Shadow Government Psychopaths and the Deep State

There is a system in place, a clandestine, sophisticated network that controls the world we live in. It creates the narrative that permeates throughout the world and becomes the false reality we have all come to know as our way of life. Our civilization is entering the beginning stages of a major collision, and a much-needed course correction is in order. President Trump and we the people must meet this challenge. Failure is not an option. This Shadow Govt. Psychopaths and the Deep State, are now being exposed and are on the run. The pendulum has shifted. We are winning.

Psychopaths & Sociopaths

The world is run by insane people with insane objectives. These individuals are living in a chronic state of fear and believe that everyone is a threat to them and to their very survival. They are crazy. They seek to dominate. They seek absolute control over every aspect of our lives. They seek to suppress and to destroy. They are warmongers and dictators. Many of the men are dressed in expensive business suits and the women in expensive pant suits. Unlike most of the human race, they carry out their acts with absolutely no conscience whatsoever as they are deranged and detached from the light of God to such an extent that evil permeates through them. You should know by now who these individuals are, and if you don’t you will be able to identify them soon, once you come to learn about False Flag Operations, Problem-Reaction-Solution, and the Hegelian Dialectic. Explore these categories on my blog site for more information.

These psychopaths and sociopaths are hard to detect, as they are intelligent, clever, artful, and often rise to positions of power. Many of these individuals are sexual deviants, pedophiles, and belong to demonic groups as recently released by Wikileaks. They are very manipulative and have seized power and control over every aspect of our lives, our speech, and even our thoughts. They have infiltrated and corrupted our education system, health-care system, religious institutions, the media, and most all forms of entertainment. They have seized control over and poisoned our food supply and all natural resources. Yes, it is this shadow government that controls the world in which live, making Earth and its inhabitants prisoners on a prison planet. Now please don’t shoot me, I am only the messenger. So how do they do this?

The Big Club

They formed, own, and control the “big club” and like the comedian George Carlin said,  “You and me, we ain’t in it.” We are nothing more than pawns on the chessboard of life being used as they so choose. They think of us and describe us as useless eaters. So who is part of the big club? The big club can be described as an intricate, interconnected web of organizations, corporations, religions, and governments mostly made up of unelected leaders, many of whom are inbred.

But once again we are winning. We are at steps six and seven on the scale of discovery and actionTrust the plan. Learn more about Q.

And remember this: “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is doing is worse than you imagine.” – William Blum (former U.S. State Dept. employee).

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  1. RA HA
    RA HA says:

    How did you figure the inbred out? I figured the psycho gene to be from inbreeding.My cousin who I believe to be a psycho, his doctor told him he had a malformed heart either a baboons heart or from inbreeding, which he said is 90% correct.
    You are spot on. Why haven’t the Aliens intervened on a larger scale instead of individual contact?
    Thank you,


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