Stop the Theatrics Roy Moore Cannot be Replaced as U.S. Senate Candidate by Jon Moseley

Let’s stop the theatrics by the Republican establishment:  Roy Moore is the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama.  Either the Republican Party wins with Roy Moore or they elect the Democrat Doug Jones who is far worse.  Republicans have no choice but to fight for the win.

Even if a change of candidate were legally possible, any alternate candidate now would simply lose — guaranteed.  Hysterical calls for Roy Moore to drop out are merely handing the seat to the Democrats.

What if Clarence Thomas had quit when Anita Hill’s salacious accusations erupted on the eve of Thomas’ nomination hearings for the U.S. Supreme Court?  Republicans stood by Clarence Thomas when he was accused by Anita Hill from many years in the past.  Imagine the Supreme Court today if Republicans had abandoned Clarence Thomas instead of demanding proof and asking insightful questions.

Remember:  This is how we got Barack Obama.  In 2004 a little-known, inexperienced Barack Hussein Obama was running for U.S. Senate from Illinois.  Obama’s cronies got the divorce records of the Republican nominee unsealed.  Republicans ran for the hills in their usual panic.  Jack Ryan withdrew rather than continue a fight he might have won.

So in June 2004, the brilliant Dr. Alan Keyes, Ph.D. was substituted in as the Republican nominee against state Senator Obama. Yet June 2004 was too little, too late to change candidates.  Today it is too late to change candidates in Alabama with less than 30 days to go.

Jeri Ryan’s divorce attorney claimed that Jack Ryan took her to bondage sex clubs and asked her to engage in public sex there.  Divorce cases frequently contain outlandish allegations which few people take seriously.  Jeri Ryan, who had starred in “Star Trek: Voyager,” supported her husband during the campaign even after the revelations:  “Jack is a good man, a loving father, and he shares a strong bond with our son. I wish him all the best,” her statement said.

Both Keyes and Obama are African American men, then young and attractive.  Both are Harvard graduates.  Obama’s claim to be a good orator (if there is a teleprompter) was vastly out-classed by Alan Keyes magnificent mind and stirring speaking abilities.  Obama had few qualifications.  Alan Keyes had been Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations and an Ambassador to a United Nations agency.  He had been a diplomat serving in the U.S. Embassy in India and Zimbawe. Dr. Keyes was President of Citizens Against Government Waste and Interim President of Alabama A&M University.  In 2000, Keyes was a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.

Yet jumping in from June to November was too little time for Keyes.  Today, no Republican can be substituted for Roy Moore in less than 30 days.  The Republican leadership talking about it endlessly is merely handing the seat to the Democrats.

Why didn’t John McCain drop out of the 2008 race for President when McCain was accused of trading sex with a lobbyist 30 years his junior, Vicki Iseman, for votes on legislation beneficial to Iseman’s lobbying clients?   The allegations were corroborated contemporaneously because former aide John Weaver warned Iseman at the time to “stay awayto protect [the Senator] from himself.”  McCain’s campaign denounced the allegations:  “Americans are sick and tired of this kind of gutter politics.” The charge of trading votes for sex is a serious allegation.

But when it comes to Roy Moore, the same John McCain rushed to condemn Moore. The same Republicans who opposed Moore anyway are not interested in expelling Senator Robert Menendez, who by extensive evidence had sex with underage girls and was just on trial for bribery.

We are urged to remember that women are equal human beings.  But somehow men lie while women don’t?  How did telling the truth become genetically-determined?  Many seem unable to perceive a motive for accusers to change the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal courts, trillions of dollars of crony capitalism, and to reshape the nature of our society by a U.S. Senate election. Did we forget the $1.6 million court settlement paid over Rolling Stone’s rape that never happened story?

With Moore, four of the women claim only that they went out on a couple of dates at ages 17 to 19 and there was kissing. Roy Moore flatly denied all of this in a radio interview with Sean Hannity, yet somehow that is being twisted into an admission. Moore stated that not only did he not date women under 19 but he never dated any woman at all without her mother’s permission.

A fourth woman Beverly Young Nelson is clearly lying. In 1999, about 20 years after the alleged sexual advance she accuses Roy Moore of, her divorce was assigned to him as the judge. Moore’s attorney released the actual court documents.

This is nearly absolute proof that Beverly Young Nelson made up the story. Nelson’s attorney argues that there was never an actual hearing in the courtroom. But it is undisputed that Nelson’s divorce was formally assigned to Moore as the presiding judge.

If a man attacked you and you rebuffed him, would you want him presiding over your divorce? All Nelson needed to do was advise her lawyer that she knew Judge Moore or had once dated him. The case would be transferred to a different judge. She wouldn’t need to say any more than that. It is iron-clad proof that Nelson did not mention a conflict of interest with the judge in 1999.  The incident never happened.

Moore would have recused himself if the incident happened. I am a lawyer. I assure you a judge has many ways to quietly transfer a case without revealing why. The risk of Nelson blurting out something provoked by events in the divorce would be astronomical.  (The case was ultimately withdrawn, but no one knew that at the time the case was assigned to Judge Moore.)

As for the other women, could Leigh Corfman be sincere, but sincerely wrong? Could she be honest and sincere yet mis-remembering?  What were you doing 38 years ago today?  Tell me about someone you dated only a couple of times 38 years ago.  What did they look like exactly?  Would you recognize them today aged 38 years since then?

Corfman’s “corroboration” is that she told friends that she “was dating an older man.”  Maybe she did date older men from time to time.  Did Leigh Corfman — who could easily pass for 18 to 21 in the photographs from the time published by The Washington Post — go to an older man’s house where things got out of control sexually? Probably. (But even in Corman’s account, the man stopped when asked. There was no force. There was no sexual intercourse.)

Was that man Roy Moore? We can never know. Did Corfman combine different memories 38 years ago and include events that actually happened with another man?  Could Corman be sincere yet sincerely wrong?  She openly admits to a life of alcohol and drug abuse in between those events and now.  That does not render Corfman less important.  But it could influence memories from 38 years earlier.

We must confront the fact that some things are unknowable.  They simply cannot be determined. That’s why it is called an “October Surprise.” These smears typically come just before an early November election so that there isn’t time to debunk them or evaluate them.

We have to separate the question of whether the incidents happened from whether we can act on them today. For all practical purposes we are forced to assume that the allegations are false, merely because they come 38 years after the fact, yet just 30 days before an election, it is now impossible to investigate and determine the truth because of the fading of memories and loss of evidence.  Yet the charges are thrown at us too close to the election.  It is impossible now to ever know the truth 38 years later.  Therefore, we cannot consider politically-convenient allegations.  We have to treat the allegations as if they do not exist because they are impossible to confirm.

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