Humor When Discussing Islam

Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

Like many Americans I enjoy a bit of humor throughout my day. If we can’t laugh then we should deport ourselves to North Korea and look like 10 million cloned zombies.

I can’t count the number of times I visited a mosque around one of our holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. The Muslims had no problem talking about our Christmas as being nothing but a big joke, and how children around the world believe in a fat man with a red suit. Many, many Muslims openly disgrace Jesus by calling him just another man. They say Jesus was actually Muslim (even before Islam came about).

When I visit mosqes around Thanksgiving I have heard the members talk about how silly it is for Americans to give thanks to a country that is not based around Allah and Mohammed.

During my visits to mosques around Easter I hear the jokes of how Christians worldwide believe in a yellow Easter bunny and how they love a simple man like Jesus who popped out of a grave after he had been dead three days. Oh how the loving, caring, and peaceful Muslims enjoy the dehuminization of Christians and Jews, but cringe and cry when a Christian or Jew pokes fun at anything Islamic.

The sad part about how Muslim men and women joke about Christian and Jewish beliefs, is that they do it in front of their children. Our government then wonders why we have Muslim teenagers murder people at the Boston Marathon. Our government calls the murders of our troops at Fort Hood by a very practicing Muslim as work place violence, but fools like Harry Reid call ‘Rancher Bundy and his supporters Domestic terrorists!

For many years I have been studying Islam and counter-terrorism. To win any war you must know the weakest areas of your enemy. In regards to Islam the weakest point centers around the ‘Blasphemy of anything Islam’. In war you want to hit them anywhere that makes the enemy act irrationally. If you can make them become stressed, tired, and so full of rage that they can’t think logically, then you have a chnce of winning.

There are thousands of Islamic leaders and their supporters who follow my Newsletters. I want this. I am pleased to say there are thousands of American Patriots who keep up with my work, but I am thrilled to have supporters of Islam read my points of view. When I had undercover researchers inside CAIR National I had blogs directed toward CAIR Executives such as Nihad Awad, Corey Saylor, and good old lying Dougie Hooper. The first thing these placebos did was to turn on their computers and see what Dave Gaubatz had written about them the night before. Then they became extremely mad, were stressing out, and spent their days whining and crying about what I was writing. This is when they would make mistakes. My interns were able to watch their every move.

I searched the internet for some of the funniest cartoons pertaining to Old Yeller Prophet Mohammed. Read, look, and share with thousands. This will cause Islamic leaders to focus on suing and murdering Dave Gaubatz and distract them from planning future terrorist attacks like 9-11. Laugh my friends!

faces of mohamed gallery

Photography, drawings, depictions of the human face of Mohammed is haram (unlawful) in Islam. This montage is courtesy of

In closing: Mohammed married Aisha when she was six years old, sexually abused her until she was nine years old, then raped an innocent child. This is not humorous or funny in any way. This is why we have to destroy the Islamic ideology. If it takes putting out cartoons about Mohammed, then that is what should be done.

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