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FLORIDA: Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown receives enough petitions to get on the ballot for House District 62

Tampa Bay, FL – Jeremy Brown’s supporters have collected far beyond the number of petitions needed for him to qualify to run for Florida House of Representatives in District 62 while awaiting trial at Pinellas County Jail in Clearwater, Florida. Their support stems from a growing belief among Americans that our country and its Constitutional […]

Biden Makes Big Mistake with ‘ULTRA MAGA’ label of Trump Supporters

Beijing Joe O’Biden claims to have “invented” the stupid term ULTRA MAGAs to try to disparage Trump’s 79 million supporters but, like everything else he and his stupid cabal of traitors and haters have done, it is back firing. Watch Biden using disinformation to create a false narrative that Republicans want to raise taxes when […]

Left Condones Violence in Hysteria over Roe — Biden’s DHS, DOJ, FBI do Nothing

Where is Law Enforcement in these examples of leftist violence and harassment? Since O’Biden condones it, does this make it okay? Following excerpt from the Family Research Council article below: “At the White House, where Joe Biden refused to condemn the protests against the Supreme Court justices last week, Press Secretary Jen Psaki finally put […]

ABSURD: AG Merritt Garland’s New Office of ‘Environmental Justice’ yet another Marxist attack on science and free speech

My God, just when I thought it can’t get any worse, the Department of In-Justice and its Chief Arbiter, Marxist Merritt Garland announces a new Federal Agency the “Office of Environmental Justice.”  This is yet another Marxist frontal assault on science and freedom of speech. Watch:  The Office of Environmental Justice, “[W]ill seek to […]

TAKE ACTION: 16 Age Inappropriate /Obscene/Pornographic Books in Polk County Public Schools Media Centers

Recently there were found 16 books that are clearly age inappropriate, obscene and pornographic in Polk County Public School District (PCSD) Media Centers.  Glynnda White recommended the following actions be taken: I think an excellent strategy for the next 9 days (till next school board meeting) is to contact every school board member by phone […]

John Deere Goes Woke with Impractical Electric Farm Equip

Things politicians never talk about when they pander to Greenies. Managing All Electric Farm Equipment A close friend farms over 10,000 acres of corn in the mid-west. The property is spread out over 3 counties. His operation is a “partnership farm” with John Deere. They use the larger farm operations as demonstration projects for promotion […]

Air Force Launches ‘Safe Space’ for Airmen and Navy Issues Maternity Flight Suits! What?

I was recently sent links to two columns about our U.S. Air Forces and U.S. Navy. First the U.S. Navy: In an August 8th, 2021 Newsweek article titled “U.S. Navy Unveils First-Ever Maternity Flight Suit Prototype”  Katherine Fung reported: The U.S. Navy has unveiled a prototype for its first-ever maternity flight suit. [click here to see […]

Matt Gaetz drops MOAB on woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin needs to be challenged like this at every opportunity. Same guy who ordered a 60 day “stand down” by military to look for and weed out “extremists” in the military meaning conservatives and/or Trump supporters after January 6th, 2020 events in Washington, D.C. Austin is nothing more than an […]

Why We’re Endorsing James W. Shaw for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services

James W. “Jim” Shaw is a “hands on” farmer who sells his agriculture product of earth worms to consumers who are organic farmers.  Jim was also a transportation executive for a large company delivering products to wholesalers, retailers and consumers.  Jim is a great Christian man who is running out of a sense of […]

Payback Is Coming Due

Payback is coming due once the Republicans regain Congress and invoke “retribution” for the terrible, dangerous and destructive policies of Pelosi, Schumer and the Obama 3/Beijing Joe puppet administration. Democrats should and will be taken down. No more compromises. No worries about “Civility”. Rules should be changed to facilitate conservative actions just as Pelosi and […]

Republicans Help Democrats Pass $1.5T Excessive Omnibus Spending Bill — See The Florida RINO List

This 3,000 page bill was passed by Congress.  The House passed it in the middle of the night with less than 24 hours for House Members to read – the Senate rushed it thru as well adding hundreds of earmarks to pass pet projects. Unfortunately 7 Florida Republicans in the House voted with all the […]

Russia Announces Ceasefire — Biden, Blinken, Legacy Media Silent

Figures that Biden including Secretary of State Blinken would remain silent on this – they want to keep the Ukraine CRISES going to detract from 2022 Election and the Red Wave coming. Leftist media also silent – Go Figure! Russia Announces Ceasefire, Opens Humanitarian Corridors, Terms For Cessation Of Hostilities by Tsarizm Staff The Russian Federation […]

The Air Force Went Woke, Its Planes Won’t Fly

Diversity was supposed to improve military readiness. It didn’t. Chief of Staff Charles Brown and Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth Wright have made diversity and wokeness into the core of the Air Force’s mission. Meanwhile the planes won’t fly. Brown has spent the past few years unleashing worthless diversity reviews to try and blame the Air Force for […]

FLORIDA: Polk County Public Schools Reviewing ‘Offensive’ School Library Materials

The Polk County School District has organized committees to review 16 library books whose “content has been challenged.” According to a Polk County School District memo from Frederick Heid the Superintendent: The claim of a legal violation is what led me to the decision to temporarily pause the distribution of the books in question until such […]