Lawsuit against malicious internet attackers

Image: “An Abyssinian Lawsuit”

Bill finally hits back against malicious internet attackers.


“An Abyssinian Lawsuit”.

The featured image is based on the description of Abyssinia by James Bruce. The book notes:

Bruce also described the Abyssinians as never making a new law, as with their usual superstition and obstinacy they ascribe to their ancient statutes a Divine or sacred authority. Thus, when a case is before the judges, they say: “Let us hear what the Fitha Negust (their law-book) says.” It is opened solemnly, and the first passage which can be found bearing at all on the subject, is read and acted upon, all other considerations being disregarded. On the occasion of a lawsuit, both parties, accuser and accused, must find security or be fastened together during the continuance of the suit; and afterwards the loser must again give security on all the points for which he may be condemned. Also he must hand over a certain amount, according to the importance of the case, to the judges, who get no other pay beyond the numerous presents they receive on all hands.