‘Consider This A Warning’: ICE Agents Arrested Thousands Of Sexual Predators In 2019

  • Homeland Security Investigations agents made 3,771 criminal arrests relating to child exploitation in the 2019 fiscal year, marking an 18% increase from the previous fiscal year, officials said. 
  • Special agents with Homeland Security Investigations, which operates under the umbrella of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, increasingly cracked down on child sex exploitation, particularly child sex tourism.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement opened the Angel Watch Center on Thursday, which is dedicated to alerting foreign governments of incoming U.S. sexual predators.

FAIRFAX, Virginia — Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed Thursday that it arrested well over 3,700 sexual predators in the past fiscal year, as the agency’s announcement coincided with its grand opening of a facility dedicated to monitoring convicted sexual predators traveling internationally.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the investigative unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), announced it initiated 4,224 child exploitation cases during the 2019 fiscal year, which began in October 2018 and concluded at the end of September. Those cases led to a total of 3,771 criminal arrests, and the identification or rescue of 1,066 victims.

The numbers reflected a significant uptick — 18% — from the previous fiscal year. It’s a result, HSI contended, of its commitment to ending crimes against children.

“HSI’s agents, in cooperation with our law enforcement partners, work tirelessly to find and bring to justice, individuals who commit these heinous crimes,” acting special agent in charge of HSI Seattle Eben Roberts said in a prepared statement. “Moreover, we are dedicated to rescuing from harm’s way our most precious population — our children — and those who seek to harm them should consider this a warning.”

ICE published a short list of individuals arrested by HSI agents in the Pacific Northwest area, who were later convicted of various child exploitation crimes, such as child pornography, and the sexual abuse and molestation of minors.

The news release coincided with the Thursday opening of HSI’s Angel Watch Center in Fairfax, Virginia — an addition to the agency’s Cyber Crimes Center. When convicted and registered child sex offenders are anticipated to travel to another country, it’s the job of the Angel Watch Center to notify the country’s government. The overall goal of the facility’s operation is the prevention of child sex tourism — the act of traveling internationally for the purpose of sexually exploiting minors.

Watch the Impeachment shoe of Marie Yovanovitch fall.

Following the failure of the two witnesses on Day One of the Schiff Impeachment Star Chamber to land a blow on the US President, the “star” performer on Day Two promises to be the Obama-appointed US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

Yovanovitch was an enabler of the DNC’s attempts in Kiev to access Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on candidate Trump prior to the 2016 election. They ended up with zero dirt of Trump but moved to target anyone in Trump’s inner campaign circle.

Yovanovitch also protected George Soros’s meddling in the Ukraine via his faux “anti-corruption” NGO, Anti-Corruption Action Center.  A Soros representative told John Solomon that the anti-corruption group was a Trojan Horse in advance of Soros’s intention to invest a billion dollars in the Ukraine.

George Kent, the bow-tied witness on Day One of the Hearing, actually signed a letter to Yuriy Stolyarchuk, the Ukrainian Deputy Prosecutor General, dated April 4, 2016, in which he spoke about the financial assistance for joint US projects with the Prosecutor General’s office more than hinted for them to lay off their investigation into Soros’s NGO.

“The investigation into the actions of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, based on the assistance they have received from us, is similarly misplaced.”  Get the hint?

As John Solomon of The Hill exposed. Yovanovitch gave a speech on March 5, 2019, in which she called for Ukraine’s special anticorruption prosecutor to be removed, and the Ukrainian media went wild that a US official was interfering in their internal affairs. Under Secretary of State, David Hale, got peppered with questions whether her actions and statements violated international code of behavior under the Geneva Convention.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was alerted to Yovanovitch’s anti-Trump statements by a senior Congress member. It was echoed by Republican lawmaker.

In mid-March, 2016, the new Ukraine Chief Prosecutor, Yuri Lutsenko, told John Solomon, that in his first meeting with Ambassador Yovanovitch, she gave him the names of several Ukrainians she did not want investigated and prosecuted!  This was a very strange request for a foreign ambassador to ask of a host country.

John Solomon received confirmation from a Ukrainian official who confirmed that,

“at least some of the names are those that US Embassy Kiev raised with the General Prosecutor because we were concerned about retribution and unfair treatment of Ukrainians viewed as favorable to the United States.”

In other words, the State Department was confirming that its own embassy under Yovanovitch had engaged in pressure on Ukrainian prosecutors to drop certain cases and investigations, as the new prosecutor was admitting.

This ties in with the letter signed by George Kent, the Democrats prime witness, that demanded the Ukrainian prosecutor drop the case against Soros’s NGO.

The bow-tied Kent had also demanded that the Ukrainian prosecutor drop investigations into Sergey Leschenko, a Ukrainian parliamentarian, and Artem Sytnyk, a senior law-enforcement official, who had assisted the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 US elections by divulging information about a former Trump campaign figure, Paul Manafort.

When pressed by the New York Times, Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko stood by his statement that Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch did provide him with names of individuals and groups she did not want investigating.

One final point. The writer has been told that Marie Yovanovitch denied a US entry visa to prosecutor Lutsenko to visit with the US Department of Justice to provide them with documents and information on this issue. I am still waiting for verification and confirmation on this point. I hope it will be brought up during her Impeachment cross examination by Republican lawmakers.

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Leaked Memo From Top US Diplomat in Syria – What Could the US Have Done?

As so often, the New York Times headline writers have done their best to obscure the underlying story.

William Roebuck, the senior U.S. diplomat on the ground in northeast Syria since 2018, has written a well thought-out, honest, and forward-looking appraisal of the damage done to U.S. interests and to regional security by Turkey in a confidential memo to his bosses at the State Department, which of course was immediately leaked to the Times.

This is no “gotcha” memo; nor does it blast the President for betraying the Kurds, as the media and Congressional narrative would have you believe. Instead, he looks at whether we actually could have deterred the Turks from invading northern Syria. “It’s a tough call,” he writes, “and the answer is probably not, given our small footprint, Turkey’s NATO get-out-of-jail-free card,” and Turkey’s determination to quash the Kurds.

Roebuck makes many of the same points I have made in several columns over the past six weeks (herehere, and here):

  • Turkey has totally misrepresenting the “terror” threat from Northern Syria (Rojava), when in fact there has not been a single terror attack inside Turkey launched from areas under control of the Syrian Kurds, or YPG.
  • The United States never promised the Kurds we would help them to establish a sovereign state.
  • YPG military leaders continue to cooperate with the United States and value their relationship to the United States.
  • The Kurds had made significant progress at establishing local governing councils that, while not perfect, show an aspiration toward fair and representative government that should be nurtured.
  • S. “ally” Turkey is more allied with ISIS than with NATO. Erdogan should be named and shamed for this campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Kurds and Assyrian Christians of Northern Syria.

My only beef with Roebuck— and I fully understand his position as the guy on the ground— is that he exaggerates our ability to have deterred the Turks. He argues that if we had positioned a handful of U.S. troops as a buffer between Turkey and the Kurds, Erdogan would have backed off, not wanting to kill U.S. soldiers. But Erdogan has told us repeatedly that is exactly what he intends to do. He said as much the first time he crossed the border in January 2018 when he warned: “Don’t get in between us and terrorist organizations, or we will not be responsible for the unwanted consequences.” In other words, get out of the way, or you die.

We believed him then. And my guess is, the military knew enough to believe him now.

Far from blasting President Trump for Turkey’s thuggish, genocidal behavior, Roebuck argues that we use muscular diplomacy to make Turkey “pay the price” for all bad things that go down in this part of the region from now on.

That’s pretty sound advice. Let’s see how the President plays it when he meets with Erdogan at the White House on November 13.

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Gaza: Delaying the Inevitable — Again!

Delaying the inevitable does not make it less inevitable—only more costly

“A fool can throw a stone in a pond that 100 wise men cannot get out.”Saul Bellow, (1915-2005) 

“The ultimate test of this agreement will be a test of blood. If it becomes clear that [the Palestinians] cannot overcome terror, this will be a temporary accord and…we will have no choice but to abrogate it. And if there is no choice, the IDF will return to the places it is about to leave in the upcoming months.” – Yossi Beilin on the Oslo Accords.

“Everything is reversible.” – Yitzhak Rabin on the Oslo Accords

The targeted assassination of the senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist, Bahaa Abu al-Ata, strikingly underscored two—curiously contrary—things.

The paradox of Israel: Techno-tactical genius; strategic imbecility

The one is Israel’s remarkable expertise and aptitude at the techno-tactical level that enabled such precise intelligence gathering and minimal collateral damage in the deadly accurate strike against the arch-terrorist.

The other is Israel’s blatant ineptitude, indeed imbecility, on the strategic level that has made the need for such impressive displays of techno-tactical genius to be employed so frequently, necessary in the first place.

Indeed, in the last three decades Israel has surged from success to success in virtually every field of human endeavor except in what might turn out to be the most vital—securing its long term survival as the nation state of the Jewish people.

Perversely, despite manifesting extraordinary ability in developing the country beyond recognition in terms of its standard of living, its economic output, its national infrastructure, its cultural contribution, and its diplomatic outreach, it has lurched from strategic blunder to debacle with alarming regularity. Ill-considered territorial concessions exposed Israel to predictable—and predicted—dangers, which have gravely undermined its strategic robustness.

After all, as I have been at pains to underscore on previous occasions, warnings of the perils entailed in relinquishing territory to Arab control were disdainfully dismissed as “Right-wing scaremongering”.

But even for many of the skeptics and opponents of the misguided approach that aimed at mollifying brutal tyrannical regimes with an ill-advised concoction of territorial withdrawal and political appeasement, today’s grim realities have outstripped their gravest fears.

Withdrawal & War: Direct causal link

Indeed, the very notion that a second-tier terror organization could paralyze almost half the country, at will, for days on end, would have seemed inconceivable when the dogma of land-for-peace and its corollary of Palestinian self-government, first began to dominate Israeli strategic thinking—particularly with regard to Gaza.

For, while it might be a matter of speculation as to what dangers Israel might have had to face had it avoided withdrawal from, and evacuation of, Gaza, there can be no argument as to severity of the dangers it is presently facing, having evacuated and withdrawn from it.

Indeed, there is a direct line of causal links between the decision to withdraw the IDF from territory in Gaza and to permit the deployment of armed terrorist militias in the hapless coastal enclave—first in 1994 with the triumphant arrival of Yassar Arafat and then in 2005 with Israel’s evacuation of the entire Strip—and the current turmoil.

By providing the forces of Judeophobic terror a territorial base, on which to develop the means to assault the Jewish state from the skies, on the ground, beneath the ground and from the sea, Israel has been forced to invest enormous efforts to devise solutions for problems that should have never arisen in the first place.

Without the IDF deployed throughout the Strip—a deployment facilitated in large measure by the presence of thriving Israeli communities there—the Gazan terror groups were free to pursue the production, procurement and stockpiling of weapons and to develop military infrastructure previously unimagined.

Reluctance to recognize recalcitrant realities

The latest round of rocket fire against Israel has once again renewed the debate on what solution there is for Gaza—if any.

By chance, this was precisely the topic I focused on in last week’s column, just a few days before Tuesday’s violence erupted.

In it, I pointed out that virtually all conceivable policy alternatives have been tried—unsuccessfully—except for the one that actually address the root of the problem.

This has been studiously avoided by pundits and policymakers alike and only raised in conversation in derisive tones—less it be (mis)taken as a proposal worthy of serious consideration.

At the very foundation of the Gaza problem, is the ill-founded notion that it could be solved by foisting self-government on the Gazan-Arabs. It has been the foolhardy attempt to implement this notion—despite desperate warnings of the consequences— that has led to three decades of trauma and tragedy for Jew and Arab alike. Pigheaded persistence with the same policy rationale will invariably reproduce the results of the past, with increasing costs and intensity.

As I pointed out last week, negotiated transfer of self-governance to Gaza failed, which led to an even more bizarre attempt to confer self-governance unilaterally—which has precipitated the current situation of continuous and increasingly lethal Judeocidal violence.

Reluctance (cont.)

This perennial failure to resolve the hostility has endured despite massive international support that made Gaza one of the highest per capita recipients of foreign aid on the face of the globe, only to have the bulk of it (mis)appropriated and channeled into efforts to produce the means to assault Israel—or to pad the pockets of well-placed cronies of the regime.

Some have suggested demilitarization of Gaza, apparently oblivious of the fact that Gaza is already supposed to be demilitarized under the Oslo Accords, and give little clue as to why future demilitarization is likely to be any more effective than in the past—or by whom it will be enforced and how such enforcement is to be effected.

Others have suggested that Hamas should be left to rule Gaza, but should be weakened so as to reduce its ability to harass Israel. This, of course, begs the question of how a “weakened” Hamas (never mind a demilitarized one) could contend with more even radical and extreme adversaries—such as the ascendant PIJ—especially with the backing of Iran.

To arrive at an effective policy formula, Israel must abandon the flawed assumptions that have underlain previous endeavors and confront the unpalatable realities head on.

Implacable enemy not potential peace partner; crucible not victim

As I have repeatedly urged in the past, there are at least two widely held and wildly misleading assumptions that must be discarded.

Firstly, after a quarter-century and more of gut-wrenching Israeli concessions and obsequious good will gestures, Israel must come to the conclusion that the Palestinian-Arabs in general, and the Gazan-Arabs in particular, can no longer be assumed to be prospective peace partners, but implacable enemies—as they themselves declare themselves to be.

Secondly, it is time to discard the assumption that the Palestinian-Arab public in general, and the Gazan public, in particular, is the hapless victim of their despotic leadership. Quite the opposite! The public at large is the very crucible in which that leadership was formed and from which it emerged.

Thus, barring some dramatic metamorphosis that will radically transform the Gazan public into something it has not been for many decades and shows little sign of becoming in any foreseeable future, if a new leadership emerged from the same public, it is highly unlikely to emerge with characteristics that are significantly different from its predecessor.

Indeed, Israel would do well to desist from the self-delusion that some Palestinian-Arab will pull its “chestnuts out of the fire” for it and somehow disprove what is becoming increasingly undeniable—that for Israel to leave Gaza and expect the Gazans to manage their affairs peaceably and productively, was a gigantic mistake. The thirty year experiment has failed—disastrously and definitively. It is well past the time to abandon it.

Counterproductive calm

Attempts to create calm are, in many ways, counterproductive—for during periods of calm, instead of devoting energy and effort to the development of their society and economy, Hamas and its more radical offshoots/affiliates have focused on enhancing armaments and military infrastructures for the next round of aggression against the hated “Zionist entity”.

And, as the Gazan terror groups, whether Hamas or some more extreme successor, hone their abilities and enhance their arsenals, life for the Jewish population in the South will become increasingly more harrowing and hazardous. With their families continually exposed to escalating dangers, their livelihood regularly disrupted, the quality of life constantly degraded, less stressful places of abode further north will become increasingly appealing.

As time goes on, a danger of depopulation of the Negev by the Jews could become a very tangible prospect and soon the Israeli leadership will have to contend with the grim possibility that there will either be Arabs in Gaza, or Jews in the Negev—but in the long run, there will not be both.

Indeed, during the last round of fighting, there have been increasing calls from residents for more forceful responses, and increasing expressions of impatience at their absence. The Israeli leadership will do well to heed these calls.

At the risk of being repetitive

I find myself ending this column—after this week’s fighting—in very similar vein to then manner, in which I ended my previous one—prior to this week’s fighting. For this, I make no apology. After all, repetition of a much needed truth can only help its much needed promotion.

Thus, the foregoing analysis confronts Israeli policy-makers with a grim assessment.

Given the proven failure of negotiated and unilateral attempts to resolve the Gaza problem, given that beneficent economic aid has proven ineffective, demilitarization unenforceable and weakening of Hamas likely to install an even more recalcitrant regime, we are left with the following logical chain:

  • The only way Israel can ensure who rules – and does not rule – Gaza is for Israel to rule it itself.
  • The only way for Israel to do this without “ruling over another people” is to relocate the “other people” outside the territory it is obliged to administer.
  • The only way to effect such relocation of the “other people”, without forcible kinetic expulsion, is by economic inducements i.e. by means of a comprehensive system of enticing material incentives to leave and daunting disincentives to stay.

This, of course, will entail Israel retaking—and keeping—control of Gaza with all the cost and sacrifice that this will unavoidably imply. But the blame for the blood and treasure that will be expended on that endeavor must rest entirely on those who urged Israel to leave the Strip in the doomed quest for peace in exchange for land.

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VIDEO: The Vortex — In Bed with Abortion. Rome and the UN.


Doesn’t matter how you slice it, an absolute hallmark of a hierarchy gone off the rails is its refusal to denounce abortion. And the modernist gang of wicked prelates — from those attending the semi-annual U.S. bishops’ meeting this week in Baltimore to those running the Vatican — refuse to address this evil head-on.

They talk about the poor and immigrants but say nothing about the unborn. In fact, they hop in the sack with abortionists every chance they get when it advances their twisted worldview, and it’s disgusting. True, most of them probably don’t applaud abortion, but that only makes their silence more galling.

A couple weeks back, the Vatican signed a joint document with South American government leaders modeled after a U.N. population plan which includes abortion and contraception. It was done in the wake of the notorious Amazon Synod — which, for the record, some future pope needs to completely disavow and toss into the Tiber — and the United Nations plan talks about how to fight poverty.

It’s called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The plan talks about all kinds of noble-sounding things, based on a lot of fake or exaggerated data passed off as science, but is little else than warmed-over, repackaged Socialism, with population reduction through either abortion or contraception, or both, near the top of the list.

And it’s little else than a giant game of pretend, where marxists pretend to care about the earth and the poor and the environment — which tickles the ears of Team Francis in Rome — but then brings along population control in the same shopping cart. And the Vatican simply overlooks that.

The average Catholic in the pews needs to understand what’s going on here. Is the Vatican opposed to abortion? Well, sure — at least in principle. But when there are other issues on the opposite side of the moral ledger, like climate change, immigration, death penalty and all that — well, what’s a few million abortions here or there?

But that’s exactly the calculus of these crazed clerics. But no Catholic, certainly in America, could possibly be surprised by this. Our very own bishops, for decades, have kept their mouths shut and refused to excommunicate fake Catholic pro-abort politicos because those same politicos buy their silence with hundreds of millions for immigration programs.

The U.S. bishops, and their counterparts in Rome, all of them who participate in this evil are going to have hell to pay when they die if they do not change their ways. They have lied to themselves and created an official informal policy that they just won’t take any action on this issue.

They think going to sleep at night privately being opposed to the most public slaughter in the history of humanity is somehow a moral stand, that they are basically good men, and will waltz into Heaven because they thought abortion was bad.

They rationalize, no doubt encouraged by the taxpayer windfall they receive, that abortion is bad — but equally so is being unemployed, or scurrying along the U.S. border on the Mexican side.

Horrible clerics like New York’s Cdl. Timothy Dolan — a walking disgrace of a man — not only refuses to excommunicate the fake Catholic governor who signed into law the most murderous piece of legislation in the history of the world, but also tries to have his cake and eat it as well when he says he supports the South Carolina priest who refused Holy Communion to Joe Biden, but says he would not have done it.

So a question for Cdl. Bravo (a nickname he earned by saying “Bravo” when questioned about a gay wannabe NFL player who announced he was homosexual): In what manner do you actually “support” the priest when you wouldn’t do what he did?

Dolan acts like Canon 915 — which demands Holy Communion be refused in these circumstances — is just a suggestion.

No, Cdl. Bravo. It’s called canon law.

It’s revolting, these men and their duplicitous doublespeak, all the while children are being scissored up, cut to ribbons and sucked through a vacuum into a canister — and yes, Bravo, that’s what you are keeping quiet about.

You and the rest of your lot are revolting. No wonder the Church is shrinking, shriveling into nothing on your watch.

And the same goes for the corrupt homomafia in Rome. Who can even stomach to look at these clerics anymore? The very sight of them parading around, socializing with modern-day Nazis — who, for the record, couldn’t hold a candle to the killing machine of Planned Parenthood or Maria Stopes International — the sight of it turns your stomach.

And for those weak-minded, zombie Catholics out there who think it’s bad form to speak of members of the hierarchy as being revolting, well, which of these pictures do you think is more revolting?

Exposing the truth of these men in clear terms, or this — because this is what they never protest, or seldom do.

And they are silent because they are bought and paid for and have no supernatural faith.

Little else on earth could be more revolting than a cleric having fallen from grace, other than a cleric who has fallen from grace and does nothing about the butchering of hundreds of millions of children.

They can issue the ocassional statemnt all they want about abortion being bad in an attempt to try and pull the wool over people’s eyes. But to phrase it as Cdl. Bravo did, they support the actions of the pro-life movement; they just wouldn’t do it themselves.

Wicked, horrible, filthy disgusting lot. Good choice for them to side up with the U.N. They deserve each other.

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VIDEO: How Marxism weaponized homosexuality, artists, and a fresh look at Gramsci and the Long March

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This is the 4th clip of the Polish intellectual Ava Lon has done for us, as part of a series from this video. The man who made it, is well known in Poland for explaining the nature of leftism and Marxism. The First three clips can be found on our D Tube channel, as well as here.

Direct link

Third clip from the same video

Second clip from the same video

First clip from the same video

(Will add other clips as they are found. The original entire clip in Polish can be seen here below)

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PODCAST: Sheriff David Clarke on What President Trump is up against during the impeachment circus!


Sheriff David Clarke is America’s Sheriff and he now serves as a Senior Advisor and Spokesman for America First Action, dedicated to supporting the Trump/Pence agenda. He recently retired as the Sheriff of Milwaukee County after nearly 40 years in law enforcement. The Sheriff’s latest book is: Cop Under Fire: Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America. We will talk with Sheriff Clarke about draining the swamp (with Drano) and how the resist movement is trying to protect the swamp. TOPIC…What President Trump is up against during the impeachment circus!!

Tom Del Beccaro is an acclaimed author, commentator and analyst and an opinion writer at Fox News, Fox Business & Epoch Times. Tom is also the former Chairman of the California Republican Party. Tom is author of two excellent books — The Divided Era and The New Conservative Paradigm and is publisher of PoliticalVanguard.com. He also has a new website — TomDel.com where all his work can be found. As a frequent talk radio and television commentator, he has appeared across the Country on TV and Radio Shows, heard by millions each year, including the Conservative Commandoes, Fox & Friends, Fox Business News, and the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal. TOPIC…The freak show that is being called the impeachment inquiry!!

Is America Moving Toward the ‘Upper House’ of Islam?

Former Muslim and Christian convert, Pastor Shahram Hadian, who was born in Iran and came to the United States as a youngster, regularly tours the country warning about jihad in America. In 2013, he founded his Truth in Love Christian Fellowship near Spokane, Washington, as a “free church,” meaning it rejected a religious tax exemption in order to spread his crucial, political message without restrictions.  That message is that our country has precipitously moved from the Dar al-Harb (lower house of Islam), or “world of war,” and is now dangerously close to the Dar al-Islam (upper house) or “world of submission.” He warns that Americans must preserve our way of life by eschewing political correctness and speaking out about this threat.

The threat arises from the obligation on every Muslim to bring all non-Muslim territory under Islamic rule.  Islamic believers declare war against a non-Muslim region which becomes enemy territory and part of the “lower house” of Islam, called the Dar al-Harb or “world of war.”  During this lower-house period, deception, taqiyya, is freely used. Islamic canonical law, shariah, a totalitarian doctrine with hudud punishments, such as stoning or amputation, is also sanitized or denied.  Muslims living in the region follow its secular laws, even though they ardently believe in the supremacy and eventual victory of shariah over all man-made laws.

Non-Muslims living under Dar al-Harb may be unaware of their plight as devout Muslims pursue their duty to declare jihad on all infidels and secure the entire world for Islam.  In the “lower house” phase, Islam is presented as a peaceful and tolerant faith.  The Koranic verses, suras, from Mohammed’s Meccan period, before he amassed power as a warlord, are emphasized as “true” Islamic beliefs.  The voiding and replacement of these verses by the later Medinan suras of violence and conquest is denied.  For example, an early sura 2:256 states, “there is no compulsion in religion,” but its replacement, sura 9:5, commands Muslims to fight unbelievers until they submit to Islam.

Muslims in the Dar al-Harb typically accentuate their victimization, calling attention to alleged “Islamophobia” and anti-Muslim bias.  Yet, attacks against Muslims are frequently revealed as self-perpetuated.  For example, Ahmed Mohamed, the Clock Boy, became an example of Islamophobia after the then-14-year-old brought to school a beeping device resembling a bomb with a timer and was questioned by police. The incident generated Twitter tweets, death threats against police and school officials, extensive media coverage and a White House visit by the student. Following multiple failed lawsuits against the school, the city and FOX news, the Mohamed family was ordered to pay court costs and subsequently moved to Qatar.

In a region under the “lower house” of Islam, resident Muslims typically declare shariah as unfit for democratic societies and applicable only to Muslim countries or communities.  They may, however, defend shariah used in a strictly Muslim context and cite religious freedom as in a stunning 2018 court verdict. In that instance, a Detroit federal judge dismissed charges against two Michigan doctors accused of genital mutilation of at least nine minor girls.  The doctors’ lawyers argued that laws against genital mutilation violate religious freedom after one doctor maintained she merely performed a religious custom.

Also, during the lower-house period, Muslims begin politically organizing, building a Muslim power base.  In 2014, the executive leadership of eight Muslim Brotherhood organizations announced formation of the United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  The USCMO, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, is the first religion-based political party in U.S. history.  One of the founding members, Nihad Awad, is the executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism funding trial in U.S. history, the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial.  His statement at the event was particularly alarming:  “This is the dream of every American Muslim, to unify the approach, agenda and vision of the Muslim community.”

U.S. political parties have never exclusively served one religious group. Yet, the USCMO endeavors to increase political participation of Muslim voters, support Muslim-friendly politicians and encourage more Muslims to run for office at all levels of government.  In 2020, an unprecedented 500 Muslims are expected to run in local, state and federal races.

During Dar al-Harb, Muslims also become involved in other critical sectors of society, including law enforcement, intelligence, national security, education, media and non-Muslim religious communities.  They push to purge counter-terrorism programs, thwarting attempts to apprehend Islamic terrorists.  They demand elimination of negative portrayals of Muslims in popular culture and ask for positive, abridged or even apocryphal versions of Islamic doctrine.  In 2011, the Obama administration expunged training materials deemed offensive by Islamist organizations.  In 2015, Obama instituted the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program which focused on “right-wing extremists” and white supremacists.

In education, publicly-funded programs and textbooks promoting Islam and denigrating other faiths appear and proliferate as part of curriculums that include Muslim prayers.  Alleged and often fictional Muslim participation in history, scientific discoveries or other fields of study is emphasized to establish a false sense of Muslim supremacy.  Despite the first amendment and its non-establishment clause and the 1969 decision to remove prayer from schools, the Supreme Court recently refused to rule on a public school curriculum that promotes Islam and allows Islamic prayer in school.

During Dar al-Harb, worldwide acts of terrorism are portrayed as “un-Islamic” activities and the perpetrators as those who have “misinterpreted” Islamic doctrine.  Further, jihadist attacks, a key requirement for Muslims, are used as opportunities to advance the “Islamophobia” or “Muslims qua victims” narrative, as in the aftermath of the 2015 San Bernardino attacks.  In that instance, jihadists Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook murdered 14 people and wounded 21 at a county holiday party.  But Muslim spokesmen expressed concern that the shooting might “embolden Trump supporters” and that Muslims would be punished for actions by bad actors not representative of bona fide Muslims.

During Dar al-Harb, interfaith activities, portrayed as attempts to reach out to other religious communities, are actually all one-way, with accommodations and compromises favoring Muslims. They serve as intelligence-gathering missions. They also seek to develop trust to soften non-Muslims for dawah efforts, the required “welcoming” to Islam, that precedes complete submission required by the “upper house” period.

When Pastor Hadian warns of our descent into the upper house, he is describing the obliteration of our constitutional republic and all the protections and freedoms it guarantees.  He is talking about the near future that will soon see the impact of significant increases in the Islamic population and their efforts to transform America.  Hadian sees the targeting of “right-wing extremists” and white supremacy as attempts to keep Americans in the dark about the Islamist Trojan horse. These tactics are effectively designed to make it more difficult to expose the truth about the Koranic-mandated war to overtake the non-Muslim world.

Indeed, according to Hadian, current practices validate his premise that the U.S. is transitioning to a period of shariah promotion, a definitive characteristic of the “upper house.”  Noteworthy are the shariah patrols with look-alike NYPD vehicles that regulate neighborhood behavior in Brooklyn, as well as an increasing number of spontaneous, New York City street closings for Islamic prayer that inconvenience non-Muslims.  An ear-piercing, five-times-daily call to prayer occurs in Hamtramck, Michigan.  Workplaces have seen increased demands for special accommodations exclusively for Muslims, like prayer breaks and prayer facilities, and halal products in school cafeterias and in the general food supply.  The political elite, especially Democrats, now accept radical anti-Semitic positions from two Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated members of the so-called “Squad” – Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – and are unwilling to censure them or investigate Omar’s alleged illegal activities.

Tellingly, a recent White House meeting with Vice President Mike Pence on our nation’s “safety and security” included Muslim Brotherhood members, including USCMO head, Ousamma Jammal. Muslim Brotherhood attendees presented Pence with the American Muslim Agenda, citing Muslim contributions to “Making America Great Again” and spoke of their aspirations for a Muslim female president in 2036.

All this points to undeniable progress toward the American Muslim community securing the  “upper house” in the United States and makes Pastor Hadian’s warning even more serious.  Once the Dar al-Islam is firmly in place, it will be too late to wage an effective defense to preserve our way of life.

© All rights reserved.

RELATED VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood’s Info Op Against Trump.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As an open seat, following Kenny Marchant’s retirement announcement, the race for Texas’ 24th District is regarded by national pundits as quite competitive. Texas District 24 has traditionally been solid Republican territory, but Democrats are doing their best to turn it blue. Because of multiple Republican retirements, Nancy Pelosi dreams of expanding her House majority in 2020.  She will not be able to fool the residents of Texas District 24. They still remember how, as a popular and effective Mayor, Beth Van Duyne made the City of Irving an economic powerhouse, one of the safest cities and one of the best places to live in America.

Beth Van Duyne, served as Irving’s mayor from 2011-2017 and then in May 2017 she joined the Trump Administration to become the regional administrator for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Southwest regional office in Fort Worth. In August 2019, she decided it was time to serve her district in a different capacity. On her Facebook page, she said:

“My name is Beth Van Duyne and I’m running for Congress because I know the people of the 24th District deserve to have a strong, principled voice in Congress.”

Before Van Duyne can get to the general election, she must beat her Republican Primary challengers on March 3, 2020. Primaries can be just as tough as general elections. But the residents of her district, like in the past, should remain steadfast and stand fully behind Beth Van Duyne, a solid constitutional conservative, and support her through both the primary and general election.

In an interview with Jimmy Atkinson, she explained her role as a Mayor of the City of Irving as well as HUD’s prospect:

“I was on the City Council for six years and then Mayor for six years. I just had a passion. I was a homeowner and a Mom and I just had a passion for working within my city and I saw a need for strong representatives and I threw my hat in the ring. We have a very diverse city, are one of the top hundred largest cities in the country with a population of about 250,000 and are home of six Fortune 500 company headquarters.”

Under Van Duyne’s leadership, Irving blossomed into an economic powerhouse and the City passed a balanced budget, increased property values, and delivered AAA ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s during one of the weakest economic periods in America’s history.

Van Duyne worked diligently to bring her city back from the days of escalating debt, wasteful spending, and backroom deals. She delivered outstanding growth that brought 10,000 new jobs to Irving, voted against tax rate increases, and led Irving to its highest construction rates in twenty-eight years at that time. This was a success borne of determination to do what is right for the people of Irving and to bring about a more secure future for the city. For her hard work and great vision, she earned the support of the residents and businesses of Irving.

An overview of her perseverance as Mayor of Irving

Throughout her tenure as the Mayor of Irving, Van Duyne fought to build a positive economic environment that provided an opportunity to make the kind of structural changes necessary to usher in decades of future growth. Van Duyne said, “in order to succeed, we must make certain our foundation is solid. Focus on the fundamentals, ensure our citizens are well-served and well-respected, and set the stage for future opportunities – these are the three principles that should guide us through the budget process.”

Focus on the fundamentals

It is no secret that even as the city was growing and empowered with additional revenue, it was also experiencing increased costs and continued to deal with legacy debt from past projects that went awry. Due, in part, to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, more than $700,000 in healthcare costs had been added to the overall budget. Energy and pension costs also increased.

Yet, even with those increased costs, they were in a position to ensure they could prioritize the fundamentals necessary to protect the neighborhoods, improve the infrastructure, and serve the citizens of Irving. To that end, she supported a budget that reflected a commitment to:

  • Public safety by funding police, fire, and code enforcement personnel necessary to protect neighborhoods and keep families safe.
  • Developing new infrastructure by investing in roads, water, sewers, and other basic infrastructure that had not received the needed attention to accommodate Irving’s increasing population;
  • First-class city services by focusing on city personnel who were the front lines to help citizens, small businesses, and tax payers who enable further opportunities for Irving;
  • Responsive governance by ensuring citizens are better informed and can more easily provide feedback, concerns, and guidance to elected officials so officials were accurately and effectively meeting their needs.

Setting the stage for growth and opportunity

At the time, no other state in the nation was experiencing the strength and diversity of growth that Texas has benefited from during the past six years.  While the recession did some damage, Texas led the way in recovering and continued to lead the way in 2014.

Irving was well positioned to make the most of this growth by creating new opportunities for families to move there, businesses to re-locate there, and innovation to take root. Van Duyne was able to prioritize this growth and spur it forward by investing in key areas, including:

  • Single-family homes to bring the next generation of Irving families;
  • A revitalized Heritage District that both recognized the past while embracing new opportunities to entice technology start-up businesses;
  • An enhanced urban center that capitalized on investments the City had already made to attract new residents and create new job opportunities.

Because of her hard work, strong principles and effective leadership, Beth Van Duyne, helped lead her community to become one of the fastest growing, best performing, safest, and best places to live all while having the most diverse zip code in the country.

Now, Beth Van Duyne, a champion of freedom, fights for a spot in the US Congress. It is morally our duty and responsibility to reciprocate and send her to Washington.

© All rights reserved.

A Reader Asks: What Should We be Doing Now? Answer: Re-Elect Donald Trump in 2020!

Please give me specifics, she asked.

I’ve been noticing an increase in the number of readers who want more information on how they can actually fight back against a tide of, for lack of a better description, progressive political activity including election victories by the Open Borders Left intent on changing America by changing the people.

First and foremost remember they have been working away at their progressive agenda for years, for decades!  Community organizing is in their DNA!

They get up every day—day in, day out—planning their transformation of America into what they think will be a socialist/communist nirvana once they get enough people on their side.

Finding those people includes importing them legally or illegally in whatever way they can.

Conversely, you have been getting up every day going to work, spending time with the kids and grand kids, doing your duties and generally enjoying life.

We have a lot of catching up to do!

So here we sit in November 2019 and your most important goal, above all other goals, is to keep Donald J. Trump in the White House for four more years.  

I know, I know, he is an imperfect man, but he is all we have and you have only eleven months remaining to stop America’s slide into socialism!

Why do you think the impeachment hearings are on in the House of Representatives—the Leftists know that the only thing standing between them and their ultimate goal of a socialist country is a President Trump!

Therefore, if you have formed, or are planning to form a local citizens group, or re-energizing a local Tea Party group, anything and everything you can do to support the President is your top priority now.

If he wins in 2020, we get four more years of peace and prosperity, not to mention four more years to put some of our reforms in place (like dumping or reforming the US Refugee Admissions Program!).

If he loses, we are finished and I mean that!

Re-elect Trump!

I’m no expert, but here are some of the things I think you need to be doing in addition to re-electing the President:

Your next priority is to defeat the progressives who are running your local governments.

I know that is a tall order, but I’m telling you, mayors, city councils, state legislators, those are the offices the socialist Democrats are working to control.

You need to find good people to run against them.

Even if you can’t win yet, people who think like you must run in order to get your message out. Your local Leftwing media will be forced to report your ideas if candidates are presenting them.

And, if yours is a contested Congressional District, get involved and work to defeat the Democrat. You can see the damage being done to the country under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi.

Knowledge is power!  So you must have your facts!

Of course you need to know about myriad issues, but it is my view that the most important issue of all time is immigration because once they change the people, there is no going back.

If I were running a local citizens group I would have a couple of people assigned to learning about all of the programs that admit immigrants and refugees to America—the refugee program that I write about all the time, Temporary Protected Status, DACA, the insane Diversity Visa Lottery.

Those experts can then share with your group what they learn which includes investigating those programs in your own state.  Find out who the players are on the Left and in your state government and when the time is right expose them.

As part of investigating, especially as it relates to the refugee program, you must find and infiltrate your local interfaith groups.  They are the primary promoters of the refugee program.

A reader told me that Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s new CEO was speaking next month to a local Interfaith group and what that says to me is that they are getting ready for a new push into new communities as they anticipate a post-Trump White House.

Frankly, you are going to have to designate someone (with acting skills!) to infiltrate their groups.

All of your research is important to educate your fellow citizens, but will be especially useful in the four more years you will be buying by getting Donald Trump back in the White House.

Bring in speakers!

(LOL! I am not talking about me, I’m not good at it!)

Bite the bullet and find the funds to bring in people knowledgeable about immigration issues, about socialism/communism, about Islamic fundamentalism, and about how to community organize!

Unfortunately the Left is rolling in money and they use it to spread their propaganda. It annoys me that conservatives are often so cheap and don’t spring for national level speakers to educate and energize local grassroots groups.

Send me an e-mail and I will name some national level educators for your group, but be prepared to pay them for their time and for the knowledge they have worked hard to acquire!

But, don’t let this happen:  A knowledgeable speaker comes in, attendees shake their heads about what they are learning, saying to themselves—‘it is awful’—and go away and do nothing!  Provide specific goals for the audience to follow before they leave the room!

There is nothing worse than for a handful of group organizers to hold meetings, do all the work, and everyone else walks away after the meeting and says ‘see you next month.’  (Tick-tock and then there is one less month until the 2020 elections!)

Give out assignments! And, you must meet more than once a month!

Network, network, network!

It is not enough to be simply a news junky who spends your day reading the news on the net (tweeting!) and feeling superior because you know more than your friends.

You absolutely must network with other like-minded groups and individuals in your state even if you have to hold your nose because you don’t like so-and-so who is involved with that group.  Get over it!  The stakes are too high for you to let petty differences hinder your work—the work to get Trump reelected in less than 12 months.

But, that said, I am not a fan of creating one large group.  It is too easy to take down. Create and encourage many small groups. It will confuse the opposition!  By the way, it is one of their tactics.  They don’t have that many activists, they just make it look like they do by spawning ever-more groups.

If you are sitting alone at your computer screen and reading this, find two more people and form a group, give it a name and get to work!


You’ve done all that, you’ve gathered your facts, you have people planning to run for local offices, how do you get your message out?

That is a problem as the Left now controls most local newspapers (they have been working at that for more than a decade while you led your life).  If you plan events, demonstrations, conferences, they might publish your news.

And, occasionally they publish letters-to-the-editor, but don’t rely on your local paper to carry your message.

Find social media experts in your group and use any and all forms you can find.

I’m a big fan of setting up a blog or website to spread the message to your members and to gain new members in your community.  However, after my experience of RRW being silenced for a few months, I know it isn’t as easy any longer to set up blogs.

The advantage of a website or blog is that you can archive everything your team of investigators is learning.

I know you might be saying, but then the other side will know about us.  Yes, they will, but the downside of not publicizing your work is that you won’t find more people to join you!

If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the name of a professional who can help you get a site up.  But, again be prepared to spend a little money!

And, even if they might not publish your letters-to-the-editor, assign some people in your group to write them anyway.  If you are responding to the news or another opinion piece they have already published, you might get your letter in print.

This is getting too long, sorry!

Just remember!

Even as we gripe that the President isn’t doing this, or that, or LOL! saying things you wish he wouldn’t, he is all that is standing between us and a new America, filled with new Americans marching down the path toward a socialist/communist future for our once great country—a future that might only be 11 months away!

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals is republished with permission. All rights reserved. This column is cross-posted from Refugee Resettlement Watch.

INTEL REPORT: Libya, Syria, ISIS, Iran and Analysis


The war in Libya, after months of stalemate, has heated up again.  There is some evidence that the troops led by Gen. Haftar have been gaining some ground in Tripoli and other areas held by the Tripoli government.  The reason for this turn of events appears to be Russia.

The civil war in Syria was going rapidly south for Assad’s Damascus government and their Iranian allies–until Russia stepped in and turned the tide.  So, it appears that this is what Russia is now doing in Libya.  A week ago there were reports that Russian special forces were aiding Haftar’s troops probably as advisors embedded within Haftar’s units.

Al-jazeera has reported on the morning of 11 November that Haftar’s forces are now being trained by Russians in Egypt on an Egyptian military base.  They have also reported that Sudanese units have now been aiding Haftar’s troops as well, though the Sudanese government has denied it.


Why is Russia taking an interest in Libya?  And why did they choose Haftar’s side?

First of all, we should review for readers the who is who in the Libyan debacle.  The government based in Tripoli, in the far west of the country that Gen. Haftar is fighting against, is the “official” Libyan government as recognized by the EU and the UN.  As can be expected by any side of a dispute favored by the EU and the UN, it hosts a who’s who of international terrorism, including al-Qaeda lynchpin Saif al-‘Adel, the mastermind of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in east Africa.  The Tripoli government is essentially a creature of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

Most of Tripoli’s fighting forces are composed of militia’s made-up of ISIS, al-Qaeda, Ansar ash-Shari’a, and MB types.  It is supported militarily and financially by two of the world’s top three terrorism sponsoring states #1 Turkey, and #3 Qatar.  Even #2 Iran has chipped in a little with some weapons deliveries.

Gen. Haftar’s group, based in Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, located in the far eastern part of the country near the Egyptian border, is supported by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.  The French (to the chagrin of their EU neighbors) have also chipped in with a small number of advisors embedded into Gen. Haftar’s forces.

Russia, though it sells weapons to terror-sponsoring state Iran, considered Sunni terrorism to be the greater threat since most of the Muslims in the Caucasus and Russia’s soft underbelly are Sunnis.  This was one of the reasons why they entered the war against ISIS in Syria.  For example ISIS fighters of Caucasus origin went to Syria and Iraq to gain battle experience, then returned to join Ukraine’s war against Russian-speaking separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

Libya is also rich in oil.  Russia is one of the world’s leading exporters of oil and gas and doesn’t need that resource for themselves, but Putin appears to trying to gain as much of a choke hold over that resource as possible having recently gained control of most of Iran’s oil assets, in addition to the right to build a pair of massive naval bases and an airbase in Iran.  Also, as a price for aiding Assad in his war, he forced Assad to grant Russia rights to all Syrian oil rights off its Mediterranean coast.  Putin’s venture in Libya might be more of the same.  There is also the possibility of gaining military bases there as well, once the civil war is over.

Russia could possibly have gained these goodies regardless of which side it supported, but its dislike of Sunni terrorism, and its new-found friendship with “moderate” Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia may have pushed it to support Haftar.

The Egyptian angle is interesting and raises two interesting points.  After Obama helped place an MB government in power in Cairo, then after it was deposed, attempted to undermine the post-MB government down, so as to bring the MB back to power.  Part of Obama’s efforts included withholding arms shipments as a quid pro quo.

The Obama experience taught the Egyptians that they could not depend exclusively on the United States for their arms purchases.  So, they began to diversify, not just from the usual European suppliers, but also Russia.  Trump’s recent betrayal of the Kurds scared the living devil out of all of the West-leaning countries in the Middle East, from Israel to Egypt to Saudi Arabia.  It delivered a message that America just cannot be relied on in a pinch, so best to begin looking elsewhere for support and arms purchases.

Saudi Arabia has also recently grown closer to Russia in the wake of Trump’s perceived weakness vis-à-vis Iran, and his seemingly irrational, and constant, flip-flopping on Middle East issues.  During the Cold War, Saudi Arabia, as a “religious” nation, considered the officially athiest Soviet Union to be enemy #1.  They never recognized the USSR, and always considered it, and its representatives, to be “untouchables.”  Even after the end of the Cold War and the break-up of the USSR, Saudi Arabia continued to keep Russia at arms length.  This feeling of hostility has been maintained by Russia’s support of Iran.

However, Trump’s recent irrational behaviors (particularly his invitation to Turkey to invade Syria and ethnic cleanse the place) have terrified the Saudis and resulted in the aged, bent-over King Salman making a recent trip to Moscow to signify their improved relations.  It was shortly after that trip that the reports of active Russian military help to Gen. Haftar began to appear in the Arabic media.

We may be seeing Saudi Arabia also begin to diversify their arms purchases to include Russia, among others.

One more interesting tidbit about the Libyan thing:  Russia and Turkey, pretend allies in Syria, are openly supporting opposing sides in the Libyan war.  I predict that this will soon become a more intense “proxy war” between the two.  Unfortunately though, it will never escalate to the point of a full scale, direct, nation-to-nation war between Russia and Turkey as long as we are stupid enough to keep Turkey in NATO.


The Syrian Democratic Forces (composed of Kurds, Christians, and other minorities) whom we turned our backs on and which then allied with Assad’s Damascus Forces) have, in conjunction with Assad’s forces, retaken some areas in Hasaka, in eastern Syria, after defeating Turkish-supported terrorist groups.  There have been other scattered reports of Turks and regular Syrian army units firing upon each other.

This puts Putin in a difficult position because he is allied to the Assad government, but has also made an agreement with Erdogan for joint Russian and Turkish patrols in eastern Syria.  This has infuriated Assad who considered that to be a Turkish invasion of Syrian territory and a Russian surrender to Erdogan’s imperial dreams similar to Trump’s.

To further strain matters between Moscow and Damascus, Putin has also floated ideas on a new constitution for Syria which includes greater autonomy for the regions, and giving the regions more say in the Damascus government.  There are rumors floating in the Middle East that Putin might be ready to offer (as part of this over all deal) a Damascus government sans Assad (the number one demand of all rebel groups) in turn for the removal of Turkish and Iranian forces.

One is tempted to see Saudi and Egyptian (and possibly Israeli) hands in that proposal, coming in the wake of Egypt and Saudi Arabia stepping up their relations with Moscow. Unfortunately, the primary stumbling block to any such “federated Syria” solution giving the regions more autonomy, and driving Iranians and Turks out, is Trump’s bromance with Erdogan and his acceptance of Turkey’s aggression and occupation of Syrian territory.


ISIS, currently enjoying a recruiting and donations boom thanks to Trump’s irrational Syria behavior, has redefined itself as a “decentralized” organization as opposed to the “centralized” state organization it pursued as a “Caliphate.”  As one of the features of the next phase ISIS has called upon its supporters in America and Europe to set forest fires where ever they can as a way to weaken the enemy’s economy.


Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of the IRGC’s al-quds division, and perhaps the most powerful man in Iran outside of the Mullah’s clique, recently contributed the laugher of the week.  Soleimani claimed that Iran defeated ISIS won the Syrian war single handedly and that Iran has established stable states in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

The facts:  As the anti-Assad revolution gained ground and looked like it was on the verge of collapse, and after Obama’s redline was crossed with no reaction from the U.S., Iran stepped in to save its ally.  But even with the help of Iran’s puppet Hizbollah next door in Lebanon, and the help of Iran-subservient Shi’a militia from Iraq, Iran was totally incapable of stemming the tide.

So, it is rich to hear Soleimani talk like that when it was he who (when the Damascus government was hanging on the barest of threads) rushed off to Moscow to beg Putin to come to the rescue.  It was Putin’s entry into the war, and the Russian airforce’s bombing of the ISIS oil assets (that Obama refused to touch) that turned the tide in the war.  Then it was Trump’s turning General Mattis loose, and the latter’s close cooperation with the Kurd-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces that put the finishing touches on the Caliphate.

As for the “stable” governments in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria . . . as I write this the Arab Spring 2.0 is going full blast in Iraq and Lebanon with country-wide demonstrations, riots, and outright revolt taking place.  The demonstrations in both countries have a decided anti-Iran flavor as the people there have grown tired of Iranian hegemony, and control of their affairs–even the Shi’as in southern Iraq.  In fact, it is among the Shi’a of southern Iraq where we see the most virulent anti-Iranian protests with the protestors burning pictures of Khamenei and Khomeini.

Iran has given orders to its clients in Iraq and Lebanon to put a stop to the demonstrations at all costs.  Iranian stooges in both countries have used live rounds to break-up otherwise peaceful demonstrations which has led to increased anger by the populace and violence by them in turn.

As for Syria, well there are still thousands of active ISIS fighters left in the country, and Turkey is committing genocide and demographic replacements in the parts of the country nearest to its border, with more demands for ever more territory to be forthcoming from Erdogan, the 21st century’s Hitler.

Everything you need to know about today’s partisan impeachment stunt

Nineteen minutes after Donald J. Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th President, The Washington Post published this headline on its website: “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.” For once, anyway, the media was telling it like it is.

Democrats in Congress have been selling their far-left base on impeachment since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential race. After nearly 3 years of coming up empty—including $32 million of taxpayer money spent on the Russia collusion hoax—Democrat leaders knew they needed to do something to appease their party’s left fringe.

That’s why Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment “inquiry” in a hastily organized press conference—before the full House voted, and before any of the relevant evidence could even come to light. This time, Democrats knew they couldn’t risk letting the facts derail their momentum, as had happened with the Mueller Report flop.

Watch: The Swamp wanted a media circus, and they got it!

House Democrats are effectively shutting down Congress—yet again—over their impeachment sham. Nothing substantive can get done while the left remains fixated on undoing the 2016 election. They have repeatedly ignored opportunities to work with President Trump and take action on issues that will help the very people they represent.

The President continues to push forward on trade deals, healthcare, our booming economy, immigration, and other areas where Americans want real solutions. Democrat leaders, unable to control their far-left fringe, can only stage TV hearings. Meanwhile:

  • Speaker Pelosi still refuses to hold a vote on USMCA to replace NAFTA—despite growing pressure from manufacturers, labor unions, farmers, and workers.
  • Democrats have failed to come up with any areas where they’ll work with President Trump to lower medicine prices for our families and seniors.
  • House Democrats have failed to do anything to help rebuild our country’s crumbling infrastructure.
  • They continue to ignore loopholes in our immigration laws that drive the border crisis, fuel human smuggling, and hurt both U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

Americans have every right to be angry. It’s remarkable to think about where our country could be if Democrats in Congress put country before party. Under President Trump, the U.S. economy has hit its lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Illegal immigration is finally starting to come under control after decades of neglect.

If House Democrats were as committed to helping Americans succeed under President Trump as they are to tearing him down, imagine where we could be now.

Instead, bring in the cameras. The one bright spot from today’s embarrassing spectacle is that American families finally got front-row seats to how Congress wastes its time—and spends millions of their taxpayer dollars—on partisan stunts. No wonder Americans don’t trust Washington. Who can blame them?

Don’t rely on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-hand accounts. Read the transcript yourself here.

Impeachment czar Adam Schiff has lied to Americans—over and over again.

Impeachment Hearings Stumble Out of the Blocks

What I Have Learned About The Democrats

I have been active in politics for nearly 48 years now as a Republican and have witnessed many changes to the party over the years. I have campaigned for candidates, served on political board of directors, served as a correspondent at political events, and have written about politics for well over a decade. As a political pundit, I am pleased to have correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 and 2018 elections, and No, I certainly didn’t do it by studying the polls (which are useless).

I have also watched as the Democrats have shifted from moderate positions to the far left. When I write about the Democrats I can always expect some visceral rebuttal. From this, I have learned some of their fundamental characteristics:

1. Democrats do not know how to argue, only attack. This is particularly true in Letters to the Editor or on-line replies. They usually rely on visceral sarcasm and obscene expletives to make their point in a Pavlovian type of response. This reflects their hatred and attempt to discredit the author by assassinating his/her character. Some have been so offensive, I have seen such postings automatically deleted by a publication. My question is, can you not argue without becoming belligerent?

Quite often, the Democrats set down a smoke screen in order to create a diversion and not answer a pointed question. They regularly parrot talking points as prescribed by the media. For example, they accuse President Trump of being a liar, a racist, a homophobic, xenophobic, etc. They have repeated it so often, they treat it as gospel. In reality, there is no evidence to indicate he is any of these things, only conjecture.

In my case, I have also noted Democrats do not read an article in its entirety, resulting in convoluted comments totally unrelated to the subject at hand. Strange.

Democrats honestly think they are smarter than everyone else; as such, they believe they are the only ones who know what is best for the country. Their arrogance is their Achilles’ Heel and explains why they look upon the president’s supporters as “deplorables” who are condemned for their “inferior intellects.” This also contributes to their problem in arguing a point as Democrats believe it is below their dignity to argue with deplorables, only to dismiss them outright.

Democrats tend to see a conspiracy in everything they oppose which is why they insist on political correctness. Again, only their views are considered acceptable. This implies they want control, not compromise.

So, how do you argue with a Democrat? Stick to the facts and your principles. On-line, they do not believe in a fair debate, and rely on vicious discourse instead. As such, do not waste your time arguing with them. Also, in a public setting, do not allow yourself to be baited. The worst thing you can do is to engage in a heated rhubarb and be dragged down to their level where you may say something inappropriate and lose the respect of your audience. It is just not worth it.

2. Democrats understand the power of culture control. Not surprising, they set the trends in fashion, music, entertainment, and news media, anything appealing to the five senses. By doing so, they subliminally influence the perceptions of people as to what should be right and wrong.

Not surprising, they are mindful of the power of symbols which they either embrace or disgrace, such as the Black Lives Matter Flag vs. the Police Thin Blue Line American Flag, desecration of historical symbols, and treatment of patriotic icons, such as the American flag. In my travels with the press corps, it was rather obvious they choose their party over God and country.

Democrats have the luxury of controlling the public narrative, thanks, in large part, to their incestuous relationship with the news media. The morality of the Democrats is not the same as the public’s. This was revealed not long ago by a Gallop Report, all because they are acutely aware of controlling the culture.

The party’s political campaign playbook has long been that prescribed by Saul Alinsky, author of the book, “Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals Paperback.” Alinsky, of course, is the well known Socialist community organizer who greatly affected the political schemes of President Obama, and Secretary Hillary Clinton. In a nutshell, his underlying theme in terms of politics is, “All is fair in love and war.” This includes cheating and deceit in political campaigns.

3. Democrats do not assume responsibility for their actions. This became rather obvious recently with the resignation of Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) after reports surfaced of alleged sexual indiscretions with a congressional staffer and an admission to a relationship with a campaign aide. In her final speech on the House floor, she blamed others for revealing her indiscretions and claimed the role of victim. There was no admission she was at fault, that someone else must be.

4. Democrats believe they can buy votes simply by offering free goods and services. To illustrate, programs such as the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and Free College Tuition, may sound nice to the uninformed, but the country simply cannot afford to implement any of it. These programs appeal to people who want a free lunch which simply doesn’t exist as somebody has to pick up the bill. Somehow the Democrats have forgotten what President Kennedy, of their party, said at his inauguration, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Today, it is just the reverse.

So far the Democrats have been playing with money in the trillions of dollars. Let’s hope they never discover what “quadrillion” means as they would spend it.

Most politicians tell the people what they want to hear. Conversely, President Trump tells the people what they need to hear. There is a difference.


I am certain my old moderate Democrat friends will argue with me on these points, but I would remind them it is a new day in Democrat politics. This is no longer your father’s Democrat party. However, I’ll be interested to read their response to this. Let’s see if they know how to effectively argue.

Keep the Faith!

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Robert Spencer: The Palestinian Delusion

Robert Spencer’s new book, The Palestinian Delusion, under the “light of reason” is an invaluable accurate account that ranks as a most worthy scholarly work on the subject by a man of outstanding credentials, impeccable integrity, and unsurpassed qualifications. This meticulously documented and comprehensive book is a treasure for anyone wishing to learn the truth of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.

Spencer methodically demonstrates time after time that the Jews conclusively, not only have the right to live in their ancestral homeland, but the term “Palestinian” has been invented. “Invented people” may sound disturbing to some who have not taken the time to study historical facts. However, truth is the best weapon against falsehood. Spencer has carefully tied various historical origins with current events that provide facts and understanding about what is happening in our present time.

Spencer states:

“Another familiar theme of pro-Palestinian literature today is that the State of Israel exists on “stolen land”— stolen, of course, from the indigenous people of Palestine. In reality, the land is no more stolen than the Palestinian Arabs are its indigenous inhabitants.”

He continues:

“Nonetheless, the myth has taken hold, and it is now widely taken for granted, in our age that has little historical memory and scant interest in gaining more, that the Palestinians are a genuine nationality and are the indigenous people of the land that Israel illegally occupies.”

As a Persian who grew up with the Jews in Iran, I would like to add to Spencer’s insight of birth and rebirth of the State of Israel. In 539 BC, King Cyrus the Great of Persia liberated Babylon, decreed the freedom the Jews from captivity and enabled them to return to their “Promised Land” to rebuild the Solomon Temple. For his benevolent act, Cyrus the Great in the book of Isaiah 45:1-3, was referred to as “mashiach,” the anointed one or “messiah.” He was undeniably Zionist. Despite the worldwide spread of anti-Semitism, true Iranians have remained friends of the Jews by both belief as well as deeds.

May 14, 1948, is the rebirth of one of the oldest civilizations in history, the State of Israel. Israel with Judaism as its religion has historical continuity spanning more than 3,000 years. It is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and the oldest to survive into the present day.

In Palestinian Delusion, Spencer gets to the root of anti-Semitism. From Islamic sources to other sources “Anti-Semitism on campus, the virus continues to spread.”  Spencer in this new jewel has illustrated a long conflict that no one has been able to solve or simply come to a peaceful agreement. Palestinian Arabs refuse to compromise. Even after Israelis gave them Gaza (which I disagreed), this did not bring peace to the region. In fact, Hamas terrorists never stopped launching rockets and mortar attacks to Israel from Gaza. That is precisely why the ‘two-state’ solution will never work.

“The two-state solution was born out of the British duplicity regarding the Arabs and Jews in Palestine. The Balfour Declaration had called for the establishment of a “Jewish national home” in Palestine, an ambiguous phrase that may or may not have meant a Jewish state. But then Colonel Bertie Harry Waters-Taylor encouraged the grand mufti al-Husseini to incite the Muslim Arabs to riot in 1920, and helped pave the way by withdrawing British troops and the Jewish police from Jerusalem.”

In this book, Spencer gets into the details of the Camp David Accords. An agreement between Israel and Egypt was signed in 1978, the first such accord between Israel and its Arab neighbor. Forty-two years have passed and no such agreement has ever been signed again.

The situation in the Middle East is very intense and dangerous. The conditions for an all-out war in that region are greater than at any time in recent history.

In short, Robert Spencer has indeed put together a highly educational book about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian that is easy to read and understand. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in understanding the root and the foundation of this conflict, a conflict that has lasted so long, generated so many global headlines, and created so much controversy surrounding Israeli-Palestinian relations.

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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS of the now open ‘impeachment’ process

Posted by Eeyore

More will be added as the day progresses.


Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) states, “Hearsay can be much better evidence than direct [proof].”

Matt Bracken speaks with Brad Johnson on the state of the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump.

Tom Fitton on Coup Attempt against President Trump: ‘Adam Schiff’s Job Will be to Protect Joe Biden’


Ukrainian Officials Release Records of 46 Payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma Holdings, 38 Payments were for $83,333 Totaling Over $3.1 Million

Mike Quigley Claims That Hearsay Can Be Better Than Direct Evidence

6 Key Moments From the First Day of Public Impeachment Hearings

White House Visitor Logs Detail Meetings of Eric Ciaramella

Impeachment Is the Left’s Sad Final Attempt to Beat Trump

Trump had a constitutional duty to ask Zelensky about Hunter Biden

4 GOP torpedoes aim to sink Dems’ impeachment hopes

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