More Women Now Understand that Guns Save Lives

A woman wrote in New York Times,

“While it appeared to be counterintuitive to people who did not grow up around firearms, we saw guns in our house as tools of protection and empowerment — for women who lived alone in a house without a man. And, on a couple of occasions, the guns helped deterred intended crime and saved our lives as women.”

A lot of women have the similar stories and experiences of how they accomplished self-defense, hence life-saving with the help of a gun. But, does gun really save life? Keep reading to learn more.

Guns for Self Defense – A Myth or Magic?

In many cases, a lot of women wonder if they are making the right decision to acquire a gun. This contemplation stems from certain ugly and fatal incidents associated with keeping guns at home.

Typical example of such incident is the case of the woman whose son killed 20 kids in an elementary school, including some adults. It was later discovered that the gun he used was his mom’s. In fact, the woman had multiple guns all to herself and kept them at home.

And, it’s hard to also forget the case of Christy Salters Martin — a professional boxer who also possessed a concealed carry permit. Her husband shot her with the gun she acquired when she tried to walk away from him. As a result, she now cautions women to be careful and not make the mistake she made. She added that merely possessing a gun as a woman is not the solution to staying safe. Often, the women are overpowered by the male culprits who would end up using the gun on the women.

However, some other women have a contrary opinion. The opinion states that “guns are amazing equalizer between men and women.” Wayne LaPierre declared “there’s something a rapist deserves — a good woman armed with a gun.” Wanye is a member of the National Rifle Association and serves as the executive vice president of the association.

The Best Weapon for a Woman’s Safe Defense is Gun

Janalee Tobias is the founder and president of Women Against Gun Control. According to Janalee, a number of women have transformed and built confidence by the reason of learning how to handle firearms properly. She concluded that there’s no better weapon for a woman to use as self-defense and protection tool than a gun. She added that “Guns are magical. When people perceive you have a gun, they will be careful not to meddle with you. In fact, they will be afraid of you.”

Women are Increasingly Being Involved in Roles that Require Protecting Themselves and the People Under their Care

In places such as Louisiana, a group exists that empower and educate female gun owners. Typical example of such group is the Well Armed Woman Chapters. In Bayou region, Adrianna Eschete is the chapter leader. According to her, “More often, women are finding themselves in responsibilities necessitating the need to protect those under their care.” And of course, such women also need some form of protection for themselves.

Adrianna added that “more and more ladies today are independent — some are single moms, others are alone in their homes because their husbands are working in a different region, state or country, and some go about alone in building their careers. In fact, some women stay out late into the nights running errands. Don’t over look this — a lot of women are caught up in situations where they are the ones providing protection for themselves and those under their care, rather than being the protected.”

A elderly woman of 63 years old who killed a 16-year old burglar has this to say,

“When I heard noise in my home late at night, I managed to retrieve the gun I stashed in my safe.  I was face to face with a young boy who was holding a shotgun and demanding that I give him money.”

It’s a pity he’s no more, but I was only doing what I had to do – defend myself and family right inside my own home, at such late hour. I don’t have to wait until he harms me or my family, I had to act fast — exercise the right to defend myself.”


The National Shooting Sports Foundation provided a study report in 2015. According to the report, nearly 49 percent of the female folks affirmed they got a gun for both home defense and self-protection. The study also pointed that over 80% of the women surveyed said they feel more secure and safer because of the firearm in their possession, while the rest of the female respondents (more than 73 percent) agreed that having a firearm is a matter of self reliance and more importantly a matter of survival.

A Typical Scenario

Julia Benson, 29 years old, lives with her daughter, being a single mom, in a region with high crime rate. According to Julia, “I already owned a gun when I was 18 — it was given to me by my first boyfriend for self defense and protection. And now that I’m alone with my precious daughter, in a secluded and crime-prone area, I acquired more guns – shotguns and handguns. The reason is that my residence is very far away from the city — as a result, relying on the police when emergency arises could be fatal. So, I have to protect myself and my daughter. I depend on myself to protect my daughter and myself. It’s something that women who find themselves a lone should consider.”

However, those concerned about the proliferation of guns in today’s society are calling for a proper balance. These people are of the opinion that the proliferation of gun has not done much to reduce crime rates, but it appears it’s making matters worse  —- including the cases of homicides and suicides, of which women have been reported to be more victims than their male counterparts.

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