Thoughts from the latrine: Liberal crap about jobs Americans won’t do

I am flying to Knoxville to speak tonight and my frequent flyer miles are with US Airways, so my flight itinerary took me from West Palm Beach to Charlotte.

As always, after a flight I had to “hit the latrine” and if y’all out there are familiar with Charlotte you know they have restroom attendants. These fellas are always kind and courteous and take immense pride in their respective duty. Today, since it is SEC Men’s basketball tournament semifinals with my Tennessee Vols taking on top ranked Florida, I have on my orange hat with the big “T” on it. The restroom attendant, Centario, a professed Clemson fan, began talking to me about SEC sports, today’s games, and football. A few others joined in — there was even a Florida Gator in the mix. I tipped Centario, a squared-away clean cut black man, and bade him farewell.

As I walked to the E Concourse it hit me. We always hear the constant droning message that there are jobs Americans will not do. It is a line progressive socialists want to sell in order to expand the welfare nanny-state. when the reign of Obama began, unemployment benefits went for 26 weeks. Obama, with the nefarious complicity of henchmen Pelosi and Reid, extended it to 99 weeks, and of course they now demand more extensions.

Recently, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported that Obamacare would result in the loss of 2.5 million jobs, which we discussed here. Liberal progressives joined together harping that it was their goal to liberate Americans from being “trapped by a job” and that they would have more time to stay at home and get a government subsidy check.

The truth is so obvious: liberal progressives, such as Obama Rex, do not want to inspire the American work ethic. They are doing everything possible to erode that special sense of pride, like you see in the restroom attendants here who work and earn their own. The manipulative ploys of “income inequality” and the insidious minimum wage and overtime executive orders are just more of their political tricks and gimmicks. And I know the liberal socialist media and political operatives will misconstrue my words, but that just demonstrates their lack of moral character.

Americans will work, they want to provide for themselves and their families. As my Mom, Snooks West instructed me, self-esteem comes from doing “esteemable” things. Sitting and waiting for a government pittance, a measly subsistence is not the basis of esteem. It is not a part of the exceptional American genetic code. Tax and regulatory policies that create and expand opportunity, in the private sector, especially for small businesses, are what is needed. Obama and his acolytes offer economic servitude, and that has always been the end result of socialism: shared misery.

Rise up America and do not allow yourselves to be tricked and shackled by the charlatans of liberal progressivism. Stand, stand this day, Men of the West, for yourselves, for your families, for liberty, for America.

And God bless the restroom attendants of Charlotte-Douglas international Airport.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The featured photo is by Heather Hutchinson from Edmonton, Canada. The photo has been edited. The original may be view here. This photo is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.