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VIDEO: America at a Tipping Point with Senior Chief Geoff Ross, U.S. Navy (Ret.) on Dissent Television

Senior Chief Geoff Ross, U.S. Navy (Ret.) joins us on Dissent Television to discuss why America is at a “tipping point.” America was founded as a Republic with a Constitution and unless we the people protect it, it may disappear. There are traitors amongst us that want to turn it into a democracy, like that […]

A Chinese ex-Patriot Describes the Cultural Revolution in China That is Now in The USA

In a December 30th, 2023 column titled Signs of the Times: The Russian, Islamic Iran, Communist China Connection Kenneth R. Timmerman wrote: For years, as you know, I have been tracking Russia’s growing alliances with Islamic Iran and Communist China. But recently, two things happened I have to put in a whole separate category. When I […]

Dems say Trump will ‘destroy our democracy.’ Their exactly right. And here’s why.

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” — John Adams, The Letters of John and Abigail Adams. “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville […]

Retired U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran Denied Disability Payments as the Veterans Administration Funds Illegal Aliens

We received this from a 20 year U.S. Army Vietnam combat veteran, I received an email from the Veterans Administration saying that I was eligible to apply for added disability benefits if I had been exposed to “toxic materials” during my 20 years of military service. I went thru the process of providing medical records […]

VIDEO: At the Black Conservative Federation honors gala President Trump called Biden, ‘a vicious and nasty racist’

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — President Donald J. Trump spoke at the Black Conservative Federation honors gala Friday, February 23rd, as he ramps up his effort to court black voters away from the Democratic Party. President Donald J. Trump highlighted Biden’s past ties with segregationists like Mississippi Sen. James Eastland and Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge, a […]

Read The Lie Filled Letter I Got From Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

I received a letter, below, from Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. in response to my concern about the rising cost of energy in America. After reading his letter I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. It was so filled with myths, lies and propaganda. Here are some of the lies in the letter below: […]

American Values 2024 Responds to the DNC’S Botched Attempt to Smear Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

NEW YORK/PRNewswire/ — American Values 2024 (AV24), the super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s candidacy for president, responded to the latest DNC attempt to smear Kennedy in Michigan and disenfranchise voters with billboard advertisements running in nine locations throughout the state. Click to view: American Values 2024 Billboard DNC Billboard Last week, the DNC and Biden campaign strategists […]

VIDEO: Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, ‘Immigration is not a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution’

Barbara Jordan’s vision on immigration is more relevant today than ever before.  In a February 21, 2024 Numbers USA column titled “The Essential Barbara Jordan” Jeremy Beck wrote, February 21, 2024 – Today is Barbara Jordan’s birthday. She would have been 88 years old. Tragically, she died in 1996, just before Congress voted on the […]

Former CIA Officer Jeffrey Sanow on ‘Global Conflicts and their Resolution’

On Dissent Television we are honored to have Jeffrey Sanow a a 24-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency. Jeffrey is an accomplished social skills instructor and expert at training military members and civilian intelligence personnel in the art of leveraging civilian business tools for the conduct of intelligence operations. In simpler terms, it was […]

American Truckers Boycotting New York City after Court fines Trump

America’s truckers have said enough is enough. After President Donald J. Trump was falsely tried in New York City and fined $355 million the truckers are saying what goes around comes around. America’s truckers are taking a page from their fellow truckers in Canada and the farmers in Europe. Use the power of the people […]

WATCH: ‘The War On Children’ an exposé of an ongoing battle for control of the next generation and their minds.

The War On Children website states, Until now, only pieces of this war have been exposed but this groundbreaking documentary puts ALL of the puzzle pieces together to reveal the full battle plan being used by the left to control the future. To win this war you have to understand the tactics your enemy is using […]

MUST WATCH: Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones Describe the ‘State of the Union’ under Biden

Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones recently returned from the National Sheriff’s Association in Washington D.C. He states the both Biden and Harris refused to meet with the Sheriffs. He spoke directly to the public on what he learned, including threats to the U.S. and “need-to-know information.” Xi’s Pearl Harbor: It’s Not Just the […]

Florida Grand Jury finds Finds Masks and Covid Lockdowns Were Harmful and Ineffective

Florida has issued it’s 22nd Statewide Grand Jury Report, which found that masks and Covid lockdowns were both harmful and ineffective. Preliminary findings show inefficacy of masks, lockdowns, and other nonpharmaceutical interventions. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, the 22nd Statewide Grand Jury released their first interim report, which includes findings on the inefficacy of masks and the years […]