Author reveals little known Black history

jack6.000x9.000.inddPlease watch the interview about my book “Writing Wrongs: My Political Journey in Black and Write” with Andrea Roane from WUSA Channel 9 the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C. During the interview I reveal some little known facts about Black history.

Writing Wrongs is a compilation of my columns that will challenge everything you thought was “conventional wisdom” Whether you agree or disagree, you will be forced to rethink core issues you thought were settled in your mind. You will be challenged to answer questions like: is homosexual entitlements the new civil rights, has Obama’s presidency set back the state of race relations, or which party has the biggest problem with the minority community–Democrat or Republican?

If you think you already have the answer, then think again. Writing Wrongs will cause you to reassess the answers you think you have to questions such as these. If you are prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone, then this book will be a thrilling read; but have no illusions, the ride will not be easy.