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Climate Reparations? When nature strikes—you pay! Climate ‘loss and damage’ hits the UN

The Democrats Go By Klaus Schwab’s Playbook Are you ready to pay climate reparations totaling more than all the money in the world for disasters nature caused? For years CFACT has warned of plans to add “loss and damage” to the UN climate regime, making wealthy nations liable to compensate developing countries when extreme weather […]

Biden climate speech in Egypt reveals bad science, massive spending and regulation

UPDATE: Florida Congressman Greg Steube Talks Biden’s Radical Climate Proposals. President Biden, seeking to “greenwash” his failing energy policy, delivered a speech at COP 27, the big UN climate conference in Egypt. The President falsely attributed a host of natural weather events to climate change and then went on to detail a massive laundry list […]

Watch: CFACT Protesters ‘Glue’ Themselves to Egyptian Museum

Left-wing climate protesters have been going nuts (more than usual) throwing soup on precious works of art and gluing themselves to things. Not to be outdone, Marc Morano and I “glued” ourselves (well, watch the video) to a display case in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. “No Net Zero! No Green Energy Mandates!” was […]

UN Climate Conference Does Not Value Our Freedom But Loves Our Cash

CFACT is at the big UN climate conference in Egypt where we are engaging in climate diplomacy with a far different perspective than most. CFACT questions fearlessly, informs diligently, and communicates relentlessly.  Underlying our approach is our bedrock confidence that individual freedom is both the most efficient way to order human society and an “unalienable […]

Watch as Campaigners Fail to Prevent Morano and Monckton from Talking Climate in London, England

CFACT’s Marc Morano joined Lord Christopher Monckton to debunk global warming propaganda at the Global Investment in Sustainable Development conference in London. Climate campaigners tried hard to stop them from speaking, but failed. The conference, billed as a “Green Davos,” is an opportunity for investors to cash in on the UN’s upcoming COP27 climate conference in Egypt. […]

Leftist Hit Pieces Showcase Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow’s Effectiveness

CFACT’s Marc Morano has been on fire lately. Over the past few months, Morano has appeared on TV countless times to expose and debunk the radical climate agenda. Morano has been on Tucker Carlson, Newsmax TV, Fox and Friends, the Mark Steyn show, Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, One America News, and TBN. His reporting has […]

No Increase in Hurricane Frequency or Intensity

Hurricane Ian came ashore in Florida like a runaway freight train, reaching CAT4 strength, with 150 mph wind speeds as it made landfall. Ian was devastating, but completely within the bounds of natural variability. The media, however, can’t help themselves.  Marc Morano listed a bevy of shameless media exaggerations at Climate Depot. The Financial Times: “hurricane […]

UK Abandons Net-Zero Energy Policies for Energy Security

“I’m ending the short-term thinking on energy once and for all. I’m acting now so people and businesses are supported with a new Energy Price Guarantee. I will tackle the root cause of the issue by boosting domestic energy supply to ensure we’re not in this position ever again.” —UK Prime Minister Liz Truss In […]

CFACT Brings ‘Energy Reality’ to Television, Radio, Social Media and in Movies!

CFACT constantly speaks pro-energy truth to green anti-energy propaganda. Any given day you’ll catch CFACT’s team on TV, the web, social media, radio, movies… you name it. Institutional leftism has grown so prevalent, it takes an unrelenting voice of reason, creatively utilizing media of all kinds to compete and win through. Unrelenting is a fine word to […]

Conservation Nation: Motoring through the Grand Canyon State

CFACT’s @Gabriella Hoffman traverses the Grand Canyon State, exploring Agua Fria national monument, Horseshoe Bend, and of course, the Grand Canyon. Along the way, she talks to various stakeholders giving their take on whether Arizona needs more national monuments, or is the federal government mismanaging what they already have? Find out on the tenth installment […]

What Is Really Behind The Climate Agenda?

Noah Harari, a futurist advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF), told the forum that they must become the majority and leave the rest behind. He was saying we don’t need regular folks. We don’t need carpenters, plumbers, hairdressers, mechanics automobile workers, farmers and ranchers. They are all lesser lights. What we want to accomplish […]

Left-Wing ‘Green’ Energy Proves Useless

Europe’s attempted transition to so-called “Green” energy has been a massive fail. Wind and solar have proven too inefficient and unreliable to meet the continent’s needs, leaving it dependent on fossil fuels from, of all places, Russia. Now, with Russian supplies partially cut off, Europe faces what French President Macron called, “the end of abundance.” The folks […]

Biden and Manchin Building America Backward

Say it ain’t so, Joes! In 2010, when it looked like Senator Manchin could lose reelection to Republican John Raese, Manchin released a famous ad in which he literally shoots a hole in a climate cap and trade bill. Watch: Dead Aim.  As a Senator from the energy producing state of West Virginia, he […]

Court Blocks Pennsylvania’s Carbon Pricing Scheme

“Don’t let activists who believe that putting Pennsylvanians out of work will help ‘save the planet.’ It’s time to confront the wannabe planet savers here in this room and this state and tell them not only NO, but HELL NO.” That’s what CFACT’s Marc Morano declared before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives when Governor Tom […]