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Why Are Caucasians Vanishing From TV Commercials?

I’m sure you’ve all seen how white people especially normal white males and white couples have all but disappeared from TV commercials. You can’t escape these commercials even if you’ve dumped cable or satellite and gone to live streaming TV.   Advertisers and those who pay for their commercials have fallen on the alters of Critical […]

FLORIDA: Lee County Republican Executive Committee Demands Special Session to bar WHO, the IRS & FBI

The below article describes Resolutions by the Lee County Republican Executive Committee (REC) to ban Dominion Voting Machines; restrict FBI and IRS actions against political enemies and criticizes the World Health Organization. Seems like great Resolutions which should be considered by all of Florida’s RECs as well. Lee Co. GOP demands Special Session to bar […]

VIDEO: Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis Asks Questions Biden & His Hypocritical ‘Sanctuary City’ Leaders Can’t Answer

These two faced hypocritical sanctuary but “Not In My Back Yard” cities show their real beliefs when illegals are dropped off looking for work and a prosperous lifestyle. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis posed a series of rhetorical questions that remain unanswered by the Biden administration. “But here’s the thing, they said they didn’t have housing, they […]

NOT IN MY BACKYARD: ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago, D.C. Total Hypocrites

What total HYPOCRITES and liars the socialist lefty NIMBYies with their Sanctuary Cities are – take a look at this sign by the Martha’s Vineyard community which is now saying the 50 illegals flown to them by Gov DeSantis is a “humanitarian crises”; they don’t have shower and other facilities for them; whah whah whah! […]

FLORIDA: County Citizens Defending Freedom Leads Charge to Change Policy on Sexually Explicit Books in School Media Centers

Please read the EPOCH TIMES  article below, We now have forty Winter Haven 912 members who have submitted police complaints against the Polk County School Board as part of the County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF) initiative to eliminate sexually explicit books in Polk County school media centers. Among the four paths Polk County Sheriff Judd […]

LGBTQ+ Activists Aim to Unseat DeSantis because he wants children to learn their ABC’s not their LGBT’s

“Our students should go to school to learn their ABC’s, not their LGBT’s.” — Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Núñez The LGBTQ+ community in Florida are a very small minority yet they think their attempts to indoctrinate our children with their thinking and behavior is a winning political issue. They think they should have special rights […]

Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s Letter to FBI Director Wray on the Mar-a-Lago Raid

Senator Marco Rubio’s letter is below. We are glad that he responded to this outrage but wish he had mentioned Hillary Clinton by name as to why FBI didn’t raid her residence when she had confidential work related info on her private server at home. Our great Governor Ron DeSantis did not hesitate to mention […]

POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA: Citizens Defending Freedom Files Complaint RE: Pornographic/Age Inappropriate Books in Public Schools

Apparently, No law enforcement agencies in Polk County, Florida have taken any action concerning pornographic/age inappropriate books currently available in Polk County Public School Media Centers. It is difficult for me to explain their seemingly lack of concern about this issue by refusing to even conduct an investigation nor even to openly support an Opt-In […]

Governor Ron DeSantis on the Recommendation of a Grand Jury Removes 4 Broward County School Board Members

The gross negligence surrounding the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in March 2018 was astounding including failures by the School District, the local FBI, the Broward Cowards in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, including Sheriff Israel, and even the Administrator’s of the High School itself. Parents of children murdered sued the School District for […]

Watch Colonel Douglas Macgregor’s Exposé ‘Reinforcing Failure in Ukraine’

Watch this short video of an interview of Colonel Douglas Macgregor who is a very smart man – his analysis of Ukraine situation is 100% spot on especially with following points.  KEY POINTES: Biden can keep sending Billions in ammo and equipment to Ukraine (depleting our military capabilities) but they can’t out shoot the […]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is Playing a Substantial Role in Local Elections

I’m very happy that our great Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken such an active role in local elections.  As you know, he has endorsed Rick Nolte for Polk County School Board. Florida’s primary election a referendum on DeSantis after governor gets heavily involved Zac Anderson • USA TODAY NETWORK – FLORIDA Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t on […]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, ‘Sunshine State Schools Will Educate Not Indoctrinate’

Below matches what our great candidates for school boards across Florida like Jill Sessions, Rick Nolte, Terry Clark and Justin Sharpless on Polk County have been emphasizing along with Parent’s Rights. The current Polk County School Board and Superintendent Heid just doesn’t get it as illustrated by their decision to support  an OPT-OUT rather than […]

VIDEO: Watch Harriet Hageman Take Down Liz Chaney and Entire Deep State

Please watch this great video by Harriet Hageman who is Liz Chaney’s opponent in Wyoming Republican Primary. We all know that Chaney hates POTUS Trump, and that she was hand picked by Nancy Pelosi to sit on the J6 Kangaroo Court. Chaney is a DID (Democrat in Disguise) and much worse than a RINO. This […]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago like that of a ‘Banana Republic’

Governor Ron DeSantis sent out the following statement on the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago: The FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago is yet another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Why didn’t the FBI ever raid Hillary Clinton’s house after she […]

Guns Have More Rights Than Women in Polk County, Florida? What!

Two unhinged Letters to Ledger Editor were printed on August 7th, 2022 stating that guns are inanimate objects—they don’t have rights—however, we know that law abiding, gun owning citizens do under the 2nd Amendment to both defend themselves and defend against a tyrannical government, which we now have. The woman writing the letter actually stated […]