FBI: Wimps in the Islamic Terrorism War

I watched Megyn Kelly (FOX News) discussing the new movie Honor Diaries about Islamic honor attacks and murders.  Kelly was outstanding.  She further discussed the reaction from the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  CAIR has denounced the movie and wants it removed from the eye’s of Americans.  Do you recall a similar reaction to a book critical of Islam, Muslim Mafia?

Kelly was extremely tough on CAIR, an FBI designated co-conspirator in the Holyland Foundation Trial.  This amazed me.  Her FOX associate Bill O’Reilly is a friend of CAIR. Watch her segment on CAIR:



honor diariesFor 1400 plus years Muslim men have been raping, assaulting, and killing innocent young Muslim girls and Muslim women.  Most people believe this only happens in Islamic controlled countries.  This is far from the truth.  Young girls have been exposed to Islamic child marriages in America.  Muslim daughters and wives are often the victims of Muslim men, in the name of Islam.

During my visits to  mosques in America I have came across materials advocating child marriages and honor assaults and murder on Muslim women who have allegedly caused their family shame.

Often I have provided or offered to provide this material to law enforcement agencies, but the vast majority of local, state, and federal organizations want nothing to do with this issue.  The worst offenders are the FBI.  For people who are not aware of the internal operations of an FBI office you may find it hard to believe that the FBI produces narcissistic, egotistical, headline grabbing, and poor investigators.  Sounds like I am being critical of a senior U.S. law enforcement agency.  I am.

The majority of people entering the FBI are highly motivated and want to do a good job as protectors of our country.  The reality is that the decades working structure of this agency is deeply rooted in making FBI Agents feel they are above all others.  To put it simply they get ‘big heads’ early on in their career.  A ‘big head’ does not make an outstanding investigator.  For the most part the FBI relies on local and state law enforcement departments to conduct the really hard and dangerous street work.  When they have developed a solid and media driven case, the FBI swoops in.  Don’t believe talk to any local or state law enforcement officer.

What does the character of the FBI have to do with honor killings?  My answer is an enormous amount.  Due to the inaction of the FBI many Muslim children and women suffer.  Why?  When a city, county, or state law enforcement law enforcement department gets any information pertaining to a mosque or Islamic leader, they must provide the information to the FBI before they can conduct an investigation.  FBI Agents are taught to stay away from mosques and Islamic leaders unless they have enough evidence (before an investigation) to convince even MSNBC journalists the mosque is a threat.  This does not happen.

The vast majority of  FBI cases involving Islamic based terrorism are one’s such as the most recent Muslim kid who desired to conduct another Fort Hood type of attack. Read this column: Army Recruit Desires Jihad. Recall that within a few minutes of investigations at Fort Hood after Major Hassan murdered fellow troops, the FBI labeled this as a ‘lone wolf type attack, or better known as workplace violence).  Although Hassan said he killed fellow troops as part of Jihad, no one believed him.

Now we have this teenager, Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, who wants to do exactly what Major Hassan did.  He “desires” to kill innocent people in the name of Allah.  The key word here is desire.  Our FBI purposely overlooks and holds back information on the motives of suspected Islamic terrorists.  Where did Major Hassan and Muhammed Hussan obtain their strong “desire” to serve Islam in the way of physical Jihad?  This “desire” is taught in the vast majority of mosques throughout the world and in mosques in America.

I have uncovered thousands of Islamic materials advocating the Muslim community to engage in Jihad.  This can be with the tongue, pen, or sword.  If you aren’t able to contribute this way, then one has an obligation to help finance the efforts of Jihadist’s. Why then does the FBI not go after the Islamic leaders? Well let’s see: Saudi influence, liberal media influence, and of course the Islamic supporting Obama administration.

The FBI fights terrorism like the Drug Enforcement Agency fights illegal narcotics.  They go after the low players.  These are the one’s with little financial support and the one’s who the media view as simply junkies or “lone wolves” for the terrorists.  There is little threat of any backlash toward the FBI if they target the people at the bottom of the chain.

What does this mean to America?  We will lose the war on terrorism just as we losing the war on drugs. Innocent Muslim girls and women inside American mosques will continue to suffer because our FBI lacks the guts and will to do their jobs.

What type leaders do we need if we were to even have a chance at defeating Islamic terrorism in America?  We need more  truth tellers like Megyn Kelly, Jack Ellison, Roy White, John Kuchta, Adina Kutnicki, Brenda and Roger Homefield, and fewer promoters of Islam like Bill O’Reilly.

The truth must be told.