1987 LGBTQ Demands Would Become Law in the Equality Act

Remember when activists on the Supreme Court, in essence, made same-sex marriage the law of the land? Elated, Obama said, “Love wins!” He celebrated the unconstitutional destruction of the God ordained sacred institution of marriage by ordering that the White House be lit in rainbow colors. Leftists decreed that the LGBTQ lifestyle is a “beautiful thing” which Americans had better embrace or suffer severe punishment.

Shockingly, Christian churches began embracing same-sex marriage. Ignoring the Bible (Leviticus 18:22), deceived and cowardly pastors said, “Love is love. It’s a beautiful thing.”

I did an internet search for pictures of gay pride parades. I could hardly believe my eyes; men wearing giant genital costumes, nudity, men mock performing various sex acts on each other. Such public debauchery would normally get one arrested. Because it was happening during a gay pride parade, city officials and police ignored it.

I thought, “Okay, if this lifestyle is such a ‘beautiful thing’, why not share the reality of it with the world?” I posted a few gay pride parade pictures on my website. Christian and conservative friends said, “Oh my gosh, has Lloyd lost his mind?” My response was, “Why are you guys upset with me? Christians and conservatives have surrendered to leftists’ lie that the LGBTQ lifestyle is a beautiful thing. I’m simply sharing the beauty.”

I was severely criticized by my associates and even called a hater by LGBTQ enforcers for simply posting pictures of their public gross behavior. While beating up on me, none of my Christian and conservative friends dared to express any criticism of gay pride parade participants performing vulgar sex acts live in front of thousands of parade watchers. Somehow, I was the bad guy for posting pictures.

In response to the Supreme Court dismantling marriage, LGBTQ enforcer George Takei gleefully said this is only the beginning. LGBTQ enforcers have been engaged in a well orchestrated marketing campaign to ban biblical morality for decades. 

In 1987, homosexual activist Steve Warren published a chilling article titled, “Warning to the homophobes.”

Henceforth, homosexuality will be spoken of in your churches and synagogues as an “honorable estate.”

You can either let us marry people of the same sex, or better yet abolish marriage altogether. You will be expected to offer ceremonies that bless our sexual arrangements…You will also instruct your people in homosexual as well as heterosexual behavior, and you will go out of your way to make certain that homosexual youths are allowed to date, attend religious functions together, openly display affection, and enjoy each others sexuality without embarrassment or guilt.

If any of the older people in your midst object, you will deal with them sternly, making certain they renounce their ugly and ignorant homophobia or suffer public humiliation.

You will also make certain that laws are passed forbidding discrimination against homosexuals and heavy punishments are assessed….

Finally, we will in all likelihood, want to expunge a number of passages from your Scriptures and rewrite others, eliminating preferential treatment of marriage and using words that will allow for homosexual interpretation of passages describing biblical lovers such as Ruth and Boaz or Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Warning: If all these things do not come to pass quickly, we will subject Orthodox Jews and Christians to the most sustained hatred and vilification in recent memory.

We have captured the liberal establishment and the press. We have already beaten you on a number of battlefields.
You have neither the faith nor the strength to fight us, so you might as well surrender now.” 

LGBTQ enforcer and homosexual Democrat congressman, David Cicilline is sponsor of the Equality Act. Cicilline’s evil bill is the most aggressive assault on our constitutional religious liberties in U.S. History. The Equality Act is fully supported by house Democrats. If the Equality Act becomes the law of the land, every outrageous tyrannical demand in LGBTQ enforcer Steve Warren’s 1987 article will become reality.

Please help our faithful Christian patriots at Liberty Counsel fight to stop HR 5/ S788 (Equality Act).

Please sign their petition.

Decades of turning a blind eye and passivity has gotten us into this mess. We are on the verge of government forcing Christians to betray Christ; kneel in worship to the false god of LGBTQ. Foolishly, Christians still believe if we are simply nice enough and ignore biblical teachings, LGBTQ enforcers will end their vitriolic quest to ban Christianity.

When the land that God promised Israel was occupied by giants, only Joshua and Caleb believed God would help them defeat the giants and claim their land.

Brother and sister Americans, LBGTQ giants are occupying our land. We must believe that God will help us defeat them. Quoting Joshua, I say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

I eventually removed what leftists describe as “beautiful” gay pride parade pictures from my website; uncomfortable with the ugliness, vulgarity and satanic debauchery.

VIDEO: Cardinal Raymond Burke Resisting ‘Large-Scale Muslim Immigration’ is Patriotic


It’s a rare statement to hear in this era of politically correct conformity. And one in which Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations, at least in America, have been corrupted by cashing in on refugee resettlement for Muslim migrants.

ROME, May 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― Resisting “large-scale Muslim immigration” is “a responsible exercise of one’s patriotism,” Cardinal Raymond Burke said today.

The Cardinal made the remark at this afternoon’s Question and Answer session at the Rome Life Forum in Rome. The session immediately followed Burke’s address on filial piety and national patriotism.

Burke responded by saying that the Church’s teaching on immigration, which he had discussed in his speech, supported individuals who are “not able to find a way of living in their own country.”

“And this is not true of immigrants who are opportunists, in particular in the case of Islam, which by its definition believes itself to be destined to rule the world, coming in large numbers to countries,” he said.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what’s happened, for instance, in Europe, in countries like France and Germany and also here in Italy. And it’s also happening in the United States.”

Burke cited a book called No Go Zones which, he said, “records places in the United States where, in fact, Muslim immigrants have set up their own legal order.”

“In other words, they resist the legitimate authority of the state,” he continued.

These comments may sound surprising, but Cardinal Burke has made similar remarks in the past, as Hugh Fitzgerald had noted in 2016 right here at Jihad Watch.

The other day, a senior Cardinal in Rome, Raymond Burke, gave an astonishing interview to the Religion News Service. He stated that “there is no question that Islam wishes to govern the world” and “criticised Christian leaders who “simply think that Islam is a religion like the Catholic faith.” That is not true, Cardinal Burke insists, for if Muslims become a majority in any country they “have the religious obligation to govern that country.” Burke says there are already “little Muslim states” within France and Belgium that are no-go areas for the police and are run, essentially, by local Muslims for the local Muslim population. Burke insists that the only way for Europe to withstand the relentless onslaught of Islam is “to return to its Christian roots.”


Washington school district caught promoting Islam for Ramadan; lawyers send cease and desist letter

Poll finds overwhelmingly that Islam is unwelcome in Germany

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with video is republished with permission.

The New Pro-Life Moment

Robert Royal: Pro-life opportunities abound, and Church leaders and laity must seize them, if we don’t want history to say that we did nothing. 

Something out of the ordinary happened this past week. On Saturday, over 10,000 people walked the streets of Rome in defense of children in the womb. Italian lay people have organized a march for nine years now, and it grows – despite no support from the Italian bishops – including the pope.

On Friday, Francis did encourage members of the Catholic Medical Association to “defend life,” though so vaguely that you couldn’t tell whether he was talking about abortion, euthanasia, immigration, climate, poverty – or all of them (more of this below).

But as usual no Italian bishops participated in the Marcia– they’ve been saying that they don’t want it to be seen as only “Catholic,” though why is not clear. And that they prefer to work through elected officials rather than public protest (though they seem to support other public demonstrations, e.g., on immigration and poverty, and don’t have any natural partners in government now that the Christian Democrats have splintered). Italian television, accordingly, didn’t even mention the march occurred.

The lone Italian prelate in the past, Archbishop Viganò, was missing, for good reasons.

None of this was out of the ordinary. And neither, basically, were the large pro-life marches in London last week and Ottawa. There are marches in many other countries in Europe and Latin America as well, though we rarely hear about them outside of the Catholic press, and not very much even there.

No, the real novelty is that Alabama essentially banned abortion last week with a  bill that was passed by the legislature and signed into law by governor Kay Ivey who, like large numbers of women, believes abortion is the taking of innocent human life.

Numerous states have now passed law restricting abortion, so we’re about to see a titanic battle in the Supreme Court – and American society.

Pro-abortion commentators are worrying about a reversal of Roe v. Wade, though the swift discrediting of the Center for Medical Progress’s videos showing Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parties suggests that it’s still easy to gaslight the public about such matters.  (Remember when Groucho Marx’s line – “Who you gonna believe, me or your own lying eyes?” – was a joke?)

But pro-lifers too are nervous, several wondering whether such “extreme” legislation makes it easier for courts to strike down such measures.

In any case, we’ll shortly know whether our legal system is entirely captive to anti-scientific ideology or still capable of rational moral debate. The Supremes may only send questions on abortion back to the states, where – as Justice Antonin Scalia often argued – it belongs, since the Federal government has no constitutional jurisdiction over such matters. The fundamental right to life will probably be addressed, if ever, further down the line.

But there’s reason for hope here.

Abortion supporters are beginning to deploy arguments that may delay but will not dispel the main question. Some states, for example, have tried to draw a line at the point where the fetus has a detectible heartbeat or some other biological marker.

A writer in the Washington Post this weekend elaborated on a new formula now appearing everywhere from Hollywood to Manhattan; “Lest I be chastened for daring to humanize an embryo, let me state for the record that the correct term for ‘heartbeat’ is ‘fetal pole cardiac activity,’ because at six weeks, said embryo doesn’t have a cardiovascular system and, therefore, no fully formed beating heart.”

Valiant effort, but if people – and the courts – start to pay attention to such details, we will inevitably have to decide, “So when do we have enough ‘fetal pole’ motion and vascular system to call what’s going on simply a heartbeat?” It’s not long after.

Similarly, as even outlets like The New York Times have been conceding for more than a decade, there is rudimentary brainwave activity detectible about as early as “fetal pole” motion – not a developed brain of course, but by ten weeks an articulated brain is forming.

These defenses of early abortion will look increasingly weak as people (and courts) look more carefully. Is there anyone who thinks that as science advances we will discover less rather than more complexity and activity in the early embryo? I’d be nervous, too, about the science if I supported abortion.

The Church – and especially the Vatican – should get squarely behind this burgeoning pro-life pushback. Commentators recognize that the radicalism of new abortion laws in New York, Virginia, and Canada have provoked the current reaction.

And anyway, protecting human life in the womb has been and remains the central human-rights question of our time.

Respect for human life is never merely a numbers game. But we need to find ways to take proper measure of the horror. For instance, authorities estimate 2241 people died crossing the Mediterranean illegally from Africa to Europe in 2018. In an average year, on the U.S. border, there are usually 200-400 such deaths.

So some simple math: 2241+400 (to take the high estimate) = 2641. Abortions in America are at a low point, “only” 652,639 in 2015 (though this is clearly an undercount since California and other states don’t report abortions to the Centers for Disease Control).

That’s 1788 per day. So every two days, the abortion body count exceeds the migrant deaths for a whole year. Planned Parenthood alone does almost 1000 abortions per day.

No one really knows global numbers, but a good estimate is 16 million abortions a year, roughly 44,000 per day. If that many innocents were dying while migrating or in a repressive regime or owing to racism or some climate shift or even in a war zone, the world would be – rightly – in an uproar.

Yet very few people, even those who say abortion wrong – even high Church officials – seem much moved. Some procedures are medically necessary (only 1.5 percent of abortions follow rape or incest). But there’s no getting around the massive, casual, brutal carnage.

We’re all going to need to learn to debunk terms like “fetal pole cardiac activity” and whatever other rationalizations will be coming now. But this is a new and special moment when some real change seems possible. And we – Church leaders, laity, all people of good will – have to seize it, if we don’t want history to say that we did nothing while millions of innocents were being slaughtered.


Robert Royal

Dr. Robert Royal is editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing, and president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, D.C. His most recent book is A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century, published by Ignatius Press. The God That Did Not Fail: How Religion Built and Sustains the West, is now available in paperback from Encounter Books.

RELATED ARTICLE: I’ve Had 2 Abortions. Here’s Why I Support Alabama’s Pro-Life Law.

EDITORS NOTE: This Catholic Thing column is republished with permission. © 2019 The Catholic Thing. All rights reserved. For reprint rights, write to: info@frinstitute.org. The Catholic Thing is a forum for intelligent Catholic commentary. Opinions expressed by writers are solely their own.

Alaskan Teen Amassing Weapons to ‘Beat Hitler’s Count’

An 18-year old from Alaska amassing weapons and silencers was arrested after declaring on social media “Let’s beat Hitler’s count” and referring to “shooting up” a synagogue, The Daily Beast reported.

In addition, the man, named as Michael Lee Graves, posted an image of a person with a massive head injury with the caption, “The perfect treatment for Muslims. Fixes them up good and new.”

Prosecutors in the case say the man showed all signs of a mass shooter preparing for a massacre.

The FBI had been following Graves since late April when they received a tip about his social media postings. The same day that tip came in, they were notified by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives about a package sent to Graves that contained an illegal device intended to convert a “semi-automatic Glock-type pistol into a machine gun.”

The package was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection addressed to Graves.

A further search of his apartment revealed he had collected 11 firearms as well as two homemade silencers. On one of the silencers was an image of a swastika along with the number 1488, a code known to be used by neo-Nazis as a sign of Hitler and Nazi ideology.

Crimes such as these, which are ever increasing in the U.S., fall under the FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism, which is categorized as:

[Crimes] perpetrated by individuals and/or groups inspired by or associated with primarily US-based movements that espouse extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature. [emphasis added]

Statistics about the quantity of those that ascribe to such extremist ideologies may be debatable, but the potential actions of these individuals are of the utmost concern because of their proven deadly outcomes.

President Trump said after the New Zealand mosque massacres, “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems.”

Possibly true, possibly not. More resources need to be put into the Department of Homeland Security along with the FBI to find out.

In the meantime, it’s time to call out white supremacist violence for what it is: terrorism, and treat it as such.


Rebranding the White Supremacy Movement in the US

Military, Police and the Extremists Among Them

CAIR: Hard on White Supremacists, Soft on Islamist Supremacists

Linda Sarsour Disses Islam’s View of Abortion for Political Gain

With the wet ink of Alabama’s new anti-abortion law kicking up a fresh storm of controversy over religious laws, it’s a good time to look at what Islam says about abortion.

Needless to say, the issue has divided Muslims as well, with liberal pro-abortion Muslims in one camp and conservative Muslims in another. As with most dialogues on faith, there’s what Muslims say and then there’s what Islam actually says. While the two narratives below offer perspectives from two very different people — namely, a niqab-wearing traditionalist and myself – the views are essentially the same; they are views based on core Islamic teachings.

A Traditionalist’s View on Abortion in Islam

London-based Fatima Barkatulla is an author and a Muslim chaplain who laid out a very solid tweet thread succinctly paraphrasing the official Islamic position on abortion.

Replying to Linda Sarsour, who has been repeatedly chanting, “Leave our bodies alone,” Barkatulla says:

“As Muslims we cannot condone this crime that God condemns in the Qur’an. Islam came & condemned infanticide. Some Muslim activists are going too far. The disingenuous arguments used to sanction the killing of babies in the womb should not be promoted by Muslims.

When a baby has life blown into it, it becomes a sacred human being. Islam tells us that. The Qur’an tells us that the infant buried alive will ask on the Day of Judgement for what crime it was killed. It tells us: do not kill your own children fearing poverty.

The vast majority of abortions in the West take place due to promiscuity, due to inconvenience, not due to dire circumstances or life and death situations. Many thousands of babies in US are aborted/killed late in pregnancy. When we support this, we are supporting all of that.
The Islamic position on this is nuanced. There are situations where abortion is sadly necessary. The baby has the soul blown into it at 40 or 120 days – that is when it becomes a human. However in the US context the majority of abortions do not take place due to dire situations.
Hence we cannot champion abortion in the US in this blanket way in the context of the West, as it does involve the killing of human children with souls.
Aborting a baby that has a soul, without a valid reason sanctioned by God is undoubtedly equal to infanticide.”

A Muslim Reformer’s View on Abortion in Islam

If you paired Fatima and I together, you would find a woman in a niqab alongside a Muslim reformer such as myself. It would be assumed we stand in polarity on any issue, but here we don’t.

The reason is we’re not basing our positions on identity politics. We’re both using faith as a compass for our ethics and values. A pro-life view is shared by more Muslims than mainstream media will give us credit for, and I imagine it is also what will continue to dull the spotlight of Leftist darlings like Sarsour from being seen as a legitimate Muslim representative.

In 2017, I challenged Sarsour’s affiliation with the Women’s March and her soft position on abortion, calling out her hypocrisy in chanting slogans that checked off the boxes for all the top buzz words while defying the core ethics of her self-professed Muslim identity.

In an article for The Federalist, I wrote:

“It is pro-life women who champion the greatest humanitarian issue: the right for all human life to exist. Feminists behind the Women’s March [i.e. Linda Sarsour and her ilk] rage against building a wall along the border and expunging Muslims through an imaginary registry. Yet these women do not recognize the dignity of human life behind the wall of a uterus and radically defend their right to expunge that life when it’s convenient for them.

The Women’s March mission statement [supported by Sarsour] advocates standing in solidarity to protect families, but it’s the right to life that is the first step in safeguarding the family. Protecting our children doesn’t begin when they’re on the street; it begins when they’re in the womb.

The right to life is also sacred in Islam, which has very strict conditions for abortion. Yet Sarsour, who has carved a platform out of her Muslim identity, has debased that identity by openly defending the pro-choice movement, saying, ‘If you want to come to the March you are coming with the understanding that you respect a woman’s right to choose.’ So which is it: Is she pro-choice and not Muslim, or is she pro-life and no longer a Leftist activist?”

While the views here do not represent Clarion Project or any other individual or organization other than my own and that of Fatima, the most salient message here is that the abortion debate is another opportunity to debunk Islamist activists like Sarsour as messengers of the Islamic faith, particularly when they fail to adhere to the core ethics and values of Islam.


Muslim Response to Anti-Semitism Not Good Enough, Says Reformer

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VIDEO: Fail Proof Christianity — Become a Christian Witness

How to obey God and succeed in a world gone mad!

America’s Second Revolution — Trump and the Morality of Mankind

As George Washington was divinely inspired and protected to form this great nation, it is my belief that Donald Trump is divinely inspired and protected to resurrect America. Welcome to our miracle.

“We must not surrender to the false song of globalism”

I am asking you to believe in yourself again and I am asking you to believe in America. And if we do that then all together we will make America strong again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America safe again, and we will make America great again. God bless you!” – President Donald J. Trump

Global Deep State De-Class Has Begun

The global deep state de-class and take down is officially underway. What an absolutely incredible time to be alive at this precise moment in history. For more than two decades, I and others have been chastised and labeled conspiracy theorists when expressing what was evident to the intuitive and wise critical thinker, that being, that a “One World Government” objective, “Globalism”,  towards a tyrannical Godless police state, was real and wreaking havoc upon our existence and quest for peace, prosperity, good health and happiness. This is what the New World Order, the global ruling elite and their structured control centers were marching us all towards. That is until now, until TRUMP! They succeeded in dividing us. They will not succeed in conquering us. It’s time to unite.

No, I’m afraid, this is not a conspiracy theorist fantasy my fellow Americans and citizens of this trouble world, but rather a conspiracy fact and reality that the world is now waking up to. And to the friends, associates and family members who have distanced themselves from me, to say the least, I welcome you back with open arms and forgiveness. I did not fight to be right, I was right. I am right. What side of history will you be on? I express no apologies, but accept them for (“in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”), Orwell, 1984. Welcome to America’s Second Revolution, Trump and the morality of mankind.

America’s Second Revolution Trump and the Morality of Mankind

With the recent upset of the century, the global deep state and shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The globalists now tremble as Trump and this movement threaten their totalitarianism world government. Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution.

Oxford defines morality as the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior, a particular system of values and principles of conduct. The extent to which an action is right or wrong.

When you think about it, this is a powerful fundamental of which no one escapes. Psychopaths and Sociopaths playing God. Killing new born babies. Late term abortions. Pedophilia and child sex trafficking. Endless baseless useless wars. Digital debt based manipulated currency. Poisoned air, water and food. False Flags Ops. against innocent unsuspecting citizens of this world. “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and banks destroy the economy.” – Chris Hedges.

Go ahead and just look at what you see before you. Operate with honesty and integrity and refocus your moral compass. In short, with this great awakening within the human spirit, we will see significant turmoil and extraordinary dangers as evil is exposed and truth is revealed. This is what the global de-class reveals. The left wing lunatics and the heavily drugged, (this includes on-going drug laced customers that Big Pharma has created), and the severely brainwashed ignorant, I am afraid most of you will not come to see the light. You will have to deal with this later. It won’t be pleasant. But as for the rest of us, many are waking up. More will wake up. We must help them to see. We welcome you to reality, to the truth, the disruptive uncomfortable truths that you are now beginning to see.

What’s Your Story?

We all have our story. Here’s mine. What’s yours? Share it with me and with others. Share this post with others.

I began questioning things as a child. I began researching and discovering uncomfortable truths over two decades ago. I then embarked upon sharing these disruptive uncomfortable truths with those in my life. First in conversation, then via songwriting back in the mid-late 1990’s. In 2009, I began speaking before groups and have since covered eight states and three countries. I also launched the Save America Foundation a 501(c)(4) and held large scale conventions in two states. I expressed my voice and views as a radio talk show host, the show was titled, “Freedom It’s Up To Us”. Then in 2013 while living in Asia, I co-authored my first book, “Surviving Global Governance”. From 2013 to present, I have written a total of eight books. My new book will be published in March of 2020 with pre-order discounts and perks to be announced. In 2015, I launched my word press blog website and have since authored over 400 articles. Today, I write books and articles. I speak before politically active groups supportive of President Trump. I am the Chairman and leader of the group Sarasota Patriots for Trump and I am a news commentator being interviewed on radio, TV and internet based platforms. I am but one voice for our times.

Great Awakening

There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. What we do right here, right now, will determine how we live out the rest of our lives and beyond. The human race and the universe itself are becoming more and more conscious of itself. This is a good thing as we are a culture and civilization in serious decline, a planet in peril. A full course correction was needed which has now begun and soon the masses will see this. In this, there is hope. You can’t change people. They change themselves by their own decisions. You can influence them and guide them. Do this. The door is opening. Soon they will see. This has already begun all across the globe. Follow Q.

I’ve been so moved by what I’ve seen and heard along the way in life. So much so it has inspired me, and I feel as if I must respond to the questions asked or not yet asked by those more intimately in my life, those I have met in life, and now to you – the reader – and to anyone who will take the time and challenge that presents itself to look at life in a new way. The blissfully ignorant go along as though it were business as usual. It is not business as usual, I can assure you of this. I can assure you of this.

It is my hope and desire that our collective voice will inspire others to make the necessary changes resulting in a better life and a better world. That it may help us through what will prove to be some very dark and challenging days ahead. In the end, I am a long-term optimist but a short-term realist, and in the long run, I believe we will restore dignity, love, and peace to the human race. Changing the morality of mankind. I am a short-term realist and thus these efforts are put forth in my work.

I believe we are living in extraordinary and challenging times. My mission is to awaken, inspire, and to motivate people. However, only individuals themselves can become awakened, inspired, and motivated while other people can be the conduit or trigger point. I am not telling anyone how to think, for who am I, or anyone for that matter, to do such a thing? I am merely asking you to look, observe, do some due diligence, and question what you see before you and to think for yourself. Fair enough?

We must stop and take a look around us to re-asses ourselves, others, life, living, and the systems and structures that make this world go round. If you are tired of spinning around in the hamster wheel called your life, then it’s time to look at who is spinning that wheel and what you can do to stop this circular insanity. A raised understanding is needed as to the realization that a major paradigm shift is under way and that we have been living in a web of deceitful lies designed to entrap us and move us away from the spirit and more towards vanity and worldly possessions as we march blindly like useless idiots down the road to serfdom. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. So, choose love. As you obtain more and more truths, then take the correct steps in implementing change, the fear subsides.

Many of us have become a part of what I call the robotic hypnotic flock. Ignorant followers, so to speak. Now, being a follower is a good thing as most of us are not leaders, yet we rely on leadership. When being a follower, be a wise and discerning one and not an ignorant one. Be aware of who or what ideology you are following and ask yourself if this is pro-survival with the greatest benefit to the many without hurting the one. Then proceed. We now have the leadership, the brave and brilliant leadership of President Donald J. Trump. Don’t squander this miraculous opportunity because it may seem unpopular. We are indeed living in the age of an increasing number of smarter phones and an increasing number of dumbed-down people. Isaac Asimov once said, “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” By and large, his quote is so true today.

Optimist – Realist – Pessimist

Ultimately, I am a long-term optimist but a short-term realist. I believe that love conquers all and the light will shine, expose the evil, and overcome the darkness. However, I also feel we are living in a time where being a flippant, eternal optimist or the doom and gloom pessimist is not the most effective position to take. And there is not time for ignorance. Not now. WTF up! In fact, I believe that being a flippant optimist in the face of the harsh realities of the day can get you, and perhaps others around you, killed. In times like these there is nothing smart nor cool about being a short- term optimist; don’t buy it. Neither is denial or burying our heads in the sand. We might consider starting out by being a realist. Observe the obvious, trust but verify, practice critical thinking, question authority, question everything, and think for yourself. But observe the obvious. Surround yourself with people of like-mind who do indeed truly understand the times in which we live and expand those circles of relationships.

Being a realist can be challenging as one must first be able to recognize truth from something other than truth and this can be difficult as we are living in a bubble, a falsely created reality, a contrived and controlled world, strewn with lie after lie, concealed truths, half-truths and biased vested interest for selfish gain and to assert control over the free-will of others. I mean, after all, they take our space and make it small, they stamp out free-will, and keep us tied and bound. They direct our attention and control our minds for their evil deeds. Well, a new day has come and so this shall perish from the earth. You are not alone. We are never alone.


The challenges we all face are enormous but the scales are tipping. This is our time; we have a chance. The time for action is now. You are nothing more than an accomplice should you stand by idly as the culture and planet declines rapidly into a very, very unpleasant condition. This is now changing. The proverbial pendulum has indeed shifted with Team Trump. Get with the program. It is my hope that we begin to come to realize these misconceptions and begin the much needed course corrections, both personally and collectively. Peace and love shines bright in the light. Let’s brighten this light all around the world while there is still a chance to do so. Won’t you join us?

There are three things that cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. So when your children and grand children as you – “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the collective throat of America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us! Get with the program. WWG1WGA

Law Center Asks Supreme Court To Decide How Far Schools Can Promote Islam And Disparage Christianity

ANN ARBOR, MI – As a Christian and 11th-grader at La Plata High School in Maryland, Caleigh Wood was taught that “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”  She was also required to profess in writing, the Islamic conversion creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”  Ms. Wood believed that it is a sin to profess by word or in writing, that there is any other god except the Christian God.  She stood firm in her Christian beliefs and was punished for it. The school refused her request to opt-out or give her an alternative assignment.  She refused to complete her anti-Christian assignment and consequently received a failing grade.

As a result, in January 2016, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Ms. Wood claiming the school had violated the First Amendment Establishment Clause and her right not to be forced to profess faith in another religion.  Both the Federal District Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the High School’s Islamic curriculum.

In response, on Monday of this week, (May 13), TMLC filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari asking the Supreme Court to decide whether any legal basis exists to allow public schools to discriminate against Christianity while at the same time promote Islam.

   Richard Thompson, TMLC’s President and Chief Counsel, observed: “Under the guise of teaching history or social studies, public schools across America are promoting the religion of Islam in ways that would never be tolerated for Christianity or any other religion. I’m not aware of any school which has forced a Muslim student to write the Lord’s Prayer or John 3:16: ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

On the other hand, schools have become willing instruments of Islamic indoctrination, and in Caleigh Wood’s case, the weapon of choice was the PowerPoint presentation. Caleigh and her 11th grade classmates were taught:

  • “Most Muslim’s faith is stronger than the average Christian.”
  • “Islam at heart is a peaceful religion.”
  • Jihad is a “personal struggle in devotion to Islam, especially involving spiritual discipline.”
  • “To Muslims, Allah is the same God that is worshiped in Christianity and Judaism.”
  • “Men are the managers of the affairs of women” and “Righteous women are therefore obedient.”

Those statements came directly from the PowerPoint presentation to Caleigh’s class. The underlining was in the PowerPoint.

Thompson continued: “Many public schools have become a hot bed of Islamic propaganda. Teaching Islam in schools has gone far beyond a basic history lesson. Prompted by zealous Islamic activism and emboldened by confusing court decisions, schools are now bending over backwards to promote Islam while at the same time denigrate Christianity. We are asking the Supreme Court to provide the necessary legal guidance to resolve the insidious discrimination against Christians in our public schools.”

Read TMLC’s Petition for Certiorari here.

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VIDEO: The Vortex — The Hive Wins. Until they all stand before God.


So all the data is in, the reports all written, the arguments all made and the final document issued and proclaimed. Disgraced Cdl. Donald Wuerl — the lying, cheating former archbishop of Washington, D.C. — has won.

Last summer, as he sat for an interview with the lying, plagiarizing, homosexualist priest Fr. Thomas Rosica at the Knights of Columbus annual soiree/gala, he first downplayed the bombshell news of Theodore McCarrick’s evil.

Then, in full lack of shamefacedness, he had the gall to propose that the solution to the evil that was becoming public lies with the bishops.

It was clear from that statement and interview that the old guard of homosexual men and their lies who seized control of the Church back in the 1970s would win the day.

Last Thursday, Pope Francis handed them the laurel wreath of victory and published a document that indeed says the bishops will investigate themselves. You can just hear the champagne corks popping in bishops’ residences all over the country right now.

Rock on, back to normal — hey Bob, get back on Grindr and let the boys know party at the mansion tonight. But this cannot be too much of a surprise. The Pope had already indicated in the run-up to the dog and pony show sex summit in February that the laity would be kept far away from this crisis.

Nope, the bishops will fix everything, he said, seemingly forgetting — or ignoring — that it was the bishops who created the crisis — and more than one crisis at that.

By way of quick review, when the McCarrick news broke last June, the narrative and the practice of homosexuality and abuse cover-up by the bishops began to break down somewhat.

Then in August, Abp. Viganò released the first of a series of nuclear bombs, confirming what many, many already knew, that the highest reaches of the hierarchy were dominated by active homosexual men — and he named names.

These men, he charged, had created, and in some cases contributed to, the environment by which a man like McCarrick could advance. And he accused Pope Francis directly of being part of the problem, a problem he termed as a “homosexual current” in the Church.

A current that has allowed the establishment of homosexuality among the clergy as the norm is no longer a subculture, but actually the dominant culture.

And this was true at every level of the Church — seminaries, chanceries, everywhere. Faced with the one-two punch of McCarrick then Viganò, the U.S. bishops began fumbling about trying to come up with a response.

The suggestions were all over the map as no real consensus emerged. In the meantime, men like Wuerl were denying it was any kind of crisis.

Likewise, Chicago’s Cdl. Cupich was trying to force the media’s attention away from the story by giving on-camera interviews saying one assinine thing after another — notably, that we were not going to go down this “rabbit hole” because we had to talk about the environment instead, and of course, labeling concerned Catholics enemies of the Pope because they hated “Latinos,” which of course, Francis is not. He’s three-quarters Italian.

But after his initial stumbles coming out of the gate, Cupich and Wuerl took full control and brought their brother bishops to heel.

In the fall, Cdl. Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. bishops, went to Rome and met with the Pope with a few ideas to address the situation, namely that the laity play a pivotal role in investigations.

Francis politely told DiNardo and his small entourage to drop dead and showed them the door — no laity involvement, period.

Then in November, at the bishop’s annual meeting, about 15 seconds into the proceedings, as the bishops had nestled into to discuss possible solutions, a letter came from the Pope saying, “Forget everything you are talking about. Stop. Shut up. I’ll decide how to handle all this at a sex summit I’m calling for February.”

You could hear the shock in the silence in the room. First, DiNardo, their president, was shot down. And now the entire body had been told to drop it.

So much for synods and “decentralization” of the Church, huh?

As an aside, the Feds need to pay attention to this little fact, this is an organized, centralized syndicate that takes its orders from a central command.

At that November bishops’ meeting in Baltimore, as the gasps subsided, none other than Pope Francis waterboy Blase Cupich jumped up and seized the microphone.

Completely usurping parliamentary rules, and not to mention the authority of Cdl. DiNardo, he ordered — not too strong a word — he ordered the bishops that all this discussion was over and Rome would settle it.

He followed his orders from the homohive in the Vatican and got the can kicked down the road to the dog and pony show of last February, which resulted in this document we now have.

So what’s the upshot of the document? Simple, nothing of substance has changed. When bishops are abusing their authority, covering up sexual assaults of seminarians, for example, that matter will be investigated by the metropolitan bishop of the cover-up bishop.

How would this have played out in the past?

Well, McCarrick was the metropolitan in his area. Heck, if some sexually abusive or cover-up bishop has been reported to him, he wouldn’t have investigated him. He would have hopped in bed with him and then promoted him.

Joseph Bernardin was the metropolitan of Chicago. Anyone think that kingpin of the homosexual hive would have done anything about an accused bishop, besides set up a date with him?

This is disgusting, a complete betrayal of the faithful. This motu proprio isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

All over the Church, the gay bishops and their boyfriends, the homoclerics, the pastors with their live-in boyfriends in the rectories, the religious houses swarming with homosexual men, everywhere, they are partying it up tonight.

So a few thoughts have come up over the nearly past year since all of this became public.

  1. Pope Francis needs to resign.
  2. The Feds need to launch a full and complete nationwide RICO probe.
  3. For the past six or seven years, Church Militant was, sadly, right all along.
  4. Wuerl and Cupich are McCarrick clones, and their continued presence means the homohive is still in full control.
  5. The choice of whoever got D.C. — which we now know is Wilton Gregory — would reveal if there was any real reform even being considered.
  6. The February sex summit was nothing else than a giant PR scam controlled by the homohive, and the international media pretty much fell for it.
  7. The laity need to wake up, rise up and organize a massive grassroots resistance against the modernists and homosexual hive in the hierarchy.

Given how its all played out, anyone want to disagree with any of these statements?

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission.

CAIR condemns Law & Order for “Islamophobic” episode, demands producers meet Muslim leaders

CAIR “wants the producers of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) to meet with Muslim community leaders, in response to a controversial episode that aired last week, which viewers criticized for promoting Islamophobia and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.”

Strange. The CBS program “Living Biblically” is an entire series which mocks Christianity but is generally accepted as free expression, ignored by some, disgusting to some, watched and laughed at by others. That’s the extent of it. There are many programs in fact, that make fun of Christians, Indians, Chinese people, blacks, virtually everyone. But Islamic supremacists will not integrate into Western society where many Westerners engage in offensive humor and expression. Instead, there is a dramatic, embarrassing fallout when Muslims are insulted; a big hoopla which is characteristic of sharia societies if Muslims ever do feel insulted. Unfortunately, rather than encourage Muslims to adapt, many are enabling the same behaviors found in these countries. Islamic supremacists refuse to live peaceably in Western societies as Hindus, Buddhists and other religions adherents do without expectations of special treatment.

As for the sensitivities expressed about ridiculing Ilhan Omar in the episode, is there any politician mocked more than the current President of the United States, Donald Trump?

“Muslim Group Calls Out ‘Law & Order: SVU’ For Episode ‘Enflaming Islamophobia’”, by Marina Fang,  Huffington Post, May 14, 2019:

A Muslim advocacy organization wants the producers of NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU)” to meet with Muslim community leaders, in response to a controversial episode that aired last week, which viewers criticized for promoting Islamophobia and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said Monday that it wrote a letter to the show’s executive producer Dick Wolf to “urge you and your staff to meet with leaders of the Muslim community to learn why this episode makes the rising tide of bigotry even worse, and what you can to do mitigate the damage that has already been done.”

One of the episode’s storylines involved a character, city councilwoman Nahla Nasar, who appeared to be an exaggerated version of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Omar has been the subject of bad-faith attacks from opponents who have falsely equated her support for Palestine with anti-Semitism.

CAIR said that the episode advanced “a ridiculous plot line that mocks the real hatred being experienced by real American Muslims and other minority communities,” executive director Nihad Awad wrote in the letter.

Afaf Nasher, the director of CAIR’s New York chapter, urged the show’s producers to “avoid enflaming Islamophobia,” warning that the episode may “lend a hand to anti-Muslim bigots.”

The group said the episode, which aired last Thursday, also “portrayed Muslim men in a negative light and suggested that growing Islamophobia in America is a hoax.”

A spokeswoman for NBC did not immediately return a request for comment on the letter and the criticism of the episode.

Last Thursday, social media users criticized the episode, which mashed together Nasar’s storyline with plot points inspired by two other real-life figures who sparked controversy: “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett and high school student Nicholas Sandmann…..

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission.

VIDEO: Dallas Diocese Raided by State Investigators

DALLAS (ChurchMilitant.com) – The Dallas diocese — long wracked by clerical sex abuse scandals — was raided by Dallas police officers wielding a 42-page search warrant at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Police investigators conducted searches of three facilities, including a warehouse, St. Cecilia’s parish and the diocese’s headquarters. The warrant became necessary, said Dallas Special Investigations Division Major Max Geron, because of perceptions the diocese was withholding information critical to their outside investigation.

The police investigation was prompted by an affidavit from last August in which credible accusations of sexual abuse were leveled against Fr. Edmundo Paredes, the pastor at St. Cecilia Catholic Church in the Dallas diocese city of Oak Cliff.

According to the affidavit, Paredes allegedly molested at least three boys in the 1990s. Paredes is also accused of stealing from the parish. Paredes’ location has been unknown since last August, but some sources say he may have returned to his native home in the Philippines.

Thirty-one men appeared on a list of priests credibly accused of sexual molestation in the diocese since 1950 that was publicly issued by the diocese last January. However, Dallas police said they weren’t allowed to coordinate their efforts with the investigation team hired by the diocese, leading Dallas detectives to conclude that the diocese wasn’t fully cooperative.

Detectives are also seeking information related to five other priests suspected of sexually abusing minors, said Geron in a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

As reported by The Dallas Morning News:

The affidavit says Parades “groomed him by taking him and other altar servers out to eat between masses and bought them things.” But in 1994, when the victim was a juvenile, the sexual assaults begin: The victim told police “Parades touched him on his genitals and Parades placed his mouth on [his] genitals.”

Police interviewed several parishioners, officer staff members and priests, all of whom corroborated that Paredes brought “several juveniles” into the rectory during evenings and weekends. The affidavit says, too, that “some office staff members met with now-retired Chancellor Edlund, in 2006, regarding their concerns over Parades having juveniles inside the church offices and inside his residence.”

Church Militant will offer updates as news continues to break on this story.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant column with videos is republished with permission.

Marxist Democrats Delete God from House Proceedings

“Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism. Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” – Vladimir Lenin

“The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization.  It must be destroyed.” –   Karl Marx

“Communism is a religion that is inspired, directed and motivated by the Devil himself who has declared war against Almighty God.” – Billy Graham

The campaign and election of President Donald Trump has proven to be the ultimate expose of the Democratic Party’s long ago shift to Marxism.  For decades they’ve hidden their true globalist goals by using euphemistic terms and double speak to lull the citizenry.  A prime example is the “Affordable Care Act,” which is not at all affordable for the middle class when insurance deductibles have risen into multiple thousands.

The Leftists that were hounded into hiding by the 1950’s “Red Scare” have rebounded with a vengeance and heavily impacted American society.  The demise of God is their main target.  Over a half-century (many believe much longer), the socialists ended up taking over the universities, media, and cultural institutions and permeated them with their “Cultural Marxist totalitarian” ways.  They have become effective “anti-anti-Communists,” whose chief weapon is character assassination.

The actions and demands of the left mimic their desired communist society.  The “Rule of Law” no longer applies. As in communist countries, the corrupt go free to write books and become even more famous, while the innocent either die in prison or are financially broken with ruined reputations.

Democrats Delete God

The socialism of the Democrat Party violates at least three of the Ten Commandments. It turns government into God, it legalizes thievery and it elevates covetousness. But the real core of communism is the hatred of God.

The majority party in the House of Representatives has removed God.  It has deleted the Almighty from as many Congressional proceedings as possible, including the swearing in of witnesses.

When Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA) raised a point of parliamentary inquiry as to why witnesses did not say, “so help me God” during their swearing in, Rep. Johnson asked Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) to please have the witnesses do it again including the “so help me God.” Cohen said, “I don’t think it’s necessary and I don’t want to assert my will over other people.”  Then Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) pipes up with, “If any witness objects, he should not be asked to identify himself.  We do not have religious tests for office or for anything else and we should let it go at that.”

Well, excuse the daylights out of me Reps. Cohen and Nadler, but we have used this swearing in for over 200 years.  As Rep. Johnson said, “It goes back to our founding history and it’s been part of our tradition for more than two centuries, and I don’t know that we should abandon it now.”  Watch the two-minute video.

VIDEO: Final Thoughts: Democrats Delete God.

Communists Destroy Religious Freedom

In Communist Red China, they’re closing churches, toppling crosses and even rewriting scripture.  Pictures of Jesus are forcibly replaced with pictures of Xi Jinping.

The official believed to be behind the forcible removal of 1,700 crosses from churches in eastern China has been promoted by the communist government, and it’s feared this move signals that the heightened Christian persecution of China’s 60 million Christians might carry on.

But the anti-Judeo-Christian culture and worship of God is not just in Communist Red China; it’s throughout Europe and America.  Here is a partial list of religious removals across America.  Atheists are the antagonists, but the Democratic Party has become the communist anti-God movement.

In 1962, the Warren Supreme Court removed prayer from school.  Few realized how that decision monumentally influenced our society.

Compare that to the fact that kindergarten students in Communist Red China are forced to sign away their religious beliefs.  The Education Bureau of the Chinese district of Lishan has launched a campaign to eradicate religious belief in kindergartens, which includes having the schoolchildren sign a commitment statement promising to avoid religious activities, an actual atheist manifesto.  The commitment statement includes the declaration: “I will adhere to the correct political direction, advocate science, promote atheism, and oppose theism.”  Minors are not allowed into churches, even with their parents.  God is verboten in a communist society.

The Politics of Hate

Elected officials are leading the nation’s youth in the hatred of Jews, Christians and the unborn. Speaker Pelosi actually invited an anti-Israel Imam to lead prayer in our US Congress.  In the past, this same Imam had praised Hamas martyrs, and compared Jews to Nazis.

One need only look at the filth spewed by Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) who recently disgorged her venom against Israel, Jews and the Holocaust.  Her vilification was directed against Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and America’s President Trump.  It was Tlaib’s reference to a “calming feeling” in relation to the Holocaust’s aftermath that has drawn the most ire and upset.  She defended her support of abolishing Israel with a one-state solution by falsely painting Palestinians as saviors of Jewish refugees.  Here’s the story and reaction.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) referred to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, as a day in which “some people did something” during her keynote address at a private fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of Greater Los Angeles last March. Please read Muslim Mafia by Chris Gaubatz’ father.

Omar and Tlaib have found themselves embroiled in at least half a dozen scandals, including laughing about al Qaeda on camera, lying that Israelis “occupy” the Hamas-controlled Gaza, following a flagrantly anti-Semitic Instagram account, and hanging out with pro-Palestinian Linda Sarsour and members of CAIR which is a designated terror organization in the United Arab Emirates. Link

With Omar’s continued anti-Semitic verbiage, prominent House Democrats negotiated with party leaders to enact some sort of measure against her remarks. Pelosi settled on watering down her critique of anti-Semitism as much as possible. The resolution listed “Jews” seventh in their condemnation of racism, right in between “other people of color” and “Muslims.”

Then there’s the homosexual pro-abortion member of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives, Brian Sims, who posted a self-incriminating video showing himself verbally assaulting an elderly Catholic woman praying the rosary in a peaceful protest outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in his district, calling her an “old white lady” who was doing something “disgusting.”

She was simply advocating for the lives of preborn human beings and women who are considering abortion. He also attempted doxing of teenagers for doing the same and it took the internet by storm.

Who in Pennsylvania elected this man who feels he can get in the faces of those who believe life is precious and are fighting for the unborn babies who feel the pain of their own murder every time one of them is aborted?

At least a thousand pro-life protestors gathered on the spot where state representative Brian Sims filmed himself harassing a peaceful woman praying outside the clinic to save the lives of unborn babies.  Link

China’s Dying Rooms

The Dying Rooms of China are no different than the dying rooms of America where our unborn children are murdered daily by the thousands, but the reality is we’ve moved into the same Chinese infanticide where we will murder children who have been born alive after abortions, letting them die alone in closed rooms.  When Obama was in the Illinois legislature, he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) several times.  He preferred these babies died alone in back rooms after they survived murder by their mothers.  The same is in China, and we’re moving into that ungodly, evil realm.

The transcript from the 1995 BBC television documentary tells the story.  Those infants who were about one year old, or even younger, were tied to beds at night to die. Once, an infant’s fingers and hand were eaten by rats. You can see how those children suffered.

Producers/directors Brian Woods and Kate Blewett uncovered the systematic neglect of abandoned babies in Chinese state-run orphanages. They found “dark rooms” where the weakest and least liked children are left to die. These are known as “The Dying Rooms.” China’s one-child policy, now they’re allowing two, created a race where most families desired boys and therefore parents were forced to abandon their babies. Their unfortunate and tragic lives are left at the mercy of these orphanages where their sad fate is ultimately decided by the staff and ignored by the government.  No one can watch these documentaries and tell me this ungodly evil is not coming quickly to America.

Marx and Satan

The late Reverend Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years as a prisoner of Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist government in Romania, where he was persecuted for his faith in Jesus Christ.  His wife Sabina also spent years in communist prisons.  Finally released, he researched Karl Marx and the Communist doctrines he developed.

While communism portrays itself as a noble endeavor for the good of mankind, and claims an atheistic view, the Pastor exposes its true roots, revealing that Karl Marx and the fathers of the modern Communist/Socialist movements were inspired by the powers of darkness.  Wurmbrand demonstrates how the “prince of darkness” gave these men the “sword” by which they have terrorized the nations. The Pastor proves that this movement is not simply the work of greedy men, hungry for wealth and power, but is “after the working of Satan” with the intent of destroying mankind.

One comment of his book said there are numerous similarities between the rhetoric of feminists, social justice warriors, communists/Marxists, atheists, “regressives,” liberals and the satanic agenda.  She pegged it!

Richard Wurmbrand’s 1986 book, Marx and Satan, gives all the proof, including the infiltration of liberation theology into both Christian churches and synagogues.  Those of us who worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the targets of the “evil one.”

Wurmbrand’s Senate Testimony

In 1966, before the U.S. Senate, 89th Congress, Pastor Wurmbrand testified about the torture he and his fellow Christians received in communist Romania prisons.  I would urge everyone who believes in the Almighty to read the transcript.  The Pastor had been in America for only a month when he appeared before the Senate, and he could never again wear shoes because of the beatings on the bottom of his feet.  He bared his back and showed the multiple scars from brutality.

He told the Senators that he could not tell the full details of what was done to believers because they would run screaming from the room.  Please read the transcript.  He tells that in the prison of Piteshti, the Communists would force a very religious prisoner to be “baptized” daily by putting his head into the barrel in which his fellow sufferers had fulfilled their necessities, meanwhile, obliging the other prisoners to sing the baptismal service.  And priests and pastors were compelled in the Romanian prison of Piteshti to say Mass over excrement and urine. Why? Wurmbrand asks, were Christians tortured into taking Communion with these as the elements? Why such an obscene mockery of religions?

The depths of satanic depravity were evident. If, in fact, true Marxism and Communism deny both heaven and hell, why in Romanian and Soviet Union prisons were nuns who would not deny their faith, raped anally, and Baptist girls had oral sex forced on them. Using Luciferian techniques, the communists made martyrs die blaspheming because of the delirium provoked by torture.


As George Washington said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

Jewish immigrant from Poland, Haym Solomon, who converted French loans to cash to finance the American Revolution.  He raised $20,000 for the Continental Army on request from General Washington, and he personally supported members of the Continental Congress such as James Madison.  He died a pauper at age 45 and he was never repaid by the new government he supported, although it was indebted to him.  He was a Jewish American patriot whose invaluable support of the new nation of freedom and liberty was the goal of this Godly man.  I believe this Jewish man helped to save our Republic.

John Adams said, “You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom.” No, America’s children haven’t a clue.  We must stand for liberty.

It is our responsibility to once again save our Representative Republic from the democratic socialists and communists who hate the God both Jews and Christians worship.  Lord hear our prayers.

Virginia: Somali Uber Driver Accused of War Crimes

It is all over the news so I’m sure you’ve seen it, but what struck me was a CNN cable news report this morning (you know I watch them for a little bit every day) and a female reporter asked Yusuf Abdi Ali“Do you deserve to live here?” 

Wow!  CNN actually asked that question a couple of times (of course he didn’t answer).  What is going on with CNN?  The lengthy report actually tells us how he came to be living in the US and it involves fraud in the US refugee program.

As I said on several previous occasions, if you want to find a topic to satisfy a yen to write a blog, write a blog and call it New American Somali Watch?’

 Material is available on a daily basis!
From CNN,

Accused of War Crimes and Torture, Uber and Lyft Hired Him

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Where does an alleged war criminal accused of torture and directing mass executions look for work while living in the United States? For Yusuf Abdi Ali, there was an easy answer: Uber and Lyft.

Within a couple of days of applying to be a ride-share driver, Ali said he was approved to shuttle passengers from place to place. He’s been doing it for more than 18 months, according to his Uber profile.

“I do this full time,” said Ali, who drives in suburban Virginia. He explained that he prefers to drive during weekends because “that’s where the money is.”When CNNreporters recently caught a ride from Ali, the former Somali military commander was listed on Uber’s app as an “Uber Pro Diamond” driver with a 4.89 rating.

Ali said he has driven for Lyft, too, but he prefers working for Uber. His white Nissan Altima had only an Uber sticker on it. Asked if the application process was difficult, Ali replied that it was a breeze.

“They just want your background check, that’s it,” said Ali, who was unaware that undercover CNN reporters were riding with him and recording the trip on video. “If you apply tonight maybe after two days it will come, you know, everything.”

Ali’s work as a ride-share driver raises new questions about the thoroughness of Uber and Lyft’s background check process and the ease with which some people with controversial pasts can get approved to drive.


Ali has not been convicted of a crime, but a basic internet search of his name turns up numerous documents and news accounts alleging he committed various atrocities while serving as a military commander during Somalia’s civil war in the 1980s.

His past was detailed in a documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that featured eyewitnesses in northern Somalia who described killings allegedly committed under the direction of Ali, also known as “Colonel Tukeh.”


Uber and Lyft’s background checks are mostly performed by a separate company called Checkr, which uses applicants’ names and Social Security numbers to search for information in a national sex offender database, federal and local court records and databases used to flag suspected terrorists and others, representatives from the companies said.

A Checkr spokesperson told CNN that its background checks “rely on public criminal records that have been adjudicated in a court of law rather than unverified sources like Google search results. Similarly, most employers don’t request background checks that include pending civil litigation due to its subjective nature.”

This week, Ali is defending himself against a civil suit filed in federal court in Virginia by a man who claims he was one of Ali’s victims in 1988. Farhan Mohamoud Tani Warfaa alleged in court documents that Ali tortured and shot him and ordered bodyguards to bury his body. The guards recognized that Warfaa, a farmer, had not died and accepted a bribe from his family to release him, according to documents.

Now here is what I was most interested in—how did he come to be living among us as a ‘new American?’

According to public accounts, Ali moved to Canada after the Somali military regime he worked under collapsed in 1991. He was deported after news about his alleged war crimes in Somalia became public through that CBC documentary.

Ali entered the United States on a visa through his Somali wife who became a US citizen. In 2006, his wife was found guilty of naturalization fraud for claiming she was a refugee from the very Somali clan that Ali is accused of torturing.

There is much more, continue reading here.

What I would like to know is where is the wife?  If she was convicted of naturalization fraud 13 years ago, did we deport her?  I bet not!

It is even worse! Only a few years ago Ali worked as a security guard at Dulles International Airport


New York State Luring Refugees to Populate Dying Cities

Jayda Fransen Found Guilty Of Speech “Stirring Up Hatred”

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission.

VIDEO: The Vortex — Bullying From the Left


So as many of you know, Church Militant was in Philadelphia last Friday to cover the pro-life response to the bullying of young girls and old women by Pennsylvania state lawmaker Brian Sims.

The event was a smashing success. Over a thousand enthusiastic, prayerful and determined pro-lifers showed up to say we aren’t going to take it anymore. Before the event, we were wondering if this was going to be a watershed-type moment for the pro-life movement.

But not just the pro-life movement, the whole socially, politically and theologically conservative world in the U.S. culture.

Ever since the rise of Barack Obama, these people have been on their heels, being accused of being bigots and haters and racists — of being white supremacists and toxic males and Nazis and heirs of white privilege and every other imaginable distortion of reality you could come up with.

Obama himself coalesced all this, drew together all these various camps into a political force meant to completely overhaul and re-fashion America.

All you have to do is just recall some telling lines — dog whistles, as the Left likes to say — to his group of racist, bigoted, anti-Christian followers who are legion.

Remember, “We are the change we have been waiting for.”

Again, “America is no longer a Christian nation.”

And of course, “They cling to guns or religion.”

Why the Left hates white males so much is because of what this particular demographic represents, and that is simply an America where Christian morality is the norm — no murdering of children in the name of women’s rights, no sanctioning of sodomy in the name of LGBT rights, no absence of borders in the name of illegal immigrants’ rights.

Those so-called rights do not exist either in natural law or moral law.

But they have been created out of thin air in legislative law which has been accomplished through lies and media propaganda and intimidation — yes, intimidation. It’s this point that makes the Friday Philly rally so incredibly important.

It was put together very last minute simply through social media messaging from Lila Rose of Live Action; Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director; and Matt Walsh, a leading Catholic voice in the world of social media.

For a thousand people to simply show up at the drop of a hat, and Church Militant to scramble resources on very little notice, says a lot about how all this was viewed in anticipation.

Quick aside: Shout out and thank you to the private donors who made Church Militant’s trip on very short notice possible — high airfares, costly lodging and all that; thank you.

There was an air at the rally of this is it. This is an example of the type of bullying and being relegated to the back of the bus that we will not stand for anymore.

Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry giant, kills more children in America every year than any other child murdering outfit. And they have muscled their way into that position with lies — big, giant lies.

And they keep that position through lies and intimidation. For example, when we were shooting prior to the rally, getting footage of the setup, this Planned Parenthood death-scort tried to intimidate me.

I was inches away from their front gate and fence shooting and she told me I had to back away. I said, “Why? For what?” Then, of course, came the lie and intimidation.

She said, “You aren’t allowed to be here.” Straight up, I told her to shut up. I was on public property — the sidewalk — and could do whatever I pleased.

Then another pro-life woman piped up after hearing me and said yeah, “Exactly, they care about a gate more than a child.”

Anyone who has ever stood in front of these abortuaries knows the harassment, intimidation, lies and so forth that these killers inflict on pro-lifers.

They intimidate and lie on the outside to protect and deflect from butchery that goes on in the inside and in politicians like Obama and his crowd — which is the Democratic Party — they have found their champion.

Immoral, savage, killers who worship consequence-free sex, who will do anything to destroy Christian morality in America, including demonize an entire population. This is the real reason they have become completely deranged by the appearance of Donald Trump on the political stage.

Donald Trump’s version of America is one which rejects their new America, which isn’t really America at all.

He flat-out calls them out on their lies and domination of the media, of the culture and the political machinery through which they have perverted the nation.

And they hate his guts for it. But he tells them to go essentially “drop dead.” That America will be great again, meaning their view of America, as the killing fields of the abortion industry must be rejected.

That population which supports Trump’s vision of America has been intimidated and cowered by the elites for too long. And something was sparked in that community watching the off-the-hook-homosexual Brian Sims verbally beat up pro-life teenage girls and an elderly woman.

Many pro-lifers have personalities that are passive and appear to be meek and gentle and so forth. That reality has been exploited by the Left for too long. They have viewed us as doormats who will accept their bullying as part of “turning the other cheek” or whatever they imagine.

Friday said no way, not anymore. We are drawing a line in the sand. We are at war, and it is a battle to the death.

Friday in Philly launched a new phase of the movement — not just to take back the lives of children being dismembered, but to take back a nation being ripped apart by the evil of the Left.

Pray and fight; faith and good works.

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PODCAST: Michigan’s Muslim Mafia Calls the Shots

“CAIR and [its Executive Director] Dawud Walid are the new kingmakers in this part of Michigan and everyone knows it. If you incur Walid’s wrath by standing up for Christians against Muslims, you can kiss your political career goodbye.” – Leo Hohmann

Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor, an ambitious GOP Marxist, is more than willing to side with the Muslim Brotherhood on mosque construction and throw Christians under the bus.  As well as break the law, by throwing out the current laws for zoning and planning in that location that the City Council followed in denying the build.  Mayor Taylor submitted to Islam and the lawfare that CAIR practices against anyone who challenges Islam’s refusal to live under state and local laws!  Islam can NOT live under current regulatory laws, followers can ONLY live under Sharia… and that means they will NOT assimilate, will NOT recognize the “law of the land”, and they WILL put fear into those that stand in their way!

“There is no political force like CAIR organized on behalf of Chaldean Catholics. And the media only gets its dander up in Michigan when a politician incurs the wrath of CAIR and the Muslims, so the decision for Taylor was likely an easy one: Side with the Muslims and keep the pathway cleared for future opportunities, whether they be in politics or business.”

Leo Hohmann has written about this and tells us where a current court case stands.  He’s written much about it and the latest article can be found here.

Also, consider ordering a signed copy of his book: Stealth Invasion by going here.

Be sure to keep up with Leo’s reporting at his website here, and his Facebook page here.

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