PODCAST: Miss Nevada, a Combat Veteran, Disqualified from Ms. America Pageant and Shamed Over Trump Support!



Katie Williams, 2019’s Miss Nevada winner, a Combat veteran and a pro-American Is our guest, Apparently, her support for President Donald Trump and Making America Great Again has just disqualified her from the upcoming Ms America pageant.

TOPIC: Miss Nevada, a combat vetran, Disqualified From Ms America Pageant And Shamed Over Trump Support!


Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, freelance writer, author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her books, “Echoes of Communism”, “Liberty on Life Support” and “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” “Communism 2.0: 25 Years Later” are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Her commentaries reflect American Exceptionalism, the economy, immigration, and education.

TOPIC: 4 in 10 Americans Want Socialism.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism. Daniel’s original biweekly column appears at Front Page Magazine and his blog articles regularly appear at Family Security Matters, the Jewish Press, Times of Israel, Act for America and Right Side News, as well as daily at the Canada Free Press and a number of other outlets. The scope of Daniel’s writing covers everything from domestic American politics to creeping Islamism in Scotland and how foreign aid makes its way into the hands of terrorists to white aborigines in Australia, Islamist Imams in Libya, flogging in the Maldives and the hunt for witches in the Muslim world.

TOPIC: What American Jews Don’t Understand About BDS

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VIDEO: The Vortex — The Commie Virus and the Dems love it — need it, in fact.


Before we begin, we’d like to give you a quick update on affairs here at the studios. As you may know, the governor of Michigan yesterday put the state on lockdown until at least April 13. Since we are in Michigan, that impacts us, but not as much as you might think.

Since the apostolate functions quite often as a media outlet, we’re exempt from the shelter-at-home order when it comes to essential personnel. That means people here can come into work. So we have scaled back to a skeleton crew who are coming in just long enough to get done what can only be done in the studio, and then they go home and complete the work there. This way we strike an appropriate balance between keeping staff safe and still keeping you informed, just like the Marxist media is doing.

Which brings us neatly to our topic today, which comes with a serious warning. Watch out! This whole Chinese virus-event is being weaponized against President Trump by the Left and their Marxist media allies.

While we can talk about how the commies in China are responsible for this — whether they created this virus to dump on the Hong Kong protestors as some speculate, or they made it and it somehow escaped the lab — a few things are certain. They lied, which can’t surprise anyone. The communists in China, like their Marxist buddies everywhere, are stone-cold killers.

What is the essential difference between the Party of Death, the Marxist media and commies? Nothing. Commies, the Marxist media and the Dems are really, today, interchangeable labels. They all believe the same thing.

And they do not believe the same things as well. They do not believe in the sacredness of human life. They do not believe in free speech. They do not believe in the U.S. Second Amendment. They do not, most importantly, believe in God. It is, in fact, their rejection of the Divine that leads them to reject all the other things.

[Transcript unavailable]

So whether it was planned or just a crime of opportunity, that cohort is using this chaos as a way to “get Trump.”

When the Democratic child-killing governor of Michigan announced Monday that the state was going on lockdown, she, like other child-killing governors, couldn’t resist blaming Trump. Like all this was his fault and she and her other child-killing governors were left holding the bag, having to clean up his mess. Again, if you kill children, lying isn’t that big of a deal.

Not sure why so many people are unwilling to see the likes of the Marxist media or Democratic leadership for anything other than what they are, which is killers. What’s the difference between any of them and a mob boss, seriously? In fact, no mob boss in history — in fact, all of them combined — couldn’t reach the death toll of just one day’s worth of child-killing.

These murderers are all in league with one another. They cover for one another because they all have the same father.

Consider the fake outrage at Trump calling the virus from China the “Chinese virus.” But that’s what it is. Would they be as outraged if Obama, one of their club, ever said German measles or Spanish flu? Of course not. He’s not Trump, so they don’t have to “get” him.

All you have to do is look at the kerfuffle on Monday, as The New York Times changed its headline three different times to cover up the truth of what the Party of Death was doing to scuttle the economic stimulus package. Look at these headlines, or rather, the progression of them. We go from the factual headline of  “Democrats Block Action on $1.8 Trillion Stimulus” to “Democrats Block Action on Stimulus Plan, Seeking Worker Protections” to “Partisan Divide Threatens Deal on Rescue Bill.”

This is what this crowd does. They lie and cheat, all to cover for their killing of children. They want Trump gone because of that issue. And frankly, it was looking pretty dismal for them given the soaring economy, the best perhaps in the history of the world.

Then along comes a virus … and you know the rest. It’s Trump’s fault. He’s a racist. He closed the borders too soon. He didn’t act soon enough. We child-killing governors did not prepare over these past years to get our own state’s medical emergency response readiness up to speed, but that’s his fault.

Frankly, there is no reason to believe the Party of Death would want any of this to come to an end before election day, as long as they think they can score political points. They hate Trump — really hate him — and it’s all driven by their love of abortion, which is underlined by their rejection of the supernatural. That’s why they go on non-stop, hypocritically, about the natural world. “Save the planet,” “save the whales”…

Marxists love abortion — the godless, that is. That’s what the Marxist media, the Party of Death and the commies in China, who gave the world this pandemic, all have in common. And when it comes time for the election, don’t believe their point man’s garbage about being a believer. Joe Biden is just as Marxist as Bernie Sanders. He just hides behind religion and specifically the Catholic religion. His campaign has even produced a video — get this — showing Holy Joe talking about going to Mass and saying his Rosary.

[Transcript unavailable]

It’s revolting. So yes, don’t take your eye off the ball on this. Not a single thing on the agenda has changed. Trump has to go because of the abortion issue. It’s just the circumstances and weapons that keep changing. The game is the same.

The commie virus from China, the Party of Death believes, has given them a ray of hope for the upcoming election. Don’t let it happen.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: America is winning together

President Trump didn’t wait to take action on Coronavirus, from imposing swift travel restrictions on China to organizing a White House Task Force in January.

These early moves—which at the time drew criticism from some in Washington as an “overreaction”—have allowed America to slow the spread of the deadly virus today.

“Every one of us has a role to play in winning this war.”

Together, America has mounted a full-scale response to the pandemic. In the Rose Garden yesterday, a number of CEOs joined the President to explain how they’ve transformed their own companies to help fight the virus:

As great American businesses step up, citizens across the country are doing their part to slow the spread, too. “The choices and sacrifices we make will determine the fate of this virus and, really, the fate of our victory,” President Trump says.

READ: “What we at the FDA are doing to fight Covid-19”

POLL: Americans want better from their news media

A majority of Americans—60 percent, according to Gallup—support the President’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. A slightly smaller majority, 59 percent, approve of Congress’ handling of the crisis. The poll was conducted before President Trump signed the bipartisan CARES Act, which is supported by 77 percent of U.S. adults.

In fact, nearly all of the institutions surveyed by Gallup earned high marks from the public. Americans approve of the efforts by hospitals, state governments, schools, daycares, Federal agencies, and employers to confront the global outbreak together.

There was one exception: the news media. A majority of Americans, 55 percent, disapprove of how the media has handled the Coronavirus response.

Facts and results matter, especially during a crisis. Leaders across the country are putting politics aside to get to work. President Trump and Congress have joined forces on several major emergency-relief bills. Governors are implementing crucial public safety measures. Businesses are repurposing factories to make more masks and other medical supplies available.

Many in the media, however, continue to put ratings before country. Last month, Politico and others spread the false story that President Trump called the Coronavirus “a hoax.” This misinformation came after the Administration had already taken crucial steps to combat the pandemic, including travel restrictions on China in January.

Other pundits have actively rooted for the American response to fail. “On Friday March 20, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said President Trump was lying when he said the U.S. Navy hospital ships would arrive in Los Angeles and New York City in the near future” to help treat patients, Chrissy Clark wrote for The Federalist yesterday.

“Exactly a week later, the USNS Mercy arrived in the Port of Los Angeles.” And yesterday, the USNS Comfort docked at Pier 90 in New York City.

Washington pundits and reporters must start listening to the American public more and to each other less. As the country fights this Coronavirus together, timely and trustworthy information is essential. The news media should prioritize facts and constructive debate—not obsessive attacks on this President based on false narratives.

Americans have had enough, and they’ve said so clearly. It’s time to hear them.\

PODCAST: Honest Elections Project, Philip Haney Assassinated, Trump’s Greatness in a Global Crisis



Jason Snead is the executive director of the Honest Elections Project. Prior to heading the project, Jason spent 10 years at The Heritage Foundation, where he had the honor to work for former Attorney General Ed Meese. During his tenure at Heritage, Jason rose to become a senior policy analyst and a recognized expert on a wide range of subjects. He regularly studied, wrote, and spoke on topics ranging from criminal justice and civil asset forfeiture reform, to technology policy and the regulation of drones in American skies, to preserving the integrity of American elections. Jason also managed the development of the Heritage Election Fraud Database.

TOPIC: Honest Elections Project Files Brief in Minnesota Against Partisan Ballot Order Lawsuit.


James Simpson is an economist, former White House budget analyst, businessman, and investigative journalist. His professional experience includes working as an economist, businessman, author, and journalist. Simpson is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. Jim is also seeking the nomination to run for U.S. House Maryland District 2.

TOPIC: Phil Haney: My Friend and Colleague, Assassinated!


Rod Thomson, founder of The Revolutionary Act conservative commentary site and of The Thomson Group, a public relations and communications company based in Florida. Before launching his own business in 2012, he had 25 years of newspaper experience, from reporter to investigative reporter to columnist to executive editor. He has been published in national publications such as the New York Times, National Review, Newsmax, People Magazine and Focus on the Family. He has been a guest on the Michael Medved Show and the Hugh Hewitt Show, plus several regional programs.

TOPIC: Are We Seeing The Emergence Of Greatness In A Crisis?

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VIDEO: The Vortex — A Virus by Any Other Name — Still comes from the Commies.


It’s pay-up time for the commies in China — seriously.

You need to look at the association — the relationships — between all these various Marxist outfits, including the U.S. media and various departments at the Vatican, in addition to the killers in the Forbidden Palace.

This virus began in Wuhan, period. And after a mid-level commie bureaucrat tried to pin that on the U.S. Army, a higher-ranking Chinese Communist Party official finally denied the claim a couple days ago. It began in Wuhan, period. Sorry commies, but that’s the reality. Calling it the Wuhan virus — like CNN and other Marxist media outfits did originally — is no more racist than calling enchiladas Mexican food.

But there is a disinformation game being played here. And it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that it all began in the Vatican — not specifically about the Wuhan virus, but the presentation to the world that the commie killers who run China and terrorize their own citizens, are perfectly normal. More on that in a moment.

First, there’s this insanity that identifying the killer virus with China, but more specifically Wuhan, is racist. It’s not racist in the slightest, any more than President Trump was being racist getting out ahead of the whole scene by closing the U.S. borders to Chinese travelers. Funny how when Trudeau in Canada, as well as Mexico and Spain and Italy and so on, all closed their borders, the idiots on CNN and MSNBC didn’t call them racists. Virtually every major disease outbreak is named after either the person who first died of it, the scientists who discovered it or the geographic location where it first appeared.

But in the case of the Wuhan virus, Tedros Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization, announced on Tuesday, Feb. 11, that the name would be COVID-19. His reason? Naming it after a location would be “stigmatizing.” Give me a break. No, it would be truthful and accurate. But of course, in this case, it is much more than PC, even PC on steroids. It’s deflection. This virus has engulfed the world and killed thousands precisely because of where it came from — a communist regime which attacks and brutalizes its own people, routinely, as a matter of state policy.

There’s a lot of debate whether the virus originated in a lab as part of a larger bioweapon strategy or in the so-called wet markets where raw, exotic animals are eaten, often still-living. In either case, this nightmare scenario was brought to you by the Chinese Communist Party — emphasis on communists — either engineering a killer virus to control populations, or creating an environment where people are so deprived that eating raw, sometimes live animals, is a necessity.

Then, the commie killers lied to the world about it and murdered people in an attempt to keep it quiet. But the enormity of their crimes cannot be called out without at the same time pointing out their enablers — political and religious.

In the political world, phony Catholic Joe Biden has been the leading enabler of making the communists in China seem respectable. Biden was perhaps the leading force behind getting and maintaining the “most favored nation” trade status for China during his time in the U.S. Senate. The commies used that status to suck millions of jobs out of America, luring greedy corporate chieftains to the never-ending supply of cheap labor in communist sweatshops. The United States’ as well as other countries’ corporations have to pay a hefty sum to the commies to gain access to those slave laborers. And there was Joe, every step of the way, leading the charge.

The Chinese communists grew rich. The nation became an economic world power and created trillions of dollars in trade imbalance between us and them — the so-called unlevel playing field that Trump has gone about leveling, no thanks to Joe and the Dems. But Joe couldn’t care less. No wonder the commies in Beijing were happy to fork over a billion bucks to his son Hunter when Biden was faking his way through the U.S. vice presidency under sellout Obama. What’s a billion dollars here or there when you’ve unfairly ripped off trillions over the years?

But for Catholics, perhaps the greatest betrayal has been the Vatican elevating China to some vaunted position on the world stage of respectability — being depicted as the most caring nation. And no, that’s not a joke. Two years ago, the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences praised the commie government in China — actually praised them — for demonstrating moral leadership on a global level in defense of human dignity. Precisely, he stated: “At this moment, those who best realize the social doctrine of the Church are the Chinese.”

Well, if the social doctrine of the Church calls for aborting female babies, aborting the second conceived child regardless of sex, having a concentration camp system that is the envy of dictators all over the world, running sweatshops for global corporate fatcats to get rich, brutalizing the populace and pouring vasts sums of money into biolgocal weapons to kill innocent civilians, then, yes — score!

The unbelievable comments came from Bp. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, an Argentinian, who went on to say, the communist Chinese have “defended the dignity of the human person.” Has pot been legalized in the Vatican? He added that “China is evolving very well” and that China is not the same as it once was. They care about climate change. Well, thank goodness for things evolving, right?

Sorondo last month gave Holy Communion in the Vatican to Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández, a rabid abortion supporter. And if that wasn’t enough, Fernández — again, the nation’s president — is shacked up with a concubine, and of course the first — ahem, “lady” received as well, at the hands of Sorondo.

So if someone ever tells you the Church isn’t with the times, you laugh at them and say, “Not only are we with the times, we are actually leading the charge.” We praise communist torturers who unleash pandemics on humanity, distribute the body and blood of Jesus Christ to child-killing presidents and their whores, and wouldn’t think of lifting a finger to prevent the leading Democrat in the race for the White House from preventing sacrilege.

What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, the communists in China are bad — real bad — but hats off to those who vaulted them into their world leadership role — the Marxists in America joined by the Marxists in the Vatican. And did we mention pervert Ted McCarrick? Remember him? He crafted the deal for the Vatican and China which has led to the selling-out of Chinese Catholics.

But of course, in the face of all that, let’s keep our priorities. No matter what you do, never, ever call it “the Wuhan virus.” That would be “stigmatizing.”

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VIDEO: Exclusive — Inside The New York and New Jersey Hospitals Battling Coronavirus

Never before seen footage from the front lines.

Inside The New York and New Jersey Hospitals Battling Coronavirus:

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New York Imam Finds the Key: Coronavirus Comes from Women Showing Too Much Ankle

My latest in PJ Media:

Amid all the controversy over where the coronavirus comes from (don’t you dare call it the “Chinese Virus,” a la “Spanish Flu,” that would be racist, and to be racist is worse than the virus itself) and what should be done about it, a Muslim cleric in Syracuse, NY., has found the key; thousands of people are being infected, many are dying, and America is teetering on the edge of economic collapse because American women are showing too much ankle.

Don’t laugh. Laughing would be “Islamophobic,” and Khadar Bin Muhammad, the imam of the Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah in Syracuse, is not making a joke. In a video [below] posted on YouTube last week and reposted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the learned imam explains it all for us. Offering us a revelation that the Center for Disease Control and everyone else who is working on the coronavirus crisis have overlooked, the imam explained that “safety comes through tauhid,” that is, Islam’s concept of monotheism. So if you don’t want to contract the coronavirus, turn to Allah. Khadar Bin Muhammad says: “Every destruction and every harm comes through shirk” – that is, having other gods besides Allah – “and through worshipping other than Allah, believing in other than Allah, and thinking that [anything] other than Allah can harm you or have an effect on you. All harm comes through that. That is why you see the kuffar [infidels] are the scaredest people.”

The infidels aren’t just scared when they should be trusting in Allah. They are also the cause of all the trouble in the first place – specifically infidel women. According to Khadar Bin Muhammad, the coronavirus is a manifestation of Allah’s wrath against their outrageous immodesty. “How many women do we see,” he asked, “may Allah guide them and protect them, who walk around and show their ankles? Is this not part of her awra [private parts]?”

Yes, that’s right. Khadar Bin Muhammad said that women’s ankles were part of her private parts. As strange as it may seem, this is not an eccentric view in Islam. A hadith depicts Muhammad saying to a woman, “‘O Asma’, when a woman reaches the age of menstruation, it does not suit her that she displays her parts of body except this and this,’ and he pointed to her face and hands” (Sunan Abu Dawud 4092).

Many Muslims believe that by saying this, Muhammad proclaimed every part of a woman except her face and hands to be her private parts, never to be seen in public.

There is much more. Read the rest here.


Former UK PM Accused of Letting Muslim Rape Gangs Roam Free in Exchange for Saudi Money

Yemen: Amid coronavirus crisis, Islamic court sentences Baha’i to death for being Baha’i

Muslim cleric in Gaza says coronavirus is soldier of Allah, “Muslims are the people who are least infected”

Israel: Muslims throw firebombs at minibus carrying Jews

India: 12 Muslims found hiding in mosques to avoid coronavirus restrictions

Afghanistan: Taliban shoot and kill woman who was accused of adultery

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Live From New York, It’s the Coronavirus Jihad

My latest in PJ Media:

In light of the fact that the Qur’an says: “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers, merciful to one another” (48:29), it is no surprise that at least one Muslim has issued a call to weaponize the coronavirus against non-Muslims – and he is right here in the United States.

Bahgat Saber, a Muslim Brotherhood activist based in New York, recently said in a video [below] that “whoever has flu-like symptoms – cold, fever, sneezing – should pay a visit to his ‘friends’ who work for Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s government.”

Al-Sisi toppled the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt in 2013, and Saber sees the coronavirus as an opportunity for Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt to get revenge: “The moment you get flu-like symptoms like a cold or a fever, go to the public prosecution office that is closest to your house. Go to any building where they might illegally incarcerate people. If you can, go to a building of the Security Investigations Service, and if you can’t, just wait for them and sneeze on their cars when they pass by.”

Saber let his imagination run wild, thinking of ways Muslim Brotherhood members could weaponize the coronavirus: “If you want the state to care about coronavirus and start dealing with this disease, whoever among you suffers from influenza, fever, or cold, should just casually walk into a police station, or go to an office of the public prosecution, or to a courthouse. If you are a soldier, you can go into the defense ministry, and shake hands with all the generals of the military and the police. The same is true with the justice system. [People should target] the businessmen and actors who support Sisi. He should go to Media Production City. If there are people who oppose the military coup and work in Media Production City, and who have contracted anything – cold, fever, anything… They should go there and shake hands with everybody.…If you have contracted coronavirus, you should exact revenge! Avenge yourself, avenge the honor of your women, avenge the people who are in prison, and avenge the oppressed people. Go there. Why die alone? When you die, why die alone?”

Allah might take al-Sisi out himself, Saber acknowledged, but encouraged Muslims to give the deity some help: “Perhaps coronavirus will topple Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Our Lord is capable of doing anything. But you have to make proper use of this.”

Nor did he limit his call for murder-by-coronavirus to Egypt alone: “People who are outside of Egypt should go to any consulate or embassy. They are all licentious villains and sons of bitches….Exact revenge!…If you know someone [sick], send him on a visit. You’ll be doing him a favor.…When you talk to people, they say to you: ‘We don’t have machine guns, we don’t have F-16 plans, we don’t have this and that…’ But now you have the coronavirus culture.”

There is much more. Read the rest here.


Switzerland: Brother of Muslim “reformer” accused of many rapes says fornication and adultery created coronavirus

“The Palestinian Delusion” explains why the land-for-peace “bargain always fails to materialize”

Sudan: Muslims burn down two Christian churches in the past month

Greece: “Palestinian” Muslim migrants set fire to refugee camp on Lesbos

Turkey Uses Hagia Sophia as Mosque for Islamic Prayer Again

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

New York: Muslim Brotherhood activist, ‘If you have contracted coronavirus, you should exact revenge!’ [Video]

Is Bahgat Saber’s activity in New York under investigation? Why not? Would that be “Islamophobic”?

In any case, his call is completely Islamic: “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers, merciful to one another.” (Qur’an 48:29)

“NY-Based Muslim Brotherhood Activist Bahgat Saber Urges Egyptians to Deliberately Infect Government Officials and Employees at Egypt’s Consulates and Embassies with Coronavirus, MEMRI, March 1, 2020:

Bahgat Saber, a New York-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood activist, said in a video he uploaded to his Facebook page on March 1, 2020 that any Egyptian who has flu-like symptoms or coronavirus should deliberately go to Egyptian police stations, public prosecution offices, courthouses, embassies, and consulates and shake hands with government officials in order to exact revenge against President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s government, which he said is deeply corrupt, and avenge the people Sisi has oppressed. He added that if he gets coronavirus, he plans to go to the Egyptian consulate in New York and infect the people working there.

Bahgat Saber: “Whoever has flu-like symptoms – cold, fever, sneezing – should pay a visit to his ‘friends’ who work for Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s government. The moment you get flu-like symptoms like a cold or a fever, go to the public prosecution office that is closest to your house. Go to any building where they might illegally incarcerate people. If you can, go to a building of the Security Investigations Service, and if you can’t, just wait for them and sneeze on their cars when they pass by.


“If you want the state to care about coronavirus and start dealing with this disease, whoever among you suffers from influenza, fever, or cold, should just casually walk into a police station, or go to an office of the public prosecution, or to a courthouse. If you are a soldier, you can go into the defense ministry, and shake hands with all the generals of the military and the police. The same is true with the justice system. [People should target] the businessmen and actors who support Sisi. He should go to Media Production City. If there are people who oppose the military coup and work in Media Production City, and who have contracted anything – cold, fever, anything… They should go there and shake hands with everybody.


“If you have contracted coronavirus, you should exact revenge! Avenge yourself, avenge the honor of your women, avenge the people who are in prison, and avenge the oppressed people. Go there. Why die alone? When you die, why die alone?


“Perhaps coronavirus will topple Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Our Lord is capable of doing anything. But you have to make proper use of this.


“People who are outside of Egypt should go to any consulate or embassy. They are all licentious villains and sons of bitches.


“Exact revenge! This is legal and constitutional revenge. No law or constitution prohibits you from paying them a visit. If you know someone [sick], send him on a visit. You’ll be doing him a favor.


“When you talk to people, they say to you: ‘We don’t have machine guns, we don’t have F-16 plans, we don’t have this and that…’ But now you have the coronavirus culture.


“If I am infected, I will go to the Egyptian consulate here. They are all corrupt sons of bitches. I’ve been dealing with them for years.”


Anti-Israel Fanatic Would Rather Be Infected By Coronavirus Than Be Protected By Israeli Vaccine

India: Muslim protester refuses to disperse, says “corona means Qur’an” and won’t harm Muslims

Turkey: Refah political party leader says coronavirus “serves Zionism’s goals of decreasing the number of people”

UK: New film has non-Muslims drag Muslim family from home and murder them as non-Muslim neighbors watch approvingly

Israel: Police called on to arrest Muslim cleric who declared “we’ll conquer the world and rule it through Islam”

Nigeria: Islamic scholar says group prayer should continue, Muslims have “potent immune system against coronavirus”

Sudan’s transitional government abolishes Islamic committees that confiscated church properties

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Brit Hume Describes A Coronavirus Scenario That Could Be ‘Quite Good News’ For President Trump

Fox News contributor Brit Hume described a scenario that could end up being “quite good news” for President Donald Trump as he leads the nation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.


Appearing on Tuesday night’s edition of “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Hume first acknowledged that the sinking economic conditions certainly “spells trouble for the incumbent.”

“If, on the other hand, we are able to blunt the force of this,” he told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, “and we are able to helicopter, drop money out of helicopters, as the saying goes – to get money to people – an economic downturn, and people are able to weather it, and it comes to be felt by the country that this administration, after maybe some halting steps at the beginning, did a good job mobilizing the country and mobilizing the government and seeing us through it, that could be quite good news for the president.”

Hume also gave credit to Democrats for voting for former Vice President Joe Biden, someone “believed at least by many of them to be a moderate.”


Tucker Carlson: Shutting Down Economy Poses ‘Its Own Kind Of Public Health Risk’

Winning The Coronavirus War

‘I Don’t Have Time To Listen To Bullsh*t’: Former FEMA Chief Storms Off During Live MSNBC Hit

China Said It First, Then The Media Scrambled To Amplify It

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VIDEO: The Vortex — The Last Chance


No one in America who really, deeply cares about the future of the United States misses the point that what people on both sides are actually voting on is the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court.

For decades, and largely while political conservatives — including a hefty number of Catholics — were asleep at the switch, the Marxist Left was implementing a takeover of the country through judicial fiat. The Left resorted to the courts because they could not get done what they wanted through state legislatures. So, in an effort to usurp the will of the people, they populated the nation’s elite law schools with social radicals, some of whom, after decades, were able to rise high in positions within the federal judiciary.

By the time political conservatives caught on to the plan, it was too late. The Left sufficiently controlled the courts, including the Supreme Court, to force its will on the people. Once something becomes legal, in people’s minds, it tends to be more readily viewed as acceptable, even moral. Even formerly controversial issues take on an air of respectability, and opposition to them now becomes seen as narrow-mindedness.

But the composition of the High Court — the ages of various justices — brought the issue to a head in the 2016 presidential election. It was almost a certainty that the court could shift to the right, even marginally, if Trump was elected. So while the Left was alarmed, the Right was ecstatic at the possibility. After decades and decades of hard, grinding, thankless work, the possibility was coming into focus that Donald Trump in the White House might finally hand the brass ring to the cause of political conservatism.

And the issue was abortion. If Hillary were to win, it would be game over, potentially forever. And recall, during the 2016 race, there was already one vacancy on the court — the seat of Antonin Scalia — a conservative seat. Securing that seat with a liberal, as Obama had nominated in the person of Merrick Garland, would have been the death-knell.

Fast forward to 2020 and a rapidly aging, in-poor-health Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. As one expert told Church Militant, “The old gal will last one year. She isn’t going to last five.” If Trump wins re-election it is virtually guaranteed that he will replace Ginsburg, one of the most Marxist-minded, pro-abortion, anti-God justices ever to sit on the bench.

But here’s a question — something to consider: If the court tips from its current 5–4 to 6–3 conservative bent — or even possibly 7–2 — before Trump’s second term is over, and then would overturn Roe v. Wade, what would happen?

Pondering that possibility, and even planning for it to some degree, the Left is arming itself and speaking openly of rebellion. It seems not that far-fetched that the same crowd that starts fires on college campuses when conservative speakers arrive and violently riots in the streets under the banner of Antifa would have little compunction about making blood run in those same streets if the Court toppled abortion. Current whispers of civil war might become louder than just whispers.

If that happens, if something like that — even on a somewhat limited scale — were to occur, it would, by definition, become a noble cause: the defense of innocent life.

There is not an honest man or woman walking who does not know that the Left supports child-murder. That is the central motivating issue around which all of American politics have evolved since the days of Ronald Reagan. That has been the central issue of the attempt to unseat Donald Trump for going on three years now, even up to the relative Marxist-media hype surrounding the coronavirus scare.

This is relative to what, you may ask? It’s relative to the swine flu epidemic that went on for more than a year under Obama and killed thousands of Americans. Nothing was done by the media giants in that case like is being done now. They have seized on a serious issue and are perfectly happy to use it to try and destabilize Trump — they’ll try anything to destabilize him — and it’s all because abortion is always playing in the background.

Abortion is and has been the topic that has been responsible for shaping the national debate for more than 40 years. It caused the bedlam surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh hearings — even the pounding on the doors of the High Court once he was confirmed. It was the admitted issue when New York Sen. Chuck Schumer hurled his invective and threats against both Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch — actually threatening them —for which he never apologized. The case he was talking about? Abortion.

But this is what pro-lifers need to note, and note hard: Given the rapidly changing demographics of the country — an essentially morally rudderless young population, opposed to religion and unfamiliar with natural law, this election is the last chance to secure and lock down a pro-life court. Pro-life voters will simply be overwhelmed by sheer numbers of the socialist-loving lefties by 2024.

In the midst of all this — with everything on the table — do not look to the U.S. bishops to make this point. Too many of them are registered Democrats themselves and do not possess supernatural faith. They are enamored with the Party of Death — even child-killers who are baptized Catholics they love schmoozing with.

The marriage between political conservatives and theologically orthodox Catholics has brought this moment to reality. It has been a gigantic, uphill struggle — a fight for the ages — and is now the last great clash over the future direction of the nation we will see in our lifetime. The Right has arrived at a point of equal footing, or at least as equal as it’s ever going to get. The victory must be secured and it must be secured now, because the moment will never arrive again as long as any of us are breathing.

In 233 days, we will know our future.

Pray, fast and act like you’ve never done before.

It is your solemn duty before the Lord of Life.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

PODCAST: With this Wuhan Flu epidemic, put your trust in science and institutions!



Congressman Tom Price served as the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 6th congressional district, encompassing the northern suburbs of Atlanta, A physician Dr Price He was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services by President Donald Trump. While in Congress, Price chaired the House Committee on the Budget, Republican Study Committee and Republican Policy Committee.

TOPIC: With this epidemic, put your trust in science and institutions!


Robert Powell started his career in finance 50 years ago as an OTC trader in Philadelphia. Bob than became an investment advisor with Janney Montgomery Scott until 1993 ..was recruited by AGEdwards & Sons until the company was sold..went to Legg Mason until it was acquired by now Morgan Stanley..was then recruited by Raymond James in 2012.until Bob retired in October of 2017 and transferred the Alpha Capital Partners to the capable hands of Tyler Mercer.

TOPIC: The market and the Corona Virus!


Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and author of articles and books on energy, environmental and human rights issues.

TOPIC: How exactly do they plan to replace fossil fuels?

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PODCAST: Trump Quarantines Abortion Money in Virus Bill

While lots of Americans are hunkered down at home, the U.S. Senate is holed up in its offices — waiting for a crack at the House’s coronavirus bill. And while there’s a lot of uncertainty about what’s actually in the package, Republican leaders won’t have to contend with at least one thing: abortion funding.

The version that passed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) chamber in the wee hours of Saturday morning wasn’t what the House majority was hoping for. After word leaked out that Democrats had tried to tack on a secret slush fund for abortion, even MSNBC couldn’t hide its shock. “What does that have to do with COVID-19?” host Joy Reid asked. What indeed, Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebr.) argued. With schools closing and most every gathering postponed, he couldn’t believe that Pelosi’s priority was getting more money in the hands of people who take life, not treat it. “Speaker Pelosi should be fighting the coronavirus pandemic, not politicizing emergency funding by fighting against the bipartisan Hyde Amendment,” he insisted. “We need to be ramping up our diagnostic testing, not waging culture wars at the behest of Planned Parenthood. Good grief.”

When the White House got wind of the Democrats’ plan, President Trump wasted no time warning House leaders what would happen to the bill if it got to him with that language: Absolutely nothing. Keeping a promise he made at the March for Life in 2019, the administration made it crystal clear that he wouldn’t allow Pelosi to hijack the crisis with her radical plans to overthrow the Hyde amendment. Emergency or no emergency. “As the House conducts its business,” the president wrote in a shot across the bow last January, “I urge that it respect and continue these other important pro-life protections… I will veto any legislation that weakens current pro-life federal policies or laws — or that encourages the destruction of innocent human life at any stage.”

The pressure worked. By the time the House voted, the language that would have compromised the Hyde amendment was gone. In an interview on “Washington Watch” last Friday, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) cheered the administration’s stand but warned that Congress still isn’t out of the woods yet. “They removed the anti-Hyde amendment provision. So we got that back and protected the unborn, at least… [But] we have to be vigilant — that’s for sure… [There are] provisions that have nothing to do with the coronavirus basically being thrown into this thing. And that’s just par for the course for the activist Left.”

Like a lot of Republicans, he also urged caution on a bill of this magnitude. “It’s a far-reaching and expansive and bill on spending,” Congressman Biggs explained, and although both chambers are doing their best to work quickly, there are still very serious legislative landmines. “Panic is no friend to sound policymaking,” NRO pointed out. As important as it is to combat the virus, it’s just as important to make sure America isn’t ravaged by Congress’s solutions. Right now, neither side of the aisle can even put a price tag on the bill — because no one can predict how widespread the pandemic will be.

“Most of the measures in this [plan] are something that the senators support,” Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) agreed. But there are concerns just the same — for small businesses, certainly, and the U.S. deficit. “Many of the 40 House Republicans who opposed the measure Saturday morning complained that they only had a few minutes to read the bill text,” Fox News’s Chad Pegram writes. “And, to this point, no one truly knows the cost of the measure. It’s anywhere from tens of billions of dollars to the hundreds of billions of dollars.” For Congress, it’s a delicate balance. As much as everyone wants to help the economy, conservatives understand: we can’t afford to create more permanent spending programs and entitlements.

Hopefully, a number of these concerns will be sorted out by the Republican Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has promised to work quickly but thoughtfully. In the end, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) advised, Congress needs to “approach this with a level head and pass a bill that does more good than harm.” It would be better to pass nothing, he said, than to rush through anything that could haunt us later on.

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


Abortion and Coronavirus: Here’s What You Need to Know

Feed the Need: Churches on the Front Lines of Virus Response

‘There Is No Burden Too Heavy for God’

EDITORS NOTE: This FRC-Action podcast and column are republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

VIDEOS: President Trump Secures No-Cost Virus Testing for Americans

The Trump Administration is leading an “all-of-America” approach, as Vice President Mike Pence calls it, to protect Americans during the global Coronavirus outbreak.

“Last week, at this table, the President met with pharmaceutical leaders, we met with nursing home leaders, leaders of commercial labs, airline industries,” Vice President Pence said. “We’re bringing all of the businesses of the country to bear to protect the health of the American people.”

Earlier today, President Trump and the Vice President met with executives from America’s largest health insurance companies, where they announced a major deal.

Please visit Coronavirus.com to learn more.

Vice President Pence: We are defending all patients against surprise billing

“I’m pleased to report, as you requested, Mr. President, that all the insurance companies here—either today or before today—have agreed to waive all copays on coronavirus testing and extend coverage for coronavirus treatment in all of their benefit plans,” the Vice President said.

Medicare and Medicaid announced recently that beneficiaries will have Coronavirus testing and treatment covered. Now, private insurers have made that commitment, as well.

Insurers also agreed to cover telemedicine services, which will allow all patients—particularly among the vulnerable senior population—to be treated without feeling the need to go to a hospital or doctor’s office.

After sitting down with insurance leaders at the White House, the President traveled to Capitol Hill this afternoon, where he and Vice President Pence met with lawmakers. “We just had a meeting on stimulus, and you’ll be hearing about it soon. But it was a great meeting,” President Trump said.

He also had one important message for Americans during this time: We’re prepared.

“Everybody has to be vigilant and has to be careful. But be calm,” the President said. Thanks to early preventative measures by the Administration, as well as the strong fundamentals in our economy and job market, America is in great shape to weather any storm.

Watch today’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing live at 5:30 p.m. ET.

President TrumpBe vigilant, careful, and calm in response to Coronavirus

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VIDEO: Corona Faith — Time to draw nearer to God

This is a perfect time to draw near to God. Here are some of my ideas. Please watch: CORONA FAITH:

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