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VIDEO: Florida Man’s Life Ruined Because of False ‘Red Flag’ Laws

Watch the below video – this is what is happening under Florida’s Red Flag Law, SB 7026. and its unconstitutional Risk Protection Orders (RPOs).  Fifty four Republican Representatives voted for this terrible law and all but 6 FL Senators did the same. QUESTION: Have you asked the Clerk of Court from your county how many […]

FLORIDA: Top 3 counties with the highest number of Red Flag Law gun confiscations — Polk, Pinellas, Broward

Since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act went into effect, 2,380 risk protection orders have been issued across the state of Florida, according to data from the Florida Clerks of Court Operations Corporation. Polk County has issued the most of any county at 378, with Pinellas County close behind with 350. Broward County, […]

VIDEO ON RED FLAG LAWS: An Open Letter to our Legislators, Judges and Lawmen

LibertyFellowshipMT published an outstanding 18 minute video (below) of an open letter delivered by Dr. Chuck Baldwin the leader of Liberty Fellowship located in Montana on Sunday, March 17, 2019 during a service. You know he is a good guy because the ultra leftist Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled him a “God and Guns” […]

Democratic Party’s Game Plan for USA — Use the 12 Step Venezuela Model

Chronology of Venezuela’s Transition from Prosperity to Socialism. The Venezuela Model: 1992: Venezuela became 3rd richest country in Western Hemisphere. 1997: Venezuelans became 2nd largest purchaser of F-150. 2001: Venezuela voted for a Socialist President to address “income inequality.” 2004: Private Healthcare is completely socialized. 2007: All higher education becomes “free.” 2009: Socialist banned private […]

Summary of Professor Dr. Jon Matusitz’s Presentation on Islam to Winter Haven, Florida 912 Group [+Video]

Following is a Summary of Thursday Nights (06/27/19) Winter Haven 912 Guest Speaker, UCF Professor, Jon Matusitz on the subject of Islam. See first attachment for photo & contact info. He started out by telling us that what he would be presenting is what he presents to his Communications course students in their very first […]

Good – Short Video on Red Flag Laws

Watch and listen to this short Gun Owners of America video on Red Flag Laws which we now have in Florida codified in the Marjory Stoneman HS Protection Act (SB 7026) as “Risk Protection Orders”. These laws ignore our 5th and 14th Amendment rights of Due Process and I predict will result in consequences for […]

The Irrational Hatred of Congressional Democrats Toward the POTUS and His Supporters [Video]

So now we still have leftist statists Gerrard Nadler, Chair of House Judiciary Committee and Adam Schiff Chair of House Intelligence Committee stating they will continue pursuing unnecessary investigations of every facet of President Trump’s life before he became President as well as the 2 years he has been President despite the Mueller Report. Both […]

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler Doesn’t Get It

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler epitomizes the irrational HATRED he, his leftist allies in Congress and  the drive-by media have towards President Trump.  Without any evidence produced by the Mueller investigation, Nadler stated  “we are going to initiate investigations into abuses of power, corruption and obstruction of justice.”  He plans to call in 60 […]

Updated List of Military Units Deployed on America’s Southern Border — Are We At War?

TownHall.com has published a column by Julio Rosas titled “An Updated List of Military Units Deployed to the Southern Border.” Rosas reported: “To clarify, the composition of the more than 5,000 personnel currently on the Southwest Border (and growing to approximately 6,000 by March 1) is comprised of both Active Duty and National Guard personnel,” the Pentagon […]

Major Concerns with Florida’s Marjory Douglas Stoneman HS Public Safety Law (SB 7026)

Winter Haven 912 is meeting with Florida Senator Kelli Stargel on December 17th, 2018 and to say the least, we feel the same way as she does.  We citizens feel totally betrayed by the passage of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Act.  We all feel strongly about this law, but personally I am now and have […]

President Trump’s Proclamation on Mass Migration

The whole idea of Democratic operatives’ well funded caravans is to overwhelm the U.S. asylum system and turn thousands of illegal aliens loose into our country in order to become “undocumented Democrats” and fraudulently vote in elections. President Trump’s new rule on asylum fixes a dangerous loophole. President Trump signed a presidential proclamation (below) that […]