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Nature Communication’s Black List of Climate Change Contrarians

People with the temerity to correct the record on climate change must be silenced. That’s the outrageous point of a new study published in the journal Nature Communication. “The time has arrived for professional journalists and editors to ameliorate the disproportionate attention given to (climate change contrarians) by focusing instead on career experts and relevant calls to action,” the […]

Eco-Gadflies lament Endangered Species Act reform

The Endangered Species Act is a perfect example of a good law gone wrong. The important goal of protecting biodiversity and helping species recover is all too often used by eco-gadflies to violate property rights and stifle economic activity. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Acting Director Margaret Everson said, “The Endangered Species Act has led […]

United Nations: Give up meat to save the planet

The United Nations is gravely worried about your hamburger. Yesterday, the Journal Nature carried a story with the provocative title “Eat less meat: UN climate change report calls for change in human diet.” As expected, the report created quite a buzz in both the mainstream and social media world. Marc Morano, CFACT’s director of communications and editor of […]

Donald Trump: America’s Greenest President

America has never been cleaner or greener in the post-industrial revolution era. This week President Trump made a major speech showcasing the good health of America’s environment and gains made on his watch. Both are impressive. Read the full text of the President’s remarks, the full White House fact sheet on the environment, and commentary by CFACT’s Adam […]

Green Energy Costs Navajos Jobs and Cash

Markets are efficient.  Bureaucrats are not. That reality becomes all too painful when left-wing ideologues use government to control our energy. The Navajo Nation is bracing for a shocking blow to its well-being.  The largest coal-fired electricity plant in the western United States is scheduled to shut down in December.  That will cost the Navajos […]

Big oil goes big green: Green groups rake in fossil fuel cash

Climate alarmists often accuse skeptics, like myself and independent groups like CFACT, of being in the pay of Big Oil. This is completely false — we do not receive even a dime from them. It is part of the green fairy tale that skepticism only exists because the oil companies are funding it. That Exxon-Mobil […]

Indoctrinating Kids and Using Them as Props: Judge tosses kids’ lawsuit against Trump climate policies

Rejecting a claim by Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council and attorneys representing two Pennsylvania school boys that people have a constitutionally guaranteed due process right to a “life-sustaining climate,” a federal Judge has dismissed a bizarre legal case challenging the Trump administration’s climate policies. In his Fen. 19 decision, U.S. District Court Judge Paul Diamond said […]

A Presidential Committee on Climate Security (PCCS) is needed now

Congratulations President Trump on having the interest in and courage to ask that the American people be given the benefits of a fact based and unbiased examination of the topic of climate change. Your Presidential Committee on Climate Security (PCCS) holds the first promise of an open, and fact-based examination of the much talked about, […]

Congressional Testimony: Green New Deal = Redistribution

Submitted Written Testimony of Marc Morano to Congressional Hearing on Green New Deal – Western Caucus – Capitol Hill Morano to Congress: “‘Global warming” is merely the latest environmental scare with the same solutions of wealth redistribution and central planning. “Global warming” is merely the latest environmental scare with the same big government solution. The […]