Democrats Using Fake Russian Collusion to Destroy the U.S. Election System & Constitution

In case you aren’t aware, the leftist Democrats (that would be all Democrats) are using the fake charges that Russian Collusion changed the outcome of the 2016 elections to now question the legitimacy of our Constitution and our election system including the Presidential Electoral College especially where any Democrat or Socialist loses an election. Even if Democrats win they will say they could have won bigger without Russian interference and an outdated Constitution. This will be a continuing theme from now on.

Even our very own Florida Senator Bill Nelson is already using this charge of Russian interference to excuse the fact that he is behind in the Polls when compared to Governor Rick Scott.

Nelson and his leftist ilk view our Constitution as archaic and needing to be changed or eliminated because it establishes a Constitutional, Representative Republic rather than a Democracy. They refer to Hillary and Gore’s losses to show that they would have won in a Democracy since they won the popular votes and their followers resisted both Bush and now Trump as illegitimate Presidents.

They are charging that our Founders were old white men obsessed with power and didn’t know what they were doing including insuring all states big or small had equal representation in the Senate offset by House members based on state populations and that there was a 3 level system of Balance of Power in our govt. Dems try to deny that the big Democrat controlled cities that make up the bulk of our population would always determine the outcome of our Presidential elections totally ignoring those living in the rest of the country.

They also ignore the fact that the largely leftist Judiciary system especially among the District Courts of Appeal are legislating from the bench. Without the Electoral College the rest of us would no longer have any influence over the Presidential elections and the Judiciary will become even more out of control..

Obviously they don’t understand history where no country with a pure Democratic system of government has ever lasted because of the “tyranny of the majority” just as no socialist country has ever lasted. One analogy of Democracy is 2 wolves and 1 sheep discussing what to have for lunch. Leftists express outrage over the election system but hypocritically won’t consider all the illegal aliens who are fraudulently voting in our elections especially in California, New York and Illinois nor will they acknowledge the too powerful Judiciary overstepping their bounds in challenging Presidential Authority and/or Congressional laws not based on the Constitution but their own liberal agenda.

All this despite the fact that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who appointed Mueller, reported that not one vote nor the outcome of the 2016 elections could be contributed to Russian Collusion nor has the Mueller investigation shown any evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to tamper with the election. In fact the Mueller investigation has been so drug out to influence the outcome of future elections or at least give the Democrats excuses for losing and ammo to continue calling for an end of our Constitution and current voting practice.

Please, Mr. President please de-certify all of the documents related to the FISA warrants and Mueller investigation so that we will all know the Truth.

Meanwhile, leftist Hollywood types, others in sports entertainment industry and even some Democrat politicians are calling for fraudulent voting as a way of influencing the Mid-Term outcome, e.g. the old Communist theme, that the “ends justifies the means”.

All of this madness is influenced by the rush to Socialism as the ideology favored by Democrats. They will deny this but their voting records bely their denials. In fact, their is no difference now between Socialists and Democrats. One friend has defined Socialists as “Honest Democrats” meaning those that are honest know their ideology is socialism and will say so but using honest together with Democrats is an oxymoron so I would prefer calling them “Candid Democrats.”

In fact there is no difference between the ideologies & world views of elitist, power hungry, never-Trump Republicans and Democrats who are for big govt control and spending including universal health care, housing, internet, cell phones, globalism and open borders resulting in freebies, asylum or amnesty for illegals, etc. The results of their policies as shown under Barack Hussein Obama was an ever growing gap between the rich and poor; worst ever race relations; growing poverty levels; shrinking middle class; class warfare caused by identity politics; growing national debt; increased taxes & regulations; declining economy; much weaker military, etc. America was falsely denigrated as too wealthy, too powerful and the purveyor of evil around the world and Obama apologized on our behalf.

A Socialist is in fact a fascist because they both believe in govt. control of private industry through massive regulation & taxes. A fascist is the furthest thing away from a conservative. Hence they believe capitalism works but should be restricted and that private industry should support big govt thru big taxes (and kick backs). Socialists also want to control people (not govern them) making them dependent on big govt. for all their bennies/freebies including healthcare, housing, college,internet, cell phones, food stamps etc. Such dependence and division by class keeps people from incentives to work. from prospering and divided from those who do work and prosper.

Then throw in the assaults on the 1st (especially free speech and religious rights) and 2nd Amendments to try to reduce the voices of and the ability of conservatives to defend against crime & tyranny. On top of all that, protect the ever growing demands of Islamists to spread Sharia & fight against western civilization, our culture, values and traditions.

Meanwhile, these socialist & RINO leaders & celebrities get rich, often in corrupt ways, becoming elitists at the top of the pyramid. Somehow our education system has touted the virtues of socialism at the expense of common sense, reality and history and way too many young people & millennials have fallen for their lies. When they run out of other people’s money, maybe they will wake up.

We must continue to fight against the evils of socialism and Islam both of which have common agendas. We must get out and vote, push a red wave for the mid-terms; re-elect President Donald Trump and then elect and re-elect Mike Pence and all the other conservatives running for office in 2018 and beyond.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is by Javier Zarracina/Vox.

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