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Wife of Former Democratic Senator Bill Nelson: Genocide Coming to America?

I had a conversation this morning with Dr. Ron Kelley, Minister of the Community Church of Sun-N-Fun. Dr. Kelly attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. as a member of the Florida delegation. Dr. Kelley told me about a conversation he had with Grace Calvert Nelson, wife of former Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), during […]

Muslim U.S. Air Force Intelligence Specialist tried to pass classified American information to Iran

But if anyone had questioned her loyalty, he or she would have been denounced as a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.” “Iran Conducted Cyber Hacks on U.S., Recruited U.S. Air Force Officer to Steal Classified Info,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, February 13, 2019: WARSAW, Poland—The Trump administration announced a new package of sanctions on Iranian entities […]

Book Review: Freedom Fighter

As I write this book review, the United States sponsored International Conference on Peace in the Middle East has opened in Warsaw, Poland. This is fortuitous because America has been militarily involved in the Middle East, especially since 9/11/2001. I have read many books about the Middle East but none have been as profound as […]

Science is Falsifiable. Take Climate Change As An Example.

The Clear Energy Alliance produced the below video on global warming stating: In order to know if a theory could be true, there must be a way to prove it to be false. Unfortunately, many climate change scientists, the media and activists are ignoring this cornerstone of science. In this bizarre new world, all unwelcome […]

How ‘Justice Democrats’ Plan on Taking Total Control of the Their Party

I have been saying at speaking engagements that there is a new crop of elected members of Congress who are a clear and present danger to our Constitutional Republican form of government. These newly elected members of the U.S. Congress include: Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Palestinian Rashida Tlaib and Islamist Ilhan Omar. They call themselves […]

REVIEW: The Movie ‘Destroyer’ Mirrors the Decline and Fall of Los Angeles, California

I went to see the movie “Destroyer” staring Nichole Kidman. The film takes place in Los Angeles, California. When I first saw Nichole Kidman, who plays Detective Erin Bell, I was struck by how she looked. Kidman won a Golden Globe Award for her role in “Destroyer.” Watch the trailer: Kidman was physically, emotionally and […]

There’s Not A Damn Thing Mankind Can Do to Change The Climate!

I have learned three absolutes about the climate from former White House space program adviser, consultant to NASA, and space shuttle engineer John Casey, the author of Dark Winter, The climate changes. These changes in the climate follow naturally recurring cycles. There is noting mankind can do to change these naturally recurring cycles. QUESTION: If […]

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Marie Antoinette of the Democratic Party?

In the 1930s Stefan Zweig wrote this about Marie Antoinette, “perhaps the most signal example in history of the way in which destiny will at times pluck a mediocre human being from obscurity and, with commanding hand, force the man or woman in question to overstep the bounds of mediocrity.” Fast forward to 2018 and […]

National Day of Mourning & Repentance — February 23rd, 2019

President Donald J. Trump at the State of the Union said the following: To defend the dignity of every person, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother’s womb.  Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. […]

Stacey Abrams Democratic Party Response to the SOTU Sounded Trump Like

I watched and listened to the State of the Union address to Congress and the American people by President Donald J. Trump. I then watched and listened to Stacey Abrams response on behalf of the Democratic Party. Ms. Adams spoke about her personal experiences. President Trump, as the Commander-In-Chief, spoke about the nation. I found, […]

President Donald J. Trump State of the Union Speech February 5, 2019

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The Great Lie: ‘You Only Have One Life To Live’

“We only have one life to live.” – Anonymous I was speaking with a friend and he used the phrase “you only have one life to live.” It’s a commonly used statement when one is considering say taking a vacation to an exotic spot, buying something that is very expensive or doing something that one […]