Ann Coulter blasts ‘fake environmentalism’ in CFACT livestream

While the coronavirus crisis closed college campuses and pushed classes online, CFACT’s Collegians weren’t going to let that stop them from making a difference this Spring!

The CFACT chapter at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities hosted an online livestream discussion with American political pundit and author Ann Coulter last night to get her take on the issues of the day, and to educate their peers in what exercising free speech looks like.

Hundreds of viewers tuned in for the event, hailing from all over the world. Participants from Australia, Mexico, Luxembourg, Britain, Canada, and all over the United States joined CFACT’s webcast to hear what Ann Coulter had to say.

Evan Smith, student president of the CFACT club at Minnesota, did a fantastic job moderating the discussion and representing CFACT.

He started Q&A off with an excellent question, asking: “When it comes to the environmental issues, which have been completely taken over by the radical Left, what about those conservatives like myself who care about the environment but reject the radicalism?”

“Of course, we as conservatives love the forests and waters and even deserts,” Coulter answered. “Those are real environmental issues. The Left has distorted the environment to make it only about climate change.”

Coulter hammered the so-called “green” agenda throughout her talk.

“I think liberals use a fake environmentalism to push their radical agenda of societal change through climate policies and the Green New Deal, but of course real environmentalism is a conservative value…Those who explored our lands and came to cherish the things that make America beautiful.”

Coulter also addressed the problem of Leftism on America’s college campuses, when Evan pitched her a question from the viewers about how to take the nation’s institutions of higher education back from liberals.

Coulter explained she thinks the main problem with colleges and universities is guaranteed loans from government, which make schools think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. If you had more private institutions, and perhaps even the schools themselves, as the main source of funding, you’d find the universities to be much more favorable to other points of view.

When the government creates a monopoly on something, such as student loans, you’ll see competition and innovation go way down.

CFACT’s Director of Collegians, Adam Houser, addressed the crowd at the beginning of the event, and explained some of the shameful things the radical greens are doing during the coronavirus crisis.

“Did you know that some are claiming the coronavirus is somehow Mother Nature’s revenge for climate change, mining, and logging? That’s what Pope Francis and even the Democratic Socialists of America are claiming. It’s shameful.”

For those of you who weren’t able to tune in live for the great discussion, never fear! We will have the video recap up on the Collegians website at very soon.

To all those who donated to make this event possible, thank you. We look forward to hosting more great exercises of our First Amendment right!

During these uncertain times, I’m prouder than ever of our great students like Evan who are not letting anything get in the way of their mission to fight for truth.


Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

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