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This Weeks STARRS Headlines On ‘Wokeism In The U.S. Military’

Excellent articles showing how our military is fully indoctrinated with CRT, DEI, and WOKEISM including embracing LGBTQMxyz. Here are this week’s articles on topics STARRS tracks — the Marxist CRT/DEI woke agenda in the military and the vax issue pertaining to service members. Things exploded this week as people learned the Navy acknowledged it was […]

The SCOTUS Case To Watch—Loper Bright Enterprises vs. Raimondo

This could be good news for reducing the unfettered power of the Administrative State. SCOTUS Grants Review of Case That Will Gut the Federal Bureaucracy By Bonchie | May 01, 2023 In the biggest news to come out of the Supreme Court of the United States since Roe v. Wade was overturned, the Court has granted a review of Loper Bright […]

Good News for Florida Voter Integrity

This is very good news indeed for voter integrity in the Sunshine State. Court overturns most of judge’s ruling on 2021 Florida elections law By Dara Kam TALLAHASSEE — An appeals court on Thursday overturned the bulk of a federal judge’s ruling that a 2021 Florida elections law was intended to discriminate against Black voters, […]

Statement by POTUS Donald J. Trump

MAGA Inc. Monday Note It’s been another great week for President Trump. A whopping seven Florida Congressmen endorsed Donald Trump for President this past week (Reps. Greg Steube, John Rutherford, Brian Mast, Vern Buchanan, Michael Waltz, Gus Bilirakis, and Carlos Gimenez). Leaders are lining up behind President Trump’s campaign because he will be ready on […]

FLORIDA: Polk County REC Demands the ‘Resign to Run’ Law be Enforced & Electronic Voting Machines be Eliminated

Two excellent Resolutions Passed by the Polk County Republican Executive Committee (REC) on April 18th, 2023 and are being submitted to the FL Legislature. 1. Resolution to Enforce the “Resign to Run” Law, FL Statutes, Chapter 99.012 Summarizing in my words this would prohibit Governor DeSantis from both running for GOP POTUS primary and remaining […]

U.S. Army Teaching Officers at Fort Leavenworth that White People Can’t Experience Racism

Apparently these people have never heard of the teachings of the racist, Marxist BLM, CRT, DEI which promote hate and violence towards our country and that target white, black, Asian and Hispanic conservatives and other people considered to be “oppressors” as well as the TRUTH. Let’s hope these officers are still capable of critical thinking […]

Warning: SB 7050 Creates Many Problems for Florida’s Current Election System

Public confidence in our election process is critical for our Constitutional Republic to remain functioning as it was intended to by our Founding Fathers. The latest proposed Senate Bill 7050 fails to deliver that confidence to Florida’s citizens. Outlined below is a list of major concerns in this bill along with recommendations for amending the […]

Leaked War Document Says U.S. and NATO Have Troops on the Ground in Ukraine

Charley Kirk confirmed this story below on his show today on Great America’s Voice on livestream.  Admiral John Kirby the “spokesliar”  for the National Security Council stated the only U.S. troops were in the U.S. embassy in Ukraine and were there for logistics reasons to track use of U.S. equipment, weapons, munitions and the $billions […]

Lying John Kirby Spokesman for National Security Council Continues WOKE Excuses on Afghanistan

National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, retired Admiral John Kirby is truly a lying, Wokeist. In his Facebook posts and Tweets he made, Kirby stated there was a “lot to be proud of” when asked about the terrible Afghanistan withdrawal by Biden which he tried to blame POTUS Trump for. Is the loss of […]

Florida Senate Bill-254 Stops Gender Reassignment Mutilation of Children

Democrats call the “gender reassignment” mutilation of minors “healthcare” — how evil can you get.  So glad this Florida bill (SB 254)  is on its way to becoming law. Senate targets programs for transgender children By Jim Saunders • Apr 4, 2023 TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Senate on Tuesday passed a plan that would bar doctors […]

Biden Has Failed Monumentally On Everything

Damn True and good article below – ironic that Obama once stated Biden will screw up everything he touches yet  his total failures are as much those of the Obama 3.0 Administration as they are puppet Beijing Joe’s. Lucas: Biden will be remembered for wrecking the country He is President Doom. Everything he touches goes bad. […]

Pentagon Official Forced to Read Anti-White Statements from its ‘Diversity Chief’ in Congressional Hearing

Caudacity is a combination of Caucasian, referring to white people, and audacity, meaning “shameless boldness.” The first known records of its use come from 2015 on Twitter. caudacity is my new favorite word — Sol (@boyeavyn) September 8, 2016 Use of this term increased in 2016. Caucasian + Audacity = “Caudacity” “Karen” is a pejorative term used […]