers.  These manuals describe in detail for Muslims to carry out physical (fighting) Jihad,  Child marriages (authorized), Slavery (authorized),  the beating of women (authorized),  killing of non-Muslims and even Muslims  who are not Sharia compliant, informing Muslims to never take as friends Christians and Jews, killing of Apostates  of Islam (authorized  anywhere in the world), and  the describing the objective of Islam which is to establish an Islamic Ummah (nation)  worldwide and under Sharia law.  The objective can and must be established by warfare as needed.  Many other violent topics are discussed in the manuals.  Much of the material in the mosques is in Arabic.   For those Muslims who do not read Arabic they are encouraged to go online and read the materials in English which are readily available.

E:  Conversations with worshippers:   Dave Gaubatz spoke with Islamic leaders and worshippers.   Sunni/Salafist is the predominant ideology of this mosque that the Imam tries to instill.  Copies of the Quran and two Islamic books were provided to Dave Gaubatz.  Halaco Market in Fairfax, VA, was mentioned as a source for Sunni /Salafist/Wahhabi material.  I have personally visited this Islamic market/bookstore on at least 25 occasions.   Very violent and dangerous materials are at this business.

F:  Sharia decorum in mosques (example: prayer rug/carpet) No Black Flag of jihad was observed.  The prayer rug did have the required lines on the rug for the ‘forming of the lines’.  The Wudu (cleansing of the body) was in the mosque.  The women were in a separate side away from the men.   There was a throne type seat in the front area of the prayer room.

G:  Any affiliation with CAIR, IIIT, MSA, ISNA, etc.  Brochures from IIIT and CAIR were observed.  CAIR does have an affiliation with this mosque.

H:  Sharia compliance of Islamic leaders:   The Imam and Islamic leaders Dave G. observed were Sharia compliant.

I:  How are women/children treated:  The women are not allowed contact with the men.  They are completely isolated from the men.  Children were observed in the men’s and women’s side of the prayer room.

J:  Mosque etiquette (forming of line during prayer, selling of material in mosque, etc..). The Imam paid close attention to the forming of the line before the prayer.  It is against Sharia law to openly sell materials in a mosque prayer room.  No sales were observed.

K:  Imam lecture (mention of Sharia, Jihad Qital, Punishment in the grave, Fiqh, etc…)  Sharia compliance was mentioned throughout the lecture.  Punishment in the Grave was also mentioned several times.

L:  Invited guests (out of town Islamic leaders, CAIR, etc.)  There was an Islamic leader from Chicago who was invited by the Imam to speak.  He was raising money for an Islamic school based in Chicago to prepare students to be Islamic scholars in America.  He stated thus far the program has graduated 50 students.  The program is for a period of 6 years.

M:  Sharia compliance of non-Islamic leaders:  Many of the worshippers were not Sharia compliant in their dress, but were complaint enough to be in the mosque.  20 plus men were 100% compliant and these are the ones likely to be involved in future violence toward innocent people and/or involved in acts of terrorism against our country.

N:  Business cards shared (internet sites, businesses, emails, etc…)  Business   cards were provided to Dave Gaubatz.  These can be used for future coordination/operations if deemed feasible.

O:  Confirmed Islamic terrorists have/had not visited mosque:  No known terrorist information has been made public pertaining to any visiting the Savannah mosque, but Muslims travelling from one mosque to another is quite common.

P:  Active duty military at mosque:  One U.S. marine and One U.S. Army member attended the mosque (males).

Q:  U.S. Govt. Civilians and/or politicians at mosque:  U.S. government stickers (passes) were observed on a few vehicles in the mosque parking lot.

R:  Local, State, Federal Law Enforcement presence:  Local city police officer conducting security.

S:  Is local govt. liberal or conservative:  Savannah govt. is predominately liberal

T:  Are U.S. military bases within 50 miles:  there are U.S. military installations within 50 miles of the mosque.

U:  Are Islamic businesses within 15 miles:   Yes, an Islamic market and various small businesses (some medical)

V:  Is state liberal or conservative:  Georgia is a conservative state, but liberalism is increasing especially in the larger cities.

W:  Local media liberal or conservative:  Media in local area is considered liberal.

X:  Interfaith programs:  There is public information the mosque leadership are involved in interfaith activity with Christian and Jewish people/leaders.

Y:  How does mosque compare to mosques in U.S. with confirmed terrorist ties such as Dar Al Hijra mosque in Fairfax, VA):  Dave Gaubatz and his team of CT researchers have spent in excess of two weeks at Dar Al Hijra mosque in Virginia.  911 terrorists had visited the mosque.  The IC of Savannah is on the same scale as Dar Al Hijrah.  This would be a mosque that Islamic terrorists and their supporters who are travelling would feel comfortable attending.  They would be welcome at this mosque.  The Imam is Pakistani and is working to insure all aspects of Sharia are observed.

Z:  GUT feeling of qualified researcher (Very Important) This area is rated very high.  An explanation and analogy is required.   Every human and animal have internal systems fight or flight sensors that alert them to potential dangers.  This is how we survive.  Over years and years of life experiences our minds are able to fine tune this protective system.  Police officers use this safety mechanism each and every day to evaluate hundreds of potential danger signals in order to know how to respond in order to save their lives and the lives of innocent people.  In a shoot or don’t shoot situation officers sometimes have a few seconds or less to evaluate situations to best respond.  This is when their life experiences kick in and numerous things race through their mind when they are deciding to shoot (kill) or not shoot (not kill).

When evaluating the potential danger of an Islamic mosque Dave Gaubatz does the same thing as one of the 26 indicators to determine danger.  He bases over 35 years of travelling and working in Islamic based countries, visiting hundreds upon hundreds of mosques, interacting with good and bad people of the Islamic ideology, interviewing dozens of confirmed Muslim terrorists, their supporters, and reviewing thousands upon thousands of pages of their books and manuals, and in operating in dangers gang infested areas within America and in combat zones in Iraq.  Based on these experiences within a matter of minutes or less he is able to kick in his survival skills upon entering a mosque. His experiences have led him to accurately analyze and reason that all mosques are homes to potential danger, but at varying degrees.  When he worked gangs and narcotics in numerous major American cities there was little doubt a gang infested neighborhood posed likely dangers, again there were various levels of dangers based on other aspects of his experiences.  The same is true using the ITAC system.  A GUT feeling combined with 25 other important factors triggers an evaluation for danger.

Evaluation Rating: Dangerous, Very Dangerous, or Extremely Dangerous 

Final Evaluation of Statesboro, Georgia Mosque:  Dangerous, but final evaluation pending. 

Final Evaluation of Masjid Jihad, Savannah, Georgia:  Dangerous, but final evaluation pending 

Final Evaluation of the Islamic Center of Savannah, Georgia: Extremely Dangerous (on a scale of 1-10 this mosque would be rated 9) 

  1. Imam is Pakistani
  2. Sunni with a strong form of Salafist/Wahhabi influence

Analysis:  It is the determination of Dave Gaubatz that the IC of Savannah is the home for Islamic terrorists and their supporters and is used as a training base and regional HQ for developing the strategy for meeting the well-established and very open goal of forming an Islamic caliphate in America (and world) and under strict Sharia law.  The Islamic leaders will use two forms of Jihad defined as the ‘pen and tongue’ before they will use the violent form of the ‘sword’.  The pen form of Jihad are the writings of Muslims to alter non-Muslims into accepting and believing Islam is a religion, is peaceful, and is the solution to all of the worlds problems.  This form of Jihad also includes the use of the media.  The tongue form of Jihad is of course verbal communication through Interfaith programs, open mosques for non-Muslims, and most dangerously the infiltration of the Islamic ideology into our public schools to brainwash American children into accepting Islam as the answer to all personal and worldly problems.  It is the belief of Islamic scholars that American children are the future of America and the majority of their Dawa (education and spread of Islam) is directed toward them.  Islamic terrorist groups have literature sent to American schools and libraries which are very colorful to influence their young minds.

The last form of Jihad is the use of the sword which is Jihad Qital (physical).  Islamic leaders have informed Dave Gaubatz during his various undercover operations that right now in America they (Islam and its leaders) are winning and their strategy of an Islamic caliphate in America is on pace to succeed with limited violence.

One Imam informed Gaubatz, “there has not been another 911 such attack in America because Islam is winning and at this point another large scale attack would set their movement back 25 years.  When a large scale attack is required to further subdue Americans it will then be carried out.  The plans are already in place.  The Islamic leaders know there will be small scale terrorist attacks such as with Fort Hood, Texas, the Boston Bombings and others that will put fear into the hearts of the American people and its government.  Islamic leaders realize the liberal leaders and politicians will label these attacks as ‘Lone Wolf” attacks and disassociate them from mainstream Islam”.

It is important for readers to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘Lone Wolf’ terrorist attack.  Muslim terrorists who conduct small scale attacks are doing so in the name of Islam, Allah, and to please their Prophet Mohammed.  The attacks are carried out because their Islamic training has taught them the sure way to reach Allah and Paradise is to fight for the goal of an Islamic caliphate. Jihad Qital is one such way to achieve this goal.

RECOMMENDATION:  Provide this report to the public in a mass distribution campaign.  Then and only then will America’s senior law enforcement and politicians do the job they have sworn an oath to do (protect America and our children). Do not be fearful of personal attacks or frivolous lawsuits or the name calling (Islamaphobe, haters, racists) that will without a doubt come about.  The protection of America, our Constitution and our children should and must be the ultimate goal of all Americans.

“Our American military and law enforcement officers have died by the thousands to protect our Country, Constitution, and Children (3 C’s).   They do not run from the enemy and American citizens must never run from the enemy, especially inside our great country.  To do so will result in an automatic defeat”.  Dave Gaubatz


Pray for Poland

Stephen P. White reports on sex-abuse in the Polish church. How bishops handle the crisis in this very Catholic nation is key to the Faith’s uncertain future.

KRAKÓW, Poland—The drama of the past year in the Church in the United States can sometimes distract from the global dimensions of the crisis of clerical sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance. Here in Poland, where I’ve been since late June, the Church faces its own scandal of clerical sexual abuse.

A report, released in March by the Polish bishops’ conference, admitted that 382 priests have been accused of the sexual abuse of minors since 1990. These allegations came from 625 different victims.

Most of the victims in Poland were more than 15-years-old, a significantly higher percentage than in the United States. A majority of the victims are male: 58.4 percent of the cases reported by the Polish bishops. [N.B.: The legal age of consent in Poland at the time of the report’s release was 15, the age of majority is 18.]

The handling of these cases has, at times and in ways sickeningly familiar, been grossly inadequate – shuffling accused priests to other assignments, blaming the crisis on anti-Church bias in the media, and so on. In some ways, the Church here is where the Church in the United States was 25 years ago.

The Polish bishops’ responses to the report ranged from sensible and heartfelt, to the dreadfully tone-deaf. Archbishop Wojciech Polack of Gniezno, the Primate of Poland, insisted that each case of abuse should “evoke our pain, shame, and guilt.” Kraków’s Archbishop, Marek Jędraszewski, stepped all over himself in trying to make a point that “zero-tolerance” shouldn’t mean “no mercy.” He chose perhaps the least helpful analogy possible: “When the Nazis fought with Jews, applying a ‘zero tolerance’ mentality, it resulted in the Holocaust.” His point was, of course, not well received.

In May, two brothers – Tomasz (wirter and director) and Marek Sekielski (producer) – released a documentary film titled, Tell No One. The film details the stories of abuse survivors and the inadequate response of the bishops in Poland. It includes harrowing footage of abuse survivors confronting their abusers.

The bishops’ report in March was big news, but the release of Tell No One rocked the entire country. The film was released on YouTube, where it received more than a million views in the first six hours. To date, it has been viewed more than 22.5 million times, a staggering number when one considers that Poland has a total population of just over 38 million.

Poland being Poland, the whole drama – and the issue of clerical sexual abuse, in general –quickly took a political turn. Tell No One was released just weeks before an election for European Parliament.

The conservative ruling party, Law and Justice, has close ties to many of the Polish bishops. Some members of the opposition saw the outrage generated by the film and tried to make clerical sexual abuse a wedge-issue. The opposition overreached (including through aggressive promotion of the LGBT agenda) and the strategy backfired.

Adding to the spring of unrest were comments made by Pope Francis in a mid-air interview after his visit to Abu Dhabi in February. The Holy Father was defending the record of then-Cardinal Ratzinger in his handling of allegations of sexual abuse, specifically against the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Fr. Maciel. In defending Ratzinger, Francis implied – at least to the ears of many Poles – that Ratzinger’s efforts had been stymied by the Polish pope himself.

John Paul II’s long-time secretary and the retired Archbishop of Kraków, Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, rushed to the defense of John Paul, insisting that the insinuations, based on Pope Francis’ ambiguous remarks, were unjust. When Pope Francis later praised John Paul’s effort to fight abuse  – calling him “brave” and saying “no one can doubt the sanctity and goodwill of this man” – Dziwisz published an open letter thanking Pope Francis “for putting an end to attempts to defame St. John Paul II.”

In June, Pope Francis’ sex-abuse “fixer,” Archbishop Charles Scicluna, met with the bishops of Poland. Many in the Polish press were speculating that a raft of episcopal resignations could be forthcoming. Reports suggest Scicluna was stern, but the Polish episcopate remains intact for now.

Scicluna did take the opportunity, however, to underscore the defense of Pope John Paul II offered by Dziwisz and Pope Francis: “I am an eyewitness of the determination of St. John Paul II to combat sexual abuse of minors when such cases were brought to his attention. I believe that those who question the competence or determination of St. John Paul II in the treatment of this phenomenon should brush up on their knowledge of history.”

Several of the Poles I spoke to said there is a sense that the Bad News on the sex-abuse front is probably not over. The last several months have been a roller coaster ride. Things may settle down, especially if the Polish bishops can avoid compounding their mistakes the way too many of our own bishops have. But the general sense I get from Polish friends – devout and otherwise – is that there is still more reckoning to come.

How such a reckoning might play out in Poland is hard to guess. Poland remains extraordinarily and profoundly Catholic, but Polish Catholicism remains largely on the defensive. Close alliances between the Church and populist politics, however devout, can purchase short-term stability at a terrible long-term price. And as we have learned only too well here in the states, the ecclesial instinct to defend the institution, however piously motivated, can easily lead to actions that have precisely the opposite effect.

My sense is that the Church in Poland is much closer to the beginning of this mess than to the end. How the Polish bishops handle the abuse crisis in coming months and years will go a long way toward ensuring the future of one of the shining examples of a truly Catholic culture. That future is more precarious than many would assume.

Pray for Poland.


Stephen P. White

Stephen P. White is a fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington.

EDITORS NOTE: This Catholic Thing column is republished with permission. © 2019 The Catholic Thing. All rights reserved. For reprint rights, write to: The Catholic Thing is a forum for intelligent Catholic commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own.

LIVE VIDEO: President Trump on Freedom of Religion

Posted by Eeyore

VIDEO: JEXIT, INC.’s Alexandra Levine is making a difference.

My friend and co-worker in the fight against the leftists, Alexandra Levine, is at the heart of “JEXIT” (Jews exiting the Democratic Party

She’s out on tour organizing rallies and talking to various civic groups, etc. She’ll be back in Sarasota, Florida this September.

Hear what she has to say:


JEXIT, Inc. is a Florida, Not for Profit Educational Organization. #JEXIT is a National Movement. We schedule events all across the country. The mission of JEXIT, Inc. is to educate and encourage American Jews that are currently members of the Democratic Party to exit the Democratic Party and join President Trump who is the greatest friend to Israel and the Jewish people. Stand with us against anti-semitism in the Democratic Party because anti-Semitism is anti-American. This includes Jews who have already left as well as supporters of this movement. #JEXIT – Join our fight against anti-Semitism. America and Israel stand united!

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PODCAST: Pompeo Does a World of Good on Religious Liberty

You don’t have to fly to China to find real skeptics of freedom. Turns out, there are plenty right here at home. They pop their heads up every time the Trump administration does something meaningful on religious liberty or human rights — which, thanks to this president’s priorities, means we hear from them, a lot. Sticking up for freedom used to be America’s calling card. Now that we have a State Department who takes that mission seriously, the country is finally starting to see who the real radicals are.”It would be hilarious if it weren’t so ominous.” That’s what one New York Times columnist described Secretary Mike Pompeo’s new commission on unalienable rights. To most people, last Monday’s announcement was the perfect compliment to this week’s second annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. The State Department explained that it was appointing a new group of advisors, whose job would be helping the country get back to basics on human rights. In an age when liberals want that freedom to include everything from free health care to college tuition, Secretary Pompeo believes — and we agree — that it’s time to reel in our foreign policy to freedom that’s universal and God-given.”When we start to talk about… thousands of rights, we diminish these things like religious freedom that are so fundamental to humanity… [They get] sort of lost in the shuffle. And I want to make sure we get this right. And so that’s what the Unalienable Rights Commission is going to do.” On today’s “Washington Watch,” Pompeo told me that he thinks the administration is putting together “a good panel that will go back to take a look at — what are these basic rights, and how do we define them here in the United States? And then, how do we think about it around the world?” Our founders, he said, “thought about this an awful lot. They wrote about it in the Federalist Papers. They talked about it in the Declaration of Independence with the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There’s a declaration and International Declaration of Human Rights to which we will study and refer.” It’s really important, he insisted, that the kind of freedoms America defends around the world are based on discussions that are “careful and thoughtful and grounded.”

Of course, the critics could care less about what the founders intended. Their focus is imposing their extremism on as many people as possible. If that means passing off abortion as a “fundamental human right,” they’ll try. And until President Trump was elected, the global Left had tremendous success cloaking social activism in the language of freedom. But that era is over — and the abuse of these sacred truths, Pompeo insists, ends now. Roger Cohen and other liberals can wring their hands over the administration’s decisions — like removing “reproductive rights” from the annual State Department Country Reports on Human Rights or withdrawing from the U.N. Human Rights Council. But as Secretary Pompeo would say, it’s time to get back to the principles that matter.

“I’m very optimistic than when we complete this work, even those who’ve taken shots at what we’re trying to do, will see that it was sincere and important and deeply consistent with our constitution and our founding here in the United States of America.” If the U.S. wants to help the persecuted and suffering families around the world, it has to get rid of the distractions standing in the way of freedom.

That’s why the administration is putting such a strong emphasis on religious liberty. “President Trump has made it a priority,” the secretary explained, “so our team does as well.” Thanks to events like the ministerial, where a thousand government, faith, and civil leaders will gather, religious freedom is “at a higher level in the conversation,” Pompeo explained. “It’s more of a priority in many countries. I think they understand the United States’ expectations and our encouragement for them to behave in [certain] ways…” It’s also important, he went on, for other nations to see “that affording this right — this right of religious freedom — will make their country stronger, will make their country more powerful. It will make the citizens in their nation more capable. So this is certainly something that one nation ought to do because it’s the right thing to do — but it’s also something that benefits each and every country.”

All across town, Pompeo explained, people are already meeting to talk “about things that are going right in their countries, things that are not going well, [and] how we can collectively deliver on this fundamental human right… [Y]ou’ll have people like Pastor Brunson talking about his experiences. You’ll have individuals who were persecuted in certain countries talking about what happened to them and how it is we can prevent that. The conversations will be lively. They’ll be intellectual. They’ll be very powerful, because we’ll hear firsthand accounts of people who have suffered where religious freedom did not exist. And hopefully, we’ll come together to deliver on a set of objectives over the course of the next year. We’ve seen great progress… but as you well know, there’s much work to be done.”

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


Pence the Center of Detention on U.S. Border

Ending Abortion: The Sooners, The Better

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VIDEO: The Vortex — More Cover-Up. This time from Catholic (FAKE) News Agency.


One of our chief goals here at Church Militant is help viewers understand not just specific things going wrong in the Church, but how none of these things are occurring in a vacuum.

They’re all related, and we make it part of our mission to help you understand the context and the bigger picture so when you see a specific story, you don’t see it in isolation, but understand how it feeds into the larger crisis.

Why are we committed to this “contextual” journalistic approach? Because the Church is burning to the ground, and loyal sons need to step up and fight for Our Mother because, at the end of the day, all that matters is souls — saving souls, sacrificing yourself to save souls. Everything else is passing.

Right now, the Church is severely compromised, deeply compromised, in Her divinely appointed commission to fight against the gates of Hell and rescue souls. It’s run by a corrupt gay mafia.

So we are dedicated to exposing that rot within the Church and connecting the dots for you on how one seemingly singular story is never just singular.

Taking the case of the archdiocese of Detroit and its bungled handling of the Fr. Perrone case we reported on last week, there are a host of other related stories spewing forth from this one, and each of those angles also needs to be presented.

For example, let’s look at the coverage the story has gotten in the Catholic media world.

Late last week, CNA — Catholic News Agency — did an interview with the Detroit priest behind the pressing of the charges against Fr. Perrone, Msgr. Michael Bugarin.

Bugarin had earlier granted a highly inappropriate interview to the Associated Press and produced and handed out a press release that went all over the world saying the charge against Perrone was “credible.”

When we confronted him in the back of Fr. Perrone’s parish handing out the statements, those statements had the word “credible” in them.

But, after getting severe blowback for doing that, he all of a sudden seems to have forgotten the word “credible” in his interview with CNA.

In fact, CNA made special mention in its article that he avoided the word “credible.”

And now we see two different stories emerge here — each one worth its own fleshing out.

First, why did not CNA directly challenge Bugarin on not sticking to the word “credible”?

After all, just a few days earlier, he had announced it to the whole world and it was seen even in this Fox News ticker — his specific doing because he’s the man in charge of these cases for Abp. Allen Vigneron.

This is why we say, in separate storylines, that the Catholic establishment media cannot be trusted.

They don’t ever ask the hard question because they cannot afford to tick off the Establishment and bishops who they depend on. They let him completely off the hook — on purpose.

Bugarin issued a statement, destroying the reputation of Fr. Perrone around the globe and yet CNA didn’t think of pressing him on that point.

That article, as a result, like so many articles in CNA are little else than public relations statements for bishops and their staffs who need to switch into damage control.

One by one, case by case, story by story, CNA and other Catholic establishment media are being revealed as nothing more than shills for the bishops.

Now, the second storyline is this: Why did Bugarin give this interview — and related, why did he back off the use of the word “credible”?

He felt perfectly fine telling the entire planet the charges were credible just a few days earlier.

He and the phony independent review board of the archdiocese had accepted the charge as “credible” and felt fine signing off on the press release as did the archbishop — as did the attorneys.

The entire Detroit bureaucracy accepted the smearing of Fr. Perrone as perfectly acceptable. But they all did so without letting him claim his own innocence, which he did to the Associated Press

As we said last week, Church Militant has known the identity of the accuser for weeks. Because of that, we also know that the claim of abuse is 40 years old, that it came from a “repressed memory.”

Does Msgr. Bugarin and the archbishop not think that information is relevant enough to include in a press release for around the world.

They don’t have to release the accuser’s name. We know it and haven’t. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t talk about the circumstances. And why didn’t CNA ask about all these circumstances in their softball interview?

Whenever bishops or the establishment get “caught,” they run to CNA types to do an “interview,” which is little else than reliable cover for them.

What did Bugarin offer in that interview that was new or more clarifying? Nothing.

So why grant the interview? Why did CNA do the interview? Bugarin certainly wouldn’t sit down with Church Militant and do an interview.

He just got “caught” in the back of Perrone’s parish last Sunday because he didn’t have a choice since he was there to hand out fliers condemning Fr. Perrone without the investigation being completed.

He has not served the archbishop well. He needs to go — be fired or resigned.

CNA should have asked all these questions, raised all these points — but they didn’t.

No one in charge at CNA thought one little bit about any of this, and that fact is its own story. What’s the point of touting yourself as a news outfit, when you don’t know how to do news?

This is just one more example of why we say Church Militant can be trusted and the Catholic establishment media can’t.

Why hasn’t any, not one single Catholic establishment media outfit, reported Church Militant’s exclusive interview with McCarrick victim James Grein that he was sexually assaulted by Cdl. Joseph Bernardin.

Because for those fake news outfits to pick up on a Church Militant exclusive would give us credibility from them, and that is the absolute last thing they can afford to do.

CNA and other Catholic establishment media are specifically “fake news” because they make the deliberate decision to leave out relevant information.

For example, in this case, the head guy at CNA is JD Flynn, who is a canon lawyer with zeroexperience as a journalist who was picked by the bishops’ establishment to run the show there.

They have a reliable man in place to get their word out whenever they need him to.

And in the matter of this story, JD Flynn knows good and well the implication of Bugarin using misleading language about Fr. Perrone, which is why he never directed or edited out anything about Bugarin’s use of the term.

There’s never just one cockroach when a system is corrupt; it takes joint effort from many different quarters.

And in the case of Fr. Perrone, there is a confederation between a compromised review board, Abp. Vigneron and his point man and now the Catholic (not) News Agency rushing to shore up their actions and provide cover for them.

These bishops and their staffs cannot be trusted; and neither can their fake news outfits.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

“I love beheading the enemy”: Muslim migrant who supports ISIS is deported from US by ICE

“Extremist, terrorist, tough, brain-washed, radical, I love explosions, booby trapping, beheading the enemy, and am among the supporters of establishing the religion with the sword.”

Charming fellow. Why was he admitted into the US in the first place? Was any attempt made to determine his sentiments regarding jihad? Almost certainly not.

Tunisian national with terrorist ties removed from US,” ICE, June 21, 2019 (thanks to Creeping Sharia):

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – A Tunisian national with ties to ISIS was removed from the U.S. Wednesday by officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) after serving a federal prison sentence resulting from an investigation conducted by ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Houcine Ghoul departed the U.S. from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York Wednesday evening, escorted by ERO officers. He was turned over to Tunisian authorities Thursday, upon his arrival in his home country.

In August 2018, Ghoul was sentenced by Chief U.S. District Judge James C. Dever III to 24 months in prison, followed by deportation, for attempted unlawful procurement of naturalization and making false statements on his tax return. ICE lodged a detainer on Ghoul, and upon his release from Bureau of Prisons custody, he entered ICE custody pursuant to the detainer.

Ghoul, a citizen of Tunisia, entered the U.S. in 2001 on a tourist visa. After overstaying his visa, Ghoul married a U.S. citizen, whom he later divorced, and obtained status as a legal permanent resident.

The investigation into Ghoul’s conduct began in April 2014 when Ghoul posted a photo online that explicitly displayed support for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization. This photo displayed an individual holding a sign with the Arabic phrase, “The victory of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” and then below in English, “ISIS,” and “N. Carolina, USA,” the state where Ghoul was then residing. The photo later appeared in an online propaganda video posted by others to display worldwide support for ISIS. Though he did not use his actual name or identity for the online accounts, Ghoul provided a self-description within the account, “Extremist, terrorist, tough, brain-washed, radical, I love explosions, booby trapping, beheading the enemy, and am among the supporters of establishing the religion with the sword.”

In December 2014, Ghoul applied to become a U.S. citizen. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services interviewed him in reference to his application in February 2017. During this interview, Ghoul made a number of false statements, including, but not limited to: he in no way associated with or had been a member of any terrorist organization, he had never advocated for the overthrow of a government, and he had not married someone to obtain an immigration benefit. He also falsely claimed that he had not made misrepresentations to obtain public benefits. All of these statements were false because Ghoul had sworn allegiance to ISIS and had been an active supporter of ISIS both online and in person, had explicitly advocated for the overthrow of the U.S. through violence, had entered into a sham marriage for the sole purpose of obtaining U.S. citizenship, and had assisted in providing lies to the State of North Carolina in order to obtain childcare benefits.


Failed jihad suicide bomber: “I don’t like life on Earth, my only reward is Allah”

UK: Muslim family forced daughter to marry cousin to stop her from getting “too Western”

RELATED VIDEO: UK: Muhammad cartoons absent from Media Freedom Conference’s display of censored political cartoons.

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Adding ‘P’ for Pedophile to LGBT

EDITORS NOTE: In an April 1977 report, co-authored by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, professor at the Columbia Law School and Brenda Feigen-Fasteau, former director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s women’s rights project, titled “SEX BIAS IN THE U.S. CODE A Report of the United States Commission on Civil Rights” recommended 18 U.S.C. §2032 be changed as follows:

Eliminate the phrase “carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife who has not attained the age of sixteen years” and substitute a Federal, sex-neutral definition of the offense patterned after S. 1400 §1633: A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person, not his spouse, and (1) compels the other person to participate: (A) by force or (B) by threatening or placing the other person in fear that any person will imminently be subjected to death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping; (2) has substantially impaired the other person’s power to appraise or control the conduct by administering or employing a drug or intoxicant without the knowledge or against the will of such other person, or by other means; or (3) the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old. 

Matthew Hanley: If brazen attempts succeed in normalizing pedophilia, many people may finally come to reject the sexual revolution outright.

I don’t want to write about pedophilia. You don’t want to read about it.  But the threat of pedophilia becoming acceptable isn’t going away. The sudden embrace of transgenderism didn’t come from nowhere. And it isn’t going to stop there, as I argued in this space not long ago.

Targeting children comes in two general phases. The first involves bombarding them with LGBT messaging in schools. Or now, on public television (PBS) cartoons in which an 8-year-old Aardvark named Arthur and his peers are portrayed as pleased that his male teacher is “marrying” another male.

Other offenses in this category include Drag Queen Story Time at public libraries, which now seem to be cropping up all over the country. Scary to say, but chances are your local librarian may also be a monster-enabler – or at least too feeble a frog to jump out of water that is now well past the boiling point.

Drag Queen Story Time typically gives a platform to gay males (some are even convicted sex offenders) to abuse children by encouraging them to flout reality and to explore gender “fluidity.” Who thinks that is a good idea? Relatively few, in all likelihood.  But that doesn’t tell us how many otherwise decent people are unwilling to draw a line in the sand.

Appeals to “tolerance” show their true colors when they are enlisted to support the blatant grooming of children – grooming being a term we used to be happily unacquainted in this abusive context.  Such grooming also presents some commonality with certain elements in Islam; I refer to authorities in the UK willfully ignoring the systematic rape of local girls by Muslim “grooming” gangs for decades.

In short, a great many people in positions of authority are so keen on protecting both Islam and homosexuality that even the grotesque abuse of youngsters must be swept under the rug.

Sure, one could say that not all LGBT folks are on board with pedophilia.  But a larger point is in play: when the goal is rationalizing LGBT behavior, the very innocence of children must be targeted. Concepts of normality, morality, and virtue must be radically inverted because they stand as a rebuke to the depravity we must now esteem with “pride” – or else!

The second phase involves attempts to accommodate or actually espouse pedophilia. This can take the form of classifying it as a clinical condition, which amounts to a plea for exculpation; after all, no blame is attached to the person who comes down with Parkinson’s or pneumonia.  But it can also be couched in terms of advancing “rights,” breaking down barriers, and allowing “love” to win out.

Indeed, influential medical bodies seem to be biding their time to classify pedophilia not as a disease but as just another sexual orientation.  One that is unchangeable, you understand – because according to current dogma, anything that goes against human nature and common decency is unchangeable.

This would essentially amount to adding a P to LGBT.  Another P, I should specify; not Pansexual, which is already included in the ever expanding LGBTQIAP+ acronym. (Look it up – and ask: what does the “+” exclude?)  We all know what that would mean: “hate” would be the only thing standing in the way of legitimizing pedophilia.

So which is it: a disease one haplessly contracts, or a legitimate orientation that is unjustly oppressed? Who cares; doesn’t matter; whatever “argument” will do. Innocence will be targeted.

Pedophilia-friendly messaging can be found on TV and on stage; a recent play appearing in Chicago and London portrays pedophilia in a sympathetic light.  It can be found on social media and even in academic journals; one such journal published in 2018 a convicted pedophile’s contention that “child-adult sexual relations” should be seen as virtuous.

Benedict XVI recently asserted that, “Part of the physiognomy of the Revolution of ‘68 was that pedophilia was then also diagnosed as allowed and appropriate.” He sheds a bright light on the disturbing developments during this past half-century. But this matter goes all the way back to the confrontation between Christianity and the paganism of antiquity, which was fine with treating children as sexual objects.

Christianity reversed the prevailing approval of such practices, which makes our current crisis even more troubling because it entails the paganization of the Church and not just the de-Christianization of Western society.

So we now contend with bishops (in the UK) actively endorsing curricula developed by gay activists, while dodge ball is derided by some educational authorities on the grounds that it inappropriately treats kids as “human targets.” As if kids throwing balls at each other on the playground is of more concern than insidiously targeting them via perverted indoctrination.

It’s curious that, even on the heels of revelations that some of the Catholic hierarchy are in the business of perpetuating homosexual predation, there are nonetheless actors out there saying that maybe such targeting, grooming, and abusing of youngsters is not really such a bad thing after all.  

Apparently the task for those in the driver’s seat of our post-decency culture is to strike the right balance: condemn Christianity for its views on sexuality, and also for the violation against those norms by its pastors, while promoting such transgressions in the wider world – in just the right doses as the timing of our ongoing collapse permits.

We are not just dealing with a simple or abstract disagreement here.  We are dealing with dangerous people and disastrous ideas.  Perhaps the ever more brazen attempts to target children will lead people to see how one transgression logically leads to the next, and reject the sexual revolution outright.

But our degradation runs so deep, our divide is so unbridgeable, that talk of some sort of pending civil war is not rash. Nobody wants that, but if we can’t push back against the ongoing – indeed accelerating – targeting of children, we’ll have lost without firing a shot.


Matthew Hanley

Matthew Hanley is senior fellow with the National Catholic Bioethics Center. With Jokin de Irala, M.D., he is the author of Affirming Love, Avoiding AIDS: What Africa Can Teach the West, which recently won a best-book award from the Catholic Press Association. The opinions expressed here are Mr. Hanley’s and not those of the NCBC.


Normalization of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream, Child Molesters Rebranded as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’

Fears Grow Over Academic Efforts to Normalize Pedophilia

REPORT: Homosexual Behavior & Pedophilia

Embattled Crookston diocese reaches $5m abuse settlements, will release depositions and files

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Clarion Intel EXCLUSIVE: Nationwide Militant Islamist Network

This Clarion Intel exclusive report documents an Islamist movement in America composed of terrorist, paramilitary and criminal components.

Executive Summary

An Islamist movement in America composed of terrorist, paramilitary and criminal components is increasingly anticipating a nationwide armed uprising which will be sparked by a confrontation with police and/or white supremacists, according to Clarion Intelligence Network’s sources.

The nationwide movement, consisting largely of African-American prison converts, includes multiple Islamist groups connected to a violent organization named “Ummah” playing the biggest role.

Other components of this Islamist movement include Salafi extremists, Sufi extremists and more “mainstream” Muslim Brotherhood-type Sunnis such as Brooklyn Imam Siraj Wahhaj.

This racially-focused Islamist movement is focused on developing Islamist-dominated neighborhoods and communes. The objective is to create insular enclaves that minimize opposing influences and maximize the difficulties facing law enforcement in monitoring the communities.

A central theme of this movement is that minorities in the U.S., especially Muslims and black people, must prepare for an inevitable uprising against law enforcement, white supremacists and their “Zionist conspirators.”

They believe there will be a confrontation that unites Islamists, who will then ally with non-Muslim political partners to fight against the supposedly racist and tyrannical U.S. government and its shadowy puppeteers.

This sense of impending conflict has heightened as race issues have become more prominent in politics as well as in issues surrounding white supremacy, anti-Muslim extremism, anti-police bigotry and political violence. The Clarion Project has dubbed this mutually-reinforcing radicalism the “War of the Extremes.”

Many members of this Islamist movement are involved in criminal activity with the approval of imams, including illegally selling guns (oftentimes stolen from personal homes) for profit.

Sources in multiple Muslim communities say that members of security teams from radical mosques and organizations are involved in the gun trade, especially in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The criminal elements, particularly when it comes to firearms trafficking and martial arts training, come together despite their ideological differences.

As discussed in the lengthy expose below, this Islamist movement includes—but is not limited to:

  • A nationwide paramilitary and organized crime group known as “The Ummah,” with a history of terrorism-related activity
  • Brooklyn Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s black Islamist coalition
  • A Sufi jihadist network that extends into Africa
  • The United Muslim Movement founded by music producer and songwriter Kenny Gamble, now known as Luqman Abdul Haqq
  • Jammat ul-Fuqra, a cult that claims to have 22 “Islamic villages” in America and is led by radical cleric in Pakistan linked to terrorist groups in Southeast Asia
  • The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood/pro-Hamas network

 “The Ummah”

The largest and arguably the most dangerous component of this Islamist movement is “The Ummah,” a group whose leaders have been involved in acts of terrorism, attacking police officers and extensive criminal activity.

The FBI describes Ummah as a “nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group.” In a criminal complaint, the FBI says:

“Their primary mission is to establish a separate, sovereign Islamic state (“The Ummah”) within the borders of the United States, governed by Shariah law. The Ummah is to be ruled over by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rapp Brown.”

The exact number of mosques loyal to Ummah is not known.

In 1995, it was estimated that Ummah was affiliated with 30-40 mosques in the United States and about 20-30,000 followers, which is more than the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan.

In 2000, it was reported that Al-Amin’s Ummah had over 28 mosques.

Ummah’s Spiritual Leader

Ummah’s spiritual leader, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (formerly famous as  H. Rapp Brown in the 1960s), is a ferociously anti-American imam currently serving a life sentence for shooting two police officers in Georgia in 2000.

Al-Amin was a member of the Black Panthers when he was known as H. Rapp Brown (birth name: Hubert Gerold Brown).

In 1967, Al-Amin was charged with arson and inciting a riot after encouraging protestors in Maryland to become violent and destructive. He went so far as to say that black people were “going to burn America down” if their demands were not met. The charges were subsequently reduced to misdemeanors.

He went to prison from 1971 to 1976 after he tried to rob a bar in New York City and got into a shootout with police.

While in prison, an extremist group named Dar Ul-Islam preached to him. He converted to Islam and adopted the name of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. Dar Ul-Islam was known for its violent and criminal activity, including paramilitary training and essentially setting up a militia.

After prison, he moved to Atlanta.

On August 7, 1995, he was arrested for allegedly shooting a suspected drug dealer in Atlanta, where Al-Amin led his Community Mosque. He was found with a pistol and booked on two weapons-related charges because the weapon was concealed and unlicensed.

At that time, Al-Amin was the chairman of Atlanta’s Council of Imams and described as a “revered imam, a spiritual leader of the second largest community of traditional Muslims in the United States.”

In 1996, he was under investigation for suspected links to over a dozen murders. Police believed he was basically acting as a mafia leader. His alleged victims were those who had crossed him, business competitors or people who “knew too much” to be allowed to live.

In May 1999, police pulled Al-Amin over when he was driving a stolen car. He got away because he pretended to be a police officer by showing a police badge from Alabama.

He was charged in September 1999 and then failed to show up for court in January 2000.

On March 16, 2000, two Georgia police officers attempted to arrest Al-Amin. He opened fire on them, murdering one and wounding the other. He then fled to White Hall, Alabama, where he was later arrested.

After his arrest, two of his followers robbed three banks in retaliation.

Top Ummah Leader in Detroit

Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a top Ummah leader and imam of Masjid ul-Haqq in Detroit, was killed in a shootout in Detroit in 2009.

He was recorded talking about impending terrorist attacks on federal targets and planning to leave the U.S. so he could lead Ummah operations from abroad. In 2009, his mosque had to relocate after they were evicted from another spot in Detroit for failing to pay property taxes. Abdullah was determined to violently retaliate.

When the police entered the Ummah mosque after the eviction, they found that the mosque was essentially an indoor training camp. The criminal complaint against Abdullah and 10 of his co-conspirators explains:

Luqman Abdullah calls his followers to an offensive jihad, rather than a defensive jihad. He regularly preaches anti-government and anti-law enforcement rhetoric.

Abdullah and his followers have trained regularly in the use of firearms, and continues to train in martial arts and sword fighting.

 Abdullah encourages the members of the Masjid Al-Haqq, many of whom are convicted felons, to carry a firearm, and information obtained during the course of this investigation indicates that many of Abdullah’s followers are usually armed…

…Members and former members of the Masjid Al-Haqq have stated they are willing to do anything Abdullah instructs and/or preaches, even including criminal conduct and acts of violence.”

The Sutra squad—the mosque’s security team—was the most trained element. These armed devotees regularly practiced in firearms, martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, sword-fighting and other forms of self-defense.

Shell casings were found on the basement floor of the mosque, where large holes could be seen in the concrete wall that was used as a shooting range. The combat training took place in the mosque basement and was specifically focused on fighting law enforcement and gangs who threatened mosque members.

Inside the part of the mosque that served as Abdullah’s apartment, the police found two guns, close to 40 knives and martial arts weapons.

The Justice Department put together a criminal complaint against Abdullah and 10 of his Ummah co-conspirators. When they tried to arrest him, he opened fire and killed a police dog.

Ummah: The Revival of Dar Ul-Islam

Ummah is essentially an alternative name for group Dar Ul-Islam (DUL).

In the criminal complaint against Abdullah it says that Abdullah privately told associates that Ummah is just another name for (the supposedly defunct) DUL.

Abdullah said that DUL/Ummah is led by an imam in New York. He said that Ummah wasn’t using the name of DUL in order to confuse the U.S. government.

Dar Ul-Islam split due to the birth of Jammat ul-Fuqra–now known as Muslims of the Americas (MOA) — a mostly African-American apocalyptic cult loyal to a radical Islamist cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who has sent at least two of his sons to the U.S. and Canada in order to lead MOA after he dies.

Gilani’s critics believed he was an agent of Pakistani intelligence sent to infiltrate DUL. Fuqra was also competing with the Saudi-funded Wahhabists and the Nation of Islam for African-American converts.

The breaking point came in 1974. At the time, DUL was also using the name of Ikhwanul Muslimeen, or Muslim Brotherhood (not to be confused with the international Muslim Brotherhood organization headquartered in Egypt).

At Masjid Al-Yasin, the Brooklyn mosque where DUL was headquartered, Gilani’s supporters got into a shootout with DUL members opposed to him. Four people died in that incident.

One group within DUL pledged allegiance to Gilani and claimed the mantle of DUL, including the owner of Masjid Yasin mosque and leader of DUL, Imam Yahya Abdul-Karim.

In 1982, Abdul-Karim declared that DUL was over and replaced by the “international Jama’at al Fuqra” led by Gilani.

Imam Jamil Al-Amin led the other faction, which was opposed to Gilani.

In 1974, Al-Amin moved to Atlanta. In 1983, this remaining DUL faction chose Al-Amin as their national imam. In 1987, his DUL faction began calling themselves the National Islamic Community. The name was changed again later to the National Ummah, though the National Islamic Community name continued to be used and acknowledged as DUL’s successor.

In 2008, the year before he was killed, Imam Luqman Abdullah, his son, Mujahid Carswell, and others talked about taking the formal pledge of allegiance (bayat) to Abdullah, which involved signing a piece of paper with 24 points.

The pledge was to Dar Ul-Islam and its leading imam. The form said that this imam is “represented” by other imams, including Abdullah. Signatories agree to follow the representing imam and “do jihad with them.”

Child Radicalization and Abuse

A credible informant inside of the Detroit mosque “saw Luqman Abdullah discipline children inside the mosque by beating them with sticks on their hands, knees, and legs, until they were covered with bruises, including a boy Abdullah beat so badly with sticks that he was unable to walk for several days.”

Abdullah indoctrinated children at Ummah’s mosques, according to the complaint. It mentions an incident at one Georgia mosque:

“At one point, Abdullah spoke to the Gainesville Ummah Imam’s children, who were between approximately 9 and 11 years old. Abdullah told them stories about his shooting people with a 9mm gun. Abdullah said that he sometimes carries two handguns and said that he had shot a lot of people.”

In May 2009, Abdullah “stated he had participated in training camps, which were located in various states, with Jawallah (soldier) scouts.”

The Jawala Scouts were first exposed by Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate. The group trains boys as young as seven years old who are dressed in military fatigues. The Jawala Scouts were founded by Kenny Gamble’s United Muslim Movement and the Sankore Institute (see below).

Support for Terrorism and  Terrorist Groups

Abdullah and his associates seemed to be obsessed with murdering cops and violently overthrowing the U.S. government. References were made to members’ having shot cops, gang members and other rival members.

Abdullah likewise claimed to have shot a number of people, describing two such shootings in detail.

In fact, attacking police officers, FBI agents and other government personnel is a necessity for them.

Ummah also encourages members to support foreign terrorist groups. At one point, Abdullah said that bombing buses filled with civilians is impermissible, but on February 6, 2009, Abdullah delivered a sermon that disparaged Jews and Christians and justified suicide bombings.

He preached that Muslims should support “Sheikh Osama Bin Laden,” the Taliban and Hezbollah. He also urged attendees to plan concrete actions against the “kuffar.”

A Jihadi Mafia

Ummah is also an organized crime group. A single criminal complaint against Abdullah and 10 of his accomplices listed practically every kind of crime, including arming felons; committing arson in order to defraud an insurance company; stealing cars, computers, cigarettes and TV sets; drug trafficking; armed robberies and trying to assemble explosives.

At one point, Abdullah even told an accomplice that he should sell his counterfeit goods out of his mosque in Detroit.

Abdullah said such crimes are justified because they are part of jihad and advancing the cause of Allah. He and others pointed to a story in the Quran about Muslims in Mecca and Medina robbing and stealing from caravans and donating a portion to the Islamic cause.

On August 19, 2009, Abdullah again justified the crimes by citing a hadith (saying of the prophet) where he claimed Mohammed says theft is permissible as long as a Muslim prays and is in a good state.

Ummah isn’t the only Islamist group to find ways of justifying crimes as permissible under Sharia Law.

The “Blind Sheikh,” Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was one of the most influential clerics in the jihadist world when he was alive, preached that Muslims could rob banks in order to finance the jihad. Islamists also have justified drug trafficking by claiming they are only selling it to non-Muslims.

Crimes against governments and institutions that the jihadists view as hostile towards Islam have been justified for decades.

The Islamist Enclave Movement

Another key focus for Ummah and the other groups in this report is building communities. These communities then become insular enclaves where outside and opposing influences are minimized and difficulties in monitoring by law enforcement are maximized.

These communities form their own security teams to protect members from gangs, criminals and law enforcement. So much emphasis is placed on limiting the police presence that Abdullah told his followers to call him if they need help instead of the police. Our sources say that this is a common practice in the black Islamist communities.

Abdullah explained that the Islamists must buy homes near their mosques in order to incrementally achieve autonomy. He cited the examples of the Amish and Mormons, though obviously with a criminal, anti-American twist:

“If you get enough property, like, ‘Hey, leave them alone … You get enough where you demand your rights,” he explained.

He repeatedly said that police would be too afraid to take action against such enclaves, fearing that they’ll “take it to the streets” and war could erupt. Abdullah cited his own ability to get away with crimes as proof that the police are afraid of him and that Allah is blessing him.

Abdullah claimed that one time a police officer in Detroit arrested a member of Ummah who was carrying a gun. Once the officer found out he was a member of Abdullah’s Masjid al-Haqq, he let him go.

In 2008, Abdullah “discussed having small Islamic States separate from the nation of the United States,” according to the complaint.

At an April 24-25, 2009 conference of the Al-Ummah National Shura hosted by Imam Abdullah at his Detroit mosque, he again reiterated that Muslims need to work towards creating separate Islamic governments on U.S. soil.

A Nationwide Network

Abdullah traveled to meet and strategize with other Ummah members across the country. The complaint mentions some of his trips to Gainesville, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Herndon, Virginia; Montgomery, Alabama; Flint, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois.

Abdullah told an associate that other Ummah leaders are in Las Vegas, Nevada; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio.

The complaint directly says that the imam of the Ummah-affiliated Muslim House in Flint, Michigan was involved in Abdullah’s car theft ring. In May 2009, Abdullah also met with an Ummah-affiliated imam in Alabama who had been shot by the police.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s Muslim Alliance for North America

The Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) is another major component of the black Islamist movement. It has links to Ummah and a history of pursuing enclaves and paramilitary capabilities.

According to an affiliated leader, MANA was “birthed” due to an initiative from Imam Jamil Al-Amin and Ummah.

The “emir” of MANA is Imam Siraj Wahhaj, the radical leader of the Masjid At-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn. The mosque and Wahhaj’s security team have a history of advocating violent jihad, paramilitary training (including preparations to fight and disarm cops) and associating with terrorists.

Wahhaj received major attention recently when terrorist training camps formed by some of his children were found in New Mexico and Alabama.

Though Wahhaj’s children formed their own cult/terrorist group that diverged from Wahhaj’s teachings, the foundational Islamist ideology and modus operandi is representative of Wahhaj and this Islamist movement.

Wahhaj is described by our sources as the most powerful African-American imam in America and one of the top “mainstream” Muslim leaders. Activist and sharia apologist Linda Sarsour calls Wahhaj her “mentor, motivator and encourager.”

“The Muslims in Pennsylvania love Imam Siraj. If Imam Siraj went there and told them to blow something up, they would do it like that [snaps fingers]. And not just in Pennsylvania, but in New York City,” a former member of Wahhaj’s mosque told Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project and Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network.

He described Wahhaj as having an army of devotees across the country, many of whom carry arms, hate cops, have violent histories and believe in the enclave initiative.

Former Ummah Imam Luqman Abdullah was a member of MANA’s governing body until he was killed in the 2009 shootout. MANA characterizes his death as an “execution” at the hands of the U.S. government. To date, Wahhaj and MANA have never condemned Abdullah or Ummah.

Wahhaj and MANA’s leadership is also directly connected to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), forming a bridge between Wahhaj’s African-American Islamist constituency and the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas-linked groups that tend to be led by Arabs.

CAIR relentlessly portrays law enforcement and the U.S. government as engaged in a “war on Islam” and terror suspects as manipulated innocents. Ummah is a beneficiary of this strategy.

There may not be proof that CAIR and the other Muslim Brotherhood entities are privately preparing the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, but they have never denounced the radicalism of Ummah.

Quite the opposite, they’ve joined MANA in elevating Imam Abdullah as an innocent martyr who was deliberately murdered by the vicious U.S. government and minority-hating cops.

CAIR’s Links to Ummah

The criminal complaint against Imam Abdullah and his accomplices reveals a previously unknown link between Ummah and CAIR.

One of Abdullah’s indicted accomplices was his oldest son, Mujahid Carswell (also known as Mujahid Abdullah).

In February 2009, Carswell told an associate that he had moved to Windsor, Canada. Notably, Imam Abdullah had privately said that the majority of Ummah’s funding was coming from Canada, a fact that he tried to keep known only to his inner circle.

According to the complaint:

“Carswell said he goes to a large masjid [mosque] in Windsor and the people there are serious and organized. The mosque is also affiliated with CAIR. Carswell said he trains approximately sixty children, ages 8 to 18, in martial arts at the mosque.”

The Justice Department made a point of mentioning Ummah’s link to CAIR. They did not have to include that detail. They obviously saw it as significant and necessary to explain Ummah’s activities at the CAIR-linked mosque.

Here’s what else the complaint had to say about Carswell:

“He has no prior felony convictions. He is known to carry a .40 caliber handgun and to be a member of the Sutra [security] team at the mosque…[Source] has observed Mujahid Carswell ‘training’ children as young as 7 years old in martial arts, and beating them with his hands and with a stick to instill bravery and obedience in them.

“Mujahid Carswell has expressed a willingness to participate in firearms training with [source] on multiple occasions. [Source] related having seen Mujahid Carswell use toilet bowl cleaner to clean up blood in the basement of the Masjid Al-Haqq following a murder [source] witnessed there.”

In describing Ummah’s Detroit mosque to an associate, Carswell said that people had different roles. One of them was to be the “butcher” who may need to murder someone without anyone knowing about it.

Carswell moved back and forth between the U.S. and Canada while trafficking in stolen goods like laptops and fur coats. He also sold cocaine. He privately said that Ummah had low-level sources in law enforcement who would help them by looking up license plates for them.

Carswell worked with another Ummah member in Windsor, Canada named Mohammad Phillistine, also known as Mohammad Al-Sahli and Mohammad Palestine. Imam Abdullah described him as a businessman who helped financed the group and “a soldier and a warrior.”

This linkage between Carswell and the CAIR-linked mosque in Canada may help explain CAIR’s self-damning behavior after Imam Abdullah’s death.

Imam Abdullah’s funeral was attended by over 1,000 people in Detroit. CAIR and its fellow Muslim Brotherhood entities immediately turned on their spin machine and went into overdrive in order to create a controversy around the death.

The executive-director of CAIR’s Michigan branch, Dawud Walid, vouched for Imam Abdullah’s innocence, saying, “I knew him [Abdullah] for a long time and he was an essential part of that West Side Detroit community.”

The CAIR official said, “The entire investigation and subsequent killing of Imam Abdullah was nothing less than a cover-up and a fraud engineered on the part of the government.”

“This is a historically unprecedented killing of a Muslim leader in the U.S. by the FBI,” Walid claimed.

Walid made it sound like Abdullah’s death was a pre-meditated murder, claiming there was no evidence that he violently resisted or posed a threat.

As for Abdullah’s killing of a police dog, Walid suggested that he was merely defending himself.

In the aftermath, an attorney with CAIR-Michigan, Lena Masri, helped Abdullah’s family file a lawsuit against the U.S. government. CAIR also worked with Ummah-allied leaders in Michigan to turn Abdullah’s death into a rallying call for Muslim unity against law enforcement.

Other community leaders involved included Imam Abdul-Latif Azom of the Masjid Al-Falah mosque in Detroit and Imam Abdullah El-Amin of the Detroit Muslim Center. The Nation of Islam’s Final Call newspaper also promoted the coalition’s protests.

Another link between Ummah and CAIR is Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s MANA coalition, which included Imam Abdullah as a member of its governing body. The coalition includes organizations allied to Ummah and intertwined with CAIR and other Brotherhood entities.

Wahhaj is a former member of CAIR’s advisory board and continues to speak at CAIR events, including fundraisers. He’s held multiple leadership positions in the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), CAIR’s fellow Brotherhood entity.

Other Links Between Ummah and the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Network

In 1993, Al-Amin’s National Ummah, Imam W. Deen Mohammad’s organization and two other Islamist groups—the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)— formed a new umbrella called the Islamic Shura Council.

ISNA was identified by federal prosecutors as an “entity” of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as designated as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation trial, a Brotherhood charity whose officials were found guilty of financing the terror group Hamas.

While Ummah and Imam W. Deen Mohammad’s organization could rally the African-American Muslim community, ISNA was more oriented towards Arabs.

ICNA, a radical group with a “moderate” veneer, originated with the Jammat-e-Islami group of Pakistan. It was more oriented towards Southeast Asians and also linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Throughout the 1990s, Al-Amin participated in events including fundraisers for CAIR and similar groups. His extremism was a known fact—nevertheless, these groups chose to promote him as a partner and leader for Muslim-Americans.

For example, in 1994—while Ummah was in a coalition with ISNA and ICNA—Al-Amin said, “When we begin to look critically at the Constitution of the United States, we see that in its main essence it is diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded.”

In a 1995 interview, he said, “Tyranny and oppression is worse than slaughter … ‘Fight them wherever you might find them.’ That’s a command from Allah.”

After he was arrested, the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood groups began a political assault on the U.S. government in the media. Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, the top Muslim-American groups asserted his innocence, continued to honor him and fundraised for his legal defense.

CAIR, ISNA, the Muslim American Society and American Muslim Council said in a joint statement, “The charges against Imam Jamil are especially troubling because they are inconsistent with what is known of his moral character and past behavior as a Muslim.”

The executive-director of CAIR and (despite their differences) Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan visited Al-Amin in prison.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) likewise helped fundraise for Al-Amin’s defense in 2001. The MPAC leader at that time expressed solidarity with Al-Amin as “our brother” at least six times in a single fundraising speech.

The hysteria over his case was so much that Dr. Daniel Pipes, one of the top experts on Islamic extremism, referred to Al-Amin as “The Muslim O.J.”

Dr. Pipes wrote:

“Incredibly, rather than condemn Al-Amin’s 35-year history of ideological extremism, political violence and personal criminality, the Islamic organizations praised his ‘moral character.’

Rather than collect money to help pay educational expenses for Officer Kinchen’s two young, fatherless daughters, they raised money for Al-Amin’s legal defense fund.

Sadly, it looks like Jamil Al-Amin has turned into the Muslim version of O.J. Simpson. His admirers seem to care much less about justice than about his vindication.”

Sufi Extremist Network in Pennsylvania

Our sources state that this militant black Islamist movement also includes a very radical Sufi network based in (but not limited to) Pennsylvania: The Sankore Institute of Islamic African Studies International (SIIASI).

SIIASI is an extremely radical group led by a Sufi cleric who moved to the U.S. from Sudan and now lives in Mali.

The SIIASI website currently hosts a video featuring its leader, Muhammad Shareef, inviting supporters to Mali.

According to SIIASI’s website, Sankore Institute is linked to Ummah.

Imam Shareef says, “[O]ne of the first things I did was answer the invitation of Imam Jamil al-Amin … our growing community confederated with his national Ummah community” in 1999.”

There was then a meeting in the United Kingdom with Sufi Imam Hamza Yusef. The result of Al-Amin’s initiative was the creation of the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), Shareef recalls.

Shareef is a co-founder of MANA and a member of its governing body.

Our sources say that SIIASI is involved in the arming of felons and paramilitary training. This was previously known because pictures were posted of its members with swords and rifles.

Many SIIASI members are felons who are barred from handling firearms. The organization also said that it is “active in the area of prison reform and outreach as it pertains to Muslim inmates.”

SIIASI is also linked to the Jawala Scouts, which is accused of indoctrinating boys and giving them basic combat training while dressing them in military fatigues.

In a 2010 article, Shareef condemned “pacifist ‘imams’ who deny the obligation to jihad and who have deluded their followers into fruitless activity of supporting democratic constitutional government.”

The group has also urged Muslims to wage “litigation jihad” against the U.S. government.

SIIASI’s mosque in Pittsburgh, Masjid an-Nur (Light of the Age Mosque), was raided by the FBI on June 30, 2006.

One member of the mosque for three years, Larry M. Williams (also known as Hasan Ali), was arrested outside of the building. He was charged for being a felon in possession of a pistol and for failing to register as a sex offender, as was required after he was convicted of rape. He was also convicted for committing a robbery in Washington.

The raid was immediately condemned by Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s MANA coalition that included Ummah official Luqman Abdullah. The Islamic Council of Greater Pittsburgh likewise came to the defense of the radical group.

SIIASI’s Broader Network

SIIASI’s website has a section for its broader “confederation.”

The website doesn’t hide the group’s links to Ummah. It lists Imam Jamil Al-Amin as a coalition member and also lists the MANA coalition led by Imam Siraj Wahhaj.

SIIAI’s “confederation” page lists the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem, New York; the Islamic Revivalist Movement mosque in Cleveland, Ohio; the Nigerian Muslim Forum in the United Kingdom; the Native American Republic of Lakotah in South Dakota; the Mexica Movement and the Jericho Movement(which has extremist partners of its own).

SIIASI also lists the “Caribbean Emirates.” It is unclear what this is, but it may be the Jamaat al-Muslimeen extremist group based in Trinidad.

Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo, Philadelphia, PA

Last month, the Clarion Intelligence Network exclusively reported on a growing scandal centered around a Philadelphia mosque named Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo.

The scandal involves underage marriage, polygamy, spousal abuse and child abuse. Our report included new testimony from a young woman who was directly affected by the mosque’s extremism.

This mosque was formed in 2012. Our sources described it as the “sister mosque” of SIIASI’s Light of the Age Mosque, also known as Masjid An-Nur, located in Pittsburgh.

The Philadelphia mosque follows a radical Qadiri Sufi ideology that idolizes an African imam, Uthman Fodio, from modern-day Nigeria who died in 1817. He was a Sufi jihadist best known for his involvement in the Sokoto jihad in West Africa that established the Sokoto Caliphate in 1809.

By focusing on Fodio’s example, the mosque promotes violent jihad, Islamist conquest and theocratic caliphates.

According to our sources, the mosque’s membership also honors Ummah spiritual leader Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin as a political prisoner and Imam Luqman Abdullah as a martyr.

This claim is supported by a Facebook post from May 4 that praises Imam Al-Amin as the “Last REAL Amerikkkan Sunni Imam.”

Islamists often refer to the U.S. to some variation of “AmeriKKKa” to equate the country with white supremacy (KKK) to infer that it is at war with black people, Muslims and other minorities.

On October 4, 2018, Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo’s guest lecturer was Amir Khalil Abdullahi.

Our sources say that Abdullahi now regularly teaches at the mosque, holding classes that typically consist of about six men, 10 women and 20 children. Abdullahi’s preaching is anti-American and in line with Ummah’s ideology. In the post shown, Abdullahi refers to the “Amerikkkan white supremacist system.”

Abdullahi is a friend of convicted ISIS terrorist named Edward Archer, who shot and killed a Philadelphia police officer in January 2016. Abdullahi stood by him after the news broke.

The anti-police bigotry is apparent in this post, in which he urges Muslims to stand by their “brother” like the police, who “have a fraternity you know a brotherhood!”

Masjid Al-Mumin, Pittsburgh, PA

Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo also has a branch  in Pittsburgh called the Nur uz Zamaan Institute.

That institute is led by Imam Naeem Abdullah, who leads a mosque in Pittsburgh called Masjid Al-Mumin and hosts a radio show.

The branch says it collaborates with Masjid al-Mumin in Pittsburgh to strengthen ties between black Muslims in the U.S. and those in Africa, specifically in Gambia.

The institute teaches that Muslims must perform a “migration” so they can consolidate into communities on U.S. soil:

“On one level we must make immigration from all methodologies and foreign influences which do not have the best interests of the African-American Muslim at heart.

“We will no longer champion the causes of other Muslims to the detriment of our causes and interests … We understand that many will call us nationalists and we do not care…

“…We also realize that we must migrate on a physical level. We have to establish places of worship as we described above and then we have to move near those places of worship and establish our communities upon that foundation. Moving near our place of worship means that we must own the property in which we live…

“…In the same way that every major city in the United States has areas like “Chinatown” and “Little Italy”, we have to have a “Muslimtown” or a “Madinah” which supports the culture and tradition of Islam in all of its personal and communal aspects.

“This “Muslimtown” can be one square block or it can be a whole neighborhood or city. There is no minimum requirement as far as its size.”

Imam Naeem Abdullah was caught preaching anti-Semitism in January. He has also said that the 9/11 attacks and other acts of terrorism are “false flags” perpetrated by the enemies of Islam.

This imam has admitted to having once shared a house in New York with Tarik Shah, a martial artist and convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist. He described Shah as “one of my wazirs [deputies].”

One of the Pittsburgh imam’s books about sharia (Islamic) law regarding divorce and child custody has concerning content.

It preaches against “seeking the help of the disbelievers (kuffars) against a believer” and more specifically quotes an Islamic verse saying not to take Jews and Christians as friends, allies or protectors, especially against another Muslim.

The imam also condemns using “the courts of the disbelievers” for legal action against other Muslims and sharing any incriminating or private information about Muslims with outsiders. Obviously, this would include telling law enforcement about extremist or criminal activity.

“Thus, it is prohibited (haram) to expose those things which are considered private among the Muslims to those who disbelieve. This ruling is applicable regardless if you are talking about a family, community or an entire nation,” he says.

It is also forbidden to “secure the custody of your children using the system of the disbelievers.”

Even testifying in court or pledging allegiance to anything other than Islam is a “false oath” and a “major sin.”

The imam of Masjid Al-Mumin and the Nur uz Zamaan Institute in Pittsburgh uses the real-life example of an unidentified woman who commits some of the “greatest crimes in Islam” during a divorce and child custody battle. She alleged that the husband physically abused her. The imam is dismissive of her claim.

The imam condemns the woman (who he calls Fulaanah, a pseudonym) for her actions against her husband (Abdullah, also a pseudonym):

“She disobeyed Allah by leaving the marital home before the divorce was complete (without necessity). She has broken family ties.

She has sought the help of the disbelievers against a believer.  Fulaanah is attempting to subvert the Islamic order of child custody by inducing the government of the disbelievers to award her full custody of her children regardless of her marital status.

 She is also seeking to take Abdullah’s wealth from him by force in order to support herself. She has taken several false oaths to achieve her goals.

And lastly, she has turned Muslims against each other by tale-bearing and spreading false and negative information against her ex-husband Abdullah.”

Disturbingly, according to his bio, he has been a volunteer teacher and counselor for the New York Department of Corrections.

Masjid An-Nur, Camden, NJ

Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo’s website shows it has held an event about the “Black Muslim Agenda” at Masjid An-Nur in Camden, New Jersey.

Kenny Gamble’s United Muslim Movement

As mentioned above, Imam Luqman Abdullah told associates about his involvement in the Jawala Scouts’ training camps.

The Jawala Scouts are linked to Kenny Gamble, now known as Luqman Abdul Haqq, a music producer who is a senior leader in Imam Siraj Wahhaj’s MANA coalition.

Senior Ummah official Imam Luqman Abdullah was also on MANA’s governing body, as previously stated, thus linking Gamble/Haqq to Ummah.

“King Kenny” of Philadelphia International Records is accused by some of “build[ing] a black Muslim enclave” in the area.

Joe Kaufman, chairman of Americans Against Hate, first discovered Gamble’s radical associations, including to the Jawala Scouts and SIIASI.

Gamble founded the United Muslim Movement, which includes two mosques in Philadelphia: The United Muslim Masjid and the United Muslim Islamic Center.

The leadership of Gamble’s United Muslim Masjid has overlapped with the leadership of CAIR’s Pennsylvania branch.

Jammat ul-Fuqra

Jammat ul-Fuqra, now known as Muslims of the Americas (MOA), is a mostly African-American apocalyptic cult loyal to a radical Sufi cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. As explained above, one faction of Dar Ul-Islam followed Gilani and had/has a rivalry with Imam Al-Amin.

Declassified FBI reports refer to MOA as a “terrorist organization” that is “armed and dangerous.”

The chief executive of MOA, Hussein Adams, is the son of convicted MOA terrorist Barry Adams who led a 1991 plot to set off bombs in Toronto and kill thousands of Hindus and Indians and bystanders (including Muslims). Our sources say Barry Adams remains a top “incognito” leader in MOA and leads the group’s operations in Trinidad and Venezuela.

MOA has a history of terrorist activity, including directly plotting and perpetrating attacks from the 1970s into the early 1990s. It even had a 101-acre terrorist training camp in Colorado that was searched in 1992 and found to have weaponry, including material for explosives, hidden in tunnels.

Declassified government documents state MOA still engages in paramilitary training and sends money to Pakistan for Sheikh Gilani to distribute to allied terrorist groups in Kashmir and perhaps elsewhere.

The group is headquartered at a 70-acre compound in upstate New York that it calls “Islamberg.” We have released footage of women at “Islamberg” getting basic guerilla training in the 2001-2002 timeframe.

secret video made by Gilani in the early 1990s explicitly stated that he tasked MOA with offering “training camps” to aspiring jihadists, including non-MOA members.

MOA claims to have 22 such “Islamic villages” on U.S. soil. Clarion Project has a special website,, about the group and these villages.

MOA has continually been the subject of counter-terrorism and criminal investigations since its formation.

FBI documents from as late as December 2016, obtained by the Clarion Projectconfirm that MOA engages in paramilitary training inside and outside of its “Islamic villages.” The FBI documents refer to MOA as being a “terrorist organization” that is “armed and dangerous.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed in 2017 that its investigation into MOA’s weapons trafficking and arming of felons is ongoing.

FBI documents from 2003 state that MOA operates a large network of front businesses, especially security companies, and has links to Al-Qaeda affiliates overseas. FBI documents from 2003-2007 said:

“The MOA [Fuqra] is now an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.”

MOA has been getting closer and closer to CAIR. Our sources say that MOA members are increasingly involved in both MOA and the militant black Islamist movement.

They say that a reconciliation with Ummah and the Sufi extremists like the Sankore Institute is strongly desired.

According to MOA’s cultish ideology, the final apocalyptic battle with Islam’s enemies is to erupt after the death of Sheikh Gilani. At least two of his sons are in the U.S. and Canada to prepare for the succession. MOA believes it will play a special role in this prophetic war.

Current and former MOA-affiliated sources tell us that the group would likely help Ummah or other Islamist militants if the anticipated uprising against law enforcement, the U.S. government and the perceived enemies of Islam were to commence.

Likewise, Ummah and other Islamist militants would offer aid to MOA if a confrontation resulted due to raids on their “Islamic villages.”

These sources say that it is possible that MOA could split after Sheikh Gilani dies, with a faction joining Ummah and similar groups in hopes of strengthening Dar Ul-Islam.


The activity, size and potential of this militant Islamist network truly make it a serious threat.

Its popularity and infrastructure dwarfs that of any designated terrorist group in the U.S. This is partly due to its strategic restraint and its relatively “moderate” image when contrasted with ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s open calls to kill any American civilian.

While this Islamist movement is less extreme than Al-Qaeda and ISIS (even though it shares similar goals), it is more extreme, violent and criminal than the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood groups who are more prominent and do not advocate violence on American soil.

For violent Islamists like Ummah who want to wage jihad on U.S. soil, this space between ISIS/Al-Qaeda-type Islamism and Muslim Brotherhood-type Islamism is the sweet spot.

The Dar Ul-Islam legacy movement isn’t seeking to completely unify their ranks. It’s grown to accept some minor level of ideological diversity within its Islamist framework.

For Ummah leaders, this is not just a recognition of reality, but reflects a decision to pursue decentralization, name alterations, organizational fronts and other deceptions to blind any monitors.

Before he died in 2009, Imam Luqman Abdullah told an associate that Ummah—dropping the name of Dar Ul-Islam—no longer sought unity. A confederation is preferable. He thought that a network with overlapping layers and many moving targets is more likely to disorient and thwart law enforcement and ultimately defeat the U.S. government and other perceived enemies of Islam.

This militant black Islamists’ desire is an achievable goal and one with truly dangerous consequences for homeland security and the stability of the United States.

The threat is intensified by the fact that this movement has learned over the decade and gotten smarter. Violent jihadism on U.S. soil is now a more palpable force and the current political environment—the “War of the Extremes”—is particularly conducive for the conflagration that these militants anticipate and seek — as many Islamists see it: the fulfillment of Islamic End Times prophecies.

Catching Runaway Unborn Babies

David Carlin: The new politics of abortion is a lot like the old politics of slavery, as pro-life sentiment rises, the Left seeks laws to make us all complicit.

One of the important elements of the so-called Compromise of 1850, a late-in-the-day attempt to avoid the pending Civil War, was the Fugitive Slave Act, which required Northern states, even the most anti-slavery of Northern states, to capture runaway slaves and return them to their owners.

Massachusetts was, of course, one of these states, and when its famous U.S. senator, Daniel Webster, supported the Act in a desperate attempt to save his beloved Union, many of its most distinguished citizens (e.g., Ralph Waldo Emerson: see his lecture on the Fugitive Slave Act) withdrew the tremendous admiration they had hitherto given the great man.

Did the Fugitive Slave Act result in the capture and return of many runaway slaves who would otherwise have found their way to a life of freedom?  Probably not.  For despite the Act, slaves would still run away, the Underground Railroad would still operate, and northerners unsympathetic to slavery would still be reluctant to report runaways to the police.

What, then, was the point of the Fugitive Slave Act?  To rub the noses of anti-slavery people in slavery.  The pro-slavery South was saying to the anti-slavery North: “You don’t like slavery?  You think it is wicked?  You think we are great sinners for maintaining this, our peculiar institution? Well, we’ll show you.  By the Fugitive Slave Act we’ll make you co-operators in our system.  We’ll make you assist us in maintaining slavery.  If we are guilty, we’ll make you share our guilt.”

What does this remind you of?  In any case, what does it remind me of?

It reminds me of the policy position now taken by virtually every Democrat on the national scene – the policy position now taken, for instance, by that famous Catholic politician, Joe Biden.  It reminds me, in other words, of their position that the Hyde Amendment must be done away with and the federal government must pay for abortions.  Which means of course that taxpayers should pay for abortions, even those taxpayers (me, for example) who believe that abortion is an act of unjustifiable homicide.

Will it greatly increase the number of abortions if we make them free of charge for women who wish to kill their unborn babies?  Probably not.  What, then, is the point of getting rid of the Hyde Amendment?  The point is to rub our noses in abortion.  The point is to make all of us, even the most anti-abortion among us, collaborators in the great abortion machine.  “You don’t like abortion?  You think it wicked?  You think we are great sinners for maintaining this our splendid institution? Well, we’ll show you.  By getting rid of the Hyde Amendment we’ll make you co-operators in our system.  We’ll make you assist us in maintaining abortion.  If we are guilty, we’ll make you share our guilt.”

The pro-abortion people profess to be great believers in choice – just as the pro-slavery people professed to be great believers in state rights.  But, in fact, the pro-slavery people were not true believers in state rights.  They believed that their state had the right to choose slavery, but they didn’t believe that Massachusetts (for example) had the right to reject slavery.  They didn’t believe that Massachusetts had the right to decree that a slave who set foot on Massachusetts soil automatically became a free man or woman.

A few years later (1857) the U.S. Supreme Court ratified this view with its Dred Scott ruling, which Abraham Lincoln (along with others who were as clear-minded as he) understood to imply not just that Congress could not ban slavery from the territories but that, sooner or later, state legislatures could not ban slavery from their states.

Just as pro-slavery Southerners did not honestly believe in state rights, so pro-abortion Democrats (and others) do not honestly believe in free choice.  For if they did, they would believe in our choice not to pay for abortions.  They would believe in our choice not to become collaborators in homicide.

Let’s suppose you’re in a situation in which you are doing something that you know, deep down, to be wrong; but you don’t want to admit it to yourself; on the contrary, you want to persuade yourself that your wickedness is virtuous.  In a situation like this, your conscience will be greatly eased if you find that everybody around you believes that the wrong thing is right.

And so it was with Southern slaveholders.  The slaveholders were comforted by the fact that all the “best people” in their society were slaveholders.  But that wasn’t enough.  And so they worked hard to persuade non-slaveholding Southern whites that slavery was a fine institution; and they largely succeeded in this effort of persuasion, as was demonstrated when the Civil War came, and poor and almost-poor whites were willing to fight and die to protect the South’s “peculiar institution.”  This persuasion succeeded even among many slaves.

But in the North there remained millions and millions of Americans who were not persuaded – some of them abolitionists, far more of them anti-slavery in sentiment while not going so far as to be abolitionists.

As long as these people were denouncing slavery as wicked (and their voices of denunciation were getting louder and louder every year), the consciences of slaveholders could not be totally silenced.  What could be done?  Make these anti-slavery people co-operate in catching runaway slaves (the Fugitive Slave Act).  Better still, make them tolerate the presence of slavery in their midst (the Dred Scott ruling).  Make them share our guilt.

So it is with the pro-abortion people. They need to silence us if they are to silence their own consciences.  They can do this by making us share their guilt.  How?  By making us pay for their abortions.  If we quietly pay, if we make little or no fuss about this, we will have become part of the great abortion machine.  The consciences of pro-abortionists will be able to sleep in peace.


David Carlin

David Carlin is a professor of sociology and philosophy at the Community College of Rhode Island, and the author of The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America.

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VIDEO: British Warship Thwarts Iranian Attempt to Seize UK Oil Tanker

A British warship thwarted an attempt by Iran to capture a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

While a (manned) U.S. reconnaissance aircraft hovered above, gunboats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) began approaching the ship. The boats were intercepted by a British warship which had been operating five miles behind the tanker.

While Iran has denied that the gunboats were in the process of trying to capture the British tanker, the day before Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened Britain that there would be “repercussions” after a British ship detained an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar.

The detained tanker was attempting to deliver crude to Syria in violation of European Union sanctions.

The incident is the latest in a series of Iranian provocations against the West and its allies (see map and infographic below).

Meanwhile, Watch Clarion Security Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro on I24 News as he weighs in on Iran’s recent and alarming announcement that they have upped their level of uranium enrichment in violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement with the world’s powers.


How Will Trump Tackle the Russia-Iran Alliance?

Trump Calls Off Strike Against Iran; Here’s the Bigger Picture

Will Iran’s Cat-and-Mouse Strategy Backfire?

Understanding Iran’s Mullahs

In dealing with the ever-cheating and conniving Mullahs in Iran, we need to realize that these vile men of Allah are also long-term planners. They have messianic plans to rule the world someday. They are also superb practitioners of the art of cheating. In this practice, like in the game of poker, much depends on how one plays their hand.

The villain Mullahs have been deceiving and playing the Iranian people, particularly the masses of the religiously fanatic, long before either Israel or the U.S. existed. They are very good at their game. For as long as there are donkeys there will be those who ride them is a Persian saying.

Mullahs are Islamic clergymen. They see themselves as the custodians of the true faith and exercise great influence, particularly with the poor and less educated. They are not satisfied with just being clergy and have taken over the government of Iran. And you’re right. They are very much like the Taliban. They impose their rigid code, don’t know what ‘tolerance’ is and rule by terror.”

An illegitimate government, they are. In 1979, the people revolted against the late Shah’s rule, a group of mullahs led by a high-ranking mullah called Khomeini exploited the situation, took over all organs of power such as the police and the army and systematically eliminated any and all oppositions. They are still busy with their ruthless repression and elimination of people they don’t like or fear.”

The overwhelming majority of people do hate them. Iranians who can flee the country do so. Those who can’t leave toe the mullahs’ line the best they can. They don’t relish the mullahs’ torture chambers and an early grave.

Without ruling out the likelihood of a military attack by the U.S., they dreaded a more likely covert undertaking. They were acutely aware that a CIA operation in 1953 managed to purchase the loyalty of a small band of Iranians for a total sum of a few million dollars and successfully toppled the government of Dr. Mossadegh, returning Mohammad Reza Shah to power. The mullahs believe that people are like merchandise. Each person has a price tag on him. Meet his price or give him what he wants and he is yours. In the 1953 coup, their-very-own “Man of God” Ayatollah Kashani turned against Mossadegh for a fee of only $10,000. Hence, the mullahs kept a vigilant eye out for any and all Iranians, or others, who may have the slightest connection with the United States.

The mullahs’ method of staying in power relies heavily on preventive measures. They don’t bother much with the due process of the law. They just dispense with the “due” and get on with the “process.” On the slightest suspicion, they arrest, convict and execute. They let Allah in the next world take the time to determine the person’s guilt or innocence. The mullahs have their job to do on God’s earth: To cleanse it from all infidels. When one has a tall order like that to fill, he can’t be bothered with the tedious due process the Western democracies “waste” so much time and resources on.

Ayatollah Khomeini’s notable legacy will live alongside the most infamous and hated men in history, such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Saddam Hussein, who sent millions of their own countrymen to their deaths.  Iran’s leaders have turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos.

That is how the Iranians learned of Islamic justice.  That is how the Iranian people gained firsthand experience of the laws of Islam in their society.  And that is why, after forty years of incessant indoctrination of Islamic propaganda, Iran has the largest anti-Islam population in the entire world and a huge cohort of pro-Western youths.  The Islamic Republic brainwashing machine has simply backfired.

In short: Misguided advocates of negotiation with the mullahs, beware. The mullahs are on an Allah-mandated mission. They are intoxicated with Petrodollars and aim to settle for nothing less than complete domination of the world under the Islamic ummah. It is precisely for this reason that they consider America and the West as “Ofooli,” setting-dying system, while they believe their Islamism as “Tolooi,” rising-living order. They are in no mood of negotiating for anything less than the total surrender of democracy, the very anathema to Islamism.


Islamic Republic of Iran arrests 8 converts to Christianity, sends them to solitary confinement

Iraq: Calls for Miss Iraq to be stripped of her citizenship and barred from the country for her defense of Israel

Z is for Zionism defines itself as “the world’s leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more. For over 20 years, has been helping millions of people improve their use of the English language with its free digital services.”  Nevertheless, the entry of “Zionism” is fraught with inaccurate examples and a decidedly political bias.

The site casts doubt while also attempting to sound authentic for Zionism – “The belief that Jews should have their own nation; Jewish nationalism.” Zionism is Israel’s patriotism, just as Americanism is America’s patriotism, without the overtones of “belief,” which smacks of  invalidation.  Wikipedia defines “patriotism” as national pride, the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiments, such as ethnicity, cultural, political or historical aspects. Merriam-Webster defines it as “the love for or devotion to one’s country,” such as Italians’ devotion to Italy or Canadians’ to Canada.   The American Heritage Dictionary defines Zionism as “A plan or movement of the Jewish people to return from the Diaspora to Palestine . . . originally aimed at the re-establishment of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine and now concerned with the development of Israel.”

The Bible is, first and foremost, a sacred document, but wherever it touches upon history, it has been proven wholly reliable.  It records how a single family, descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, was established some 3,500 years ago in the land called Israel.  These Israelites are the progenitors of those we now know as Jews, after the predominant tribe of Judah.  Despite exiles, massacres, at least three attempts at genocide, and a 2,000-year global dispersion, these people have endured as a recognizable people group, sharing the same ethnicity, history, culture, religion, and sacred language, and, in 1948, they finally returned to their ancient homeland, Israel.  Although other groups – Assyrian, Babylonian, and  Roman Empires – have passed from history, the Jews miraculously survived multiple attempts at annihilation.  Faithfulness to the laws of Moses, recorded in the Torah/Pentateuch, require residency in their ancient homeland and Zionism IS their RETURN to their ancient homeland. The site disgracefully overlooks all these points. further indicates that the origin of Zionism was first recorded in 1895-1900, an attempt to erase its long history.  Zionism derives from the term “Zion,” and appears 152 times in the Hebrew Bible, seven times in the Christian Bible, and in quotations.

Establishment of the State of Israel and its recognition by the United Nations took place on May 14, 1948.  The site imprecisely and dismissively says, “the late 1940s.”  Israel was the official end to the British Mandate in “Palestine,” an impertinent name given the general area by the Romans centuries before, in yet another attempt to eradicate the names of Israel and Jew from the world.  The site goes on to say, “Zionism is opposed by most Arabs,” another slur to support the envious Islamic ideology of conquest.  Did the staff insert that East Timor, a tiny island nation of Catholics, is opposed by all Arabs and subjected to ongoing genocide – along with Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso?  If we delve further, Czechoslovakia was opposed by most Nazis.

The entry further specifies that Zionism opposes “global capitalism, European integration and Zionism” (how can Zionism oppose Zionism?) without explanation, thereby dubbing it the enemy of an otherwise-preferred ideal.  Let’s understand globalism.  It is the desire to establish one governing entity over every aspect of each territory, each nation, each free society, and all its people therein.  It is authoritarian and oppressive in nature.  It is therefore logical that all patriotism, national loyalty, and love of country would be diametrically opposed to any foreign concentration of power.  A free and independent nation is best served when its citizenry maintains jurisdiction over its own functions – laws, trade, monetary system, schools, culture, etc.  The UK, for example, is currently battling the European Union (EU) for the return of its own independence of trade.  America would lose its identity were it to join the European Union. Israel would be annihilated were it “governed” by its Islamic neighbors.  Israel is physically located in the Middle East, not part of Europe.  Given Israel’s history, it would be foolhardy and lethal if she were to cede control over her own survival to anyone – indeed, for any country to cede dominion to the power hungry of the world.

The returning Jews of the Diaspora along with the descendants of those who remained in the Middle East accomplished a miraculous reclamation of the land, rescued the survivors of the Holocaust, built a robust entrepreneurial economy that places it within the Top 20 Global Economies, and created an artistic and cultural renaissance – all while dealing with deadly attacks by the neighbors who, time and again, refuse to make peace. also provides biased, propagandist opinions, citing information found in books that may be highly praised by the left, but whose veracity has been challenged elsewhere.  A case in point is the “widely acclaimed” book, “My Promised Land,” by left-wing Israeli journalist Ari Shavit, known for its distortion of history and damaging for peace.  The book lacks scholarly citation; there are no endnotes.

Sol Stern, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal, wrote “The Triumph and Tragedy of Ari Shavit’s My Promised Land,” which failed to include for contrast.  Neither did the site make known that Shavit broke with the Israeli left after he was convinced by facts – i.e. the suicide bombers of the second Intifada – that the Palestinians were not amenable to peace or compromise.  Shavit may have attempted to balance two sides of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, but his “gross historical distortions” of events in Lydda, explained by Stern, overwhelms his testimonial to the positive side of Zionism.

Stern further explained that immediately after Israel’s independence was declared on May 15, 1948, five Arab armies invaded Israel, including the Jordanian Arab Legion.  They overwhelmed Jerusalem, forcing out all Jews at bayonet point and endangering the heartland of the Jewish State. Lydda (pop. 40,000+), situated just 11 miles east of Tel Aviv on the route to Jerusalem, was part of the partition plan, which the Jews accepted but the Palestinians refused. It inevitably became a key battleground.  The IDF had to remove that threat to Israel’s largest city and secure the road by conquering adjoining villages and pushing out the Jordanian force. Shavit wrote that Zionism took Lydda in 47 minutes; he did not state that Jordanians and armed Palestinians returned to attack in armored cars the next day, firing at everything in their path, and losing again, which resulted in the self-evacuation of 35,000 Arabs the next day.  All serious historians agree that Lydda was not the dispossessed indigenous nation.  The war was launched by the Arab states and Palestinian militias for the explicit purpose of annihilating the Jews, but Zionists were blamed for a “massacre.” was disingenuous in its reportage.

Shavit accused Zionism of racism, that it could not permit an Arab majority, Lydda, to survive in its midst, but Sol Stern rightly contradicted that  Zionism could, and did, permit the Arab Nazareth (pop. 60,000) and Umm al-Fahm (pop. 50,000) in the center of Israel.  Zionism is clearly not racist.  Simply, those Arabs did not attack the Jewish state.  Shavit also intentionally omitted additional information: (1) that the Secretary General of the Arab League Abdul Rahman Azzam vowed that this would “be a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongol massacres and the crusades”; (2) that the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, collaborated with Hitler in the Final Solution of the Jewish People in 1947; (3) that Haifa’s Jewish mayor Shabtai Levy begged the Arabs and their leaders to stay, that they would be protected, but the Arab leaders said they were compelled to follow al-Husseini’s orders; and (4) that of the many Arab massacres of Jews or the expulsion of Jews from Hebron and Jerusalem, not a single Jew was allowed in any area occupied by the Arab armies during the 1948 War, but some Arabs had remained in Lydda and some had returned, so a substantial minority citizenry does exist.

Shavit’s one scholarly source, written by Benny Morris in a 2010 letter to the Irish times, explained that the Palestinians launched hostilities against the Jewish community in defiance of the international community (UN General Assembly Resolution of November 29, 1947) but they lost, resulting in the displacement of 700,000.  Most fled with the expectation of a victorious return to their homes; others evacuated on order of their leaders.  The hostile Lydda and Ramla communities were expelled by Jewish troops.  Clearly this was neither a racist crime nor ethnic cleansing, but the result of national conflict and war, launched by the Arabs themselves.  They and their descendants remain in refugee camps to this day, unwelcome by their own brethren, refused sanctuary as a pawn to overtake Israel.  Israel welcomes displaced Jewry.  The Arabs caused their own “Nakba,” a concept nurtured to establish a global caliphate. selected quotes that questioned the validity of Zionism; therefore, as much-needed counterbalance, I would recommend the following:

  • “We Arabs, especially the educated among us, look with deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement . . . we will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home . . . We are working together for a reformed and revised Near East, and our two movements complement one another…  The movement is national and not imperialistic.  There is room in Syria for us both.  Indeed, I think that neither can be a success without the other.” – Emir Faisal, King of Iraq, 1975
  • “I have come gradually to see that, in a dangerous and largely hostile world, it is essential to Jews to have some country which is theirs, some region where they are not suspected aliens, some state which embodies what is distinctive in their culture.” – Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize Laureate, Zionism and the Peace Settlement in Palestine, 1943.
  • “Zionism springs from an even deeper motive than Jewish suffering.  It is rooted in a Jewish spiritual tradition whose maintenance and development are for Jews the basis of their continued existence as a community.” – Albert Einstein, Manchester Guardian, 1929.

WHAT MCCARRICK INVESTIGATION? Key witnesses, victims and whistleblowers have not been interviewed.

by Fr. John Lavers  •

It has been a year since public and credible allegations were first made against the former Cdl. McCarrick, known now as just Theodore McCarrick. 

Last year it was the archdiocese of New York that first made public the allegations against McCarrick, and since then, what has happened?

Who is (or was) leading the internal investigation against McCarrick within the archdiocese? What is the current status of the investigation? Has the investigation against McCarrick been closed? And if so, why? Why have primary (and still living) victims and witnesses of McCarrick’abuse not been interviewed by so-called “Church investigators”?

Those senior clerics in the United States who have had continuous and direct contact with McCarrick — have they been interviewed? One person who should be interviewed is the former Cardinal-Archbishop of Washington, Donald Wuerl. Wuerl was the person who helped McCarrick find alternate accommodations in the Washington, D.C. area following sanctions placed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict. Furthermore, it was Wuerl who also arranged accommodations for McCarrick at a monastery in rural Kansas, where McCarrick now lives after being removed from the clerical state.

Therefore, the question remains, why hasn’t Cdl. Wuerl been interviewed?

However, if we turn back and focus on McCarrick for the moment, there are a host of questions that remain unanswered. For example, has McCarrick’s computer, cell phone and tablet, along with all of his emails, been examined? And if not, why not?

Who is gathering McCarrick’s written correspondence? The Church, even in the modern world, has an extensive paper trail on file that is properly recorded within diocesan officesincluding the Office for the Papal Nuncio to the United States, the Congregation for Bishops and the Secretary of State in Rome. Again, who is in charge of gathering this information for review and analysis?

Within the United States alone, there should be at the very least active and ongoing McCarrick investigations taking place within the archdiocese of New York, the archdiocese of Washington, the archdiocese of Newark, as well as the whole of the ecclesiastical province of Newark. 

But there is not — and why not? 

Turning to various U.S. Catholic seminaries, especially those within the dioceses mentioned above, we know from public accounts that McCarrick would regularly visit these seminaries and invite young boys and young men to his beach house on the Jersey Shore and would sleep with them in the same bedWho is looking into McCarrick’s activities within these seminaries on the U.S. East Coast? Have any these seminaries started or conducted any kind of internal investigation into previous allegations made by former seminarians or conducted any kind of review in relation to McCarrick’s contact with them?

If an investigation has been done, what are the results of the investigation or review? Was there any criminal activity by McCarrick discovered during the investigation, and what was done about it? Where are the reports? And who has access to them?

Like many other predatory priests in the past, such men had access to large sums of money, and McCarrick is no different. So who is conducting the financial audit and analysis of McCarrick’s holdings? Who is conducting the all-important financial investigation into his activities? Who is examining the people who gave McCarrick large amounts of money and why? As well, who has McCarrick given money to and why? Does McCarrick still control or have access to these large sums of money … and, if so, what is he doing with it?  

During his time as a senior cleric within the Church, McCarrick was instrumental in promoting many bishops. All these records of those bishops appointed over the last 20-plus years need to be reviewed and those bishops themselves need to be placed under a higher level of scrutiny pertaining to their relationship with McCarrick.

Finally, there is McCarrick himself. Who has interviewed him? How many times has he been interviewed, and by whom? Does he still have access to communications? Is he currently in contact with people, and who are they?

As time waits for no one, the longer there is no action in pursuing a truly comprehensive investigation against McCarrick, it will become more challenging. Documents pertaining to McCarrick have already begun to disappear, be misplaced, lost or “accidentally destroyed,” thus making a paper-based investigation more difficult. The key witnesses, victims and whistleblowers associated with the McCarrick affair have not been interviewed. Over time their recall and evidence will become more difficult in building a profile of McCarrick’s deedsHowever, their individual pain and trauma suffered at the hands of McCarrick will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

To date, McCarrick continues to proclaim his innocence. Officials in Rome have declared that they are looking into McCarrick’s history. Then again, the amount of information and raw data that remains yet undiscovered within various diocesan offices as well as other locations is truly outstanding. The volumes of information not recovered and the long list of people who have not been interviewed in relation to the McCarrick affair remains the question everyone is asking: Why has the investigation into McCarrick not happened?

About Fr. John Lavers

Father John Lavers led the 2012 investigation into various unethical and immoral activities by seminarians at a U.S. seminary and various diocese.


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10,000 March for Life in Ireland

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