ATLANTA, GA: Thousands of Fake, Counterfeit Fulton County Ballots Found

On Wednesday afternoon in the Georgia Senate Judiciary voted to have these ballots inspected. Rented Enterprise moving vans pulled up to the warehouse and began loading up. I will post that video promptly.

And then, a shredding company was engaged. They shredded everything. Not just a normal shredding either. They did not shred into long strips, or even tiny confetti: they did military-grade shredding down to tiny spitballs.

The video of the enterprise van is too big for me to upload right here. But trust me, there is a video of enterprise moving vans pulling up at 10 o’clock at night, after the Senate subcommittee voted to investigate the stuff, and they got loaded up.

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  1. IraMad
    IraMad says:

    Someone PAID for those vans! An actual reporter could find out who. We are letting too many details slide, when we should be all Seek and Destroy!


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