VIDEO: Straight men must date trans or it’s a hate crime?

An excellent example of why we can no longer make jokes of logical extremes. It is well on the way to becoming a hate crime for a straight person to refuse to have a sexual relationship with a ‘trans’ person.

Related: Watch CTV leftist savage a politician for saying the bleeding obvious. Of course his English ins’t perfect so he makes an easy target. But try complaining about a tech support person who you cannot understand at all and see what happens.

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VIDEO #Expose2020 Part III: 2nd Bernie Staffer “I’ll straight up get armed” “Guillotine the rich”

#Expose2020 Part III

Project Veritas Action


  • Martin Weissgerber, South Carolina Field Organizer, Sanders Campaign: “Leave it to the Soviets to Make the Most Badass F***ing, Most Effective Gun in the World…AK (47)…The Destroyer of Imperialism and Colonialization…That’s Why I Want to Get it (AK-47) Tattooed on Me.”
  • Martin Weissgerber: “I’ll Straight Up Get Armed, I Want to Learn How to Shoot, and Go Train. I’m Ready for the F***ing Revolution…I’m Telling You. Guillotine the Rich.”
  • Weissgerber: “Let’s Force Them (Billionaires) to Build Roads…Rebuild Our Roads, Rebuild Our Dams, Rebuild Our Bridges. Let’s Force Them…” • Weissgerber: “What Will Help is When We Send All the Republicans to the Re-Education Camps.”
  • Weissgerber: “So, do We Just Cease – do We Just Dissolve the Senate, House of Representatives, the Judicial Branch, and Have Something Bernie Sanders and a Cabinet of People, Make All Decisions for the Climate? I Mean, I’m Serious.”
  • Weissgerber: “The Soviet Union Was Not Horrible…I Mean, for Women’s Rights the Soviet Union – I Think – the Most Progressive Place to Date in the World.”
  • Weissgerber Reveals That His Father is a Belgian Marxist Who Participated in the May 1968 Civil Unrest in Paris, France. • Weissgerber Says That His Mother is “Really Left as Well, but She Can’t Make Her Views Known Because She Works for WBUR, which is NPR…”

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VIDEO: YouTube removes Tommy Robinson’s expose of Danish TV ambush of Free Speech Org’s chair

More vial than the dishonest ambush of Aia Fog on Danish TV, is the removal of the bust of the methods of dishonesty used against her by YouTube, that Tommy Robinson did.

Its one thing to select what you can show on Youtube based on some kind of reasonable criteria. Its another thing to selectively enforce it based on an agenda. But to let dishonest busts of a citizen by Danish National TV to stay on Youtube and remove proof that it was dishonest, that is another thing again.

Please make sure that people know this video is here. The direct link it here. An embed of the video is below.

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PODCAST: Impeachment: Here Today, Yawn Tomorrow

If the impeachment drudgery is putting the senators to sleep, it’s no wonder Americans are tuning it out. According to the latest Nielsen ratings, millions of viewers are changing the channel — and based on the president’s growing approval rating, they wish House Democrats would too.

Even after marathon sessions — 12 and 13 hours — nothing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) party has produced smacks remotely of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” threshold the Constitution sets. Still, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has kept his word on the “fair and even-handed process” — forcing Republicans to sit and listen through days of painfully uncompelling testimony. “Everyone can see now there’s nothing there,” Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) told me on “Washington Watch” Thursday. “I mean, God bless them, Tony. They don’t have anything to present. And they’ve got to fill somehow two full days with such a bad case. They did it to themselves. But here we are.”

As for the senators themselves, Mike says, there’s a reason the cameras are trained on the people at the podium. While some senators nap, others have been seen passing notes, doing crossword puzzles, even making paper airplanes. Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) even gave the GOP members fidget spinners, just to keep their hands busy. Even the famous “candy desk” is taking a hit, after hungry senators demolished the stash.

“Anecdotally,” Congressman Johnson said, “I can tell you that many of them are having a very hard time staying awake. It is so dreadfully boring…” Which is no wonder, he says, since “this is the most vapid evidence-free case for impeachment that has ever been presented certainly in the history of this country.” And regardless of how much ranting and raving the case managers do on the Senate floor, there’s no suspense over the outcome of the trial. The only real suspense will be in November, when voters decide how severely Democrats should pay for this sham.

“It’s the first time a single party has ever advanced an impeachment case like this. And it’s specifically what the founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution warned us against, because they knew that it would weaponize the impeachment function of the Constitution. They were they were terribly afraid of that outcome because they knew would open a Pandora’s box. And that’s what they’ve done here. So they can’t walk it back. It’s too late. They’re trying to do as much damage as they can to President Trump going into the election cycle, hoping against hope that it will have some sort of effect in the election outcome and the turnout. I think it’s going to backfire.”

At the very least, Mike pointed out, Pelosi’s party won’t have a single accomplishment to run on. “… We haven’t done any work of substance in the House for almost a year because they’ve been on this impeachment quest. The American people want us to get back to work.” Meanwhile, work is all the administration has done — protecting life, religious freedom, securing our borders, improving our international relations, negotiating better trade deals, boosting the economy, creating jobs. As White House counsel Pat Cipollone said, “We should end this ridiculous charade and go have an election.” But an election is exactly what Democrats are trying to avoid. And after the disaster of these past 11 months, who can blame them?

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Life on the March

Force Abortion, Lose Federal Funds

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PODCAST: Dershowitz lays out a defense of Trump and more . . .



Adam Andrzejewski CEO & Founder of the world’s largest private database of government spending. Adam is a senior contributor at Forbes Opinion and frequent radio and tv opinion commenter.

Topic: California’s High Tech Debacle


Reagan McCarthy is the Web Editor at and an alumna of The Pennsylvania State University where she studied Political Science and Broadcast Journalism. While at Penn State Reagan served as the President of the Penn State College Republicans and the Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans. Raegan’s articles have also been published by the Washington Examiner.

TOPIC: Court Throws Out Climate Change Lawsuit


Ann Stone has worked in over 500 campaigns as everything from precinct worker to campaign manager. Most of her work has been in political organizing, public advocacy, communications, strategy and fundraising. In 1992 she was chosen as one of the Women Who Changed Politics in America by Campaigns and Elections Magazine. In 2012 she was named as one of the 21 Leaders for the Twenty First Century by Women’s eNews. Ann has appeared on numerous television programs ranging from Good Morning America, the Today Show, Nightline, Larry King, PBS News Hour, To The Contrary, a variety of shows on CNN to shows like Comedy Central, MTV and Politically Incorrect.

TOPIC: Alan Dershowitz lays out a defense of Trump

VIDEO: The Vortex — McCarrick Dead? An ‘anonymous’ source says so.


Is Theodore McCarrick dead? Church Militant yesterday received an anonymous letter with a New Jersey postmark on it stating just that.

First, here is the letter, in its entirety:

Church Militant
2840 Hilton Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220

Here is a tip of the day for you. You have been played for fools by the bishops of Florida and elsewhere. Theodore McCarrick died on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. You are trying to locate him! He is in a cemetery in Hays, KS. He is buried under a modified name.

All this happened with little or no notice from the media. This is news known to a few. Break it. Or disregard it altogether. You are wasting your time in Florida. Who did the funeral prayers? The most liberal bishop in the far southwest of the US, known for its fine weather… October 18. Some of us were there.

An involved reader

First, Church Militant receives all sorts of tips on all sorts of stories. Until we can verify them, we would never report them. And for the record, we are not reporting that McCarrick is dead and has been secretly buried in Hays, Kansas.

After thoroughly checking every possible angle and source on this we can report, it appears to be not true, even in the slightest. Some of the timeline in the letter doesn’t seem to correspond with on-the-record information.

For example, the Fidelis Friary in Victoria, Kansas where McCarrick was last known to have lived reported to media that he had left around Christmas time on his own and that they are not responsible for tracking his whereabouts. Obviously he couldn’t have left at Christmas if he was already in a grave two months prior.

So the letter is wrong, or the friary is lying — but we’re not sure why the friary would lie.

Likewise, again after thorough vetting with various officials and funeral homes and cemeteries, and police and public records, and medical examiners, etc., nothing has been discovered by us that would suggest this letter has a shred of truth to it.

So why are we telling you about it?

A couple of reasons. First, to show how someone or someones might be trying to steer the McCarrick story from behind the scenes and influence coverage. Interest in this story is intense and intensifies every day that passes that the Vatican does not release its investigation.

McCarrick remains — to this day — an enigma, and no one in the hierarchy has come forward publicly to reveal what they know about his lifelong evils, in which many of them were participants.

It would be unthinkable that various members of the McCarrick inner circle would not want to know where he is in case he would come forward and spill the beans on them.

It’s safe to say that some would, in fact, prefer that he be dead and take his secrets to the grave. Others might even assist him to an early grave.

McCarrick was at the center of decades of crimes and cover-ups on a gigantic scale, and not a few prelates know that McCarrick knows.

The second reason we are telling you about this anonymous letter is the damage that this kind of news — if and when it begins to circulate — could inflict on McCarrick’s surviving victims.

Imagine for a moment that this homopredator had entrapped you in his snare for months or years. You are suffering the silent agony of his predation and are reminded of it even more pointedly now as news of his whereabouts and the Vatican’s delay keep making headlines.

There’s something a bit twisted about not feeling any sympathy for the survivors of this former cardinal who molested and abused countless boys and young men.

And there’s something further twisted about wanting to deliberately spread disinformation about one of the most closely followed stories in the Church — where loads of people have an intense interest in wanting the full truth to come out, and many others have an equally intense interest in keeping that truth from ever being revealed.

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Roe v Wade comes to Hollywood — Exclusive interview with the star of a new film about the famous court case.

January 22 marks the 47th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the most contentious decision ever handed down by the US Supreme Court. In a 7-2 judgement, the Court held that American women have a “fundamental” right to an abortion.

Since that day, an estimated 61 million of them have taken place in the US. No longer a dark secret, abortions are being churned out on an industrial scale. Although the number of induced abortions has declined in recent years, the latest tally, for 2017, is still 862,320.

In the history of the US legal system, no other judgement has had such momentous consequences. Abortion touches every man, woman and child. If those lives had not been snuffed out, for instance, the US would be a nation of about 400 million.

Roe v Wade is a real-life story which screams out for a big-screen drama.

New York businessman and Hollywood personality Nick Loeb is having a go.

Roe v Wade, a film in which he is the co-producer, co-director, co-scriptwriter, and co-star, will be released later this year, possibly in the (northern hemisphere) spring. Earlier this month he spoke with MercatorNet about his ambitious project.

Loeb plays Bernard Nathanson, the central character in the film. “He’s the guy who came out later and admitted that they’d lied about everything,” says Loeb. “They lied about all the evidence, all the statistics, all the numbers that helped push their agenda. They made them up. It was fake news!”

Even Jane Roe was fake news. That was the pseudonym of Norma McCorvey, a pawn of the pro-choice lawyers who handled the case. She later joined the pro-life movement and became a Catholic.

Nathanson, who died in 2011, was one of the architects of Roe v Wade.  He was a co-founder of NARAL (now NARAL Pro-Choice America), a leading abortion rights group. In the early 70s he established the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health in New York City, which he later described as “the first and largest abortion clinic in the Western world.” He admitted that he had presided over 60,000 abortions, 5,000 of which he performed himself. He even operated on a girlfriend and aborted their child.

But after Roe v. Wade Nathanson had a conversion. By 1974 he repudiated abortion after watching them via ultrasound. In an article in the leading medical journal in the US, the New England Journal of Medicine, he wrote “there is no longer any serious doubt in my mind that human life exists within the womb from the very onset of pregnancy.” Eventually he became one of the leading campaigners for the pro-life side and also became a Catholic.

His story resonates with Loeb.

“When I got involved in the project, I’d never even heard of Bernard Nathanson,” he said. “As I learned more about the story and all the characters involved and when I read Bernie’s books, I found his story to be reflective of mine.

“And not only mine, but of a lot of people of my generation. We grew up in a world where we didn’t think there was anything wrong with a woman wanting an abortion – it was her body, her right. It was like pulling off a scab; it was just a lump of cells. What did I know? I was born in 1975. Nobody in school was telling us, ‘hey, there’s a baby in there’.”

This is where Loeb’s interest in Nathanson becomes personal.

“Like Bernie, I was involved in abortions – not 70,000 of them – but I was involved in two, with past girlfriends.”

It was literally a nightmare for him.

“I’d have dreams of the child that I had killed. It was surreal. You know, I’m not a religious person. I believe in God but I don’t subscribe to any one particular organised religion. I said to myself, wow, maybe I’ve made this huge mistake and I’ve killed my child. It haunted me for many, many years. I also wanted to be a young father and I’d blown my chances and I felt that I’d really screwed this up.

“And as I learned about the issue, I started to think, O my God, there really was a baby in there. And they feel pain in the first couple of weeks and there’s a heartbeat in the first 21 days.

“So I changed my opinion. I became pro-life for me and pro-choice for everyone else.”

That’s basically the Cuomo Doctrine. It was proposed by the legendary New York governor Mario Cuomo in 1984: no one is entitled to impose their belief in the sanctity of life on others. It has been invoked countless times by American politicians to square their religious beliefs with their political survival.

But Loeb eventually saw through that tawdry compromise.

“And then somebody came to me and said, hey, Nick, do you rob liquor stores? And I said, that’s wrong; you’ll go to jail. So, he said, it’s not OK for you to rob liquor stores and it’s OK for other people?”

“So I became pro-life for everybody and then under any situation. I became adamant about it. It’s a life, the most innocent of all lives, and should be protected. No matter what, no matter how it got there in the first place.”

Even in cases of rape? Yes, Loeb says, even then.

His intellectual journey surprises even him.

“You know, growing up, I thought all those right-to-lifers were crazy people,” he muses. “I’ve now become one of them. Now I look at the pro-choicers and they’re the ones who are crazy.”

Loeb was talking to MercatorNet from his office in Europe. Europeans, he observes, have liberal abortion laws, but people don’t boast about having had one. Instead, they feel embarrassed and humiliated. The contrast with the US could not be starker.

“Hollywood has made it something to be proud of today,” he says. “‘Shout Your Abortion’ is a real organisation. Comedians are going out there saying, ‘I can’t wait to have an abortion. It makes me excited.’

“This is vile and gross and disgusting. But, you know, that’s hurt their movement and helped ours. ‘Cause even if you hear clapping in the background for a stand-up comedian who says that, the general population today thinks it’s disgusting.”

Although most of his friends are pro-choice, Loeb feels that the day when Roe v Wade will be reversed is not that far off. “One hundred percent in my lifetime,” he says. And possibly in the next four years, if a pro-life justice is appointed to the Supreme Court.

Back to his film, on which he has been working for at least three years.

Loeb has lined up a solid cast, including Oscar-winning Jon Voight as Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and actress and talk-show host Stacey Dash as Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and a strong pro-lifer.

It’s going to be a tough sell in the media, which is almost monolithic in its support of abortion. Even most of the actors, perhaps four out of five, were pro-choice. “But you know what?” he says. “They believe in telling the truth of Roe; they believe in the free expression of opinion.”

The film tells the behind-the-scenes story of how the justices formed their opinions. From his research, Loeb feels that some of the seven who voted to create a right to abortion were actually pro-life but had succumbed to public and family pressure. “It was a big deal; this tore families apart at the time,” he says.

“I hope people go see this, and not just pro-life supporters. We take a look at both sides of the argument. And we just tell the truth of what the characters did in their lives. We didn’t make up that Bernard converted. We didn’t make up that Norma converted,” Loeb says.

“Nobody during this time went from being pro-life to pro-choice. No one converted the other way. No one can say these characters converted the other way and you left them out of your story.”

Roe v Wade has a budget of about US$7 million; by Hollywood standards, this is an ultra low-budget. But from a financial point of view, low-budget “faith-friendly” (not “faith-based”, Loeb stresses) movies can be smash hits, with a healthy return on investment. He cites War Room (budget of $3 million, box office of $74 million) and Unplanned (budget of $6 million, box office of $21 million).

And Roe v Wade has the advantage of 47 years of advance publicity. As a brand, Loeb points out, it’s iconic. There’s no need to prime the audience.


Michael Cook

Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet     

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VIDEO: Sarasota Patriots for Trump Announces Keynote Speaker Dr. Alan Keyes on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Former Presidential Candidate and Ronald Reagan appointed US Ambassador, Dr. Alan Keyes, will address the Sarasota Patriots for Trump on Tuesday February 4, 2020. The title of Dr. Keyes presentation is “Election 2020 – Which Revolution Is Coming?”

Watch the following video to learn more:

LOCATION: 600 N. Beneva Road, Sarasota, Florida 34232

Contact Sarasota Patriots for Trump at 800-986-1383

$10.00 Contribution for Admission to ALL monthly forums.

Please mark your calendars. Share this information with your contacts, the media and on social media.

Bernie Staffer Caught Promising Gulags For Trump Voters

Project Veritas published an undercover video on Tuesday exposing a campaign organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders arguing that “Nazified” Trump supporters and billionaires could be re-educated in Soviet-style gulags if Bernie takes the White House in 2020.

VIDEO: #Expose2020: Sanders Campaign Part 1; Field Organizer “F**king Cities Burn” if Trump Re-Elected

In the video, Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek says, “Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their fucking people to not be Nazis. We’re probably going to have to do the same fucking thing here.” He went on to assert that Joseph Stalin’s gulags “were meant for re-education” and that “the greatest way to break a fucking billionaire of their privilege and their idea that they’re superior, go and break rocks for 12 hours a day.”

Jurek also warned that if Bernie doesn’t get the Dem nomination, “fucking Milwaukee [the convention host city] will burn… We’re going to make [1968] look like a fucking girl’s scout fucking cookout. The cops are going to be the ones fucking beaten in Milwaukee.”

Inside every leftist is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

Bernie Sanders

138 Known Connections

Deriding Capitalism & Exalting Socialism

In a 2019 interview, Sanders said:

“You have more and more growth producing products that we do not necessarily need. I mean you know, at the end of the day, you don’t necessarily need the choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or 18 different pairs of sneakers, when children are hungry in this country.”

On another occasion, Sanders stated candidly:

“My vision is not just making modest changes around the edge. It is transforming American society. So when I use the word ‘socialist,’ and I know some people are uncomfortable about it, I say that it is imperative that we create a political revolution, and I hope you will be part of that movement, because if you are, we can in fact transform this country.”

To learn more about Sanders, click on the profile link here.

Search our constantly growing database of the left and its Agendas

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PODCAST: Unsettled — The Refugee Question

“I had a small hope that maybe ISIS would not come,” Thabet says, remembering, as he and the reporter drove the long road toward Mosul. But within hours, everyone he loved and knew had fled. Thirteen thousand Christians vanished, scattered miles from the Nineveh Plain, in hiding. They slept in courtyards, unfinished apartment buildings, churches, camps — while waves of terrorists burned their way through their towns.

In cities like his, the nights often went like this. Priests would climb the sanctuary steps to ring the bells, sounding the alarm that fighters were on their way. Moms and dads shook their kids awake, gathered what they could, and left. It was the last time most of them would ever see their homes again. Even now, after the region was recaptured and secured, the Christians brave enough to stay don’t have an easy life. There’s oppression, isolation, and violence. Families keep their daughters close, worried about rape and abuse.

But leaving, for some, is just as difficult. In the United States, asylum can be hard to come by. After eight years of watching “refugees” stream across our borders unchecked, President Trump is processing these applications with an abundance of caution. Under the previous White House, too many foreigners were gaming the system, slipping into lines where they knew they couldn’t be scrutinized. This administration has been trying to clean up that mess, putting procedures and screenings in place to guarantee that anyone who steps foot on our soil doesn’t pose a threat to the American people.

That new vigilance has paid off. There’s more balance in the faith groups entering the country, for one thing. Under Obama, 97 percent of the Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. were Muslim, while Christians would dribble through one or two at a time. President Trump is trying to give other believers, especially those targeted for persecution, the fair shake the last administration didn’t. Although there’s been a dramatic decrease in the number of refugees, Christians, as of last year, made up 82 percent of them.

But the system isn’t perfect. And that’s one thing evangelicals have struggled with, especially as the global horrors keep growing and pool of victims gets larger. When the White House announced in September that it was cutting its refugee ceiling from 30,000 to almost zero, there were some conservatives who, fed up with Obama’s dangerous policy, thought this was a positive step. Others, like myself, were instantly concerned. As we speak, there’s an unprecedented number of believers — from all faiths — being kicked out of their homelands and displaced. Whether they’re being killed or driven out or put in concentration camps, the survival of entire populations is at stake.

Now, there are some evangelicals who agree with liberals and think America should open its arms to everyone. Obviously, that’s created some friction inside the church and conservative circles — because on one hand, we want to be a place of last resort for the vulnerable. But on the other, we don’t want our country taken advantage of by those who are not interested in being a part of America, rather they want to pull America apart. Ideally, we insisted at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), the administration would never let the number of refugees drop below 30,000 — which is already a historic low.

“So long as refugee numbers are low,” Mark Krikorian pointed out on NRO, “and not drawing disproportionately from the Islamic world, even governors with pretty hawkish constituencies may well feel free to accommodate the… lobby for continued resettlement.”

Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) agrees and even took some flak for defending his governor, who, like a lot of Republicans, is giving the green light to refugees resettling in his state. On “Washington Watch,” Lankford explained that it all goes back to the core values that created America. “Dating back to the 1700s, our framers decided that our nation was going to be founded on a different kind of principle: that we’re going to honor people of faith to be able to not only have a faith of their choosing — but to be able to live that faith out or to be able to have no faith at all. And many of the refugees that are fleeing from around the world are fleeing religious persecution, in particular, and running from places around the world where they cannot survive based on their faith, whether that be Kurds… Christians, Yazidis, or other faiths. And so America, as a beacon of place where we honor religious liberty, we should continue to be able to practice that as well in receiving refugees, especially those fleeing religious persecution.”

As he and I talked about, these people are looking for a safe haven. And while the Obama administration didn’t do a very good job screening these people, President Trump changed that. These aren’t unvetted terrorist wannabes who want to destroy America. They’re hurting survivors with no place to go. Our faith leads us to be a place of refuge. That doesn’t mean we blindly embrace anyone who shows up at our borders. But it does mean we’ve got to keep the door open for the victims who truly need it.

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


America’s Next Top Model Legislation

A Cornhusker’s Stand for Freedom

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VIDEO: Iran — University students refuse to walk over US, Israeli flags, boo those who do

Forty years of anti-American and anti-Israeli propaganda, and this is how much Iran’s Islamic regime is hated within Iran.

“Students at Beheshti University of Tehran Refuse to Walk Over U.S., Israel Flags, Boo People Who Do,” MEMRI, January 12, 2020

On January 12, during the second day of protests in Iran following Iran’s acknowledgment of shooting down Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752, students at Beheshti University in Tehran refused to walk over giant American and Israeli flags drawn on the ground. They booed people who did, and shouted at them that they had “no honor.” The video was uploaded to Twitter.


Leftists Are Wrong: US Killing of Iran’s Suleimani a Legal Action

Iran’s Islamic Azad University offers “registration for volunteers to commit a suicide attack against US and Israel”

More than a dozen Muslim servicemen to be expelled from US after review following Pensacola jihad massacre

Video: Iranian protesters tear down poster of Soleimani

RELATED VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of the Soleimani Hit

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Canada — Where Calling Soleimani a Terrorist Can Get You Arrested

Watch how Canadian police threaten a journalist that if he called assassinated Iranian General Qasem Soleimani a terrorist, he would be arrested. Rebel Media reporter David Menzies was covering the pro- and anti-Soleimani demonstrations in Toronto over the weekend.

The shocking video shows how police — as well as pro-Iranian demonstrators — are virtually willing to deny this polite journalist his right to free speech and press under Canadian law.

Tehran or Toronto? You decide:

Meanwhile in Iraq, the fallout continues from the U.S. hit on arch terrorist Soleimani, who directed the elite Quds force of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps:

  • After the Iraqi parliament voted to expel U.S. troops from Iraq, President Trump said, “We’ve spent a lot of money in Iraq. We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build. … We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.”The decision ultimately falls on the prime minister and his cabinet. But who can make that decision? Current Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi al-Muntafiki resigned last November following weeks of protests about the Iranian presence in Iraq as well as governmental corruption and the dire economic situation in Iraq. A replacement has yet to be chosen.Trump continued to warn that such a move would not end well for Iraq. “We will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever,” the president said. “It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”
  • Meanwhile in Iraq, demonstrations against the Iranian presence in Iraq continued, as well as demonstrations against all foreign involvement in Iraq.
  • When Fox News reporter Chris Wallace asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo if the impeachment of President Trump has “emboldened enemies like Iran and North Korea — is this president more vulnerable because of the impeachment effort?” Pompeo replied, “You should ask Mr. Soleimani.”
  • On Sunday night, rockets continued to be fired into the “Green Zone,” a supposedly protected area which houses Iraqi government buildings and foreign embassies, including the American embassy. One rocket hit a family home, injuring four people.
  • Iran announced it would no longer honor its commitment to limit its enrichment of uranium as required by the 2015  pact it made with the world powers.In a statement, Iran declared, “The Islamic Republic of Iran, in the fifth step in reducing its commitments, discards the last key component of its operational limitations in the JCPOA, which is the ‘limit on the number of centrifuges.’ As such, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program no longer faces any operational restrictions, including enrichment capacity, percentage of enrichment, amount of enriched material, and research and development. From here on, Iran’s nuclear program will be developed solely based on its technical needs.”
  • Soleimani’s successor, Esmail Ghaani, 62, who served as Soleimani’s deputy commander of the Quds force since 1979, promised “to continue martyr Soleimani’s path with the same force and the only compensation for us would be to remove America from the region.”


US Versus Iranian Military Might

Iranian Militias in Iraq: Retaliation Against US Will Begin

Iran, Hezbollah Use Mexican Drug Cartels to Infiltrate US

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VIDEO: The Vortex — Bishops’ Billions. Turn off the spigot, now.


$1 billion — that’s the estimate of how much money is stolen or misappropriated each year in the Catholic Church by crooked prelates or thieving clergy.

According to the trade industry publication The Review of Faith & International Affairs, in an article titled “Embezzlement in the Global Christian Community,” the amount of money stolen each year from parishioners’ donations is reaching windfall amounts.

The model for calculating the degree of theft was used in a recent documentary titled Thievery: Catholic Church Exposed. According to producers, thievery in the United States has reached epidemic proportions, as illustrated by the 97 non-sex abuse cases of $100,000 or more uncovered in the recent documentary — and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, for researchers project over 90% of the thievery cases go unreported.

Further, based upon validated research models and confirming data from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, it’s estimated that more than $1 billion is stolen annually from the U.S. Catholic Church.

Theft of enormous sums of money has gotten little attention in the Church, but that is changing, as new reports begin to surface. Hundreds of millions stolen from the Vatican’s Peter’s Pence annual collection, $25 million ripped last year from the American-based Papal Foundation, hundreds of thousands paid out in cash by the perverted Theodore McCarrick, West Virginia Bp. Michael Bransfield’s regular stealing of huge amounts and so forth.

There have of course been whiffs here and there of various financial improprieties, such as the case covered up by New York Cdl. Timothy Dolan of the notorious Fr. Peter Miqueli, who stole vast sums from parishes to fund a lifestyle that included drugs and gay-for-pay prostitute Keith Crist. That story — the sex and the money — eventually exploded onto the front pages of New York City papers, finally forcing Dolan’s hand.

But financial experts and auditors Church Militant has spoken to say the problem is much worse than the occasional headline or story that comes to the surface. Bishops keep their finances clothed in secrecy, eschewing even any appearance of transparency, and experts say that’s because there is no real accountability. Bishops don’t really answer to anybody, not in this life anyway.

Then there is what’s called “soft theft.” That’s when money that’s taken is allocated “legally” but oftentimes is immoral or unethical, like when a bishop approves a vast sum to spend on a house for himself.

Wilton Gregory, the new archbishop of Washington, D.C., could be described as a “soft thief,” allocating millions for a new house for himself — until news of his actions broke into the secular media and he backpedaled and canceled the plans, saying he wasn’t aware of how his actions looked. They looked bad because they were, in fact, bad.

Bishops all over the country routinely do this.

The retired bishop of San Jose, California plonked down a couple million for a “retirement pad” for himself in a swanky neighborhood until he, too, got busted in the secular press and withdrew the purchase.

Retired Newark Abp. John Myers wasn’t halted, however, in his bid as Theodore McCarrick’s successor to spend money like a drunken sailor on his retirement digs. His retirement house was originally purchased with parishioners’ money in 2002 for $700,000 and is set in eight acres of one of New Jersey’s more expensive and peaceful corners. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a three-car garage, an elevator and a swimming pool. And of course, what retirement home for successors of the Apostles would be complete without a hot tub — what the archdiocese calls a “therapeutic whirlpool.”

And while New York’s Timothy Dolan didn’t actually spend money to purchase his weekend getaway pad in upstate New York because it was donated, you’ve got to imagine the upkeep and maintenance bill is pretty hefty — especially the 75-foot Venetian swimming pool, which, of course, doesn’t clean itself.

We could go on and on, like CNN did a few years back in a piece they called The Lavish Homes of American Archbishops.

But the party may soon be over for this thieving crowd, as Catholics everywhere are waking up to the moral and financial corruption of the mitered class.

According to one well-informed source, the Vatican — which lost millions each of the last few years — has seen a dramatic decrease in donations under the reign of Pope Francis, and the USCCB has folks close to the books who say donations across the United States are beginning to dry up.

If that continues in 2020, it could be a good year squeezing the crooks dry.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews likens jihad terror mastermind Soleimani to Princess Diana and Elvis Presley [Video]

Matthews is of course correct, except for the minor detail that when Soleimani covered “Don’t Be Cruel,” he sang “Be Cruel.”

These people’s intense hatred of President Trump has driven them mad.

“Chris Matthews Compares Soleimani to Elvis Presley and Princess Diana,” by Andrew Kugle, Washington Free Beacon, January 8, 2020 (thanks to the Geller Report):

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews on Wednesday night compared deceased Iranian terror master Qassem Soleimani to Elvis Presley and Princess Diana.

“When some people die, you don’t know what the impact is going to be. When Princess Diana died, for example, there was a huge emotional outpouring,” Matthews said. “Elvis Presley in our culture—it turns out that this general we killed was a beloved hero of the Iranian people to the point where—look at the people, we got pictures up now—these enormous crowds coming out. There’s no American emotion in this case, but there’s a hell of a lot of emotion on the other side.”

Soleimani led the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which trained, funded, and armed Iran-sympathetic terrorist groups in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and around the Middle East, killing thousands, including hundreds of Americans.

“Should our leaders know what they’re doing when they kill somebody?” Matthews asked Rep. Joaquin Castro (D., Texas).

Castro replied that Trump’s strategy of pulling out of the nuclear deal and putting pressure on Iran has failed.

“They very much could have anticipated that Iranians would react in this way, both the Iranian public but also that the government would strike back,” Castro said. “This speaks to a much larger issue, Chris, which is the president has had a very chaotic and erratic foreign policy, especially with respect to Iran.”…


Sadiq Khan’s London: Islamic Student Association brands US ‘Terrorist State’ at embassy protests

Hamas-linked CAIR claims “discrimination” over Iranian-Canadian complaints about being detained at US border

Soleimani’s Death a Body Blow to the Islamic Republic

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column with video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

PODCAST: His Sister Was Sex-Trafficked for 6 Years. Here’s How He’s Devoted His Life to Fighting It.

Ilonka Deaton was trafficked into sex slavery at the age of 12. She suffered for six years before finally getting free. Now, her brother, Jaco Booyens, runs a film company that brings the darkness of sex trafficking into the light. He’s out with a film called “8 Days.” Read the lightly edited interview, posted below, or listen on the podcast:

The Daily Signal podcast is available on Ricochet, Apple PodcastsPippaGoogle Play, or Stitcher. All of our podcasts can be found at If you like what you hear, please leave a review. You can also leave us a message at 202-608-6205 or write us at Enjoy the show!

Rachel del Guidice: We are joined today on The Daily Signal Podcast by Jaco Booyens. He’s the president and CEO of the film company After Eden Pictures. He is also the founder of SHAREtogether, a nonprofit organization fighting against the global crisis of sex trafficking. Jaco, thank you so much for joining us today.

Jaco Booyens: Thank you, Rachel. It’s great to be here.

The demand for socialism is on the rise from young Americans today. But is socialism even morally sound? Find out more now >>

del Guidice: Well, it’s great to have you. Can you start off just by telling us about your film company, After Eden Pictures, as well as SHAREtogether?

Booyens: Yeah. After Eden Pictures was born to transform culture through uplifting entertainment, so that’s our mission statement. We’re going to take social issues and then produce entertainment content, film, television, docuseries, books, media, broad spectrum media to speak to culture, to transform it positively through uplifting entertainment.

So it’s yes, family-friendly values, for sure. Yes, I’m a Christian, so that’s my root and my foundation. But we’re going to speak for big issues like sex trafficking, tackling heavy issues, because if a picture’s a thousand words, then a video, a film, can be so much of the start of a conversation, and then we can do our real work after that. So that’s the purpose of After Eden Pictures.

There’s an amazing team, great writers, producers. My wife is an amazing writer, by far more skilled than I am on every level—because we marry way up, because women are amazing. But no, an amazing team. I’m just humbled to have a voice in radio.

del Guidice: That’s incredible. So you directed a film called “8 Days,” which raises awareness about sex trafficking. It’s an incredible story. Can you go into that story behind the film?

Booyens: We wanted to make a movie, not a documentary, about sex trafficking. We wanted to make a film that spoke from the victim’s perspective. So in this film, [the victim’s] name is Amber. All the cases in that film are actual rescue cases that we were involved with. So these are real-life events that we reenact but in a feature film style, not a docuseries style.

It’s a gut punch when you start understanding what happens to a human being when they’re mistreated. What happens to a woman or a guy when they are sexually violated. What are the thoughts? What does that process look like? How does a person get to a place where their self-worth is stripped, their value is gone, their self-image? And then the guilt comes, and the loathing, and the justification, and just that process. So we wanted to do that, show the audience this is the result of predatory behavior when people come in and steal people’s innocence.

Unfortunately, we’re at a place in America today where we’ve got to bring humanity back to the conversation. We’ve got to remember when you’re talking about child sex trafficking, [it’s about] people, children, 12-year-old kids being raped and beat. When you talk about domestic violence and abuse, that is a woman with a beating heart, a real person with real feelings and emotions, right?

So we got to bring humanity back into it because so much of what we’re doing today is political. It’s political. It’s almost like it’s this … alternate universe that we’re talking about—it’s politics. No, it’s real. It touches families, it touches people.

del Guidice: In the film, is there a particular story about a particular young woman or girl that you highlight that you’d like to tell that particularly just draws the audience in? Is there any particular story that you’d like to highlight when talking about the film?

Booyens: Yeah, it’s Amber’s story, because Amber is sex trafficked out of a stable home. She’s not a runaway, she’s not a foster kid, she’s not in CPS [Child Protective Services]. She’s living at home. That is the No. 1 rising trend in trafficking girls today is girls who work at home. It’s not what you think it is and so there’s a huge misconception. [People] think, “Oh, yeah, OK, it’s that part of town. It’s the underprivileged community. It’s the black community.” No, it’s not.

It is today infiltrated suburbia, because now the softest target, the easiest victim—if you talk to any of these Secret Service guys that are here, they’ll tell you—the easiest victim is the victim whose radar is way down, who’s living at home with their mom and dad, not getting love, but money, and “stuff solves problems,” but her real emotions and her real feelings, she explores that avenue online and the real person comes out online.

Now, a predator trolls online and spots her, “That’s my girl. She needs attention. She’s got daddy issues. She’s void of purpose. She doesn’t feel like she fits in. She feels like nobody can understand her. I’ll be the one that comes and says, ‘I understand you, I get you. I know, I have the answers.’”

And then they’ll court her for a period, they’re patient, but there’s a Romeo effect [that] can win her heart. This is why so many of these women will tell you when they’re abused that it’s love, “He loves me.” They’re convinced.

Women that stand on the witness stand after the guy’s bounced their heads off the wall and defend the guy. “He loves me.” Because they’ve been conditioned, this is love. “I’m giving you worth. I’m the person in charge.” It’s so easy today. So that film shows clearly how a girl is literally sex trafficked from a stable home, both parents there, because it’s so easy today.

del Guidice: Wow. You mentioned the lack of self-worth and how that is one of the contributing factors to this problem. What would you say, looking at everything from a wide-angle lens, is the driving force of sex trafficking in the United States?

Booyens: We have, in our country, for decades now, made an agreement that we’re going to decay our sexual morality. The sexual revolution hit in the ’60s, we wanted sexual freedom. Historically, three generations after you make a decision like that, a society implodes. When there’s sexual immorality in society, they fall every single time. No society in history has ever survived a sexually immoral culture because, ultimately, it’s a drug. It’s the most addictive [thing].

You know the two things that are in every family? There’s only two things. Faith is not in every family, right? The two things that are in every single family on the planet is money and sex. Now look at the two things that I believe the enemy attacks people with most: money and sex. So if you’re going to corrupt a society, where would you go? Money and sex.

So if you now can introduce sex to a child early, that is now a corrupted “misguided young person.” Their vision of what sex is for, what love is—”How do I get love? Do I get love through sex?” Because this is what they want the girls to believe.

So you’re taking a direction, changing direction for all society by making them sexually immoral. Well, how do we get people to accept that? Through gender neutrality? Gender fluidity? Same-sex marriage? You go with teaching sex to 10-year-olds in school. You show them how to perform sex, which is going on at the moment. You normalize anal sex. This is what’s going on. So all of this is to create a culture that is immoral. And we have an immoral culture today.

So we can fight politically, sure. And for those who want to keep certain people in power in politics, that’s amazing. But the next morning when you wake up after an election, that election doesn’t fix the country morally.

My cry to you today is, Rachel, through every way you can, keep yourself morally strong. Because no government can fix that. Because if you’re not morally strong, you will attract people that will harm you because they’ll see it in you.

So how does Rachel keep Rachel safe? Have a moral compass. For Rachel’s sake, not even for our country, think of Rachel, for you. Because ultimately, if you’re corrupted there, it’s a difficult place to come back from. It takes a lot of rehabilitation, it takes a lot of therapy to come back from that.

Now we can go into the abortion argument. It’s self-justifying pleasure. People go, “I want to have sex as much possible. I don’t want any consequences. It’s my body and I want sex.” I go, “Well, cool, great, go have sex. But if you don’t want to fall pregnant, then use a condom.” Because once you fall pregnant, now all of a sudden we’ve elevated the conversation to a whole [different] level. Now it’s not just you—

del Guidice: There’s another life there.

Booyens: Now there’s a life there. Now you’ve got a real issue. … No. 1, I don’t think people should have sex with whoever they want to because that creates problems, but let’s just say that’s the individual’s desire. … You’ve now gone outside of yourself, but it’s immorality.

So now, if you’re a predator, if you’re a pedophile in America today, this is like a playground because we are socially normalizing a sexually immoral culture. And the predators are saying, “Thank you for doing my grooming work for me because before I had to work really hard to convince a girl to give it up. Now—”

del Guidice: Society encourages it.

Booyens: Yeah.

del Guidice: Something that’s not talked about as much in the very little research I’ve done about sex trafficking [is] there’s a lot of mention that’s made—and I feel like we don’t talk about it much—about pornography and the link that’s between pornography and sex trafficking. Is there a link there in everything that you’ve done? What is the relationship you see? Is there one there?

Booyens: If I may, cut me off here if I’m too verbose, I want to show you how this works. The average age of young boys today that’s introduced to pornography is 8. That’s the average age, OK? So now you show porn to an 8-year-old boy, you instantaneously change his view of women, immediately. Because the natural instinct of a man is to hunt, as the hunter. The woman is to take care, to nurture, to grow life, and to protect life.

Now you tell that boy the woman’s here for pleasure, so you’ve already altered how he sees women. Now he makes decisions, immediately. It’s a drug. That drug progresses very fast. It goes from softcore porn, 100%, no question, porn feeds sex trafficking. It creates demand, 100%, can’t get away from it. So anybody that’s engaging in porn, you are in the system, creating demand for child sex trafficking.

[You go,] “that’s a leap.” No it’s not, because the ultimate drug for a sex act, which the entry drug is porn, the ultimate drug is sex with a prepuberty, young girl. That’s where you go. You don’t start on heroin, you start with an opioid that [you] steal out of your dad’s medicine cabinet or smoking a joint. Then all of a sudden you end up with heroin.

It’s the same with sex. You don’t start with abusing a child. You start with an introduction and it’s always, always [porn]. Rachel, there’s not a single pedophile in the world that’s not a porn addict. They all started with porn. They just progressed all the way. There wasn’t an interception or someone stepped into their life [saying], “It needs to stop.”

That’s what my cry is: You’ve got to stop engaging in porn if you’re involved because that is a vicious drug. Do you know that today the statistic is 68% of porn users are divorced?

del Guidice: And I’ve heard that the divorce rates are extremely high among porn users.

Booyens: Sixty-eight percent, which means that it destroys the family. It steals everything, robs you of everything. It is so destructive because it is actual chemistry alteration in the brain. There’s actual physiological makeup that changes because it’s sex. Why is sex so important? Because sex is primal, it’s foundational. So you can distort someone sexually, I mean, just throw anything else in. What else do you want to do with that person?

del Guidice: It compromises everything.

You talk to students a lot. I know you’re at the Turning Point conference this week, talking to students here. What is the best way you encourage them to help stay morally straight? I know that this is a conversation we’re trying to elevate more, and so what are some ways you encourage people to actually walk the walk and stay morally straight and to be accountable?

Booyens: I’d be completely off-kilter if I don’t say this, it’s a relationship with God, No. 1, 100%. There’s no way because you don’t have the strength in yourself to do this. It’s like me saying, “Hey, Rachel, you need to face the world on your own—all the temptations.” You don’t have it, right? You’ve got to dig deeper, and go to a place and say, “OK, where’s my source of power, of encouragement?”

So God, a relationship with God. And secondly, self-accountability. They know. Every pedophile that lays in bed at night with themselves know they’re abusing children. At some point they just stopped listening to that moral voice that says, “Hey, this doesn’t feel right.”

Pay attention to the moral voice and then small groups, hold each other accountable—sisters, friends, BFFs, best buds, the guys.

You see your buddy engaging in porn, pull him aside. Don’t publicly shame this guy. Don’t do it on social media. Pull the guy aside, according to what the word of God says to do, and say, “Listen man, I know that you’re hooked on this, but I want you to know what it’s going to do to you. No. 1, it’s going to corrupt you. You’re going to … lose it all. You’re going to lose your family. You’re going to marry the wrong woman. You’re going to maybe end up in jail. You’re going to end up abusing some people. So let’s get help now.”

Hold one another in love, not in judgment, but hold one another accountable, and then walk that guy or that girl. Do you know how many young students today at this summit will come to me and say, “I’m addicted to porn”? Staggering number. And women. There’s a crazy rise in how many women.

So, we’ve got to hold ourselves accountable. For me it is, connect with God because that’s where you get your encouragement, your inspiration, and your direction, according to his word on how to do this, how to tackle these very heavy issues.

del Guidice: How would you encourage people who don’t have a platform but still want to make a difference when it comes to fighting pornography, fighting sex trafficking? What do you tell them when they’re like, “Hey, I don’t really have a platform here but I want to do something.” What do you encourage them to do?

Booyens: I got that question five minutes ago. Go online and connect with us. You either connect with us, our organization, or we will connect you with a local organization and we work with 56 countries. We’re very connected in the U.S. So if you say, “I’m from Omaha, Nebraska,” I can get you in touch with an organization locally. But if you physically want to donate time, you can do it. Or if you just want to plug in with our organization and help what we do, then they can do it online with our organization as well.

del Guidice: So you mentioned at the beginning, when we started talking, that you have a passion for media, that’s what you do. How did you particularly get involved with sex trafficking? Was it a passion that you’ve always had or what was the story that led you to do the work that you’re doing right now?

Booyens: I love how you ask questions, by the way. This is real for us, this is not something we just read a book [about]. My sister—so we’re two brothers, I’m the oldest, a younger brother and a sister—my sister was sex-trafficked for six years, so this is real.

We wake up one morning and our sister’s gone, my brother and I and my mom. How did we learn what sex trafficking is? On the streets, talking to people, trying to find my sister. And everybody said, “Oh, she’s a runaway.” No, this is very real.

And then that harsh reality hit me when she came back. The person that left is not the person that came back. It took 10 years, it took a decade to get Ilonka healthy. Three suicide attempts.

I mean, it is a disaster. The suicide rates with these victims are through the roof because they come back to people who think they should be normal. But when you abuse a woman sexually, you strip her of everything, everything—personality, identity, self-worth, purpose. It’s a shell. The life expectancy of people that are trafficked is seven years. They don’t live because they commit suicide.

So if you look at [the] teen suicide rate today, and then draw the correlation with the sex abuse, it is staggering. Because they feel like they can’t talk, they can’t tell anybody, nobody will understand. So for us it’s very real.

So then, I started witnessing sex trafficking in the USA. And we just made a decision. My wife is a writer, an incredible writer. … And we said, “Listen, we’re going to fight this fight because no child, no child—” … And again, yes, I’m a Christian. I’ll fight for the Muslim kid, the Buddhist kid, the Hindu kid, any American child. We’re focusing on American children. We fight in other countries, too. But it’s such an epidemic in the USA, we said, “Listen, we’re going to focus on the USA. No child should be sexually exploited. Zero.” And unfortunately today, the rising trend, as I told you, is in suburbia but it’s also parents trafficking their own children.

del Guidice: That is just unreal.

Booyens: It’s the No. 1 rising trend.

del Guidice: And what is behind that? Is it just money?

Booyens: Financial gain. Huge financial gain. And it’s a sickness. You’ve got a dad who’s a pedophile, he used to go out of the house. Now, society said, “No, it’s normal.” Now dad goes, “You’re making it easy, now I can just do it in the house.” Because now the dad knows, “Oh, I’ve learned how to get my wife in a position where she won’t say anything.” This is massive manipulation and coercion. …

So it’s an epidemic, but for us it’s very real because … I didn’t learn about this because I’m passionate about some movement. We had to find our sister. And now Ilonka is healthy, she runs her own industry in Nashville, Tennessee. She goes to the bedside of these girls at hospitals and tells them, “I was there. Six years.”

In the movie “8 Days”—and that girl is from California—she was gone for eight days, 52 men had abused her in eight days. And she was found, praise God.

My sister [was sex-trafficked for] six years. And she’s got a book out, “Keeping Secrets,” which talks about why women keep these secrets. Why do you see a woman being beaten up and then go back to the same guy? It doesn’t make sense. No, not to the logical, healthy mind. But when a woman gets violated, logic’s out the window. Survival mechanism—it’s about just getting through life.

And guys. Look, boys are abused, absolutely. But 97% are girls. And I pose this question: I don’t have single feminist group in the country that’s fighting this fight—

del Guidice: That is tragic. That is so tragic.

Booyens: … I just gave you a stat, 97% of child sex trafficking victims—the average age is 12 in the United States, by the way, lowest average in the world—are girls. We’re not even talking about the girl in the womb, we’re talking about the walking around, 12-year-old woman.

And feminist groups won’t defend them because if they do, they know the second they acknowledge that child sex trafficking is real, they have to investigate their own. All of a sudden, they have to look at, where are the kids coming from? All of a sudden it leads into a border conversation. All of a sudden they go, “Well, wait a minute, if we’re going to fight child sex trafficking, it’s going to go against our political views.” And I go, “Yeah. But remember, it’s people.” And they go, “Ehh—”

del Guidice: Hands off.

Booyens: ” … we’ll sit on the sidelines on this one.” And I go, “You hypocrites. You’re not feminist. You created a movement to justify yourself and the things that are important for you, but you’re not really for every woman. And then I’ll go and say, “If you’re for every woman, why are over 60% of the babies aborted, black babies, girls? Fight for that girl.”

del Guidice: You just mentioned the border crisis and something else along with pornography and sex trafficking, another link that’s rarely talked about is the situation we have at the border and how sex trafficking feeds into that as well. What is the situation there? What are you seeing in regards to people that are brought over illegally and how they can be trafficked into slavery?

Booyens: … I sat with the head of CBP [Customs and Border Protection] recently in D.C. … and I said, “Come on … talk to me.” … He said, “Jaco, here’s the deal. Our guys drink from a firehose. This is the process, that family comes across, as you know, Jaco, it is almost impossible to know, is it her dad, is it not? You need time, we don’t have the time. We’re getting incredible pressure for not interrogating …

Thirty percent of the children that [are] coming across that border today will be in the sex trafficking rings. Thirty percent. That’s not even fearmongering, that is a fact.

Sixty percent of the children who come across the border have at some point, or will be at some point in their lives, at least be sexually violated once. It means rape, whatever. … But 30% of them coming over will go into sex trafficking.

But here’s the most shocking stat that I learned: When CBP hands that child over, that child goes to HHS, Health and Human Services, that has zero training, zero experience on even identifying a child sex traffic victim. All they care about is their disease, is the child nourished or malnourished, and food.

Now Health and Human Services holds that child, and releases them into the system. And then we find children all throughout America [who] can’t speak English being rescued from sex trafficking, [and they] don’t know who they are because the child’s a ghost. [There’s no] birth certificates, nothing on that child. Where’s the child come from? Who’s that child?

If you’re a trafficker, think about how amazing that is to traffickers. You mean, you’re just going to bring children in here that nobody’s going to look for? And when they find them there’s nowhere to send them? And oh, by the way, we don’t have enough facilities to house the kids when they’re rescued so the trafficker picks them up from juvie, picks them up from the shelter.

It’s a disastrous system, and the longer the left placates and is not willing to publicly recognize that even their own people, both sides of the aisle are perpetrators, it’s being aided and abetted.

del Guidice: We have our work cut out for us.

So, final question for you: It’s no secret that the work you do, it’s draining emotionally. I mean, just reading about it a little bit, it’s tough stuff. You mentioned your faith in Christ. I know that must be a huge part of what keeps you going, but how do you stay strong and committed to the fight when it can be so hard, especially given you do not everyone’s job, every day-to-day 9-5, I don’t know what hours you work, but they don’t always have to face the kind of things that you face. So how do you stay grounded?

Booyens: It really is my faith. It’s a core belief system for me that every life matters. As we talk in here, you know what goes through my mind as we’re sitting here? I see my sister’s face.

Every day I remember and will never forget the moment when that girl sat in front of us as a family—just me, my mom, and my brother—and the truth came out. And I had to hear what men did to her. And not once—although one rape is horrific—but six years. And I had to listen to explicit details because it was part of her healing process. There’s no words for the emotions.

So I see that face in that conversation every day. So I wake up and I go, “Stop it. Get up. Save the kids. Get the bad guys.”

And yes, Christ brings the power. And then we’ve got an amazing team, and my wife does it with me and my team does it with me. … So there’s an amazing team and it’s people who really love people, they really care about people.

And I can tell you, 90-plus percent of the people who end up being involved in rescue or whatever—it’s not like we’re going to rescue the Christians. This is not you going for your kind. No, it’s every child. But also, now, every pedophile. I’m putting my sights squarely on the men, those who are paying for sex with children, I’m coming for those guys.

Fortune 500 company CEOs, congressmen, senators, I don’t care who you are, what your name is, who your father is, what may happen to society if it gets out. Run, hide, or repent, change your ways, because we will get you.

[Jeffrey] Epstein was tip of the iceberg. Epstein was a minion. Wait until you see what comes out this year—the people above him, the people he answered to, the people who pulled his strings.

It’s going to rock society … and it’s going to scare people because it’s among us. It’s here. I mean, it’s here at this conference. That’s the reality. It’s in the church. Every church. Deal with it, pastor. Start getting your people safe or you’re not doing your job. It’s in every corporation. Because, why? It’s sex. It’s in every family, right?

So fathers, do your job as a dad. Get involved with your daughters. Know their hearts, build them up as young women, tell them who they are, give them real identity. Make sure that the first time they really believe that they’re loved is not from some creep online. Make sure it was you, dad, and mom, and brother.

Teach your sons how to respect women, teach your sons how to protect women. Not that I’m saying women are weak and can’t protect themselves. But man’s job is to be a watchman, to go out there and hunt and look for the bad guys. But dads are not doing that. So, ultimately, it comes down to the father.

Now look at what’s happening to the African American community. Fatherless nation. We got to bring those dads back—got to get them back, got to get them involved so those young girls do not go trust some weird guy to tell them what love is, what their purpose is in life, what their worth is in life, because they’ll do it.

del Guidice: Jaco, thank you so much for joining us today on The Daily Signal Podcast, we are honored to have you and thank you for sharing everything you’ve shared.

Booyens: Thank you, Rachel. You guys are amazing. Thank you for your work. It’s an honor.

del Guidice: Thanks for being with us.

Booyens: Bless you.


Rachel del Guidice

Rachel del Guidice is a congressional reporter for The Daily Signal. She is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Forge Leadership Network, and The Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program. Send an email to Rachel. Twitter: @LRacheldG.


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