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The Irrational Hatred of Congressional Democrats Toward the POTUS and His Supporters [Video]

So now we still have leftist statists Gerrard Nadler, Chair of House Judiciary Committee and Adam Schiff Chair of House Intelligence Committee stating they will continue pursuing unnecessary investigations of every facet of President Trump’s life before he became President as well as the 2 years he has been President despite the Mueller Report. Both […]

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler Doesn’t Get It

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler epitomizes the irrational HATRED he, his leftist allies in Congress and  the drive-by media have towards President Trump.  Without any evidence produced by the Mueller investigation, Nadler stated  “we are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, corruption and obstruction of justice.”  He plans to call in 60 […]

Updated List of Military Units Deployed on America’s Southern Border — Are We At War?

TownHall.com has published a column by Julio Rosas titled “An Updated List of Military Units Deployed to the Southern Border.” Rosas reported: “To clarify, the composition of the more than 5,000 personnel currently on the Southwest Border (and growing to approximately 6,000 by March 1) is comprised of both Active Duty and National Guard personnel,” the Pentagon […]

Major Concerns with Florida’s Marjory Douglas Stoneman HS Public Safety Law (SB 7026)

Winter Haven 912 is meeting with Florida Senator Kelli Stargel on December 17th, 2018 and to say the least, we feel the same way as she does.  We citizens feel totally betrayed by the passage of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Act.  We all feel strongly about this law, but personally I am now and have […]

President Trump’s Proclamation on Mass Migration

The whole idea of Democratic operatives’ well funded caravans is to overwhelm the U.S. asylum system and turn thousands of illegal aliens loose into our country in order to become “undocumented Democrats” and fraudulently vote in elections. President Trump’s new rule on asylum fixes a dangerous loophole. President Trump signed a presidential proclamation (below) that […]

VIDEO: Trump Fights Back Against Fake News of His Inciting the Fake Bombs

The left’s failed attempts to influence the mid-term elections are growing very lame and tiresome – they failed with the Mueller investigation of the fake Russian Collusion; they failed with the fake porn star accusations; their circus confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanaugh failed; the fake Caravan is failing and now these fake bombings will amount […]

Saturday Night Live Skit: Max the Dog Explains Why He Supports Trump

Saturday Night Live posted on it YouTube channel a skit titled “Translator.”  The skit features three scientists (Scarlett Johansson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day) receiving a shock when they debut their invention, a machine that translates for pets. In this case it’s Max the dog of one of the scientists played by Scarlett Johansson. Watch and enjoy.  […]

DANGER: 15 Sanctuary Jurisdictions in Florida for Illegal Immigrants — Cost is $6,290,429,108 Annually

According to the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) there are now 564 sanctuary jurisdictions (state, counties, cities) prohibited by law in the United States. Read the full report “Sanctuary Jurisdictions Nearly Double Since President Trump Promised to Enforce Our Immigration Laws” by clicking here. You may be surprised to know that Florida has doubled to 15 Sanctuary Jurisdictions. These […]

Will Incoming Republican Leaders in the Florida Senate/House Continue Gun Control Trend?

Mr. Oliva, Many of us conservative, law abiding gun owners are very concerned about the recent trend of gun control shown by Republicans in the Florida Legislature especially the incoming leaders of both the House and Senate. It is my understanding that you, as incoming Speaker of the House and incoming Senate President Bill Galvano […]

VIDEO: We Won! You Lost.

As you know, now Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the SCOTUS 50-48 on Saturday, October 6th, 2018 in a bipartisan vote. Every Republican but one, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), voted for him. Every Democrat but one, Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), voted against him. This will backfire on the Democrats in the mid-term elections. […]