The Bishop Tells It Like It Is…

This “Vortex” is for any bishop who has the fortitude to do what it suggests or for any priest who might one day be a bishop. It’s a suggested letter that you should release to your diocese:

My Dear Sheep,

I need to be very clear with you. Many Catholics today are on the road to Hell. I’m sorry to have to say this in such stark or startling terms, but current conditions leave me no choice.

I know that for decades you have either heard nothing at all about Hell, or next to nothing. You have been lied to, deceived, misinformed, mostly by clergy who should know better. For whatever reasons, you have not been their uppermost concern as you should have been. These men you looked to may have been funny, polite, courteous, sociable and so forth — but none of that matters when it comes to eternal life.

Despite appearances, a man can be mean or wicked by withholding information you have a right to know. I’m afraid this has happened too much in recent decades, and you and your loved ones have been the victims of their wickedness.

I know many people don’t want to hear this, but I have no choice. I am commanded to tell you all this; my own soul hangs in the balance. If I do not tell you the whole truth, then I go to Hell. So here we go: It is not possible to be a so-called good Catholic and reject any of the Church’s teachings.

If you are in a state of mortal sin, you cannot come up to receive Our Lord’s Body and Blood.

If you don’t know what makes a sin mortal, then you have a responsibility to find out. All you need to do is ask.

If you are using any form of contraception as birth control, you must stop immediately.

If you are divorced and civilly remarried, you are in a state of grave sin and must rectify this situation before leaving this world.

If you are living with someone as though you were married but are not, you must end that relationship immediately.

If you are a fallen-away Catholic, you need to come back to the Church and renew your baptismal promises and go to confession.

If you are not Catholic, you must abandon your false religion and come to the One True Faith established by Almighty God.

There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, and if you understand this and reject it, then you will never see the face of God.

There is only one truth; it is not divisible. Different religions cannot all possess the truth when they teach contradictory things, which they do.

No one with the requisite intelligence is allowed to skip through life forsaking his or her duty to seek the truth. A person will not be damned for failing to join the Catholic Church because they were ignorant of it. But they will be damned for failing to seek out the truth of the Catholic Church and remain willfully ignorant of it.

The nonsense that Catholics have been spoon fed for the past 50 years is just that — nonsensical — nonsense. It doesn’t make sense to pretend that almost everyone goes to Heaven. There isn’t the slightest bit of evidence to think that, and there is plenty of evidence and testimony to think just the opposite.

Catholics have seen the majesty and supernaturalness of the Faith watered down by bishops and priests more interested in distorting the Faith to make it appealing to Protestants and malformed Catholics than to Catholics who care for the Faith. In short, the wolves were cared for, and the sheep were stoned.

All this is going to end on my watch. I have to give an account before Almighty God for how I care for your souls. My soul depends on that.

I am going to immediately consolidate the faithful in various parishes by closing down problem parishes. The priests who have contributed to the problems will be given assignments away from the faithful where they have caused so much damage. The newly consolidated parishes will be staffed with the faithful priests who have spent years in exile at the hands of chancery heterodox and dissident insiders.

The celebration of Holy Mass at these parishes will be reverential, pious and follow the reforms of the Second Vatican Council that have not been followed: The priests will face God, as the people do; Latin will be restored as the Council Fathers instructed; Gregorian chant will resume its pride of place.

The Traditional Latin Mass will be afforded much generosity for its celebration. Guitars, drums and pianos are from this point on banned. Any parishes with big screens will take them down. Incorrectly labeled “eucharistic ministers” are officially banned.

The role of altar servers is reserved to boys. Holy Communion will no longer be administered in the hand to prevent sacrilege. All tabernacles will be returned to middle of the sanctuary. Choirs will no longer stand at the front of the Church. Outside of the liturgy, all Masses will begin with recitation of the Rosary and end with the prayer to St. Michael.

Catechesis in every parish will use instructional material strictly Catholic — meaning anything that even smacks of emotional-based, feelings-motivated material will be thrown out and substituted with authentic catechisms that teach the Faith to the intellect and not create a passing emotional response.

The same will apply to the teachers of catechism. All teachers will hand in their resignations at the end of the school year and be evaluated first and foremost on the basis of their love, loyalty and adherence to the Catholic faith.

There will be much opposition to this plan. I know that. And while I care for the souls of everyone in my diocese, I must care more for the souls that will be most helped by hearing the truth. Everyone is welcome — “All are welcome,” to borrow an expression from distorters of Catholicism — to join us and learn the authentic faith in an authentic way from authentic Catholics.

This is my duty and charge from Our Blessed Lord, to sacrifice whatever I have to — up to and including my life — to preserve your eternal life. There will be no pandering, no retreating, no muddled message coming from my episcopate. What you will get is charity and clarity.

So now, those who wish to come along and restore authentic Catholicism by resisting the evils that have infiltrated the Church, I am happy to receive you. Those who do not like this, I am even happier to meet with you and help make it clear to you that you have been lied to.

But make no mistake: My goal is to help you save your souls, not negotiate the Faith according to your personal likes, dislikes, lifestyles or sociological studies.

Thank you. and now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work

God bless you,

Your new bishop

Imagine a bishop doing that and saying that. Pray for a bishop — or even better, many bishops doing this. But the question needs to be asked: Why not? Why can’t a bishop do this? The answer to that question tells you everything you need to know.

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