Profitable Choices: Knowing The Different Types Of Apartments

Looking for the right apartment can be very stressful. If you make the wrong decision, you can be in it for the long run. That’s why seeking advice from other people can give you the best ideas on what are the essential tips when choosing the right apartment.

The primary concern people always think of is paying the bills. That’s why you should be very careful when choosing the right apartment so that you can save up money and also balance your expenses. There are a lot of types of apartments you can choose from but see to it as well that the one you want is worth it. Here’s a list of different types of apartments.

Studio Type

A studio type apartment commonly consists of a single room and bathroom. Apartments like these are usually rented by people who are alone or for those people who don’t want large spaces.

Cleaning is one of the reasons why other people prefer this type of apartment. Cleaning in apartments like these can be very easy because it’s a lot smaller compared to other types of apartments. Also, organizing items and other things in your apartment are much more comfortable because the place is not that huge.

Alcove Studio Or L shaped Studio

This type of apartment is relatively the same as the studio type. The only difference is, the alcove studio apartment has an L partition which can be customized in making a bedroom. Apartments like these are a lot bigger than the usual studio type.

Alcove studio type apartments are much better than studio types because the bedroom and dining room can now be separated compared to the usual studio type apartments. You now have enough space to place furniture and other stuff.

Convertible Studio

A convertible studio apartment is much spacious because you can have a bedroom built which separates it from the dining room and kitchen. Some people are looking for apartments that have already a single bedroom. For those who can’t afford them, this can be the alternative. It’s much cheaper than the ones with the has bedrooms already in it.

Convertible (Flex)

This type of apartment is also the same as the ordinary convertible apartment. The only difference is, this has a much bigger space because you can convert areas in the house such the dining room into a two bedroom unit even into a three bedroom unit but it will always depend on the floor plan.

Asking the owner of the apartment for permission before putting up a drywall may help because some owners won’t approve of having a drywall installed in their property. Apartments like these can be converted into many ways as long as you consider the floor plan first before proceeding with the idea.

Loft Apartment

Buildings such as storage facilities and industrial buildings are the ones being renovated to form apartment units such as the lofts. This type of apartment has ample space in it and has a high ceiling. You can maximize the place by putting a different kind of furniture in it.

Lofts are usually located in commercial buildings. Some lofts are quite expensive. Just try asking different owners to compare the prices before deciding in settling in. You can even search the web for sites such as or other reliable sources for more information about this matter.

Furnished Apartment

If you’re looking for a place that has furniture already in it, then this is the one for you. If you don’t have any pieces of furniture yet, then this type of apartment can provide the basic kinds of furniture and household you need in the house.

This can be quite expensive but if you have the budget for it, then renting this kind of apartment won’t be a problem. Apartments like these are usually for a short term only, because people would rather buy their own house and furniture than rent this type of apartment because of the rate of the lease.


Deciding on what is the best place to stay can be a struggle. Comparing the prices and the accessibility of the area can help you with the decision process. It shouldn’t’ be just about the comfortability; you should also check the safety of the place.

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