Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: U.S. corporations must be “punished” with new penalties and restrictions

More American jobs and the products that make your life better are under attack by those in Washington who do not seek a solution, but merely want to mask the failures of our horrific income tax code.

Currently, America’s corporations pay 39.1% in income taxes – the highest tax rate of 33 industrialized countries!

To stay alive under this punitive tax structure, American businesses first moved their profits to foreign countries. Now they are moving their headquarter operations.

And how is Washington responding? Incredibly, instead of addressing the real problem – the income tax code – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has stated these corporations must be “punished” with new penalties and restrictions!

Wasn’t it Albert Einstein who said insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”?

It’s time for our nation’s tax insanity to end. Our country does not need more punishing economic policy.

Corporations leaving vs FairTax

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