JetBlue Jihad: The Great Press Cover-up

Under Islamic law (sharia), any criticism of Islam of Muhammad is punishable by death. Anyone who questions the violent and genocidal Islamic texts and teachings that exhort and incite to jihad (holy war) are targeted for death. These sharia speech restrictions are now very much part of the media/ Associated Press Stylebook, the media usage guide created by American journalists .

A JetBlue Jihadist? The Great Press Cover-up

By Chris Farrell, October 23, 2021:

  • If we are trying to ascertain motive in a situation like this, shouting “Allah” would seem to be a key detail. That potentially moves the incident from “disturbed passenger freaks out over failed phone connection” to “jihadist tries to commit suicide attack.” It does not prove the latter case of course, but it does make it part of the conversation.
  • However, you would have to go to the FBI affidavit to get that detail. The Washington Post write up of the incident, clearly based on the affidavit, went so far as noting that El Dahr “yelled in Spanish and Arabic” but omitted that he was shouting about Allah — despite the obvious news value in that detail.
  • Granted there could be a variety of reasons why El Dahr was invoking his supreme being. But there is only one reason for not reporting it — deliberately to obscure a possible tie to Islamic radicalism.

If a radical Islamist hijacked an airplane, we might never know it was an act of terrorism. That is, if we rely only on the mainstream media. Case in point: On September 22, Khalil El Dahr, a passenger on JetBlue Flight 261 from Boston to Puerto Rico, suddenly rushed to the front of the aircraft, choked and kicked a flight attendant, and tried to break into the flight deck. (Image source: Anna Zvereva/Wikimedia Commons)

If a radical Islamist hijacked an airplane, we might never know it was an act of terrorism. That is, if we rely only on the mainstream media.

Case in point: On September 22, Khalil El Dahr, a passenger on JetBlue Flight 261 from Boston to Puerto Rico, suddenly rushed to the front of the aircraft, choked and kicked a flight attendant, tried to break into the flight deck, and urged crew members to shoot him. It took a half-dozen flight attendants to restrain El Dahr, tying him down with flex cuffs, seat belt extenders and a necktie. On landing in Puerto Rico, El Dahr was arrested and charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants, a federal crime.

What was El Dahr’s motive? Authorities have not released their findings yet, but we know some facts from an affidavit filed by FBI Special Agent William Lopez. El Dahr had attempted an in-flight phone call and “became angry about the call’s unsuccess.” About twenty-five minutes later he rushed the cockpit, struggled with flight attendants, speaking in “Spanish and Arabic,” and “one point during the incident, they were able to understand EL DAHR say Allah in a raised tone.”

If we are trying to ascertain motive in a situation like this, shouting “Allah” would seem to be a key detail. That potentially moves the incident from “disturbed passenger freaks out over failed phone connection” to “jihadist tries to commit suicide attack.” It does not prove the latter case of course, but it does make it part of the conversation.

However, you would have to go to the FBI affidavit to get that detail. The Washington Post write up of the incident, clearly based on the affidavit, went so far as noting that El Dahr “yelled in Spanish and Arabic” but omitted that he was shouting about Allah — despite the obvious news value in that detail.

Granted there could be a variety of reasons why El Dahr was invoking his supreme being. But there is only one reason for not reporting it – deliberately to obscure a possible tie to Islamic radicalism.

This is hardly the first time that the media and even the government have downplayed evidence of a motivation related to Muslim extremism. Take the “workplace violence” narrative that was pitched about US Army Major Nidal Hasan’s terrorist attack at Ft. Hood in 2009 in which he shot and killed 14 people and wounded 33 others. Despite describing himself as a “Soldier of Allah” and with copious evidence of the motivation and intent of his murderous plan, the official Defense Department review was silent on any factors related to his radicalization.

Earlier, when 2002 Washington, D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad left a cryptic note to police saying “I am God … Allah” only the “I am God” part was reported. When married couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik shot up a San Bernardino Christmas party, killing 14 people and seriously wounding 22, headlines told us the motive was “unclear“– until it came out that they had spent a year planning the attack as a part of a commitment to “jihad and martyrdom.”

Again, we cannot jump to the conclusion that El Dahr was a terrorist motivated by radical Islamist ideology, even though his actions fit exactly the M.O. that Al Qaeda pioneered two decades ago. What is at issue here is the propensity for news organizations to conceal possible terroristic motivations — but only of a certain type. Naturally if El Dahr had been a white guy raving about election fraud, COVID vaccinations or Trump 2024, there would be 24-hour coverage of the threat posed by “white rage” and “domestic terrorism,” and calls for tight travel restrictions against real or suspected members of the opposition party.

Freedom of Information Act requests with the relevant government agencies will hopefully uncover more about this incident, including what the government knows about El Dahr, his background, his motives, and who he was trying to call while on JetBlue Flight 261. In other words, true investigative journalists will work to uncover facts that the Washington Post‘s “mainstream journalists” should be uncovering but do not, because they are apparently afraid of what they might find.

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Israel: Police open criminal investigation against Facebook for jihad terror incitement

Shut it down! Not just in Israel, but everywhere!

Following PMW’s complaint, Police open criminal investigation against Facebook Israel for terror incitement

by Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch, October 21, 2021:

Palestinian Media Watch submitted a complaint on May 23, 2021 to Israeli police against Facebook Israel and its CEO for aiding and abetting Fatah incitement to terror, under clause 24(b)(1) of the Anti-Terror Law.

  • PMW has now been informed by Israeli police that it has opened an official investigation pursuant to our complaint. Conviction for someone who “publishes direct calls to commit acts of terror” is up to 5 years of imprisonment.

  • Background: In April and early May, Mahmoud Abbas’ PA and Fatah were actively inciting violence and terror. The Palestinian population was furious that Abbas had cancelled elections to prevent a Hamas victory, and Abbas was trying to distract them with a terror wave in defense of Jerusalem. With over a quarter of a million followers, the avenue of choice for the PA and Fatah to promote violence and terror was Fatah’s Facebook pages.

  • On May 9, 2021, PMW alerted Facebook, writing to the CEO of Facebook Israel Adi Soffer Teeni, that Fatah was using its many Facebook pages to publish calls to commit acts of terror. PMW demanded that Facebook close Fatah’s Facebook pages.

  • PMW warned Facebook: “If you fail to act as the violence [in Jerusalem] rages and as Fatah and its leaders continue to abuse the Facebook platform to spread violence, we will have no choice but to submit an official complaint to the Israeli police against Facebook in general and key personnel in particular, for the aiding and abetting the violence. We expect your quick and decisive response.”  [PMW letter, May 9, 2021]

  • However, Facebook continued its policy of allowing Fatah to post incitement to hate and terror, and to publish direct calls to commit acts of terror, thus fanning the terror in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel throughout the Gaza war with Hamas.

  • PMW submitted the complaint to Israeli police against Facebook Israel and its CEO for incitement to terror on May 23 and recently was notified by the police that a formal investigation of PMW’s complaint was opened. Given the clear evidence (see below), we hope that the police will act swiftly against Facebook to determine if prosecution is warranted against the Israeli Facebook staff who made the decision to enable Fatah to use Facebook to promote terror. In addition, we hope the police will demand the closure of the Fatah’s Facebook pages that, as PMW has shown, have been actively fanning the flames of terror for many years.

Palestinian Media Watch submitted a complaint to Israeli police against Facebook Israel and its CEO Adi Soffer Teeni on May 23, 2021 for incitement to terror under clause 24(b)(1) of the Anti-Terror Law. PMW has been warning Facebook for years that it is a fundamental part of Fatah’s terror promotion, and has supplied Facebook with hundreds of examples of hate and terror promotion on Fatah’s Facebook platform as documented in numerous PMW reports. Facebook claims to be very strict about eliminating hate speech and promoting violence and closing other hate disseminating Facebook accounts. However, Facebook has made a decision to keep open the official Fatah page, thus allowing Fatah to disseminate hate speech against Israel, glorify terrorists who murder Israelis and even be a platform for Fatah’s calls to violence and terror. Given the importance of social media as a disseminator of incitement to violence, Facebook’s behavior has been life-threatening and places them as a central cog in Fatah’s terror infrastructure.

In PMW’s complaint to the police against Facebook Israel, we noted that on May 8, with Arab violence raging in Jerusalem including attacks on police and on Jews walking in the streets of Jerusalem, Fatah used 9 different Facebook pages, including its official Facebook page with 234,305 followers, to disseminate its call for violence, including…


Germany: Muslim migrant who murdered three while screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ is not guilty, not an ‘Islamist’

Spain: Muslims gang-rape woman after telling her to take off her t-shirt with emblem of anti-immigration party

France: ‘F*** the Islamophobes,’ ‘To all teachers, I’ll behead you’

Islamic scholar hits Taliban for focusing on Afghanistan alone, compromising on goal of global Islamic caliphate

France: Imams told to feign support for the French after beheading of teacher for showing Muhammad cartoon

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Progressive Politics Don’t Define The ‘Righteous Gentile’

The Jewish concept of righteousness cannot be molded to fit a preoccupation with “social justice” that threatens the Jewish future.

The concept of the “Righteous Gentile” is originally rooted in the Torah’s recognition that members of other nations can serve the G-d of Israel by accepting and faithfully observing the Noahide Commandments. Known as “Gerei Toshav” (resident foreigners) in ancient Israel, “pious people of the world” were honored for renouncing idolatry and attaching their destiny to the Jewish nation.

In modern times, the term was applied to people who saved Jews from genocide during the Holocaust, regardless of whether they accepted the seven laws of Noah; but more recently it has been imbued with political connotations by those seeking Jewish validation for partisan agendas. For many secular liberals, the term refers to those who embody progressive ideals that are often inconsistent with or extraneous to Torah values.

To determine who can truly be called a Righteous Gentile, one must understand the scriptural basis and historical evolution of the concept and the character of those to whom it traditionally applied.

Given its classical meaning, the term would certainly include Noahides who reject idolatry and embrace the Torah. Their virtue is reflected not only in their faith, but in their recognition of the Jews as a “light unto the nations” and passionate belief in Jewish spiritual and national integrity. Many of today’s B’nai Noach are outspoken in their support for Israel and opposition to the growing evangelical threat against Israeli and Diaspora Jewry.

During and after the Second World War, the title “righteous among the nations” was conferred upon those who saved Jews from the Nazis and their collaborators. It was not based on religious belief but on commitment to saving Jews from extermination. Raoul Wallenburg and Oskar Schindler were among those who acted at great personal risk – and without ulterior motive – to rise above a common European culture steeped in ancestral antisemitism. And they were not alone. Yad Vashem in Jerusalem honors more than twenty-seven thousand non-Jews for acts of bravery and moral courage during the war.

But did simply saving Jews physically constitute a righteous act? If this were the only criterion, those who saved Jews for impure reasons would be honored as righteous. This was certainly a concern with respect to Jewish children who were taken in by convents, monasteries, and churches, baptized against their will or without understanding, and then effectively kidnapped after the war pursuant to a 1946 Vatican directive forbidding their return to surviving family members. The Church’s motivations were rooted in the same doctrinal hatred that paved the way for the Nuremburg Laws and Holocaust; and the complicity of priests, nuns, and laypeople who exploited parental anguish excludes them from honorable recognition. They may have saved children from the gas chambers, but they crippled them spiritually.

Catholic apologists engage in historical revisionism to suggest that the Church worked to save Jews during the Shoah – despite much evidence to the contrary – and some even argue against all reason that Pope Pius XII should be considered a righteous gentile. Such sophistry is understandable coming from an institution attempting to conceal its past sins. It is unfathomable when spouted by social and political activists who apply the term to people who supported the Nazis, but whose descendants are now allied with the progressive left in its fight against western values and Israel.

It has become increasingly common to hear progressive rabbis praise Arab or Muslim efforts to save Jews during the Holocaust, though such instances were extremely rare, especially when compared to the myriad acts of heroism that occurred throughout Europe. They often expound thus in broad strokes without providing specific examples in a pattern that seems to parallel their embrace of the Palestinian national myth or relationships with putative human rights groups that have covert extremist or Islamist sympathies.

These tales are exaggerated at best.

The real history is far less noble than they would have their audiences believe. Saving Jewish lives was not generally a priority in the Arab-Muslim world, much of which approved the German war effort. Rather than empathize with Hitler’s victims, many chose to serve German interests, e.g., by joining Waffen-SS Hanjar units that were personally recruited by the Mufti of Jerusalem and instrumental in the extermination of Balkan Jewry. Their complicity was consistent with the Mufti’s desire to implement the Final Solution throughout the Mideast, which likely would have happened had Rommel not been defeated at El Alamein.

Equally catastrophic was the collusion of Arab leadership in preventing the escape of Jews from Europe by influencing the British to block refugees from immigrating to their ancient homeland and thus condemning men, women, and children to the death camps. This complicity is glossed over by revisionists seeking to obfuscate the cultural past of people whose social and political causes are now advocated by the liberal mainstream.

The sparse representation of Muslims in Yad Vashem says more about the reality than the stories told in many nontraditional congregations. The roster of more than twenty-seven thousand gentiles recognized as “righteous among the nations” includes only a few Muslims, mostly from a single country – Albania.

Progressives who deny the complicity of Arab leadership during the Shoah often demean the memory of its victims by frivolously branding all political opponents “Nazis” or using the Holocaust as partisan metaphor, e.g., comparing illegal immigrants to Jews trying to escape genocide, equating southern border detention centers to death camps, or analogizing the abrogation of Jewish civil rights in prewar Germany to the struggle for gender equality in the US.

Immigrants fleeing poverty or political unrest in South America cannot be compared to Jews who were marked for death. False analogies are particularly shameful when voiced by liberal rabbis or communal leaders whose statements provide cover for left-wing antisemites.

Such sentiments and platitudes are now used within the mainstream establishment to define righteousness and glorify ideologues whose platforms threaten Jewish continuity and the State of Israel. Possible explanations for this sad state of affairs include an alarming rise in Jewish illiteracy among the non-Orthodox, the false conflation of Jewish tradition with progressive politics, and pathological self-loathing.

But just as traditional values and history cannot be rewritten to legitimize ideologies that disparage both, neither can the Jewish concept of righteousness be molded to fit people whose values, priorities, and preoccupation with “social justice” threaten the Jewish future.

The mantle of righteousness cannot be bestowed on churches that exploited the Holocaust to steal children from their families and suppress their heritage. Neither can it be conferred upon those among the evangelicals who claim to love the Jews and their nation while surreptitiously seeking their spiritual destruction by preying on the educationally weak and vulnerable. And it certainly cannot be applied to activists who endorse political agendas that delegitimize Israel and imperil Jewish continuity.

If the concept of the Righteous Gentile was originally associated with salvation and based on the premise that non-Jews have a place in the world to come, then it is inextricably linked to the belief in messianic redemption. And if the concept as defined after the Holocaust was predicated on the Jews’ physical deliverance, then it presumes a recognition that Jewish continuity is vital to the world and must be preserved.

Consequently, the concept of the Righteous Gentile – whether defined by adherence to the Noahide laws or commitment to preserving Jewish life – is connected to the Jews’ yearning for the messianic age. Indeed, this was prophesied by Zechariah ha-Navi after the return from the Babylon more than 2,500 years ago, when he wrote: “Thus said the Lord of Hosts: In those days, ten men from nations of every tongue will take hold—they will take hold of every Jew by a corner of his cloak and say, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that G-d is with you.’” (Zechariah, 8:23.)

In contrast, the values that progressives use to define righteousness today – when analyzed against the spectrum of history – would ultimately lead to a future in which the Jewish people and nation would cease to exist.

Those who are obsessed with redefining the Righteous Gentile as a political exemplar devoid of traditional meaning or historical context would do well to discover and embrace the Righteous Jew first. It takes one to recognize the other.

©Matthew Hausman, J.D. All rights reserved.

Afghan refugees: Do we know what we’re getting into?

Today at the Young America’s Foundation conference at the Reagan Ranch Center.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Ilhan Omar Introduces Legislation to Create Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating ‘Islamophobia’

Will the human rights reports make a clear distinction between “Islamophobia” as attacks on innocent Muslims, which are never justified, and “Islamophobia” as honest analysis of the motivating ideology behind jihad violence, which is always necessary?

Of course the answer to both questions is a resounding no. If this “special envoy” is created, he or she will crack down on honest discussion of how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and oppression. The special envoy will be another agent in the Left’s escalating war against the freedom of speech.

Omar wants government to monitor global ‘Islamophobia

by Luke Gentile, Washington Examiner, October 21, 2021:

Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois introduced legislation Thursday that would create a federal office to monitor “Islamophobia” and anti-Muslim bigotry around the world.

Omar hopes the office will help lawmakers understand the “interconnected, global problem of anti-Muslim bigotry.”

“The bill requires the State Department to create a Special Envoy for monitoring and combating Islamophobia, and include state-sponsored Islamophobic violence and impunity in the Department’s annual human rights reports,” Omar’s office said in a press release .

Although Omar and Schakowsky’s proposal is aimed at international anti-Muslim bigotry, they both said it is a domestic problem, too.

“We are seeing a rise in Islamophobia in nearly every corner of the globe,” Omar said. “In my home state of Minnesota, vandals spray-painted hate messages and a Nazi swastika on and near the Moorhead Fargo Islamic Center.”

In the past year, roughly 500 complaints of anti-Muslim hate and bias have been documented in the U.S., according to the release….

“As part of our commitment to international religious freedom and human rights, we must recognize Islamophobia and do all we can to eradicate it,” Omar said.




Taliban behead junior volleyball player who was part of Afghan women’s national team

Montana: Afghan evacuee charged with rape, governor calls for halt in refugee resettlements

Jammu and Kashmir: Muslim youth ‘rescued’ from ISIS found advancing jihad terror sleepe

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

CALIFORNIA: Watch As Ami Horowitz Gets College Students To Give Money to Help The Taliban Attack America

The below video is a stomach-turning example of how Democrat professors at our largest colleges and universities have indoctrinated generations of gullible students to see their country as an evil and unworthy place.

Watch as “Students Fund the Taliban.” Watch New York filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who went to the campus of the University of California/Berkeley, with a modest pitch to raise money to help the Taliban perpetrate attacks on Americans:

In a New York Post column titled “US college students pledge money to the Taliban in shocking video”   reported:

American college students have a soft spot for charitable giving — even when the recipient is the Taliban.

In his shocking new video “Students Fund the Taliban,” New York filmmaker Ami Horowitz hits up the campus of legendarily leftist school University of California, Berkeley, with a modest pitch: raise money for the Taliban to perpetrate its attacks on Americans.

“We’re raising money for the Taliban!” “Get your Taliban here,” Horowitz, 46, crows in the revealing three-minute “gotcha” clip, canvassing for terror with the blitheness of someone handing out coupons for a sandwich shop.

The self-described “guerilla journalist” is best known for his 2017 video “Stockholm Syndrome,” about social unrest in Sweden amid mass Islamic migration. He appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and CNN to discuss the clip, which was also referenced by Jimmy Kimmel on that year’s Oscars telecast.

Read the full article.

©John Edison. All rights reserved.


Chicago: Man converts to Islam, writes computer code for ISIS, his lawyer says ‘liking ISIS is not illegal’

From whom did Thomas Osadzinski learn about Islam? Where did he go to mosque? Is that mosque being investigated? Why not?

US Student Faces Prison for Helping Islamic State

Associated Press, October 19, 2021:

CHICAGO — A former Chicago college student was convicted Monday of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State group.

Thomas Osadzinski, 22, wrote a computer code to help IS bypass programs designed to block the group’s propaganda, prosecutors said. The former DePaul University student, who was born in a Chicago suburb, was living in the city when he was arrested in 2019 during an FBI sting. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

His attorney, Joshua Herman, said during closing arguments that the case centered on the right to free speech and that Osadzinski had the right to watch and share the videos.

“Liking ISIS is not illegal,” Herman said in court.

But prosecutors alleged Osadzinski worked in coordination or at the direction of IS. Authorities said Osadzinski boasted in communications about his computer skills and ability to speak Arabic, and he bragged that he would use a gun and explosives to elude authorities if need be….


Islamic State jihadi in Afghanistan sues British Home Secretary to return to UK, says he’s afraid of the Taliban

UK: Five jihadis were all referred to counterterror program before attacks, but it ‘focuses on right-wing threat’

Australia: Muslim speaker at pro-Palestinian rally screams: ‘Oh Allah, give us the necks of the Jews!’

France: Muslim migrant rapes his ‘too Westernized’ daughter, her brother stabs her

India: Muslim cleric says ‘this is our country,’ calls on Muslims to ‘create the fear of Allah’

UK’s Johnson: ‘We will never allow those who commit acts of evil to triumph over the democracy’

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Arab Violence – Root Causes and Red Herrings

If difficult socioeconomic conditions in the ultra-Orthodox community have not produced the rampant crime that afflicts Arab society, why should this be assumed to be the case among Israeli Arabs?

The homicide rate in Israel generally is low by international standards, but what has emerged in Israel’s Arab streets is an alternate universe of lawlessness, where residents can no longer leave their homes without fearing for their lives –New York Review of Books, December 4, 2019.

An Arab citizen of Israel is far more likely to get killed by a fellow Arab than by the Israeli police, and more Arabs have been killed by Arabs in Israel so far this year than have been killed by Israeli security forces in confrontations in the occupied West Bank… The killings — not by Israeli soldiers but by Arab criminals — account for about 70 percent of all Israeli homicides, though Arabs represent just over 20 percent of the population.—New York Times, October 2, 2021.

The soaring Arab-on-Arab crime rate is becoming a major focus of media attention in Israel—and beyond.

Rampant Arab lawlessness

Indeed, in recent weeks, there is some mention of it on virtually every news broadcast, as well as frequent debates, across the full spectrum of current affairs programs, diagnosing the purported causes and prescribing putative remedies for the violence pervading the Arab sector within the pre-1967 frontiers.

The rampant lawlessness in Arab towns and villages across Israel has been long known –and long ignored, or at least long tolerated, for a variety of reasons. However, its recently accelerated rate of proliferation has created a perception that the wave of criminality could soon spill over into Jewish neighborhoods, particularly in the wake of the May 2021 rioting by Israeli Arabs, in which Jews were assaulted—some, killed—and their homes and businesses vandalized, pillaged and torched.

Life for many Israeli Arabs is becoming increasingly—almost intolerably—perilous. Even innocent bystanders, uninvolved in any criminal dispute, have become hapless “collateral damage”, being hit by stray bullets from  nearby gunfights.

The number of homicides within the Arab community has spiraled in recent years—38 in 2016; 44 in 2017; 35 in 2018; 36 in 2019, about 97 in 2020, and over 100 so far this year. In contrast to this over 250% increase in the Arab sector, the number of homicides among the Jewish population has remained relatively stable—typically under 40 per annum.

Arab-on-Arab crime under-reported?

Nation-wide, Arab-on-Arab homicides make up just over 70 % of the total homicides for the country, despite the fact that Arabs comprise little more than 20 percent of the population.

Indeed, an Arab citizen of Israel is far more likely to get killed by a fellow Arab than by the Israeli police, and more Arabs have been killed by Arabs in Israel so far this year than have been killed by Israeli security forces dealing with terror-related events in Judea-Samaria, which receive much greater attention.

In some areas, the statistics are even more perturbing. For example, in the north, 50 percent of the 1.3 million inhabitants are Israeli Arabs. Yet according to police reports, 99 % of the murders, 99% of the shootings, 65% of the arsons, and 80% of the robberies are perpetrated by members of the Arab population.

As chilling as these statistics are, there is reason to believe that Arab-on-Arab crime is still under-reported. Thus, according to Knesset Member, Mansour Abbas, head of the Islamist United Arab List,–which is currently a member of the ruling coalition in Israel—violence extends far beyond the murders that make headlines in the mainstream media.

“Arab lives matter”?

Abbas claimed: “Homicides are just one parameter in the violence: Attempts to gun down mayors, threats, extortion, blackmail, domestic violence, use of weapons in disputes.”

Against this backdrop, it is hardly surprising to learn that a Neaman Institute study on the proliferation of crime in Arab towns found that:
For 80.3% of Arab Israeli citizens, “the most worrying phenomenon…is violence”; and

More than a third of Arab citizens (35.8%) feel personal insecurity in their communities because of violence”—almost 300% more than for Jewish Israelis.

The sense of despair and danger generated an “#Arab Lives Matter” campaign—in an evident attempt to mimic the #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement in the US. But of course, there are two crucial differences between the two cases. Firstly, unlike the BLM initiative in the US, Israeli Arab leaders are calling for increased—not decreased—police presence. Secondly, unlike the BLM case, in which the protest was against the use of lethal force against Blacks by non-Black (mainly, but not exclusively, White) police officers, in Israel, the opposite is true. The Arab protest is against the killing of Arabs at the hands of their own ethnic kinfolk, other Arabs, involved either in criminal activities or personal/family disputes.

Making matters more malignant?

The generally accepted diagnosis is that the primal cause for the pervasive violence in Israeli-Arab society is the relatively low socioeconomic conditions that prevail in it. Accordingly, the widely accepted prescription to remedy this malign malady is to throw money at it.

For example, in 2015 the Netanyahu-led government initiated a move to invest heavily in the Arab society in Israel. To this end, it adopted a five-year, multi-billion-dollar plan, the “Economic Development Plan for Arab society in Israel for the years 2016-2020”, designated  Government Resolution 922 (GR 922). It called for increased resource allocation and investment in the Arab sector, with particular emphasis on education, public transport, infrastructure, housing, employment, and public safety. It entailed an investment of almost $3billion in Arab communities. In 2020, it was extended for a sixth year—adding an additional $0.5 billion for 2021.

But, almost paradoxically, the abundance of cash in the coffers of Arab communities seems to have created an increased incentive for intensified criminal activity.

According to one Arab lawyer, Rida Jabr: “Municipality heads were always targeted by criminal organizations. But since 922, as more money has been spent on local authorities, the local authorities have become a larger prize.” Indeed, at least 15 Arab mayors were reportedly targeted by gunfire in 2019. Others had their cars set ablaze, Molotov cocktails thrown at their houses, or had family members threatened.

Thus, it seems that the sudden influx of cash has attracted the attention of organized crime groups, which have attempted to muscle in on contracts for various development projects.

Indeed, the efforts of criminal elements to profit from government funds—whether by winning tenders for new infrastructure or construction projects, or extortion of municipal personnel—should serve as a stern caveat for the current coalition, which has pledged between $15-18 billion to the Ra’am party (United Arab List), its Islamist partner in the present government.

“Police part of Israeli oppression”

While a case can be made for the claim that, for an extended period, the Arab sector has not been high on the list of priorities for the Israeli police, with only three police stations being built in Arab towns from 1948 to 2015, this reflected long-held preferences of the Arab leadership, both on the local and countrywide levels.

Thus, according to one study of policing in Israel: “Arab citizens didn’t want police there because they perceived them as oppressive, and police didn’t feel the need to be there because the community was policing itself.

Despite the fact that the deputy-commissioner of the Israeli Police, Jamal Hakrush, is an Arab Muslim, Arab leaders have discouraged young Israeli Muslims from enlisting in the police—as Christian Arabs and Druze do. In contrast to the ingrained Arab resistance to police presence in Arab towns, Hakrush maintains that “You simply can’t have law enforcement in the Arab sector without police stations.

Perversely, Arab lawmakers who bewail police inaction, oppose setting up police stations in Arab towns. Thus, Aayman Odeh, head of the Joint List, asserted: “More police stations are not necessary…”. Another  Joint List parliamentarian (2015-2021), Yousef Jabareen, declared:We see the police as part of the oppression mechanism in Israel..” However, he also bemoaned that, “the fact that the police [are] not doing [their] responsibility is another tool of oppression…” thus—incongruously—claiming that both police action and police inaction reflect “Israeli oppression”.

“You won’t get out of here alive.”

The work of the police in the Arab sector is further hampered by a history of a lack of co-operation from the Arab population. For example, witnesses refuse to talk to police, avoid calling the police to provide information, and even tamper with evidence—such as surveillance footage—thus impeding investigations.  According to the state comptroller’s report, 44 % of Arab citizens, who were victims of crime, did not even file police reports.

In addition to a lack of cooperation, police officers sometimes encounter violence when responding to calls or attempting arrests in Arab towns. Indeed, this month, police were assaulted by private security guards in Kfar Kassem after responding to a report of a violent incident inside the town hall.  Moreover, an internal police report describes several other instances in which officers routinely found themselves in danger from organized anti-police violence in Arab towns — from angry mobs to gunfire on police stations — including in cases when they were responding to calls for help from local residents.

For example, in responding to a call in the town of Umm al Fahm, police faced a mob shouting “You won’t get out of here alive.” Likewise, in the largely Arab-populated Wadi Ara (Iron Valley) area, an officer was shot responding to a call from a resident, saved only by his bullet-proof vest.

The socio-economic argument: Root cause or red herring?

A recurring grievance from Arab Israelis is that for decades they have faced systemic discrimination in housing, employment, and education since the founding of the state. According to this claim, the lack of opportunities to earn a dignified living has made the Arab community fertile ground for the growth of organized crime.

While it is difficult to deny that there may be some truth in this allegation, it provides, at best, an extremely incomplete picture of reality.

Firstly, there is an apparent overstatement of the level of poverty that prevails in Israel, in general, and in the Arab sector, in particular.  Thus, Nehemia Shtrasler, senior economic editor at the far-Left daily, Haaretz, wrote that World Bank research shows that Israel’s underground economy is one of the largest in the Western world, estimated at 23% of GDP. Citing senior government sources, he pointed out that there is significant underreporting of income in the Arab communities with actual poverty much lower than official figures suggest. Indeed, in 2018, according to the Israel Bureau of Statistics, the household expenditures of an Israeli Arab family are systematically higher than those of a Jewish non-Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) family with the same number of children—due to unreported income.

Secondly, this inevitably means diminished tax revenue for Arab municipalities and a commensurately low level of services and amenities for the Arab residents.

Thirdly, despite accusations that they are subject to prejudice and suspicion from their Jewish counterparts, which diminish their chances for advancement and employment, Israeli Arabs attend Israeli universities and other academic institutions in significant numbers, with a particularly steep rise in the last decade. Likewise, they have a similarly marked presence in certain professions and industries such as medicine, pharmaceutics, and construction. Israeli Arabs hold high-ranking positions in the judiciary—including the Supreme Court, in the diplomatic service, the police, and the army. It should be recalled that all this is despite the fact the 77% of the Arab population oppose the very foundational rationale for the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, frequently express—both in words and in actions—support Israel’s most virulent enemies; and vote ,virtually en bloc, for parties, who deny the Jewish character of Israel.

A poor explanatory variable

Accordingly, the socio-economic predicament of Arab-Israeli society is a poor explanation for the widespread violence that pervades it. After all, the Jewish ultra-Orthodox society is also afflicted with a similarly low socioeconomic conditions. Both occupy the bottom rungs of the socioeconomic ladder in Israel, with official levels of poverty that are almost identical.

However, in both societies, it is their own cultural mores—large families, a single breadwinner—rather than systematic discrimination that accounts for much of the depressed economic levels in both societies.

Yet, among the ultra-Orthodox, one does not encounter anything approaching the intra-communal violence or the amassing of deadly weapons that one finds among Israeli Arabs.

Accordingly, if difficult socioeconomic conditions in the ultra-Orthodox community are not caused by structural bias against it, nor have they produced the same rampant crime, why should this be assumed to be the case among the Arab Israelis?

So, while it is true that the violent crime wave in the Israeli Arab society cannot be ignored and requires greater and more muscular intervention by state authorities, it is a problem that is unlikely to be adequately addressed without some profound soul-searching by Israeli Arabs themselves, and greater identification with the state, in which they live, and with the institutions, whose protection they seek.

In the absence of such change, the current criminal surge could easily morph into inter -ethnic conflict and…civil war.

©Martin Sherman. All rights reserved.

Prudent to Pray: 007’s Latest

Brad Miner reviews the last of Daniel Craig’s performances as James Bond: another rollicking adventure, in which 007’s actions probably don’t pass muster with just-war doctrine.

No Time to Die is the last of the cinematic incarnations of James Bond personified by Daniel Craig. In some ways, it’s a sequel to its most immediate predecessor, Spectre (2015), and includes several returning actors/characters from that film: Léa Seydoux as 007’s love interest (the only “Bond Girl” ever to reprise her role) and Christoph Waltz as archvillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

It’s another rollicking adventure and a fitting conclusion to Mr. Craig’s 16-year run as the most famous and notorious MI6 operative of them all. I suppose I’ll always think of Sean Connery as the best Bond, but Daniel Craig is second-best and a close second at that.

I’d rank Connery’s performance in Goldfinger (1964) as the best followed by Craig’s in Casino Royale (2006). That’s also the way I’d rank the films themselves, except in reverse.

The five Bond movies with Craig have given us a 007 with a somewhat richer psychological profile. He falls in love and suffers for it. First, it’s Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in Casino Royale and, last, it’s Madeleine Swann (Miss Seydoux). Now in his 50s, it’s not hard for Mr. Craig’s Bond to seem worn down by his life as a secret agent. He’s a man who wants out, as was starting to become apparent in Skyfall, high on my list of favorite Bond movies.

In that 2012 film, Bond escapes with MI6 head “M” (played by Judy Dench) – to his eponymous ancestral home in Scotland. It turns out Skyfall has a priest door (and tunnel), a place where – during the Reformation, when Catholic clergy faced death in England, Wales, and Scotland – a recusant family could hide a priest. Bond escapes pursuers via that 16th-century tunnel. M dies in Skyfall’s chapel. Bond, of course, survives.

However, except for a Day of the Dead opening sequence in Spectre, there’s not a whiff of Catholicism in the last two films. Vainly had I hoped No Time to Die might include another evocation of Bond’s Catholicism.

As No Time to Die begins, Bond not only wants out but – for all intents and purposes – is out. But the villains of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion) are out to kill him, presumably because he apprehended and imprisoned Blofeld. As in all other Bond films, the bad guys’ attempts to take down 007 fail, no matter how many of them there are or how many times they shoot, bludgeon, or knife him; loose a poisonous spider on him or strap him beneath an industrial laser.

The Academy Award-winning song, “Skyfall,” written by Adele and Paul Epworth, begins, “This is the end . . .” and seemed at the time to suggest Craig’s run as Bond was over, but it turned out was Dench’s M who was finished.

Whether or not the theme song from No Time to Die, composed by Hans Zimmer with lyrics by Finneas O’Connell and his sister, Billie Eilish, who sings the song, will win an Oscar remains to be seen. It’s the most soporific of all Bond themes, barely reaching a crescendo before it drifts back to sleep. They should have got Chet Baker to sing it, except he died in 1988.

Ms. Eilish whispers:

I should’ve known
I’d leave alone
Just goes to show
That the blood you bleed
Is just the blood you owe . . .

There’s a scene in No Time to Die when Bond is in the usual straits the character always finds himself near the climax of every film – and from which he has always escaped – when it really looks bad and he assumes this may be his time to die. And still, I was telling myself: This is where he’ll drop to his knees, remember his heritage, and pray the Our Father – in Latin.

As with the films of Keanu Reeves (John Wick) and Bruce Willis (Die Hard), a cottage industry has arisen on the Internet in which film geeks calculate the number of kills a hero stacks up in each iteration. Estimates vary but, according to one source, the total of all the kills of Craig’s Bond until No Time to Die was 235. Sitting in an IMAX theater is no place to compile a tally sheet, but I’ll wager another couple of dozen will now be added – unless that is you count the number of innocents killed in a climactic scene reminiscent of the very first Bond film, Dr. No (1962). If so, Commander Bond and MI6 have a lot to answer for; their actions seeming not to pass muster with just-war doctrine.

And if you think you’re about to meet your end with upwards of 300 deaths on your hands, you might well think it prudent to pray. Of course, I say those deaths are “on your hands,” but that’s not what counts, is it? It’s the conscience that matters. Perhaps time and trade have hardened Bond’s.

In Casino Royale, M calls Bond a “blunt instrument,” and Bond and other on-screen blunt instruments move in an ambit of intensely immoral activity. In many ways, of course, James Bond is a “good guy,” and there’s no doubt that the evil empires he takes on must be laid low. But there must also be moral limits in victory, lest we slip over into atrocity, as may be the case with the presumed deaths of dozens of workers on the island lair in No Time to Die, most of whom probably don’t grasp what villain Lyutsifer Safin (Rami Malek) is up to.

The latest M, played by Ralph Fiennes, agonizes about the decision to lay waste to the island fortress, but his hesitation seems mostly about the risk a missile attack poses to his agent in place.

At the film’s end, we read: “James Bond will return.” Of course, a nearly $8-billion franchise must return – and will with a new actor in the lead. Would it be so terribly offensive to contemporary sensibilities were the new Bond to attend Mass now and then? The best warriors do, you know.

No Time to Die is rated PG-13 and is nearly 3-hours long (more bangs for your bucks). James and Madeleine do some snogging, but nothing is explicit. Jeffrey Wright returns as the CIA’s Felix Leiter as do Ben Whishaw as Q, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, and Rory Kinnear as Tanner. Lashana Lynch (Nomi) and Ana de Armas (Paloma) are serious women.

You may also enjoy:

St. Thomas Aquinas’s Just War, in a Nutshell

Jean Bethke Elshtain’s Can War Be Just?


Brad Miner

Brad Miner is senior editor of The Catholic Thing, senior fellow of the Faith & Reason Institute, and a board member of Aid to the Church In Need USA. He is a former Literary Editor of National Review. His most recent book, Sons of St. Patrick, written with George J. Marlin, is now on sale. His The Compleat Gentleman is now available in a third, revised edition from Regnery Gateway and is also available in an Audible audio edition (read by Bob Souer).

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Woke California Prof Claims Jihad Terrorism Is (What Else?) All Our Fault

My latest in PJ Media:

The propaganda is all so drearily predictable. The establishment media seems to have made it a foremost priority to do everything it can to absolve Islam of all responsibility for crimes done in its name and in accord with its teachings. And so it came as no surprise when Yahoo News on Sunday ran a piece by Mark Fathi Massoud, a professor of politics and legal studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz titled “Don’t blame Sharia for Islamic extremism — blame colonialism.” Of course. Really, by now we all know that everything bad in the world is the responsibility of white males. We just need Yahoo News and its colleagues to fill in the details once in a while.

Meanwhile, would Yahoo News ever dare to run a piece explaining how Sharia, across all Islamic sects and schools of jurisprudence, teaches the necessity for the Islamic community to wage war against unbelievers and subjugate them under the hegemony of Islamic law? Come on, man! Yahoo News wonks wouldn’t dream of publishing something that “Islamophobic”! But they have no bar against presentations such as Massoud’s that amplify their narrative, no matter how howlingly absurd they may be.

Yahoo helpfully supplies a map to go along with Massoud’s article, showing the rapacious reach of European colonialists into the hitherto pure, innocent, unsullied Islamic world. The map is a bit confusing in itself, because its color for Spanish colonies is quite similar to the color it uses for countries that were never colonized at all, and the latter are not marked as such. So at first glance, you might get the idea that Spain conquered all of Europe, as well as Iran, Afghanistan, Arabia, and more, but once you get past that, the map has more serious flaws. It shows, for example, that Iran and Saudi Arabia were never colonized by the West. But if colonialism is the cause of “Islamic extremism,” what, then, explains the Islamic Republic, which finances jihad terror groups such as Hizballah and Hamas? What explains the fact that 15 of the 19 9/11 jihad attackers were Saudis?

What explains jihad activity that went on for centuries before colonialism? The History of Jihad shows that beginning in the mid-seventh century, Arab armies poured out of Arabia and, with astonishing force, rapidly conquered the Middle East, North Africa, and Iran. By a hundred years after the date Islamic tradition states as the death of Muhammad, the Arab empire stretched from Spain to India. Was all this because of the Western colonialism that was not to dawn upon the world until centuries later? When the Ottomans came West from central Asia and waged jihad for centuries against the Christian Byzantine Empire, steadily diminishing its holdings and eradicating it altogether in 1453, was this because of the colonialism of Western powers that was still several centuries away?

There is more. Read the rest here.


Rubio: John Kerry Is Making Money Off Chinese Slave Labor

Norway: Muslim bow-and-arrow jihadi broke into some of his victims’ homes and killed them there

Spain: Five Muslims arrested with large machetes and ammo, were plotting jihad massacre

Nigeria: Boko Haram jihadis abused sex slaves, taught Qur’an to fighters

UK: Muslim who murdered MP had attended official ‘deradicalization’ program

Apple does bidding of Chinese Communist government, takes down Quran app in China

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Cry Havoc! Threats to Right-to-Life Groups

Randall Smith: If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, expect lawlessness. A nation so dedicated to a fundamental evil will not simply give it up without a fight.

Some friends were kind enough to invite my wife and me to the Texas Right to Life banquet a few weeks ago.  For those who don’t know, Texas Right to Life is among the most successful, if not the most successful, pro-life organization in the country.  Hence, we have the Texas Heartbeat Law, requiring that an abortionist check for a heartbeat of a child in the womb and making it illegal for anyone to terminate the life of that child if a heartbeat is found.

The banquet this year was much like those in past years, with one major difference: the presence of heavy security.  There were uniformed police officers with bulletproof vests in evidence everywhere.  For Texas Right to Life is an organization under fire, part of a nationwide movement under fire, suffering harassment and maltreatment that I predict will only get worse in the coming months and years.

Texas Right to Life gets over a thousand hate messages via voice mail per day. And I mean hate. The organizers played some during the banquet, bleeping out the frequent expletives in the lengthy streams of invective. They had to clear their offices recently due to a credible bomb threat and must have 24-hour police protection on their offices. They get 750,000 attacks per day on their web site, including from such notorious hackers as the group Anonymous.  Who would have thought trying to preserve the lives of innocent children would lead to such vitriol and loathing from so many people?

But I remember watching film of demonstrations when the first black students were escorted into the University of Alabama and seeing crowds of angry white girls in poodle skirts, bobby socks, and button-front sweaters screaming – screaming until they nearly fainted from the intensity of their anger – at the very thought of allowing a black student into the university.  I remember thinking:  “Wow, that’s a lot of anger at one black person walking into a college building.”  But there they were on a nice summer’s day, spitting vile hatred, turning themselves into models of shame for the whole country.

So let’s just be honest with ourselves about something.  If the Supreme Court does its duty and strikes down Roe v. Wade, it will likely set off a firestorm of violence that will engulf the country.  Which is why, personally, I am not optimistic the Court will do it.  It will be viewed as too risky.

Everyone knows who promotes violence and who doesn’t.  Which is precisely why I worry that the Roberts Court will find a way not to overturn Roe: namely, for much the same reason that cities were boarded up before the results were announced of the last presidential election.  The fear was that if the country reached the “wrong” outcome, the progressives would riot in the streets. Everyone knows that if Roe is not overturned, pro-life forces will be disappointed, but they will not become violent. If deciding one way guarantees violence but deciding the other does not, which way do you think that decision is likely to go?

But if the Supreme Court shows courage rather than cowardice, and Roe is overturned, at that moment the pro-life battle will begin.  And it will not be pretty.  Expect persecution.  Expect intimidation.  Expect lawlessness.  A nation so dedicated to a fundamental evil will not simply give it up without a fight.  If you think a culture that has devoted itself for so long to the “right” to do away with inconvenient and disabled babies will act any differently than it did when it was defending the “right” to own slaves or its “right” to white supremacy with Jim Crow laws, then you haven’t learned the lessons of history.

People rarely surrender the “right” to dominate others without fighting tooth and nail.  When what is at stake is admitting that your entire worldview has not only been wrong, but based on supporting an institution that is fundamentally unjust and a violation of human dignity, people do not surrender gently.

In the 1850s, plenty of “genteel folk” preferred that slavery not be talked about in public company. So too now, there are many, even among Catholic priests and bishops, who would prefer we just not talk about our current “peculiar institution”: abortion. I mean, it’s so unnecessarily embarrassing. Such a distraction. So likely to provoke anger from the sophisticated elite. Best, therefore, to keep it under wraps and avoid looking the evil squarely in the face, such as men in chains or babies in trash cans.

Langdon Gilkey, in his remarkable memoir, The Shantung Compound, based on his experiences in a Japanese internment camp in China during the Second World War, reports that, as each moral issue arose in the camp, a pattern repeated itself, over and over.  The more educated and respectable the people, the more elegant and advanced were their arguments defending their own self-interest.  Gilkey writes that, “The ethical issues of human community life are, therefore, the outward expression in action of deeper, more inward issues, we might say religious issues.  For religion concerns men’s ultimate loyalty – that which gives them their ultimate sense of meaning and sets the standard of their life. . . .When our ultimate concern is directed to some partial or limited interest, we can scarcely avoid inhumanity toward those outside that interest.”

As we move further and further into the post-Christian age and people’s ultimate concern is no longer directed to their Creator, no longer guided by His wisdom and law, we can expect more of man’s inhumanity to man.  When men tire of divine order and tie their identity idolatrously to an ideology, it is not long before they “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.”

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Francis J. Beckwith’s Redskins, Racial Slurs, and Social Justice

Howard Kainz’ A Defense of Single-Issue Voting


Randall Smith

Randall B. Smith is a Professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas. He is the author of Reading the Sermons of Thomas Aquinas: A Guidebook for Beginners and Aquinas, Bonaventure, and the Scholastic Culture of Medieval Paris: Preaching, Prologues, and Biblical Commentary (2021). His website is:

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France Closes ANOTHER Mosque France to Close Mosque That Promoted ‘Armed Jihad’ During Sermons

The French are finally facing reality, unlike the rest of the West…

France to Close Mosque that Promoted ‘Armed Jihad’ During Sermons

By: Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, 15 Oct 2021:

The French prefecture of Sarthe has closed the mosque of Allonnes after evidence revealed that sermons advocated for armed jihad.

The prefecture announced in a statement issued this week that it would close the mosque, which lies just outside of Le Mans and sees around 300 Muslims attend.

“According to the evidence gathered, sermons and the activity of this place of worship, frequented by individuals belonging to or close to the radical Islamist movement, legitimise the use of armed jihad, death as a martyr, the commission of acts of terrorism, and the use of violence, hatred, and discrimination as well as the establishment of Sharia law,” the prefecture said, Le Parisien reports.

The prefecture also stated that children at a Quranic school housed by the mosque had also been exposed to sermons discussing armed jihad.

“In view of these elements, at the request of the Minister of the Interior, the Prefect of Sarthe has initiated a procedure to close this place of worship,” the prefecture said.

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal also commented on the closure of the radical mosque, saying: “We are inflexible in the face of Islamism. We are uncompromising in the face of hatred and radicalisation.”

“When they attack the Republic, it must respond, it must respond strongly and so we have initiated a procedure to request the closure of this mosque,” he said and added that it was closed under the recently passed Internal Security and Counter-Terrorism Law.

Christelle Morançais, the president of the Pays de la Loire Region, also welcomed the closure of the mosque, saying: “The state has made the right decision, but closing a place is not everything, far from it: hate preachers must be identified, convicted and, if necessary, expelled. No weakness, no naivety in the face of the enemies of the Republic.”

The radical mosque is just the latest to be shut down by the French government in recent years, a trend that increased after the murder of teacher Samuel Paty last year by a radical Islamist Chechen refugee.

French Interior Minister Gérard Darmanin announced the closure of six mosques along with other associations several weeks ago and noted that so far, a third of the 89 places of religious worship suspected of radicalism have been investigated.


France Shuts Down 30 More Terror-Linked Mosques

France Lower House Approves Anti-Separatism Bill to Battle Islamic Terror And Tighten Control of Mosques

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Iran Successfully Hacked Over 250 Microsoft Accounts Linked to U.S. and Israeli Defense Technology Companies

In plain language: the jihadist regime of Iran has hacked into the private accounts of US, EU and Israeli defense tech companies, and however Iran chooses to use this information, no one is announcing what the fallout might potentially be. Microsoft only admitted that the breach “supports Iranian government tracking of adversary security services and maritime shipping in the Middle East.”

On a larger scale than this latest breach, much is falling into place in the “national interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Not long ago, Iran was in a losing battle with the former US administration, but it is now enjoying a lucky break and the potential to expand its operations unimpeded. Furthermore, Biden is all too eager to continue stuffing Iran’s coffers with billions of dollars under the guise of a revived Iran deal, despite the fact that Iran is enriching uranium at rates only seen in countries making bombs. And in a gesture of humiliating disrespect, Iran recently “rebuked” Biden, and made further demands for “far more sanctions relief than it received under the 2015 nuclear deal,” a deal it has admitted to breaking.

Iran hacked US and Israeli defense tech companies – Microsoft

Jerusalem Post, October 12, 2021:

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) announced on Monday that Iranian hackers successfully targeted US and Israeli defense technology companies.

More than 250 Microsft [sic] Office 365 accounts linked to the US, EU and the Israeli government were hacked into through extensive password spraying.

In addition, Persian Gulf ports of entry and global maritime transportation companies with business presence in the Middle East were also targeted.

The hacking “likely supports the national interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Microsoft said.

The companies hacked included defense companies that support US, EU, and Israeli government partners producing military-grade radars, drone technology, satellite systems, and emergency response communication systems…..


University of California Santa Cruz prof: ‘Don’t blame Sharia for Islamic extremism — blame colonialism’

Bangladesh: Muslim riots over Qur’an ‘desecration’ continue, two Hindus dead, 150 injured, 88 Hindu temples attacked

Pakistan: Muslims brutally beat Chinese workers, smash tiles they claim insulted Muhammad

Egypt: Muslim woman’s coworkers beat her severely and pull her by her hair for not wearing hijab


EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

LifeSiteNews: Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase, graphene oxide compounds

published the following video with commentary:

Melissa Strickler, a Christian, recently went public with insider emails showing Pfizer executives wanted to hide the vaccine’s connection to aborted-fetal cells. Now, she tells Jim Hale in this exclusive LifeSite interview that the company’s jab includes toxic chemicals that make it ‘glow,’ including luciferase and graphene oxide.

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Santa Claus Fired Over Vaccine Mandate By Major Retailer Nordstrom

U.S. Navy Preparing To Discharge Sailors Who Won’t Get COVID Vaccine

The “one shot” J&J wears off faster than the two-shot Pfizer or ModeRNA

Many Qur’an translations try to obscure what it really says. This one makes it clear.

My latest book, The Critical Qur’an: Explained from Key Islamic Commentaries and Contemporary Historical Research, will be available in a few weeks, and is available for preorder now here.

This is another one that I’ve wanted to write for years, and have finally had the opportunity. It’s the fruit of thirty-plus years of research and study on the Islamic holy book, and is an all-in-one handbook for understanding what the Qur’an really says, how its various passages are understood in mainstream Islam, how it is used to incite violence, and more, including variant readings that numerous Islamic apologists in the West have denied even exist.

More on this soon. Meanwhile, here is the material from the publisher:

A unique resource for understanding the Islamic Holy Book.

As Islamic terrorism becomes a distressingly common feature of life in North America and Europe, it has become increasingly important for non-Muslims to be aware of the ideology that animates and motivates jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women and others—an ideology that’s rooted in Islam’s holy book, the Qur’an.

English-speaking people, however, have found attempts to understand the Qur’an and Islam impeded by unclear, densely worded translations and explanatory notes written by Islamic apologists attempting to conceal, rather than reveal, how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of the Qur’an to justify violence and supremacism, and to make recruits of peaceful Muslims.

The Critical Qur’an, in contrast, makes clear the passages that are used to incite violence. Historian and Islamic scholar Robert Spencer elucidates the Qur’anic text with extensive references to the principal tafsir, or commentaries, that mainstream Muslims use today to understand the Qur’an, showing how interpretations that sanction violence are unfortunately not outliers, but central in Islamic theology.

The Critical Qur’an is the Islamic counterpart to numerous critical and skeptical editions of the Bible that have appeared over the last century and more. It is the one edition of Islam’s book that doesn’t shy away from elucidating why the holy book of Islam is so frequently quoted and referred to with reverence by people who commit and/or justify acts of violence. It is a basic resource for everyone who wishes to understand the persistent phenomenon of Islamic terrorism, and the peculiar provenance of this most provocative book.

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.