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The ESG Pushback Is On!

ESG, or “Environmental, Social and Governance” investing, is a pernicious left-wing tactic designed to achieve policy goals that cannot pass legislatures by distorting investment decisions. ESG represents not only a sneaky false flag means of forcing policy decisions, but a real threat to investors large and small. ESG may have already contributed to the insolvency of […]

ILLINOIS: Another Win For NetZero Reality Coalition as Town Nixes Solar Desert

The new NetZero Reality Coalition scored another big win when the town of Pontiac, Illinois said NO to transforming land from natural habitat to a silicone solar desert. Illinois town nixes solar desert In a stunning setback for solar, the City of Pontiac, Illinois has scuttled plans to construct a solar energy project that would […]

NetZero Reality Coalition Forms Scores First Big Win

CFACT is proud to be a founding member of the new NetZero Reality Coalition which aims to push back against the growing tide of leftist “green” mandates being foisted on our energy infrastructure. The NetZero Reality Coalition (NZRC) includes free market think tanks, energy experts and legislators all dedicated to preserving the reliable, affordable energy we take […]

Reuters Science Correspondent: “I was wrong” on Climate

Neil Winton worked at Reuters for 32 years, including as global science and technology correspondent. Winton recently admitted he “was wrong” for going along and not putting in the journalistic effort to question the media’s prevailing climate narrative. Marc Morano posted details at CFACT’s Climate Depot. Winton said: When I became Reuters global Science and Technology Correspondent in […]

VIDEO: Ohio’s Train Derailment Chemical Disaster

On February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous industrial chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio causing a severe environmental emergency. Vinyl Chloride and butyl acrylate were among the chemicals on board. Large quantities were released and burned to prevent an explosion authorities feared could be even worse.  The toxic plumes of smoke and the chemicals […]

Biden Admits He Has No Plans To Replace America’s Oil Infrastructure

President Joe Biden continues his pursuit of the generation of electricity from wind turbines and solar panels while simultaneously moving to rid the world of fossil fuels. He has a short memory of petrochemical products and human ingenuity being the reasons for the world populating from 1 to 8 billion in less than two hundred years. […]

Anesthesiologists Hide Painful Climate Plan After Climate Depot Exposé

A ridiculous plan to reduce anesthesia to combat climate change disappeared online after CFACT’s Marc Morano exposed it at our Climate Depot news and information service. The article was pulled from the American Society of Anesthesiologists website within 48 hours of Marc posting it and tweeting about it. The ridiculous justification for limiting anesthesia is that inhaled anesthesia accounts […]

New CFACT YouTube Series ‘Capitol Pink’ Exposes Free Speech Fight on Florida’s International University Campus

CFACT is launching a new YouTube video series aimed at exposing the assault on free speech that right of center students face on their college campuses every day. The program is called “Capitol Pink.” It is hosted by Shakira Jackson who is a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and former CFACT Collegians activist. […]

U.S. Approves First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

Believe it or not, America took a baby step toward energy sanity with federal approval of the first small modular nuclear reactor design.  With efficient hydrocarbon energy under siege, and intermittent wind and solar unable to sustain the power grid, nuclear energy has never been more needed. GE quickly announced that it signed a contract […]

The Cult of Davos

“Davos”, the joke goes, “is where billionaires tell millionaires what the middle class thinks.” The mega-elites in Davos have invested completely in climate, prompting CFACT policy advisor Joanne Nova to describe the gathering as, “what it would look like if a doomsday cult had a billion dollars to spend on a skiing holiday.” Headlining Davos this year […]

VIDEO: A Foul Wind Blows Through Idaho

You may have heard about the countless wind energy projects being forced on communities across the United States in the name of Biden’s radical climate agenda. One such project is called the Lava Ridge wind project. Once completed, it would be located in Idaho’s unique and majestic Magic Valley, the same region that is home […]

Harnessing The Power Of The Stars—A Step Closer

Nuclear fusion is the promising technology that could solve our energy needs, but it is always a decade off. Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California have taken a big step forward. Adam Houser reports at CFACT.org citing Fox Business: Nuclear fusion has been pursued by researchers for years as the key to the […]

MIT Climate scientist: Climate is an absurd, quasi-religious scientific narrative

CFACT’s Climate Depot is reporting on a hard-hitting paper by Dr. Richard Lindzen, the renowned MIT climate scientist, which rejects the prevailing global warming narrative by relying on peer-reviewed science published in academic journals. Dr. Lindzen calls into question the extent to which global temperature corresponds to atmospheric concentration of CO2.  He also calls the […]

TAKE ACTION: Protect Right Whales from Big Wind Turbines

CFACT officially weighs in. I’ve told you about CFACT’s efforts to protect the North Atlantic Right Whale from a huge Virginia offshore wind project. Now, you can help! The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is presently accepting comments regarding their “Strategy” to protect the Right Whale as new offshore wind projects go up across […]

Climate Reparations? When nature strikes—you pay! Climate ‘loss and damage’ hits the UN

The Democrats Go By Klaus Schwab’s Playbook Are you ready to pay climate reparations totaling more than all the money in the world for disasters nature caused? For years CFACT has warned of plans to add “loss and damage” to the UN climate regime, making wealthy nations liable to compensate developing countries when extreme weather […]