Rubio lied, border security died


Tony Lee from Breitbart reports, “On Thursday [June 13th], Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said one reason illegal immigrants must be legalized as soon as possible is so they can help fund border security measures by paying taxes and fines. ”

Lee notes, “Immigration experts, though, note that some illegal immigrants may be able to apply for fee waivers in order to avoid fines. In addition, the IRS may have difficulty figuring out how much back taxes illegal immigrants owe. And finally, some nonprofit agencies may even receive taxpayer dollars that presumably should be used to fund some border security programs in order to help illegal immigrants pay their fines to get legalized.”

WDW – FL reported:

On the June 12th evening edition of the Bill O’Reilly Show Senator Marco Rubio stated,“It depends on border security, and it depends on ensuring that it doesn’t cost the American taxpayer. I think the bottom line is we can secure the border and ensure that this never happens again, and if we can ensure that it doesn’t cost the American taxpayer by people going on welfare and things like that, then I think it will pass. If it doesn’t do those things, it won’t.”

Earlier on that same day an amendment from Senator Grassley to strengthen border security was stopped from coming to the US Senate floor for an up or down vote by Senator Harry Reid. Surely Senator Rubio knew this because he voted against the amendment.

This is a flip from Rubio’s repeated on the record statements that border security must come first. On June 11th Rubio stated, “We will have immigration reform if we can secure the border“:

Rubio said the same thing during an interview on Univision.

John Hall from Stand with Arizona reported, “In a Spanish-language interview Sunday with the network Univision (video here, translation here) Sen. Rubio made his strongest statement yet that legalization of the nation’s tens of millions of illegal aliens must happen before any new border security or internal enforcement measures are in place, and will in no way be conditional on any security requirements.”

Rubio: “Let’s be clear. Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization. The legalization is going to happen. That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence. What we’re talking about here is the system of permanent residence. As for the legalization, the enormous majority of my colleagues have accepted that it has to happen and that it has to begin at the same time we begin the measures for [the border]. It is not conditional. The legalization is not conditional.”

Senator Rubio has not offered an amendment to strengthen border security. On June 17th Rubio was interviewed by the Washington Examiner and asked, “Are you going to offer your own border-security amendment?” Rubio replied, “We’re prepared to.”

It appears Senator Rubio lied to the American people and border security died.


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