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Florida: Former Democrat now Republican U.S. Senate candidate was convicted of check fraud

After I ran a U.S. Senate campaign and assisted in two Gubernatorial and two Congressional campaigns, U.S. Senate Candidate A. Lateresa Jones (R) asked for my help. I agreed and met with her, her Campaign Manager, her Political Director and her bodyguard in Pensacola. After the meet and greet I went home and conducted my […]

Florida Congressman Brian Mast (R) Reneges on His Conservative Promises

When Congressman Brian Mast won the hearts of the conservative base with his promises and words of wisdom to protect and defend the Constitution of the United State’s – we now have his voting record to review to see if he is fulfilling his promises. Our nation was born from resisting  an oppressive nation England, […]

Desperate Democrats try re-branding with ‘New Economic Agenda’ for America

In an article titled “‘A Better Deal’: Democrats Plan to Roll Out New Slogan After Realizing ‘Resistance’ Strategy Is Not Working” Adelle Nazarian writes: The Democrats have a new slogan and economic agenda: “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.” Minority leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have led the […]

Adulterer John McCain pulls support for next President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump

Senator John McCain, the man who cheated on his disabled wife on multiple occasions and then left her for a billionaire brewery heiress has pulled his support for the future President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump because of his comments regarding women in 2005. McCain stated – “As I said yesterday, there are no […]

Tax Friendly Counties in Florida: Only 7 out of 67 or 10.5%

There are 67 counties in this Sunshine State and only seven (7) are “sales tax friendly” holding at 6%. These counties can operate their budgets and manage their money with as little pressure as possible placed upon their citizens ensuring the harder you work the more you keep. Excluding, of course, the corrupt IRS at […]

Open Letter to Rep. Doug Broxson RE: Your vote to give illegal aliens Florida driver licenses

Dear State Representative Broxson, Many folks in the local media contacted me in regards to the  thousands of dollars in payments from campaign funds which you gave to Kingfish Strategies an LLC set up in part by State Committee Woman Susan Moore a member of the Escambia county Republican Party leadership in Pensacola. Instead of remaining neutral she decided […]

Florida State Rep. Mike Hill (R-Pensacola) takes on the GOP establishment to defend Liberty

The great state of Florida had the opportunity to pass House Bill 3 (HB3) – “Andy’s Law” which would have given the victims of terror attacks the legal recourse to fight for compensation from the perpetrators of such terror. State Representative Mike Hill – Republican from Pensacola Florida, co-sponsored “Andy’s Law” which would have helped the […]

Letter to Chief of Police Jupiter, FL RE: Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski

Frank J. Kitzerow Chief of Police Jupiter, Florida RE: Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski Dear Chief Kitzerow, Many thanks for all that you do to protect the city of Jupiter, Florida. I understand that a former Breitbart reporter says she has filed charges against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, alleging that he grabbed her and bruised […]