Florida RINO News Update: Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush for President? Really?

Mitt Romney, the man, the legend, the star spangled unicorn who indirectly created Obamacare now leads a field of potential 2016 GOP candidates in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Saul Alinsky cheerleader, holds a dominant lead among Democrats. The GOP Sheeple are flocking to the man who lighted the path for the Democrats to take control of 1/6th of our free market economy.

Twenty one percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents would choose the former Massachusetts governor. I think the Republican Party has lost its mind or perhaps it has been subjected to Chinese water torture for the past 6 years. The Romney camp keep sending me emails to me saying “My fellow conservative”. Romney is not a conservative he is posing as one to get the conservative vote. Don’t fall for it.

Then we have former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) this Hillary Clinton admirer has a 9% support in the poll. Perhaps Jeb needs to have a house party with Bill and Hillary and help raise some money for the Republic-crats. Jeb is the guy that awarded Hillary Clinton a Freedom Medal on the eve of the 1st anniversary of Benghazi. She was responsible for getting 2 Navy SEALs an Ambassador and his aid killed.

Jeb Bush is the guy pushing the United Nations endorsed IB Common Core down our throats in Florida. Maybe to help his brother Neil garner a huge contract to upload the Common Core software via his software company in Austin. Hey, I am all for free market capitalism but not at the expense of our kids. They need to learn the Constitution not collective bargaining and that 1 plus 1 equals 6.

Yes indeed, former Florida governor Jeb Bush who posed alongside Barack Obama in 2011 to make a pitch for reforms to education policies like the United Nations endorsed COMMON CORE. He said he was “incredibly honored” to be standing beside president Obama. Jeb Bush the guy who said that Ronald Reagan would not have fit well in the modern Republican Party. Holy mother of Chinese chicken livers. Save us sweet Jesus from these people. Charlie Crist literally hugged Obama. Jeb Bush did the same thing but from 2 feet away using forked tongue speaking in many tones of RINOSPEAK.

Back to Romney.

Mitt Romney said his Massachusetts health reform plan was much better than Obama’s. It does not matter that it is unconstitutional and violates the 4th Amendment. He claims it’s different in important ways. Oh, here we go with Mr. Romney justifying his Collectivist take over of health care in Massachusetts. A system that forced my cousin to leave this once free state. Perhaps when he made everyone hold their breath to cut down the CO2 emissions he had to create a welfare state to save them from suffocation.

When interviewed by a Denver TV station, Romney cited the key features that differentiate his reform approach from Obama’s. Oh my gracious pass the Grey Poupon please. A Collectivist ideology is a Communist ideology.

Romney declared:

“My health care plan, I put in place in my state has everyone insured, but we didn’t go out and raise taxes on people and have a unelected board tell people what kind of health care they can have.”


Does Romneycare have everyone insured? NO. The plan cut the state’s rate of uninsured by almost half but this forced young people onto this unconstitutional debacle. Buy insurance or pay a fine or go to jail. All tyranny.

Did Romneycare raise taxes? NO, but the state didn’t need to. It covered the cost of reform with larger payments that it negotiated from the federal government for its Medicaid program. So technically it was a tax increase but from federal, not state money. Just more fleecing and redistribution of wealth.

Does Romneycare have an unelected board that tells people what kinds of health care they can have? YES.

The Massachusetts Connector Authority serves as the state’s insurance exchange. It sets standards for the types of plans that may be sold, thereby determining the kind of access residents will have to health care services. DEATH PANELS ladies and gentleman. This violate free market capitalism (it is commonly called price fixing). In my opinion it is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL and violates the Commerce Clause unless its forced under states rights under the 10th Amendment to inflict tyranny on its own people. Romney is the king of tyranny.

Is Obamacare any different? NO.

Obamacare does raise taxes and it also let’s unelected officials determine what kind of insurance people can receive by setting standards for coverage under the state exchanges that will sell it. Just like Romneycare.

After all is said and done Obamacare and Romneycare are almost identical.

They both expand coverage in the same three ways. They reformed the free market for individual insurance by creating exchanges to sell it, subsidizing those with low incomes, and mandating that everyone maintain coverage in some form.

They expanded Medicaid to cover more people. They penalized employers who did not offer coverage to their workers. But more importantly both these plans made you a criminal if you did not comply. ALL TYRANNY!

So there you have it boys and girls. The two front runners for the Republican Party for President in 2016. The man who created Obamacare and the man who presented Hillary Clinton with a freedom medal and praised Obama for Common Core. Sweet Jesus I think we need to dismantle the GOP and rebuild it with Americans that can actually follow the U.S. Constitution.

With these two guys perhaps being hand picked by the GOP as presidential contenders we all need to prepare for a Hillary Clinton presidency and the final chapter on our formerly free republic.

Stay strong patriots. Buy more ammo. I think Hugh Janus has a better shot at saving our nation.