PODCAST: Who Is Running The Show?

It is not much of a secret that President Biden’s approval ratings are tanking. His policies on the economy, immigration, and foreign affairs has led to his decline. In front of the press, he shows all of the signs of an old man in his dotage, e.g., lost, confused, lethargic, etc. His cognitive ability is now in question, as reflected in a recent Pew Research Poll (9/23/2021) whereby 56% of those surveyed thought the President was NOT mentally sharp. Even the foreign press openly questions his ability as leader of the free world, such as the Australian media (click HERE for another video).

All of this makes you wonder, who is really running the government? Personally, I believe it is a group of young administrators, fresh out of college, who possess a zeal for the liberal agenda.

Having junior people run things is actually not uncommon. To illustrate, in the medical field, particularly hospitals, doctors and nurses spend an inordinate amount of time inputting data into computers as opposed to treating patients. This means they spend less time practicing medicine, and more time fulfilling government mandated bureaucracy. So, who spends most of the time caring for patients? The junior people who do not have the knowledge and experience of the doctors and nurses. Because they are not burdened with the minutia as prescribed by government, they become the primary care workers by default, which is a bit unsettling when you think about it. The same is true in any business or government institution, particularly something as large as the United States.

The White House is primarily run by the Executive Office of the President (EOP), as created by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1939. The office has traditionally been home to the President’s closest advisors and run by the President’s Chief of Staff who is currently Ron Klain, an attorney, a loyal Democrat consultant, and a former lobbyist. Prior to his current assignment, he had been Chief of Staff for Al Gore and Joe Biden (under Obama). He also actively worked as a senior advisor to Biden’s presidential campaign. All of this means he is well connected to the Democrat machine and helped recruit the remaining office employees, of which there are approximately 1,800 with an annual budget of $714 million.

The EOP staff likely includes two types of people: retreads from the Obama administration who carry forward the former president’s policies, and; new zealous young prople advancing the liberal agenda. I believe it is this group, the EOP staff, who is driving the country and making the hard decisions.

The President’s senior EOP advisors work in the West Wing of the White House. The remainder are housed in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, just a stone’s throw away from the Oval Office.

Also keep in mind the EOP has counterparts in the Congress where there are approximately 13,500 staffers, of which in both chambers there are…

7,405 – Democrat staffers
6,148 – Republican staffers
13,553 – Total

The average age of a Congressional staffer is between 32-33 years. As in the medical analogy mentioned earlier, it is these people who perform the legwork and heavy lifting for the Congressmen and Senators who are busy campaigning, attending committee meetings, traveling, talking to constituents, lobbyists, and the news media.

Between the EOP and the Congressional staffers, it is these young people who are running the show in Washington. Such people historically did the busy work for their bosses, thereby allowing them to concentrate on big picture items. However, based on the President’s apparent lack of mental acuity, it appears someone is propping him up and making the decisions for him, most likely Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain and the EOP. They are likely getting input from former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State John Kerry, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, representing the liberal agenda.

The fact President Biden cannot seem to stand on his own two feet without committing some gaffes is disheartening and cause for concern. In a way, it is reminiscent of a Star Trek episode, “Patterns of Force,” whereby a weak and aging world leader becomes a puppet as his staff works behind the scenes to implement their agenda, not his. The comparison is uncanny.

To me, all of this means it is time to call a Constitutional Convention whereby our governing rules can be reexamined and amended accordingly. This would take important decisions out of the hands of the Congress and put them in a specially appointed delegation with members from each state. Such a Congress has not been held since 1787 (over 200 years). Think about it, this would be an opportunity to reform our electoral process, introduce term limits to eliminate the concept of lifetime politicians, lobbyist reform, and more. If you are waiting for the Congress to make such changes, don’t hold your breath. It will never happen, and more people will arise to the presidency as puppets.

For more information on a Constitutional Congress, see Article V of the Constitution.

Keep the Faith!

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VIDEO: Vaccine Mandates, The Mask and Leftist Hate

Dr. Jamie Glazov discusses the Left’s romance with tyranny and terror amidst the Bolshevik coup in America.

Watch: Vaccine Mandates, The Mask and Leftist Hate.

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CALIFORNIA: Watch As Ami Horowitz Gets College Students To Give Money to Help The Taliban Attack America

The below video is a stomach-turning example of how Democrat professors at our largest colleges and universities have indoctrinated generations of gullible students to see their country as an evil and unworthy place.

Watch as “Students Fund the Taliban.” Watch New York filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who went to the campus of the University of California/Berkeley, with a modest pitch to raise money to help the Taliban perpetrate attacks on Americans:

In a New York Post column titled “US college students pledge money to the Taliban in shocking video”   reported:

American college students have a soft spot for charitable giving — even when the recipient is the Taliban.

In his shocking new video “Students Fund the Taliban,” New York filmmaker Ami Horowitz hits up the campus of legendarily leftist school University of California, Berkeley, with a modest pitch: raise money for the Taliban to perpetrate its attacks on Americans.

“We’re raising money for the Taliban!” “Get your Taliban here,” Horowitz, 46, crows in the revealing three-minute “gotcha” clip, canvassing for terror with the blitheness of someone handing out coupons for a sandwich shop.

The self-described “guerilla journalist” is best known for his 2017 video “Stockholm Syndrome,” about social unrest in Sweden amid mass Islamic migration. He appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and CNN to discuss the clip, which was also referenced by Jimmy Kimmel on that year’s Oscars telecast.

Read the full article.

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Brigitte Gabriel ROASTS Empty Shelves Joe Biden! [Video]

Watch Brigitte Gabriel’s response to the Washington Post OP-ED telling Americans to ‘stop whining’, and ‘to not worry about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes’.

Wreaking a ‘Fundamental Change in the Economy’

Biden aims to complete Obama’s demolition of a free and prosperous America.

By Lloyd Boyd, Frontpage Mag

“The president wants to make fundamental change in our economy and he feels coming out of the pandemic is exactly the time to do that,” said White House press secretary Jan Psaki in an October 12 briefing. The reference to “fundamental change” recalls a statement from the composite character president David Garrow described in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” the composite character said in November of 2008. The United States of America was already a top-heavy welfare state from FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society, so the candidate, formerly known as Barry Soetoro, must have had something else in mind. In 2021 it should all be evident.

In 2008, the United States of America was also a democracy, in which the people choose presidents as different as Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Under the composite character’s fundamental transformation, the outgoing president picks his successor and deploys the upper reaches of the DOJ, FBI and intelligence community to support the president’s pick and attack her opponent, even after he wins the presidency. This fundamental transformation was on full display from 2016 through 2020, with massive election irregularities.

Long before September 11, 2001, the United States of America recognized the threat from radical Islamic terrorism. The composite character president looked the other way at Islamic terrorism and regarded his domestic political opponents as the true threat.

For example, in 2009 Department of Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano released Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. This document warned of “white supremacist” types that reject federal authority. This was code for anyone less than worshipful of the composite character, particularly those who value their constitutional rights.

In the United States of America, people have the freedom to choose those products and services that best meet their needs. The composite character wanted the American people to get only the health care the government wanted them to have. In one of his most famous lies, he told the people if they liked their health plan and their doctor, they could keep their plan and their doctor.

The United States of America has defined borders and laws governing immigration. On the composite character’s watch, caravans of “migrants” began arriving at the border. They were welcomed into the nation and released into the population while their case for “amnesty” was considered. On the composite character’s watch, U.S. troops only guarded the borders of other nations, not their own. Joe Biden was good with it.

In 2014, Joe Biden proclaimed that those who enter the USA illegally are “already Americans.” Once installed in the White House, Biden transformed the Department of Homeland Security into the Department of Human Trafficking, shipping in people from all over the world, even in the throes of a pandemic. The new arrivals are being moved all over the country but DHS boss Alejandro Mayorkas won’t provide details. After 14,000 Haitians showed up last month, the composite character decided to weigh in.

The situation, he told reporters, “is a painful reminder that we don’t have this right yet and we’ve got more work to do. As big-hearted as he is, nobody understands that better than Joe Biden.” Americans want to be compassionate, the composite character added, but “at the same time, we’re a nation state. We have borders. The idea that we can just have open borders is something that, as a practical matter, is unsustainable.” The big-hearted Joe Biden fails to understand.

Thousands of migrants continued to arrive in October, with no let-up in sight. Mayorkas remained as obstructionist as ever, even as members of Congress called for his resignation. Biden took no measures to tighten up the border, and even supported the fake story that Border Patrol agents were whipping the Haitians, like slavemasters of old.

What the composite character wants Biden to “get right” is massive human trafficking without the bad optics. Witness the Biden ban on drones filming thousands of Haitians at the border. The nation has been fundamentally transformed into a borderless Zone of Free Benefits for all comers.

As this plays out, Joe Biden is busy ramping up vaccine mandates that have already disrupted supply chains, travel, and product availability all over the country. As Psaki says, Biden wants to make a “fundamental change in our economy.” As it happens, our economy remains basically market-based, with Americans choosing products and services that best meet their needs. Like his composite character ventriloquist, Joe Biden wants Americans to get only what the government wants them to have.

Joe Biden is the also bobblehead for Rip Van Winkle communist Bernie Sanders and a squad of kindergarten socialists. If the Biden Junta has its way with the economy, scarcity, strife and misery are sure to follow. That will help complete the fundamental transformation the composite character proclaimed in 2008. Happy holidays everybody.

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Legal Tools to Defend 170 Million Strong No Vax Americans!

Defending the right to say NO to the so-called vaccines for COVID is a proxy battle for your constitutional rights. You people who were coerced into getting the shots, listen up: this your fight too. The Marxist left will continue to attack your liberty. We must stand-up to the Marxists, whether you are jabbed or not jabbed. In this special edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger offers tools, resources and links to be used in defending your right to work, play, eat, function without being forced to wear a mask, or get the shot, or any other form of American tyranny.

Graham also speaks with Scott Presler about his new effort to get Patriots involved in local politics, which is where the conservative effort needs to focus.

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JAN 6 DOCS EXPOSED: “No good reason” for Ashli Babbitt Shooting Death [Video]

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on @The First to discuss never-before-seen documents about the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt on January 6 of this year.

Judicial Watch: Records from DC Metropolitan Police Reveal New Information and Questions about U.S. Capitol Police Shooting of Unarmed Ashli Babbitt

(Washington, DC) –  Judicial Watch announced today that it received 532 pages of documents from the DC Metropolitan Police about the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, in the U.S. Capitol Building.

Judicial Watch obtained the documents through a May 2021 FOIA lawsuit filed after DC failed to respond to two April, 2021 FOIA requests submitted by Judicial Watch to the Metropolitan Police Department and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for records related to Babbitt’s death (Judicial Watch v. The District of Columbia (No. 2021 CA 001710 B)).

Babbitt was shot and killed as she climbed through a broken interior window in the United State Capitol. She was unarmed, and a 14-year Air Force veteran. The identity of the shooter was kept secret by Congress as well as federal and local authorities for eight months until U.S. Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd went publicto try to defend his killing of Ms. Babbitt.

On April 14, 2021, the Justice Department issued a press release stating: “The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia and the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice will not pursue criminal charges against the U.S. Capitol Police officer involved in the fatal shooting of 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt…”

The new records include the January 6, 2021, Metro PD Death Report for Babbitt (identified as Ashli Elizabeth McEntee-Babbitt Pamatian). The investigators note that the possible Manner of Death was “Homicide (Police Involved Shooting).” The narrative description of the “Terminal Event” (Babbitt’s death) notes that “the victim was shot inside of the U.S. Capitol building. After being shot, the victim was transported to Medstar for advance life support, however after several attempts to revive the victim, she succumb [sic] to her injury and was pronounced dead at 1515 hours by Dr. [redacted] the attending physician.” Under the “Investigation/Medical History” portion of the report, the investigators wrote, Babbitt “was involved in a first amendment demonstration at the U.S. Capitol…. the decedent was shot by a member of Law Enforcement after breeching a secured room at First Street, Southeast, Washington, DC, (U.S. Capitol Building).” Under description of the Body, the investigators note, “The decedent suffered a single gun shot wound to the upper portion of the left chest near the clavicle.”

In a January 6, 2021, “Incident Report,” under “Public Narrative,” the investigators wrote, “On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Subject-1 had entered the United States Capitol during a riotous event. While inside of the building, Subject-1 had attempted to enter a secured area and was shot in the chest. Subject-1 was transported to a local trauma hospital where lifesaving efforts provide futile. Subeject-1 was pronounced dead at 1515 hours by Dr. [redacted].”

Under the “Internal Narrative” section, the investigators wrote:

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Lieutenant Michael Byrd of the Unites States Capitol Police was assigned as the House Chamber Commander during the day work tour of duty. At approximately 1446 hours, while providing protection to the House Chambers during a riotous act, Lieutenant Byrd discharged his issued service pistol and struck Subject-1 in the chest. Lieutenant Byrd’s issued service pistol was initially secured by members of the United States Capitol Police, Internal Affairs Division, however, the service pistol was ultimately taken by the Department of Forensic Sciences. The office involved shooting is being investigated by the MPD-IAD and is assigned IS# [redacted].

On January 7, 2021, a “Senior Police Officer/Agent” in the Metro PD Internal Affairs Division emailed an Assistant U.S. Attorney:

[P]lease let this serve as an official notification regarding a serious use of force. On January 6, 2021, United States Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd … was involved in a fatal, Use of Force (Service Pistol) approximately 1446 hours while in an area of the Capitol building known as the Speakers Lobby. Lieutenant Byrd discharged his service pistol one time which struck Ms. Ashli McEntee in her left shoulder … I will be the lead agent regarding Lieutenant Byrd’s UOF

An April 14, 2021, letter from Assistant U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips to Metro PD Assistant Chief Wilfredo Manlapaz, notifies Manlapaz:

This office has considered the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged use of excessive force in the above-captioned case [United States Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd]. We have decided to decline criminal prosecution of the above-listed officer as a result of this incident. Accordingly, this matter is referred to you for whatever administrative action you deem appropriate.

A Metro PD Internal Affairs Division report indicates that the Internal Affairs Division interviewed Lt. Michael Byrd and another United States Capitol Police officer (whose name is withheld), on January 6, 2021, at 7:38 p.m. and the interview was recorded. The investigators notes that Byrd, on duty that day since 7:00 a.m., was only equipped with his service weapon, but no ASP (telescoping baton) or OC (pepper spray). He’d last qualified on the shooting range on October 22, 2020. The report notes, “Lieutenant Byrd declined to provide a statement until he can consult an attorney.” The interviewing agent asked Byrd to have his attorney contact him.

The records include a January 6, 2021, Internal Affairs Division report of an interview conducted of a United States Capitol Police Sergeant, whose name is withheld:

Someone on the House Floor shouted that there had been shots fired. Sergeant [redacted] was advised that the sound was breaking glass, not gunshots. He radioed that the report of gunshots was incorrect, that it was glass breaking. Sergeant [redacted] was approached by an officer who advised that the sound was, in fact, gunshots. Sergeant- went back over the radio and reported that there were gunshots on the House Floor.

Sergeant [redacted] walked out of the House Chamber, into the Speaker’s Lobby and observed glass being broken out of the doors and windows at the east end of this area. He observed that an officer and Lieutenant Byrd had taken up positions and had their guns out. Sergeant [redacted] took his gun out and positioned himself behind a pillar in the Speaker’s Lobby.

A glass panel came completely out of one of the windows and a protester started to come through the opening. There was a lot of screaming and Sergeant – heard someone yelling, “get back, get back.”

Sergeant [redacted] was positioned furthest away from this barricaded door and Lieutenant Byrd was positioned the closest.

Sergeant [redacted] observed a white, female protester was climbing through an opened area where the glass pane had been knocked out. He heard a gunshot and this female fell backwards through the opening. The crowd on the other side of the barricaded east doors, began to step back and some put their hands in the air. Sergeant [redacted] observed Lieutenant Byrd step back just after hearing the gunshot. He did not see anything in the female protester’s hands prior to the gunshot.

Sergeant [redacted] never went on the other side of the barricaded east door. He also did not know that it was Lieutenant Byrd who shot his gun until he talked to him moments after it occurred. Lieutenant Byrd looked upset and stated, “I was the one who took the shot.”

In a written transcript of the interview of the aforementioned U.S. Capitol Police sergeant, it appears his name is Sergeant McKenna. He says during the interview that the woman climbing through the window was wearing a “gray sweater.” The interviewee continued:

Uh, I saw Lieutenant Byrd kinda. I don’t know if it was before or after. Cause I was trying to figure this out of, but there was at one point where I remember seeing him and he kind of went like this and then came back up again. Uh, I don’t know if that was from him taking the shot and then stepping back from that shot or if it was before that, I can’t, no matter how I tried to rack my brain, I can’t, I can’t figure out when that happened, but uh, so I don’t know if something happened to him where [sic] caused him to take the shot or not.

I actually did what I did, but, uh, I was just, I dunno, I don’t know why it was such a crazy hectic moment that I don’t know what else I could add to it.

The interviewer asks the sergeant if he saw anything in the woman’s hands as she was climbing through the window, and he replies, “I didn’t see anything in her hands now.” Asked when he realized Byrd shot the woman, the sergeant replied, “I said, what, you know? And then he was like, I was the one who took the shot and I was like …” Speaking of Byrd’s reaction the sergeant said, “No, his eyes were red. He was, you could see he was visibly upset and he just, you know, kind of comfort him and told him, you know, we gotta get outta here.” The interviewing agent asked the sergeant about Babbitt being shot, “Did you go up to her [?].” He replied, “No, no, no. I maintained my position.”

After the shooting, the sergeant said Byrd directed him and other officers to go down “into the subway.” The interviewing agent then asks the sergeant several questions, saying, “And I know this is kind of obvious, but, but, I’m gonna ask it anyhow. You’ve worked for the Capitol police department for [redacted] now.” Sergeant replies, “Yes.” The agent then asks, “This was not a typical day, was it?” Sergeant replies, “Definitely not my craziest day there.” The agent, “Nothing like this has with now, has it.” Sergeant replies, “No I’d say the closest one was when we had the, the shots fired back in 2004, 2005 in the Rayburn building …” The agent continues, “Not to pull your man card at all, but was this a frightening situation?” Sergeant replies, “Oh yeah.” The sergeant continued, “Oh yeah. I’m not afraid to say I was, I was scared shit.”

In a January 6, 2021, summary report of an interview of another United States Capitol Police officer by the Internal Affairs Division investigator, the interviewee, who was immediately behind Byrd in the Speaker’s Lobby when Byrd shot Babbitt, said “He did not see Ms. McEntee [Babbitt] in possession of any potential weapons.” The report continued, “He reiterated that he did not observe that she was armed.” The United States Capitol Police officer claimed that “Lieutenant Byrd was shaking, he did not say anything…. Byrd was nervous, teary-eyed, and appeared very upset. His voice also shaky when he called for medical assistance over the radio. Lieutenant Byrd was still very upset.”

In the January 16, 2021, interview transcript of the above United States Capitol Police officer who witnessed the shooting of Babbitt, he reported that a man with a beard in a suit attended to Babbitt after she was shot, and both he and the sergeant above believed the man was with the House Sergeant-at-Arms office, but neither provided his identity. When asked about Lt. Byrd’s demeanor after the shooting, the officer said about Byrd, “He was shaky. He was, he was teary eyed. You know, you can just tell, like, I ain’t gonna say when somebody regrets to do something, when somebody is just nervous, you know, they’ll rub their head, they’ll pace back and forth.” When asked if he heard any verbal commands given by police prior to Babbitt being shot, he replied, “Not at that point” and then “I do not recall that.”

Another Capitol Police officer interviewed on February 4, 2021, by Metro PD’s Internal Affairs Division advised that prior to Babbitt being shot, “He did not hear any verbal commands.”

Another Capitol Police officer was interviewed on February 4, 2021. In the transcript of his interview, he said that after the shooting of Babbitt, Lt. Byrd “was down and out” and “almost in tears.”  He noted that when Babbitt was shot, “it wasn’t that loud”, despite having one of his ears completely uncovered. He also reported that he did not hear any verbal commands given by officers.

A January 6, 2021, telephone interview report was of a man who’d claimed to have been in the House Chambers. The man said he saw Lt. Byrd position himself behind a pillar and claimed he heard Byrd shout “loud verbal commands” stating that he would “shoot.” The interviewee also said Byrd fired twice. He went on to say that he felt Byrd had “saved several people’s lives” through his actions. According to the transcript, the interviewee “reached out” to the Metro PD to give his statement. 

In the transcript of this interview, the interviewee said, “We started talking about evacuating the, uh, all the members or we didn’t really have that conversation.” He went on to say of Byrd, “He was yelling, he was giving commands. Um, he was saying, I will shoot. Uh, he was saying some other stuff. I couldn’t clearly make out what he was saying, but he was definitely, uh, giving commands, no question about it.” He continued: “He [Byrd], uh, did everything he could do…. He was by himself, we were defending the front door and they were shaking it.” He went on to claim that Byrd “fired two shots.” The interviewee said he had a “conversation” with Byrd after Byrd shot Babbitt. He claimed that Byrd was “giving commands” and “threatening to use lethal force.”

A DC Department of Forensic Sciences crime scene examination report filed January 11, 2021, indicated that among Babbitt’s personal possessions was a “Para force” folding knife.

A DC Forensics crime scene examination report dated January 10, 2021, indicated that one spent shell casing was recovered from the scene. A police service weapon from “P1” [Lt. Byrd] was turned over to the Forensic department. The police observed a blood trail from the hallway outside the Speaker’s Lobby doors leading down to the first floor of the House in the security area. Babbitt’s backpack contained clothing, stickers, U.S. currency, a face mask, a California driver’s license in the name of Ashli McEntee, four credit cards in the same name, gloves, sunglasses, a wallet and cigarettes. The handgun turned over was a Glock 22 .40 cal. The shell casing was SPEER 40 S&W. 15 remaining cartridges were also turned over with a magazine. A “Trump Nation” and blood-spattered “Trump 2020” flags were also recovered.

In the June 15, 2021, official Internal Affairs Division Investigative Report issued on the Use of Force shooting of Babbitt by Lt. Michael Byrd, the Metro PD investigators noted that the “Violations that led to police contact” were “Felony Rioting/Unlawful Entry” and the “Violations during police contact” was “Felony Rioting.” The investigators further noted that Babbitt had no outstanding arrest warrants, but an entry under “Previous arrests” was fully redacted.

A description of events on January 6 in another report indicates that it was a “representative” on the House floor who first shouted “Shots fired” on January 6. The investigators note, “The crowd on the outside of the previously barricaded east doors began to step back, and some raised their hands in the air. Sergeant [redacted] did not see anything in Ms. Babbitt’s hands prior to hearing the gunshot.” According to the investigators they, “recovered a ‘a para force’ folding knife in Ms. Babbitt’s pants pocket.”

“These previously secret records show there was no good reason to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Biden-Garland Justice Department and the Pelosi Congress have much to answer for the over the mishandling and cover-up of this scandalous killing of an American citizen by the U.S. Capitol Police.”

These records are part of Judicial Watch’s ongoing investigation into the death of Babbitt and the January 6 disturbance.

In September, Judicial Watch announced that it filed a FOIA lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice seeking records related to the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, in the U.S. Capitol Building.

Judicial Watch recently filed a motion for discovery in its lawsuit against the United States Capitol Police (USCP) for emails and videos concerning the disturbance at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The Capitol Police are trying to shut down the lawsuit by arguing that the requested records are “not public records.”

On August 3, Judicial Watch announced that it obtained new documents showing the Washington, DC Medical Examiner submitted a request to cremate Babbitt two days after gaining custody of her body. The documents also showed that Babbitt’s fingerprints were emailed to a person supposedly working for the DC government, which resulted in Microsoft “undeliverable” messages written in Chinese characters being returned.

In May, Judicial Watch  sued both the Department of the Interior and the Department of Defense for records regarding the deployment of armed forces around the Capitol complex in DC during January and February of 2021.

Judicial Watch also filed a lawsuit for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s communications with the Pentagon in the days after the January 6 incident.

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PODCAST: Glimmers of Hope

The spirit of the country has changed since the 20th century, and not necessarily for the better. Gallup tells us Americans continue to believe our morality is in decline. The country is politically polarized, our discourse is visceral, common courtesy has become uncommon, and our social skills are diminishing. It is hard to remain optimistic under such conditions, but I recently witnessed some glimmers of hope in the human spirit which shows promise.

I have been a fan of YouTube for a long time, and it is my go-to channel I stream on both my computer and TV. I find just about everything I want on it, including news, sports, music, entertainment, classic movies, and a plethora of odd-ball videos on a variety of subjects. It is here where I find both the harsh realities of the world as well as the glimmers of hope.

The videos I will list herein may not win any award, but they are some interesting segments which you will not find in the news media today. To them, it is as if such acts of kindness do not exist, but in reality, they do. However, you have to hunt to find them. What follows are some heart-warming clips which demonstrate humans do not have to be crass, vulgar or unkind all of the time; that there are still people with good hearts and well meaning intentions. There are obviously many more of these videos on the Internet, but you should think of this as a starter kit.

  • Lending a Helping Hand – a series of clips showing humans going out of their way to rescue animals, and the thankfulness of the rescued. True, people can be cruel and ignore others in distress, but this first clip shows what animals can teach us about ourselves.
  • Simple acts of kindness – Yes, we are capable of helping others, even those we do not know.
  • Mowing Lawns – this is a favorite of mine, representing another random act of kindness. This shows a man mowing and cleaning up a yard for free. It may not be the most exciting to watch, but it is from the heart. Anyone who has mowed a lawn will relate to it. As an aside, there are several such videos on YouTube.
  • Lending a helping hand – much like the lawn mowing video, a church comes to the aid of a stroke victim by expanding his driveway and adding a wheelchair ramp to his house.
  • Empathy – a boy and a three-legged dog teaches the concept of empathy.
  • Expressions of True Love – shows how dogs react to their owners returning home.
  • More expressions of True Love – an outpouring of love when soldiers return home. It is always a pleasure to watch.
  • Inspiration – A pep talk from a kid which encourages people to lead a better life.
  • Signs of respect – as expressed by athletes.
  • Common Courtesy – as conveyed by a television station in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Citizenship/patriotism – another favorite of mine showing a group of people taking the naturalization oath to become citizens of the United States. The looks on their faces at the end are priceless.
  • The Young Crooner – A young man, Sal Valentinetti, wows the crowd on America’s Got Talent with his charm and his voice singing a Sinatra classic. His story and music is heart-warming.

Such videos are important as they teach by example, and hopefully, people will emulate them. They also reveal we are not all jaded and evil, but possess compassion, empathy, charity, kindness, and respect. Seniors in this country like to talk about the “good old days” when there was more courtesy and spirit of cooperation. Such virtues are not as visible today, thanks to the news media and changing social mores, but fortunately there still seems to be some deep-seeded respect for the human spirit. We can learn a lot about ourselves from these videos, as well as the many others on the Internet. It may be wise to watch these “glimmers of hope” now, before someone removes them later.

Keep the Faith!

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Governor Ron DeSantis to Biden on Vaxx Mandates: “YOU Are The One That’s Being Divisive About This!”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to stand up for what’s right. Blames Biden on being divisive.


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Horror: Covid ‘Vaccine’ Vials Under the Microscope [Videos]

This new Glazov Gang episode features Dr. Carrie Madejan Osteopathic Internal Medicine Physician who blends traditional & holistic medicine for optimal health.

Dr. Madej discusses: Horror – Covid ‘Vaccine’ Vials Under the Microscope, sharing her terrifying findings.

And make sure to watch our 2-Part Series with Dr. Carrie Madej and Vera Sharav on COVID Vaccine Mandates & Nazi Tactics and The COVID Vaccine and Rewriting Human DNA.

[1] Dr. Carrie MadejThe COVID Vaccine and Rewriting Human DNA — the transhumanism agenda and the Deep State’s plan to own your body.

[2] Vera Sharav: COVID Vaccine Mandates & Nazi Tactics — How “Auschwitz did not begin with Auschwitz.”

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America Contracts Staff Defection at Mandate Injection Site

On Tuesday, the Biden administration launched the long-anticipated process to force employees to take the vaccine. The Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) took twice as long to draft the “Emergency Temporary Standard” as they initially predicted, but it finally sent the text to the Office of Management and Budget for review. Still, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to give a timeline for a final rule, saying only “it should be an indication that it’s there and now it is being reviewed.”

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) suspected the administration’s foot-dragging is a game, holding the rule so long that the advertised compliance deadlines “are occurring within the next month.” This keeps businesses guessing and pressures them to pre-emptively vaccinate their employees out of fear that if they wait until the federal mandate is issued, “it’ll be too late” for them to make the required changes.

Johnson predicted this shell game will be “devastating for our health care system,” as health care workers who refuse to get the vaccine are forced out of already understaffed health care facilities. These were “the heroes of the pandemic,” said Johnson. “They were exposed, some died, most survived.” But federal regulators are ignoring mounting evidence that natural immunity provides better protection than the vaccines, which have an increased risk of an adverse reaction. Most hospitals receive Medicare and Medicaid federal dollars and are therefore requiring their staff to be vaccinated under Biden’s federal employee mandate. Already, 4,700 health care workers have been fired for refusing to get the vaccine.

And it will be “devastating to our economy,” added Johnson. Workers forced out of their jobs over a vaccine won’t be confined to the health care sector. Employees at Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are suing their employers to block those corporations’ vaccine mandates. Johnson said “large trucking companies believe they’ll lose all of their truckers to the smaller companies” distributing goods less efficiently and disrupting the supply chain even further.

America has already stumbled into unprecedented economic hazards, said Dan Celia, president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries. “There is no history that is going to give us any indication” of how to respond. With a backlog of thousands of cargo ships waiting to enter western ports, the economy is still sustaining aftershocks from the giant supply chain quakes of the last 18 months — caused by factory shutdowns in Asia, international travel bans, and a ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

America is also suffering from a “self-inflicted energy crisis” that has raised gasoline prices 42.1 percent in the past year. Skyrocketing energy prices are one factor contributing to a 5.4 percent increase in consumer prices over one year ago, the highest rate in 30 years. Unions are responding by demanding higher wages, with up to 100,000 workers threatening to strike, even while a record 4.3 million workers left their jobs in August and many businesses struggle to find workers to fill jobs. On top of everything else is $28 trillion (and counting) in national debt, perched precariously enough to bury the entire system. “We have lost our ability to grow our way out of this,” Celia lamented.

To restore America to a sound financial footing, Celia prescribed economic growth and slimming down the government. Instead, the Biden administration is trying to shepherd another $3.5 trillion in spending through Congress, which will be paid for with more debt, more taxes, and more tax collectors. The Biden administration also continues to proceed with a vaccine mandate that could force more workers to leave their jobs. “Get a jab or lose your job” is not what the doctor ordered.

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PODCAST: Building Team Morale Through Leadership

In the movie, “Twelve O’Clock High,” actor Gregory Peck plays the role of a World War II Brigadier General charged with taking command of an American B-17 bombing group stationed in Britain, and suffering from a bad case of “hard luck.” To make matters worse, the men of the group hold a fondness for Peck’s predecessor, yet were prone to making mistakes and missing targets. As a result, the group experiences heavy losses and morale worsens. As Peck takes command he makes it clear to his group he doesn’t accept the concept of “hard luck,” that the men should stop feeling sorry for themselves, and they need to build their confidence.

Remarkably, this movie represents a text book description of leadership. So much so, for many years it was considered mandatory viewing in the Officer Candidate Schools in the military as part of their curriculum on leadership. It is also something managers should observe in business, even today.

Due to the nature of the war at that moment (1942), Peck has no time to coddle his young flyers and realizes they have to mature quickly. If his bombing group folds, others could potentially do likewise which could impact the outcome of the war. So, he explains this to the group and why it is necessary for them to take on a professional attitude. Recognizing the discipline and work involved, the young soldiers resist Peck at first, but eventually succumbs after realizing Peck’s refusal to compromise.

Peck finds it necessary to replace elements of his management team, specifically his #2 man, the Air Exec. Interestingly, Peck selects a man who, at first, shows contempt for Peck, but recognizing the flyer’s impeccable credentials, he promotes him, a decision he doesn’t regret as he realizes the job was more important than his personal feelings.

Next, Peck halts all bombing runs so he can hold practice missions to determine the skills of his crews, and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, Peck weeds out the weaklings of the group and puts them in a separate dead-beat team labeled the “Leper Colony,” where they are forced to turn things around.

From the outset, in order to change the psychological dynamics of the group, Peck recognizes he must instill a sense of pride and confidence in his men; that they are not “hard luck” misfits, but professional soldiers who can get the job done with an esprit de corps.

Aside from being an interesting tale about World War II, “Twelve O’Clock High” is a worthwhile management read teaching several lessons:

  1. A manager should try to earn the respect of his workers, not their love. Any manager who tries to win a popularity contest is courting disaster. In the movie, the demise of Peck’s predecessor could be traced back to his close attachment to his men. Instead of looking at problems objectively, his mind was clouded by too much empathy for his men. Managers must walk a fine line between jocularity and discipline. Too much familiarity breeds contempt for the manager, and too much discipline can make life unbearable for workers. In Peck’s case, his men initially exhibit slovenly behavior. To curb it, he deliberately intimidates his men to teach them such behavior was unacceptable and discipline would be enforced.
  2. A manager should design his department in such a way as it can function without him. Basically, a manager’s task is to do himself out of a job. By doing so, he is displacing the management responsibility on a group of people as opposed to just one. This is a clever way to communicate to workers this is the will of the group, not just one person. If it becomes dependent on just one person, the whole group will fail if the manager fails.
  3. Open the lines of communications. The manager must effectively communicate the necessity of a task to his workers, along with its urgency. Only then will they put forth the proper amount of effort it deserves. In the film, Peck gives his men the shock treatment by telling them they are in a “shooting war” and there is no time to coddle them, plus he believes in their abilities. Beyond this, Peck develops a rapport with a young Lieutenant who acts as a spokesman for the flyers. He does this in order to get a pulse of what his young men are thinking.
  4. There is no such thing as “hard luck.” The morale of the bomb group plummets under Peck’s predecessor. As much as they liked their Colonel, they felt sorry for themselves, and lacked confidence in their ability to do anything correctly. Such an attitude can be very demoralizing and contagious thereby causing workers to make more mistakes than necessary. A change of attitude is warranted, which leads to the next point…
  5. Managers need to build self esteem in their workers, thereby fueling their confidence and building pride in workmanship. The message, “There is dignity in all forms of work,” must come across loud and clear. Sometimes it is beneficial for management to pay special attention to his workers who should respond positively to such attention. Somehow the manager needs to communicate how important or challenging the work is. This means investing such things as time, money, clothes, changing the surroundings, or improving the technology to perform the work. Such token gestures are noticed by workers who appreciate the recognition of management and respond accordingly. With rare exception, workers rise to the occasion when faced with new and exciting challenges, as opposed to tedious and repetitive tasks.
  6. Managers must encourage workers to strive for perfection, but realize they may never achieve it. A program of continued practice helps to identify minor flaws in workmanship which can be corrected. In the movie, Peck orders several practice bombing runs to correct weaknesses in targeting and flying in formation. Such practices also raise the awareness of workers to think about their work product and the processes involved with producing it.
  7. It is easier to lead workers if they trust you. Quite simply, workers are more likely to follow you if they have confidence in your abilities and decision making skills. This means managers must demonstrate they know what they are doing. Talk is cheap, action is more visible to workers. As such, managers need to go the extra mile further to earn the confidence of their workers. Immoral behavior is not tolerated. If workers suspect the manager is a liar, cheat, or does not support them, they will quickly turn on him.
  8. Develop a skills inventory. In the picture, Peck reviews the dossiers of all of the members of the group, studying their strengths and weaknesses. From this, he makes decisions as to assigning people to their area of expertise. In the corporate world, skill inventories are used to track the talents and experiences of workers, along with their level of proficiency. Such a tool is invaluable for selecting people to suitable assignments, not to mention identifying the need for additional training.
  9. Identify your weakest workers and encourage them to perform better. Peck assigns a B-17 as the “Leper Colony” where all of the dead-beats of the group are placed. Such recognition encourages them to try harder. In this day of political correctness though, it is unlikely Peck’s tactics would be used. However, it is necessary to somehow put a spotlight on workers who are not performing to their fullest potential. Today, Employee Evaluations are used to document worker strengths and weaknesses, which is normally reviewed between the manager and worker in a one-on-one basis.
  10. Get some wins under your belt to build confidence. In the movie, Peck’s group bombs a target that others couldn’t. For their efforts, they were awarded accommodations for distinguished service. This helps build their confidence. This also explains why sports teams have preseason schedules to not only judge the ability of players, but to instill confidence. The same is true in business where it is wise to start small before tackling major assignments. Mentors and coaches should be nearby to offer advice.
  11. As manager, articulate your objectives, their urgency, your plan of attack, then lead your workers into battle. Today, it shouldn’t be so much about micromanagement which can stifle worker creativity and initiative. Instead, the manager should establish the right working conditions (corporate culture), provide them with the best training, tools and techniques available, empower them, and turn them loose.

It’s amazing what workers can do with a little leadership, such as conquering the skies over Nazi Germany.

First published: April 7, 2014

Keep the Faith!

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PODCAST: Wallace & William Interviewed on ‘Two the Point’ Podcast

Topics covered:

  • Joe Biden as “Obama 3.0” – Who is the real power in the White House?
  • Has the United States already become a socialist country?
  • Our Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan and the international implications

Two the Point Podcast with Krysia and Michael is a series that highlights the most compelling stories without any fluff. The co-hosts are both veterans in the news and legal field and are able to get right to the point of the matter. They will never shy away from a controversial subject, and will instead find a balanced and reasonable approach with all of their featured guests. Every week get the scoop on why certain topics matter whether it’s in the media, law, finance, or politics. They have it covered and won’t waste any time getting to the point. Listen every week to get the scoop!

About Two the Point Podcast with Krysia and Michael

Two the Point Podcast with Krysia and Michael is a series that highlights the most compelling stories without any fluff. The co-hosts are both veterans in the news and legal field and are able to get right to the point of the matter. They will never shy away from a controversial subject, and will instead find a balanced and reasonable approach with all of their featured guests. Every week get the scoop on why certain topics matter whether it’s in the media, law, finance, or politics. They have it covered and won’t waste any time getting to the point. Listen every week to get the scoop!  Subscribe here.

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The Plane Truth about Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

You are not free to move about the country. No one has been since the coronavirus restrictions began. But now major airlines are piling on travel challenges above and beyond the government mandates. Beginning Friday, Southwest Airlines cancelled over 1,800 flights, leaving thousands of passengers stranded around the country. For perspective, Southwest flies approximately 3,300 flights per day; they cancelled 27 percent of their scheduled flights on Sunday alone.

In a statement, the airline tried to blame the massive outage on weather. “On Friday evening, the airline ended the day with numerous cancellations, primarily created by weather and other external constraints.” The bad weather was in Florida, according to another statement. The statement explained the cancellations “left aircraft and Crews out of pre-planned positions.” In turn, “the out-of-place aircraft and continued strain on our Crew resources created additional cancelations” which cascaded.

But many aren’t buying Southwest’s story; too many details don’t add up. For instance, it’s curious that weather would affect only one airline so heavily. “American, Spirit, United, and Delta combined total of about 104 flights canceled over the same period,” said Congressman Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.). Or, if minor weather cancellations generate outsized impacts, why don’t hurricanes or blizzards routinely cripple national air travel?

From the “timeline of a couple of key events, you can draw a different conclusion,” said Washington Times opinion editor Cheryl Chumley. “The more plausible reason,” she wrote, “is that scores of pilots refused to fly because of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.” An anonymous Southwest employee estimated that nearly 50 percent of Southwest pilots remain unvaccinated. When they learned last week that the airline would require all staff to be vaccinated by December 8, the Southwest Airlines Pilot Associations (SWAPA), which represents 10,000 of the megacorporation’s pilots, amended their lawsuit to temporarily block the airline’s coronavirus vaccine mandate from taking effect.

SWAPA said employees were calling in sick at three times the historic norm but denied that pilots were coordinating an “official or unofficial” sick-out. The airline also insisted that “the operational challenges were not a result of Southwest Employee demonstrations.” But it’s hard to believe that, by sheer coincidence, 32 out of 35 Southwest employees in Jacksonville didn’t show up for work on Friday, or that “almost every flight out of Orlando was cancelled” by a few brief showers on Friday afternoon. Though the pilots union may not publicly acknowledge what they’re doing, Chumley said on “Washington Watch”, “we should be thankful for these pilots taking a strong stand for individual rights over government overreach and employer mandates.”

The fault lies with both the government and private corporations. Southwest CEO Gary Kelly insisted his hands were tied by President Biden’s executive order requiring “all federal contractors, which covers all the major airlines… to have a mandate vaccine in place by Dec. 8.” But Governor Abbott recently banned private employers in Texas, where Southwest Airlines is headquartered, from instituting vaccine mandates, so the business at least has a choice in who to obey. The Biden administration’s executive orders are simply providing cover for corporate leaders to enact the heavy-handed mandates they desire anyways. Biggs said businesses “doing the dirty work for the government… instead of fighting it” is “proto-fascist.”

Not every Southwest pilot is staying silent; one apparently hung the Gadsden flag from his cockpit window. Biggs said the pilots may have launched a larger movement. “You’re going to see more and more employees reject this unconstitutional infringement on their liberty,” he said. Illegal vaccine mandates can survive as long as we, the people, comply with them.


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VIDEO: Sidney Powell ‘Its World War III – Patriots vs. Marxist Cabal’

50 years from now, America will look back at today and realize that the Republic was at a tipping point where the Marxist Cabal consumed all avenues of the Constitution, leading to the new “Socialist America”, year 2071. Or, America will look back at a “silent majority” that rose up – peacefully and/or violently – to their re-claimed the God-given, birthright that was stolen by ideologues who are drunk on power and greed. This, ladies and gentlemen – whether we know it or not – is our World War III. It is happening real time.

Graham Ledger speaks with Sidney Powell about fighting back to protect our precious right to vote, winning back our government, and standing-up for each and every American’s constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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