Florida: How stupid does Gregg Steube think we are?

When I retrieved my mail from the box today the item on top was a campaign mailer from Gregg Steube, a candidate running for state senator in Florida. The headline read “only one candidate has a plan to get tough on immigration!” The plan is “to ban all people from countries known to harbor terrorists!”


Someone best tell the candidate states don’t determine federal policy on immigration and if it could how would that solve our annual cost of $5,300,000,000.00 (FAIR estimate) to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens? The candidate Gregg Steube has served in State government for six years while illegal aliens have cost Florida taxpayers $32,000,000,000.00 ($32 Billion) during the same period of time.

As I went through my mail there was another mailer from a candidate for state senator. His message: “Our Border is Broken! My immediate thought was SO WHAT? Unless the candidate (HOLDER) is referring to a border with our neighboring states there is nothing he can do about it. Incidentally, he did not have a plan to solve the broken border fence. Holder has served in the state government for ten years while illegal aliens have cost Florida taxpayers $53,000,000,000.00 ($53 BILLION) during the same period of time.

So, I have received a combined total of four mailers over the past couple of weeks from these two candidates emphasizing illegal immigration in all four mailers but avoiding the obvious solution to the magnet drawing all of them here.

The problem of illegal immigration is really quite simple and all of the politicians in the city, county state and federal government know the solution to eliminating the magnet attracting illegal aliens. The solution was offered and promised to be made mandatory law thirty years ago this year at the federal level. Well, if there is a solution why hasn’t it been put in place?

The answer is financial. The solution will not be put in place because of the criminal illegal alien employers in the country paying off all the politicians while they in turn offer all the solutions in the world to solve our illegal alien problems except the one that will truly work.

Governor Scott knows what the solution is and lied to Florida voters in 2010 by saying he would put it in place when elected. Governor Scott lied to the voters!

The solution? E-Verify, so all workers are legal with stiff penalties for anyone hiring illegal workers. Without jobs, the illegal aliens and the visa over stayers will pack up and head back to their real home.

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