From Shmuel HaLevi Watchdog Wire’s Israeli correspondent. Shmuel is a former Senior-Fellow Engineer US DoD military avionics programs and also Invited Consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.  Shmuel just sent along this:

I wish I could avail to you better news but I do not spin the facts to cover reality.

Please visit this ARUTZ #7 INN report that includes pictures.

That is precisely the outcome of one of the most incredibly incompetent if not worse “operations” ever.

There are no words to describe other secondary effects we observe here in the Galil [Northern Israel. ed]. We live hundreds of meters away from three Arab villages and I will report that since the dismal GAZA flop the local Islamists grew in their drive against our town. It is outright dangerous now to even drive around.

Barak appears to have recognized that he has no chance to be elected to the Knesset. Yet, knowing those untrustworthy elements, I do not know if he does take responsibility or just wants to serve Netanyahu by assuming at least some of the pressure away from the later. There is photograph circulating including soldiers did that define it well. “LOSER”

It is not possible any longer to ignore the disastrous consequences of the Oslo retreats and concessions, “rubber bullet”, boulder bombings, later “paint ball rifles” and calibrated petards military tactics. Added to the ghastly reality as well that support to this day specially training our military to effect violent attacks against Jews. Including Pogroms/expulsions.

D9s Hold Drill Near Gaza Border (Courtesy IDF)

TODAY! Bulldozers tore down ULPANA building!

Yes! That whole scenario represents cowardice or high treason. Conclusively not military or political savvy.

Woe to all of us both here and in the Diaspora if we keep on trying to deny the facts.

And IRAN is home free. I lived for decades in military environments. We do not seem capable to do much against HAMAS and expect the same people to mix it up with the US Air Force, Russians, and others that will help Iran?

I could be wrong and I pray that I am, but judging from what I see, the IDF command, doctrines and more, are hopelessly inadequate to defend Israel at all.

After watching the Lebanon II debacle and the shameful flop in GAZA, does anyone believe that we have a worthy military command and doctrine?

The Gaza operation was a unadulterated disaster, with Lieberman part of it, like it or not.

I just read that there is a video by HAMAS promoting death to us.

A mother and her children barely escaped being slaughtered by a terrorist while the Israeli military was busy bulldozing an Ulpana home.

And, we may not even have time to effect corrective action.