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Liberty Index 2023 – U.S. House and Florida Representative’s Scorecard

I put together an Excel spread sheet, see the below link, for Florida and U.S. House Representatives from the Republican Liberty Caucus Index for 2023. Note there are two mistakes on the index regarding Florida House Representative Districts: Scott Franklin is in District 18 not 15; Brian Mast is in District 21 not 15. The […]

Truth Comes Out About Kansas City Super Bowl Chief’s Victory Parade Shooting — The Shooters are Black!

Two black teenagers shooting at each other charged with the murder of Radio DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan and of 22 others, 11 of which were children. This is reason we’ve heard little about this mass shooting except for more cries for Gun Control by Marxist Democrats. This shooting doesn’t help their gun control messaging. Every mass shooting […]

17 Establishment RINO Senators Vote with Democrats to Provide $95B Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza & Taiwan – 11 Voted Multiple Times with Democrats

Neither of Florida’s Senators voted for this ridiculous spending bill. If one of your Senators voted for this, you should seriously consider never voting for them again.  Each of these spending allocations should have been voted on separately and not combined. More funding for corrupt Ukraine should not have occurred without a forensic audit of […]

Biden Delays Retaliatory Airstrikes Announcing to Enemy Our Plans — Moronic

Biden delayed retaliatory airstrikes on Iranian backed terrorists while announcing U.S. military intentions to the enemy ahead of the attacks so they can be prepared to kill more Americans — a totally moronic thing to do! Three American service members were killed and dozens were injured in an unmanned aerial drone attack on a base […]

Black Small Business Owners Favor President Donald J. Trump

Biden is bleeding black votes, especially those with small businesses who are trending towards voting for Trump with motivations like — “Well, we were broke with Biden. We weren’t with Trump.” WATCH: Black business owners in South Carolina discuss the 2024 Presidential race. Bidenomics has been a failure & we all know it. People want […]

E. Jean Carroll’s Tweets That The Jury Was Not Allowed To See

Tweets from the leftist slut accusing Trump of rape, losing criminal case and then being awarded over $80 M in a defamation case that Jury was not allowed to see.  Trump never even met her. Our legal system is so broken! I received this from a friend. Those Trump-haters out there that watched with glee […]

No More Divisive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion ‘Identity Politics’ in Florida’s Colleges

This should apply to all LGBTQ+ Pride proclamations in schools as well. Florida’s State Board of Education passes rule to ‘permanently prohibit’ DEI at public colleges Department of Education says decision will ‘ensure that taxpayer funds can no longer be used to promote DEI’ By: Scott Sutton TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s State Board of Education announced […]

A damned good article on why white men no longer want to fight for a nation that scorns them

A damned good article that concludes with: “It’s not really a surprise, then, that young white men have apparently become less willing to defend at risk of their lives a society which discriminates against them and blames them for all the evils of history – evils which they themselves had nothing to do with.” “Recently, […]

FLORIDA: Some are moving out of the Sunshine State in the name of ‘diversity’ — GOOD RIDDANCE!

People From Florida  Moving Out Of The State are Heading To, By City I say good riddance to the ones moving because they believe in the stupid climate change agenda and the ones who don’t like conservatism; living in a state dominated by the principles of America First/MAGA. The 10 cities they are moving to […]

Tracking the Florida House of Representatives’ and the Florida Senate’s 2024 Legislation

Patriots — bellow is a Report as of today showing status of Legislation, I and a few others, in Winter Haven 912 are now tracking both good and bad. Note that Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is also tracking most of these bills. This report will change as bills are considered by committees. The Bills we […]

Biden’s Woke Veterans Administration is Providing Healthcare to Illegal Aliens

This applies to all Veterans who served their country honorably — thank Rep Steube and let your Representative and Senators know that this can not stand. Call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 – ask operator to connect you to their office. WATCH: “Dogface Soldier” to inspire you to support our American veterans and only […]

We are Doomed — America has Forgotten How to Win

I think these quotes from the below article by Daniel Greenfield are most telling. “What the Obama administration refused to understand in either Iraq or Afghanistan is that the leading cause of civilian deaths are the Islamic terrorists we are fighting. During the Holocaust, Jewish groups pleaded with the FDR administration to bomb concentration camps, despite […]

Zelensky’s ‘Living the Good Life’ on American Taxpayer’s Money

“Anyone who votes to fund Ukraine is funding the most corrupt money scheme of any foreign war in our country’s history. And forcing the American people to pay for it.” — Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.  Over $100 billion of U.S. taxpayer money and/or Fed’s printing of money has already been sent to […]

Every U.S. Senator Must Oppose Cultural Marxism in the Military

Please take this one-click action to send no charge emails to your Senators and Senate Leaders and if you do Twitter/X to send this message as well. Can also phone if want to. TAKE ACTION – EMAIL YOUR SENATORS We must stop the promotion of these woke, Obama 3/Beijing Joe Biden recommended General Offices. Thanks […]

Biden Buying Votes with 813,000 Emails to Freeloaders

Below is an article about an obvious desperate move to buy votes from those whose student loans have been forgiven or reduced. The irony is most of these people who made a commitment to pay back their student loans can well afford to do so. Biden has just created another form of identity politics pitting […]