THE NORTH FACE Becomes Latest Brand to Promote the Grooming of Kids

‘Out in Nature’ campaign targets kids as young as 2-years old.

DETROIT ( – Another popular clothing brand is promoting the homosexual grooming of children and transgender ideology just in time for so-called Pride Month.

On Wednesday, the apparel brand The North Face released a new ad featuring a gay drag queen named Pattie Gonia, who invites listeners to “come out.”

Conservative political activist Robby Starbuck tweeted, “Can anyone explain how the heck this ad helps @thenorthface sell outdoor clothes? They’re screaming at you to not buy their products if this violates your values. Accept their challenge.”

The video aims to promote the company’s “Out in Nature” campaign, which suggests, “Each one of us is a reflection of the glittery, messy, beautiful diversity that is Mother Earth. This Pride, we celebrate the transformational power of finding our runway in the outdoors together.”

“We are nature. Our connection to the outdoors is cyclical and reciprocal. We are colorful auras of light. Alive like a stream of water or a breath of mountain air,” states the Out In Nature webpage. “Mother Nature guides us to where we need to be — and we dress up to honor her.”

The company’s Pride Collection features designs modeled by young people and children and is intended for toddlers as young as 2 years old.

Along with clothing, there are two so-called Summer of Pride Tour events open for registration: one in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the other in Atlanta, Georgia. The one-day events feature “hikes, speakers, community, drag and so much more.”

This is the second year in a row the company has partnered with Pattie Gonia for its Summer of Pride.

Conservatives are outraged by the video, which they argue serves no purpose other than pushing what they consider to be a degenerate ideology.

One commenter posted: “This is the new normal. Every company will push this and will accept the conservative backlash until we do something. Bud Light was only the beginning of how bad it’s going to get.”

Bad Business Abounds

The North Face joins Bud Light and Target as companies conservatives are calling out and attempting to pressure through boycotts.

Bud Light has still been unable to stop the negative impact of its failed ad campaign featuring trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The brewer recently told its wholesalers that it would buy back unsold cases of beer that have gone past their expiration date.”

Target has recently faced criticism for its pride displays, which included products targeting children and so-called tuck-friendly swimwear for men masquerading as women.

The company reportedly held an emergency meeting last Friday to address the backlash. Some stores were instructed to change their displays, particularly in the South.

An insider told Fox, “We were given 36 hours, told to take all of our Pride stuff, the entire section, and move it into a section that’s a third the size. From the front of the store to the back of the store, you can’t have anything on mannequins and no large signage.”

Wednesday, Target released this statement:

For more than a decade, Target has offered an assortment of products aimed at celebrating Pride Month. Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and well-being while at work. Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior. Our focus now is on moving forward with our continuing commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and standing with them as we celebrate Pride Month and throughout the year.

Target has reportedly lost $9 billion in the past week due to the boycott.

CEO Brian Cornell doubled down on the pro-gay decisions declaring, “The things we’ve done from a DE&I [diversity, equity, and inclusion] standpoint, it’s adding value.”

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh asserted, “I think this Target boycott has real staying power. Target has now branded itself as a far left organization, to the point where it’s embarrassing to shop there. This is the branding that makes the boycott stick. It happened to Bud Light. I think it’s happening to Target.”

Not the First Time

It’s not the first time Target has faced financial losses after embracing immoral ideology.

The big-box store took a substantial financial hit, losing billions of dollars, over its 2016 trans bathroom policy.

“In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways. Most relevant for the conversations currently underway, we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the company boasted in 2016.

As Church Militant reported in 2017, “The implementation of Target’s transgender bathroom policy in 2016 ushered in an onslaught of sex offender incidents in Target store bathrooms in DallasIdahoTorontoCaliforniaSeattle and Oregon involving men accessing women’s restrooms and changing rooms.”

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Connecticut Sneaking Pedophilia Protections into Law

The slippery slope toward anything goes.

HARTFORD, Conn. ( – Connecticut is facing controversy over a bill that has raised concerns among citizens, as they fear it could pave the way for the gradual legalization of pedophilia within the state.

The Connecticut House of Representatives passed a bill this month that changes the state’s anti-discrimination law by changing the definition of “sexual orientation” to “attraction to a gender.” It is expected to whiz through the blue state’s Senate and be signed by the Democratic governor, Ned Lamont, a consistent promoter of the LGBT agenda.

Cheerleaders describe it as a small, benign measure necessary to update an old definition.

Connecticut’s House Democratic caucus described the bill as merely seeking to “modernize and improve consistency” in the state’s “discrimination statutes.”

The Connecticut American Civil Liberties Union used similar language, stating, “[I]t modernizes the existing definition of sexual orientation, moving away from thirty-year-old outdated and offensive terminology.”

Supporters contend that HB6638 only aims to protect sexual orientations “in relation to genders” and downplay its potential impact. However, the conservative nonprofit organization Family Institute of Connecticut, argues “[R]ecall that even a baby or an animal has a ‘gender.'” The Institute adds, “We can hope, but it isn’t entirely clear how ‘sexual attractions’ directed toward animals, inanimate and dead objects would be treated under this bill.”

Various other critics are also raising alarm bells. In a press release, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, president of the Ruth Institute, warns that Connecticut legislators are taking a step toward legalizing pedophilia.

Morse notes, “Sexual Revolutionaries are sneaky. They ‘modernized’ the ‘offensive’ definition of sexual orientation by broadening it to include an essentially unlimited range of possibilities, including pedophilia (attraction to prepubescent children) and nepiophilia (attraction to infants aged 0–5).”

Expanding Pedos’ Access to Kids

While the bill is officially titled “An Act Revising the State’s Antidiscrimination Statutes,” the Family Institute of Connecticut refers to it as the “Pedophile Anti-Discrimination Bill.”

According to the organization, if the legislation is enacted, the state’s legal definition of “sexual orientation” would undergo two significant changes:

  1. Sexual orientation would no longer be tied to “heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality” but would instead be linked to “identity.”
  2. The definition of sexual orientation would encompass identities whose associated behavior would constitute a sex crime.

According to the Institute, “[u]ntied from the orientations of heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality,” the law will prevent discrimination against any identities “related to any romantic, emotional or sexual attraction towards a gender.” As a result, “people with sexual attractions like pedophilia and nepiophilia would be protected from discrimination.”

That means, according to Dr. Morse, “Citizens, churches and businesses in Connecticut cannot prevent individuals with these sexual attractions from working or volunteering in schools, hospitals or businesses. So much for ‘safe environment’ training and background checks!”

“Discriminating against a known pedophile would be illegal under Connecticut’s new definitions,” she observes.

Morse, an expert on the detrimental effects of the sexual revolution, cautions concerned citizens to remain vigilant.

“Advocates of the bill might say it doesn’t legalize pedophilia, and that is technically correct. But by surreptitiously changing the definition of sexual orientation, the bill lays the groundwork for doing so. And they’re hoping we won’t notice,” she observed.

Distorted Interpretation

Morse reflects on the incongruities of current discrimination laws, emphasizing that the original civil rights movement aimed to combat discrimination based on race — an innate and immutable characteristic.

“Now,” she contends, “the most radical Sexual Revolutionaries are exploiting anti-discrimination law to protect behavior in ways the original champions of equality never would have imagined or approved.”

The Family Institute of Connecticut expresses astonishment at the support the dangerous bill has garnered. It laments that “some Connecticut legislators seem to have lost the ability to make rational distinctions” and urges Connecticut citizens to contact their senators, reminding them of the importance of common sense in Connecticut’s non-discrimination laws, particularly in relation to HB6638.

Similar state legislation being pushed by Democrats was defeated this year in Minnesota.

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VIDEO: Interview with AZ Senator Sonny Borrelli on his Election Integrity Bill

A basic fundamental privilege (gift) given to WE THE PEOPLE by our forefathers is the right to free and open elections, so WE THE PEOPLE may elect whom we choose to represent us in elected office. We are not to be subjected to who has been selected by Elites. Since November 2020, Arizona has fought an incredible fight against forces of both elected and “others” who resent the notion that the people have a choice, an opinion in electoral matters. The fight in Arizona, which spread to six other states has been brutal at-times, most difficult and time consuming, and with many set backs. But Arizona continued to fight the good fight! What you are about to view on this ARIZONA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT is another step to restore election integrity.

Arizona State Senator, Sonny Borrelli, Majority Leader of the State Senate, has continued to fight for the gift given to us, and with this SPECIAL REPORT, you will learn of a brilliant maneuver the senator shepherded through both chambers of the Arizona Legislature. The Joint Concurrent Resolution authored by Borrelli is applicable in your state, too! It is a safe-guard given to us by the U.S. Constitution for such a time as this. When you have despots forcing their ways, their political and positional clout at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE, it is still the state legislatures in each state within the union who can prescribe Time, Place and Manner of an election. Two days ago, I released another SPECIAL REPORT with former Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem with whom I discussed this Joint Concurrent Resolution as preliminary to what you are about to hear and learn from the actual sponsor, Senator Sonny Borrelli. These two shows are national in scope since they may lead other state legislators to copy Arizona.

Please distribute this show to all on your mailing list. Please help me get this information out since the establishment, and all their acolytes will not touch this topic save to discredit it in any manner possible. Please continue to pray that many will begin to stand and fight the good fight to keep our blessed and exceptional nation from going under. If you can, please contribute to ARIZONA TODAY by going to my website: and clicking on the PayPal button. Thank you most sincerely for your prayers and your support.

Arizona Today – Special Report with AZ Senator Sonny Borrelli

©2023. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

Climate Czar Kerry: Emissions from agriculture must be ‘front and center’

The climate war on food—Then they came for our food supply.

Farmers and ranchers who assume that their main job is to produce food to feed hungry people stand corrected. John Kerry, the Biden administration’s special envoy on climate, wants to enlist them in the global struggle to combat the “climate crisis.”

“A lot of people have no clue that agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emission in the world,” Kerry said during his May 17 keynote address at the Department of Agriculture’s AIM Climate Summit. “We can’t get to net-zero, we can’t get this job done unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution. So all of us here understand the depths of this mission.”

“Food systems themselves contribute a significant amount of emissions just in the way we do the things we’ve been doing,” he continued. “With a growing population on the planet – we’ve just crossed the threshold of 8 billion fellow citizens around the world – emissions from the food system alone are expected to cause another half a degree of warming by mid-century.”

“Needs Innovation More Than Ever”

“This sector need innovation now more than ever,” Kerry went on. “We’re facing record malnutrition at a time when agriculture, more than any other sector, is suffering more than ever from the impacts of the climate crisis. And I refuse to call it climate change anymore. It’s not change. It’s a crisis.”

“We need economic, social, and policy innovation in order to scale adaptation of these technical solutions and get them into the hands of the folks in the fields of small farmers on a global basis. This is the promise of AIM for Climate Summit.”

Farmers won’t have to wait long for the “innovations” Kerry mentioned to come their way. The Biden administration has already pledged to take an “all of government” approach to addressing the “climate crisis,” and they mean business. Every agency of the federal government – from the Pentagon and HUD to the energy and agriculture departments – are pouring taxpayer-supplied resources into ever-expanding climate programs. The Department of Agriculture is already exhorting farmers to adopt “climate smart” policies when it comes to producing food. It is even dangling “climate-smart” grants before agricultural groups to get them to change their ways and grow food they way John Kerry and his ilk want them to do.

Though the Department of Agriculture has yet to elaborate on what it means by “climate smart,” it most certainly entails the agricultural sector severing ties to fossil fuels, either “voluntarily” or through coercion in the form of regulations. But because of natural gas’s role in making fertilizer, the government-forced transition will be a messy one. Farmers in places as far apart as Sri Lanka and the Netherlands were ordered by their respective governments to shrink their carbon footprint by reducing their nitrogen emissions. Protests in the Netherlands have been widespread, and in Sri Lanka, the government was overthrown, with the president forced to flee the country.

Lessons Not Learned

The climate misadventures in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka show what happens when people who know nothing about agriculture — and even less about the climate — impose policies on farmers that are divorced from the realities involved in producing food. When climate zealots mess with the food supply, they’re asking for trouble. Farmers in the U.S. are about to be told by urban elites how to run their farms. It won’t end well.


Bonner Cohen, Ph. D.

Bonner R. Cohen, Ph. D., is a senior policy analyst with CFACT, where he focuses on natural resources, energy, property rights, and geopolitical developments. Articles by Dr. Cohen have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Busines Daily, The New York Post, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, The Hill, The Epoch Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Miami Herald, and dozens of other newspapers around the country. He has been interviewed on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, NBC News, NPR, BBC, BBC Worldwide Television, N24 (German-language news network), and scores of radio stations in the U.S. and Canada. He has testified before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, and the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee. Dr. Cohen has addressed conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Bangladesh. He has a B.A. from the University of Georgia and a Ph. D. – summa cum laude – from the University of Munich.

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Unwavering Support for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

In the face of an impending impeachment vote, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton symbolizes unwavering conservatism and a relentless fighter for our values. The allegations and articles of impeachment brought against him by a politically motivated committee led by a handful of Republicans cannot overshadow his exceptional track record and dedication to upholding conservative principles.

Upholding Conservative Principles

Attorney General Ken Paxton has built a legacy based on his unwavering commitment to conservative principles. He has fearlessly taken on the grave issue of voter fraud, defending Texas against the federal government overreach and the foundation of our Republic. The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database, which documents 730 cases of voter fraud in Texas since 1979, attests to the importance of Paxton’s tireless efforts in safeguarding the electoral process. By prosecuting these cases, he ensures that every lawful vote counts and that our democratic values remain intact.

Children’s rights

Paxton’s office stance on categorizing sex-change operations and puberty blockers as “child abuse” under Texas law demonstrates his unwavering commitment to protecting our children. By advocating for responsible decision-making and safeguarding their innocence, he upholds the rights prioritizing parental rights and the well-being of our most vulnerable. As Texans, we must support Paxton in his efforts to defend our children and ensure their future is filled with hope, happiness, and the chance to grow into the individuals they were meant to be.

Unyielding Opposition to Federal Overreach

Attorney General Paxton’s well-publicized feuds with the federal government, both under the Obama and Biden administrations, epitomize his unwavering commitment to keeping Texans safe.  He is one of the most dynamic of the states’ attorneys general in opposing the unconstitutional overreach of the Biden administration. Paxton has boldly challenged policies that overstep the bounds of federal authority. His involvement in legal battles to scrutinize the 2020 presidential election results reflects his unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that every legal vote is counted.

A person of his outstanding principles is urgently needed to continue the fight against Washington’s open border policy and unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Unmasking the Motivations:

However, it is disheartening to witness a few unhinged Republicans spearheading this impeachment effort against Paxton. It raises questions about their true motivation and threatens to undermine the credibility of the Texas House. Are they blinded by personal vendettas or politically motivated? It is crucial to remember that the consequences of this deceitful impeachment attempt reach far beyond Paxton’s tenure. They taint the reputation of the Republican Party and cast doubt on its commitment to traditional values.

A Call to Action

In the face of these phony allegations, witch hunts, and innuendoes, let us not falter in supporting Attorney General Ken Paxton. Voters must rise to the occasion in defense of Ken Paxton. We, the Texans, elected him not once, not twice, but three times amidst these challenging times.

A Few Questions to Ask of Ourselves:

Is it not crucial to ensure that our pursuit of justice remains untainted by partisan interests? Will this sham of impeachment lose the credibility and unity of the Texas House and the Republican Party? Should we value the representation of these important perspectives outside our party? Can we afford to lose a strong advocate who has fearlessly fought against unconstitutional policies that threaten our liberties?

It is now imperative that we, true conservatives, pause and deeply reflect upon these probing questions. We must rise above the clamor of partisan politics and engage in thoughtful introspection. Let us explore the significance of these inquiries and seek the truth beneath the surface. Doing so can reaffirm our commitment to justice, integrity, and the law.


The impeachment attempt against him, led by fellow Republicans, is a testament to the misguided actions of some within our party. We must rally behind Paxton, highlighting his exemplary record. As the impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton loom, a glaring truth emerges: this is another politically motivated fraud reminiscent of the baseless impeachment attempts against former President Trump. It is no coincidence that Paxton, hailed as one of the most conservative Attorney Generals Texas has ever seen, finds himself in the crosshairs of fellow Republicans who are determined to silence his unwavering support for President Trump. Tomorrow, they plan to orchestrate this impeachment charade. We ask the lawmakers to say no to this sham impeachment.

©2023. Amil Imani. All rights reserved.

‘Treated Like A Criminal’: Prof Alleges College Axed His Contract, Banned Him From Campus Over Conservative Beliefs

A professor told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he was fired and banned from a small college in Texas because of complaints from students and colleagues regarding his conservative beliefs.

St. Philip’s College (SPC), located in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the Alamo College District, declined to renew political science professor Will Moravits’ contract on March 27 after a Title IX investigation was launched in February regarding a student complaint that he made disparaging comments about the LGBTQ community during class, according to a documents obtained by the DCNF. Moravits, who was scheduled to teach courses through the 2024 spring semester but has since been banned from campus, denied that he made any such comments, instead alleging that his termination was due to facilitating lectures on topics that the student found offensive.

“They made it very clear early on that I was not going to be reinstated under any circumstances,” Moravits told the DCNF. “That was not an option.”

‘I Know Them To Be False’

A student alleged that Moravits made multiple statements during an Introduction to Political Sciences class including that the “LGBTQIA+ community is riddled with pedophilia,” “the ‘p’ in LGBTQIA+ stands for pedophilia” and that “gay pride activists organize parades with 12-year-olds jerking off in them,” according to the notice of complaint sent to Moravits on Feb. 13 and provided to the DCNF. The complainant also alleged that Moravits, who is a former police officer, argued that police brutality is needed and that he “instigates discussion between students, especially those who agree with him” during classroom discussions on controversial topics that are “irrelevant to the class.”

Moravits was notified of his suspension on Feb. 9 before being fully informed of the complaint against him on Feb. 13, according to the obtained documents. He was not permitted on campus nor to have contact with individuals, including students, during the investigation, which he was informed on April 21 was closed — nearly a month after the school decided not to renew his contract on March 27.

Moravits, however, denies he made the alleged comments.

The student’s frivolous complaint and Alamo’s punitive actions in response to it clearly targeted Dr. Moravits’ protected speech as a teacher in the classroom,” a legal letter sent to the college by attorney Michael Allen and obtained by the DCNF reads. “The student complaint arose in POSI 2304, Introduction to Political Science. In that class, Dr. Moravits did nothing more than ask students to engage all sides of controversial issues, such as police brutality and gender ideology. Many of his engagements with students in class discussion came in direct response to their questions.”

Moreover, three students in the course signed affidavits, obtained by the DCNF, that state they did not hear Moravits make the alleged statements. Moravits has also received several “excellent” teaching evaluations and received good reviews from students, according to the legal letter.

“I believe that if such unusual thing were said in GOVT 2304 that they would stand out in my mind, and I would have remembered them,” one student, who was also interviewed during the investigation, wrote. “If these things were said about Dr. Moravits, I do not know why any student would make these accusations, and if such accusations were made, I know them to be false as a direct participant in the class.”

Another student, who said they were African-American, confirmed in the affidavit that they “never felt uncomfortable,” “demeaned” or “offended” in the class, nor does the student recall other classmates being “uncomfortable.”

“Dr. Moravits always went out of his way to discuss with the class how different people viewed controversial issues, so that the class heard all sides of an issue. He then left it up to us to make up our own minds. Dr. Moravits himself would not take sides, and he would correct students if they misunderstood him. In my experience of class, which I thought was a very good class, Dr. Moravits was always fair and respectful to all students and showed respect for students’ ideas and opinions,” the student wrote. “This is exactly what I went to school for, to learn about these kinds of things.”

The third affidavit was not immediately provided to the DCNF.

No Determination Of Responsibility

Nevertheless, Moravits was informed on March 27 that his contract would not be renewed. The notice, obtained by the DCNF, did not list a specific reason for the decision but confirmed that his current contract as an Instructor and his paid administrative leave would end on May 13.

“You will remain on administrative leave and paid through May 13, 2023, which is the end date of your contract,” the notice reads. “While you are on administrative leave in April and through May 13, 2023, you are expected to be available by telephone or virtually (Zoom) during regular business hours in the event that work-related matters need to be discussed.”

Moravits was also not permitted on campus and ordered to have no contact with individuals, including students, according to the notice of suspension sent to him on Feb. 9 and shared with the DCNF. He attempted to retrieve his belongings from his office on May 17 but was escorted from campus by four police officers, according to an email outlining the incident he sent to the HR department, obtained by the DCNF.

“I was treated like a criminal,” he told the DCNF.

Moravits was notified on April 21 that the investigation was dropped “without any determination of responsibility” because of a written appeal he provided and because the case was considered closed, according to an email shared with the DCNF. Allen said that while at-will employees can be terminated without cause, the college cannot “violate their constitutional rights.”

“We think the timing and the fact that they immediately threw him off campus on the basis of false allegations that he had hurt someone’s feelings … obviously they weren’t getting what they wanted out of the investigation and wanted to fire him,” Allen told the DCNF. “They wanted to fire him from the get-go.”

‘Racist Organization’

Moravits believes that he was “terminated,” per the legal letter, because of his conservative beliefs. He provided two screenshots to the DCNF of text messages from Cynthia Pryor, SPC Social and Behavioral Sciences chairperson, to another SPC employee about him promoting his book, “The Blue Divide: Policing and Race in America“, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2022.

“Well, I was stunned to see that Moravits hawked his book at the CPAC convention. CPAC has become a racist organization that promotes ‘racial purity’ and supports authoritarians such as Viktor Orban in Hungary,” Pryor allegedly wrote. “Moravits seems to be associating with an anti-democratic group. That was surprising to me. He hid that part of his political philosophy quite well until he got the job.”

She then sent a second text sharing that she hoped the school could “push Moravits out.”

“I’m not opposed to open dialogue about competing ideas, but he was somewhat dishonest, and the views of CPAC threaten our democracy,” the text reads. “He needs to be vigorously challenged.”

The legal letter used the texts to showcase a “culmination of a long history of targeted attacks” on Moravits. The letter also referenced a complaint filed by colleagues regarding an interview he gave about his book which was done in his own capacity.

Moravits has lost approximately $24,000 due to the non-renewal, he told the DCNF. The school has declined to reinstate him to his position with full benefits and lost revenue as was requested in the April letter, meaning he will consider filing a lawsuit.

“What institution fires an employee who’s valued by the students? Basically it’s the HR department claiming that the students are customers in the academic industry at the moment and that they should be able to assert the right not to have their subjective feelings hurt, and yet they don’t care about the students who were valuing that education experience that was provided by Dr. Moravits,” Allen told the DCNF. “So what institution does that? They have affirmative evidence that this was a false allegation.”

St. Philip’s College did not respond to the DCNF’s request for comment. Pryor could not immediately be reached for comment.





University Waged ‘Vilification’ Campaign Against Professor Who Showed Students Picture Of Muhammad, Report Finds

University Program Linking Christians, Republicans to Nazis Granted DHS funds under ‘Anti-Terror’ Initiative

Class Warfare: Training The Next Generation of Childhood Red Gender-Guards

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Merrick Garland Is Slowly Defining A New Criminal Class, And Soon You’ll Be Part Of It

What do Kyle Rittenhouse, Donald Trump, Nick Sandmann, Mark Houck, Sarah Comrie (the so-called “Bike Karen”) and Daniel Penny all have in common?

All of them are victims of the “two-tiered justice system” and the leftist media court of public opinion. Conservatives often protest this double standard, understandably since none of these people committed any crime. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department has effectively become a symbol for this kind of persecution in tandem with its local lackeys, criminal foot soldiers and the corporate press.

Crying about double standards or “two-tiered justice,” however, misses the point.  There is no “double standard” — only a hierarchy without you in it. Their persecution of everyone from political opponents to everyday people is designed to remind you that they are the elite and you exist at their pleasure.

To enforce this new hierarchy, Garland and his allies have created a new category of criminal straight out of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917: the “political criminal.”

Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in Gulag Archipelago (pg. 505 if you’re interested) that in the early days of the USSR, thieves and murderers were often treated with kid gloves. They could be rehabilitated, the party line went, and they were often allowed to commit crime if they targeted the right people.

Not so for anyone considered a “political criminal,” either directly or by association. Those people eventually ended up in the GULAG. Now this might seem unsurprising, until you realize that the crime of opposing the state could be something as simple as having more money than your neighbor, belonging to the wrong ethnic group, being Christian or simply existing.

Such people were referred to as “terrorists.” Sound familiar when Joe Biden and the media constantly harping about “white supremacist, ultra-MAGA terrorism?” That label should terrify you.

We’ve seen how we deal with terrorism abroad. We lock them up, don’t give them any due process, or just kill them. That is what Biden and co. are implying they want for you, the political terrorist.

In the leftist mind, conservatives who oppose them are peons. Leftists and their minions are the elite (or at least above you in the social hierarchy) and can do whatever they want without consequences. As long as they serve a purpose, the party has their backs no matter how evil or depraved they are.

In practice, this relationship means that Kyle Rittenhouse was supposed to let his attackers bash his head in. They supported our corrupt system and held all the right views. Kyle Rittenhouse, regardless of his political views, was wrong for opposing them, making him an enemy of the state.

Donald Trump was supposed to roll over and surrender the presidency without a fight. His crime was opposing the Swamp. Same with Daniel Penny. Jordan Neely was part of the left’s strategy to foment chaos. He had every right to be a criminal. Penny had no right to stop his activities as far as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is concerned.

Don’t want your kids to be sexualized in schools and raped down the road? That makes you a terrorist too. You don’t even have the right to defend your own children.

As for Sarah Cowrie, even if she paid for that bike, as far as the left is concerned, she had no right to it because in the left’s twisted world, white people are always wrong – the facts be damned. And if things had gotten violent, you bet the media would have justified it all the way or covered it up.

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

Meanwhile, violent criminals get a pass every time. They are victims of society, liberals say. They can be rehabilitated if only we give a little more money to the system – usually money coming from the political enemies they persecute.

But the reality is that the criminals are coddled not because leftists love them but because they are useful. The Soviets even had a term for this – “social allies.” And for the left, every type of anti-social, child-grooming, murderous criminal is indeed an ally to knocking down the system that allows free people to flourish.

And one more thing: if leftists are trying to lock conservatives up for “terrorism” now, it won’t be long before they start trying to kill you.



Michele Gama Sosa is an opinion editor for the Daily Caller and a historian by training.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.

RELATED ARTICLE: ‘Treated Like A Criminal’: Prof Alleges College Axed His Contract, Banned Him From Campus Over Conservative Beliefs

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‘I Just Can’t Get Over This Number’: CNN Host Shocked At Poll Showing Biden Cratering Among Key Demographic

CNN Host Poppy Harlow was shocked Friday about a new poll showing President Joe Biden polling poorly with independent-Democratic-leaning voters and younger voters.

CNN released a poll Thursday showing 66% of Americans say Biden winning in 2024 would be a “disaster” or “setback” for the country, with CNN’s Jake Tapper calling it “horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden.”

“New CNN polling shows 60% of Democratic and Democratic leaning voters backing Biden in 2024,” host Erica Hill said. The CNN poll showed 20% of Democrats support rival candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr and 8% are behind another challenger, author Marianne Williamson.

“When asked specifically about a second term, only a third of Americans feel a 2024 win for Biden would be a win for the country,” Hill continued, before introducing her panelists.

“When we look at this new polling, Ashley, you see the vast majority of Democratic aligned voters, they’re throwing their support behind Biden. But what stood out to me are independent leaning Democrats and younger voters, they’re really not as enthusiastic. There were questions about messaging. There were questions about what is or is not being sold. How significant do you think that hill is for Biden to climb?”

“I am almost certain that Joe Biden will be the democratic nominee by 2024,” former White House Senior Policy Adviser Ashley Allison responded, before saying Biden needs to “explain” to voters what he’s done and his plans for the future.

“I just can’t get over this number,” Harlow exclaimed. “Can we pull it back up? 66% of voters in this poll say Biden’s 2024 win, if he wins, what will that mean for the country? 66% say it will be a disaster or a setback. They’re not hot on Trump either, but how do you counter the numbers?”

“It’s going to be very difficult for him,” Republican strategist Chapin Fay said, arguing that the southern border is a huge issue plaguing the president.

Biden has performed poorly in recent polls, especially when it comes to issues like the border crisis. A recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll found just 31% of Americans approve Biden’s handling of immigration amid a surge of migrants arriving at the border.



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Harvard Poll Shows One Stat That Could Mean The End Of Biden 2024

GAMA SOSA: Merrick Garland Is Slowly Defining A New Criminal Class, And Soon You’ll Be Part Of It

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Finland Electricity Prices Drops to BELOW ZERO Due to Efficiency of Nuclear Power Plants

This is what common sense looks like.

Finnish Nuclear Plant Throttles Output After Electricity Prices “Become Too Cheap”

by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, May 25, 2023 – 02:45 AM

As we detailed in early May, the transition from testing to regular output last month saw Finland’s first nuclear power-plant drive electricity prices dramatically lower.

Asyle reports, the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor in Eurajoki, southwest Finland, started regular electricity production in mid-April, about 14 years behind schedule

Since then prices for power in Finland have continued to plunge as the efficiency of the plant flooded the grid with ‘new’ energy.

So much in fact that early on Wednesday of last week, the market price for electricity dropped below zero cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and for hours after that the price was only 0.3 cents per kWh at its highest, according to the country’s grid operator, Fingrid.

That was unacceptable and prompted the plant’s owner, Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) to significantly cut back its output…

Electricity production must also be profitable for nuclear power plants, and when the price is particularly low, there may be situations where output is limited,” TVO communications manager, Johanna Aho, said.

According to Aho, cutting back on nuclear power production due to excessively low electricity prices is very rare, but not unheard of.

Janne Kauppi, an energy markets advisor at Finnish Energy, agreed with that sentiment.

“There haven’t been many situations where nuclear power output has been regulated specifically because of low prices,” Kauppi explained.

“When prices go negative on the electricity market, basically anyone who can adjust their production will do it, so that they don’t have to pay for their own production,” Kauppi noted.

The Finnish example is a testament to how nuclear can play a part in solving the current energy crisis, with consumers still paying sky-high fees for energy in many European countries.

However, the hypocrisy is of course that when power prices were extremely high in 2022, hurting consumers – it was all Russia’s fault; but now that prices are plummeting, operators can’t have that and withdraw supply to hurt consumers.

Do you see a pattern here?

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Yes to Desantis…in 2028

Ron Desantis will make a great presidential candidate…in 2028.

I say that as someone who migrated to the free state of Florida just before the 2018 election, thinking Desantis was a shoe-in, and learning that the race between a common sense Republican with an honorable military background and a no-nothing Socialist was neck and neck.

I was terrified that my decision to move my family was about to become a huge mistake. But God is great. And that was not his will.

Fast forward to 2022: Desantis won re-election by nearly twenty points, and the pundits anointed him a political genius.

But Governor Desantis has never been subjected to the slings and arrows of the Democratic corporate media and their allies in the Deep State.

Go after Disney for woke idiocy? Sure. Go after the Deep State that wants to demolish America, good luck. Can Ron stand up to that? Perhaps. A vigorous primary debate, which I encourage, will help to reveal the size of his backbone.

Donald Trump has stood up to violent, irrational, unending assaults from the spirit of Evil, the spirit that truly wants America as we know it to cease to exist. Can Ron stand the heat? Can he withstand the scrutiny of his personal life that cares nothing for truth? Can he withstand serial lies and witnesses to lies about his military service? Or to lies about his marriage, his faith, his children?

Maybe he can. Let’s see.

But don’t underestimate the utter viciousness and evil of the Deep State. As Sen. Chuck Schumer warned Trump shortly before his first inauguration, if you challenge the Deep State they can get you “six ways to Sunday.” As they indeed showed with Donald Trump.

This week we learned extraordinary new details about the Chinese penetration of our high tech enterprises and our military. What most astonishes me is how the corporate media is suddenly pretending to be astonished that the Chinese are trying to steal our secrets and penetrate our critical infrastructure.

I investigated the Chinese Communist efforts to penetrate America’s political, military, media, and capital markets for the American Spectator in the second half of the 1990s.

©2023. Kenneth R. Timmerman. All rights reserved.


I compiled those stories in an inexpensive paperback, Selling Out America, which details how Bill Clinton, paid off by the Chinese Communist Party, enabled U.S. industry to help the Chicoms become a world superpower. We lopped decades off their gynocidal plan, all thanks to Clinton and Democrat politicians and their allies in Silicon  Valley. You really should read Selling Out America. You’ll be astonished how predictable all this was.

Catastrophic ‘Loss of Control’ NY Elections: Millions of Invalid Registrations, Hundreds of Thousands of Votes Cast by invalid Registrations, Massive Vote Discrepancies, Clear Algorithmic Patterns

Through auditing the voter roll databases, obtained directly from state and local boards of elections, we have uncovered millions of invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast presence of algorithmic patterns we reverse engineered from within the state’s own official records. To be absolutely clear, there is no known innocent purpose or explanation for why these algorithms…..

It’s not hard to conduct forensic audits. There were NONE conducted in the 2020 election.

Catastrophic “Loss of Control” Data Breach in NY Elections

By: Wendi Strauch Mahoney, May 25, 2023 By: DC Uncovered, May 26, 2023:

A peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) confirms a “Loss of Control” breach has occurred in the NYSVoter Database. A peer-reviewed paper of their results in a respected journal is a hard-won and “significant milestone,” according to Marly Hornik, Executive Director of the NY Citizens Audit.

The audit of the voter rolls was led by Marly Hornik and Andrew Paquette, Ph.D., Director of Research, who submitted the paper to JIW. Paquette “co-founded the International Game Architecture and Design Academy (now BUAS) in the Netherlands after a career in the feature film and video game industries. He received his Ph.D. from King’s College, London, in 2018 for a thesis on the development of expertise.”

In July 2021, Hornik and Paquette assembled a group of volunteers in New York that has grown to around 2000 individuals statewide to investigate the state’s voter registration rolls. Hornik presented the group’s preliminary findings to attendees at The Pit, sponsored by True the Vote, in August 2022.

In her recent letter to New York citizens, Hornik explains the seriousness of the group’s findings:

“Through auditing the voter roll databases, obtained directly from state and local boards of elections, we have uncovered millions of invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrants, massive vote discrepancies, and the clear presence of algorithmic patterns we reverse engineered from within the state’s own official records.

To be absolutely clear, there is no known innocent purpose or explanation for why these algorithms exist. I am told by cyber-intelligence experts they indicate a ‘Total Loss of Control’ data breach, the most severe kind of data breach recognized by our federal government. The law says it renders the affect….

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Remember this:


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The Foulness of ‘Social Emotional Learning’

The putrid education matter that you have likely heard very little about.

The Left is masterful at word manipulation. They have the skill, experience, and interest to massage the vocabulary to make a horrifically bad idea sound appealing. (Think “Green New Deal.”) However, the success of their deception depends on one other ingredient: the lack of critical thinking by the public.

A case in point is something going on in the education field called Social Emotional Learning (SEL). If you do an Internet search, 95% of what you’ll find is pabulum saying what a wonderful idea SEL is, like here. It gushes:

“Social-emotional learning is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.”

What’s not to like? The Left is saying: Just agree and then move on. Nothing to see here.

Critical thinkers will be wary of anything that is endorsed by our educational cabal (or the media), and will not blindly accept their description of such “programs.” Persistent parties will eventually find objective and accurate descriptions of what SEL is really all about. For example, this study says:

“Proponents of SEL call for focusing less on academic content and knowledge in schools, and more on student attributes, mindsets, values, and behaviors.”

Think carefully about that profoundly significant statement. This is a movement to devalue academic content and knowledge… Does that sound like what our education system should be doing? Who benefits from US students being less educated?

To compensate for less knowledge, the SEL movement fills our children’s heads with attributes, mindsets, values, and behaviors. Does that sound like what our education system should be doing? Isn’t it the parents’ job to be teaching those things?

If critical thinkers forge further in their SEL Internet search (separating the wheat from the chaff with a machete), they will come across this marvelous Report, published by Moms for Liberty. Among many worthwhile observations, it says:

“The ultimate goal of SEL is to shift the values, beliefs, attitudes, and worldviews of students. The goal is to psychologically manipulate students to accept the progressive ideology that supports gender fluidity, sexual preference exploration, and systemic oppression.”

Getting the idea here? Go back and read the initial supportive quote above, and see how accurately and honestly it was describing SEL. What SEL should stand for is something like “Satanically Evil Learning.”

Whether you are a parent, or a citizen without children in the school system, this is extraordinarily important. Literally, America’s future is in the balance. Get informed. Speak up. Contact your State Board of Education, as they have control of this.

PS — If you enjoy videos, here is an excellent one that explains the significance of this contagious SEL pandemic. Not surprisingly, critical thinking is the vaccine.

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VIDEO: DeSantis Campaign Launch ‘Crashes’ and ‘Burns’ Called ‘Meltdown’, ‘Disaster’

Ron DeSantis Roasted for ‘Meltdown,’ ‘Disaster’ Launch.

WATCH: Trump Posts Funniest Meme In History, BREAKS Internet Trolling DeSantis Launch Glitch on The Benny Show

Stand Up America Foundation in a email wrote:

Although Twitter eventually functioned properly, allowing DeSantis to speak about a number of carefully curated policies, the headlines throughout the media ignored his material and focused on the campaign’s ‘failure to launch.’ Twitter, not DeSantis, appeared to dominate the media’s gist.

The DeSantis campaign tried to spin the ‘melting servers’ and ‘meltdown’ as breaking the internet, but the nine following headlines from major media organizations harmonized, a rare moment for the entirety of the American press:

Politico: Trump Had an Escalator. DeSantis Had a Meltdown.
Daily Mail: ‘Biggest fail in campaign launches in history’: DeSantis mocked for shambolic Twitter launch.
National Review: Ron DeSantis Twitter Launch Was a Disaster.
Newsweek: DeSantis ‘Disastrous’ 2024 Launch Marred by Twitter Glitches.
Washington Post: Twitter repeatedly crashes as DeSantis tries to make presidential announcement.
Just The News: DeSantis announcement met with major tech issues.
BRIETBART: Ron DeSantis Roasted for ‘Meltdown,’ ‘Disaster’ Launch

Editor’s Note:  Maybe someone messed with Twitter. Of course, these headlines could be a demonstration of their fear of his candidacy.  We were hoping DeSantis would have waited until 2028.  He’s still young (44).  That is not to say he is not a good candidate.  We will be watching him closely, especially as to who is supporting him financially.

President Trump responded to the DeSantis campaign launch on TRUTHSocial:

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Black Protesters say, “Vote For Trump” at DeSantis’s Failed 2024 Announcement

Twitter staff feared campaign launch would ‘misfire’ because there was NO planning for ‘site reliability issues’


HITS BOTTOM, KEEPS DIGGING: Bud Light To Sponsor Pride Parades Despite Ongoing Boycott

Anheuser-Busch Joining Children’s Hospital Which Sexually Mutilates Children.

This is textbook business school case study stuff. Lose touch with your audience, go down in flames.

America’s woke companies have lost their way. Make your products. Sell your products. And STFU.

Bud Light To Sponsor Pride Parades Despite Ongoing Boycott

By Spencer Lindquist, Daily Wire • May 25, 2023:

Bud Light and its parent company Anheuser-Busch are sponsoring at least three different upcoming Pride events despite backlash over the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a social media influencer who identifies as transgender.

Bud Light is listed as a sponsor on the Cincinnati Pride Parade website. Planned Parenthood and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which medically transitions minors, are both also listed.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis, Missouri, where Anheuser-Busch is headquartered, the company is listed as the presenting sponsor of the St. Louis Pride Parade. A sponsorship packet explains that there are only four “presenting sponsor” slots available. The “Rainbow” sponsorship tier, located below the “presenting sponsor” tier, requires entities to pay $25,000.

Bud Light is also listed as a “Diamond Sponsor” of Stonewall Columbus, which organizes and hosts the annual Columbus, Ohio, Pride Parade. The “diamond” sponsorship tier requires companies to donate $20,000, a document from the organization specifies. The document also adds, “All Stonewall Columbus sponsors must affirm Stonewall’s diversity, equity, and inclusion policies AND agree to donate no less than 8 hours of volunteer time during a calendar year.”

Anheuser-Busch was also listed as a premier sponsor for the San Francisco Pride Parade in 2022. The 2023 sponsors of the San Francisco Pride Parade have not yet been released.

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Here’s what they are sponsoring:



Bud Light, Target Bleeding Money As Conservatives Boycott. The Dollar Amount Is Staggering

‘A Very Hard Day’: Target CEO Bemoans Backlash, Commits To Standing By LGBTQ Community

Woke Bud Light Can’t Give Their Beer Away – Literally, Now Forced to Buy It Back

Bud Light Sales Plummet For Fifth Straight Week Since Promoting Trans Influencer


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Detroit: Imam warns against allying with ‘people who endorse LGBTQ principles’ says Democrats are ‘at war with Allah’

A hadith depicts Muhammad specifying the punishment for homosexual activity: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ‘Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.’” (Sunan Abu Dawud 4462)

Detroit Imam Imran Salha Warns Muslims: In Supporting Palestine, Do Not Ally With Supporters Of LGBTQ Rights, Democratic Party, Who Are ‘At War With Allah’; Adds: May Allah Eradicate Sick, Disgusting Zionist Regime

MEMRI, May 19, 2023:

In a Friday, May 19, 2023 sermon at the Islamic Center of Detroit, Michigan, Imam Imran Salha warned Muslims against forging alliances with pro-Palestine activists who endorse LGBTQ principles and who are “at war with Allah”, such as the Democratic Party. Salha also condemned Israel’s Jerusalem Day Flag March, in which the “sick disgusting Zionist regime – may Allah eradicate them,” took their “disgusting flags [and] entered the purified land of Al-Aqsa.” He warned the Islamic leaders and scholars “who have sold out on Palestine,” saying: “You will be dragged by the chains of Hellfire with the people that you want to make peace with.” Imam Salha was born in New Jersey and is of Palestinian origin. The sermon was posted on the YouTube channel of ICD – the Islamic Center of Detroit.

Imran Salha: “If somebody loves Palestine, but they don’t worship Allah, then I don’t want your activism for Palestine. What is your activism for Palestine going to help me, if you are at war with Allah? This is one of the mistakes that, unfortunately, here in America, we have made politically. We want to work for the sake of Palestine, but then shake hands with people who endorse things like the LGBTQ principles.

“So you will say that the Democrats will support the Palestinians, but they are at war with Allah. Do you think that someone who is at war with Allah will help you achieve freedom for Palestine?


“You know Paradise, you know Hell, you know the Day of Judgement, you know the Purgatory. You know that if you are patient, you have something to look forward to, whereas those [non-believers], the only thing they know about death is that they will become fertilizer for cows.


“There was the Flag March in Palestine, where the sick, disgusting Zionist regime – may Allah eradicate them from existence, say: ‘Amen’ – they took their disgusting flags, the flags of occupation and oppression, and entered into the purified land of Al-Aqsa, walking around as if they had a claim to that land.


“The most confused youth are the white-washed youth. You are not white. You are not European. You are an Arab. And you are… Be as [Arab] as they see you can possibly be.


“Do not try to appease the White Man. We have been stuck under the colonized way of thinking.


“Those who don’t want us to succeed, want us to erase [our identity], and all come to America, in the melting pot, and listen to Justin Bieber. No. We don’t need this, and we reject that. We have our culture and we have our things that we return to.


“And we say, inshallah, to those who have sold out on Palestine, whether they are a sheikh, a leader, or call themselves an [Islamic] scholar – you are a sell-out, nothing but a sell-out, you are a dishonorable human being, and there is a problem with your faith, and you will be inshallah dragged by the chains of Hellfire, with the people you want to make peace with.


“May Allah grant us, in our lifetime, the ability to see a free Muslim nation, liberated from the shackles of colonization, Allah willing.”


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Colonel Richard Kemp on the IDF’s Achievements

Burkina Faso: Muslims murder around 20 civilians in two jihad massacres, torch homes and stores

Fatah celebrates murder of 80-year-old woman, treats all of Israel as ‘occupied’

NC Nakba Day rallygoers endorse jihad attacks against Israel, claim ‘Palestinians’ are allies of homosexuals

Germany: Migrants stab anti-mass migration politician and critically injure him

Colonel Richard Kemp on the IDF’s Achievements

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