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Biden Regime To Announce Sanctions Against IDF Unit

The Biden regime is expected to announce sanctions against IDF unit for human rights abuses. This is a punishing break with our most devoted and stalwart ally, all while continuing to fund Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and it’s vicious jihad proxies in Gaza (Hamas), Syria and Lebanon (Hezb’allah) and Judea, Samaria […]

Mayorkas Shrugs Over Americans Murdered By Illegal Aliens

And Senate Democrats killed his impeachment trial. The ruling party hates you. Hawley Blasts DHS Secretary Mayorkas Over Americans Killed By Illegals By: Tristan Justice, The Federalist, April 19, 2024 Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., lambasted Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a Senate hearing Thursday, highlighting Americans killed as a direct result of the administration’s open borders […]

Democrats Move to Strip Trump of Secret Service Protection

Now the Democrat party of treason wants to kill Trump. Just to be clear, all living former presidents (and their spouses) after receive lifetime Secret Service protection. Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson on Friday introduced legislation that would strip Secret Service protection from ‘convicted felons’ sentenced to prison, a bill clearly aimed at President Donald Trump. […]

‘The Final Battle for the Holocaust. In Gaza, Israel is not only fighting for our future, but also for our past.’ by Michael Oren

This perceptive article by Michael Oren, among other things, describes the kind of mental gymnastics combined with a deliberate misrepresentation of the historical facts mobilized by Jew-haters of all stripes to portray Israel as a determined aggressor in her relationship to her Arab Palestinian citizens in particular and the Arab Palestinians in general. There is […]

Democrat Senate Kills Mayorkas Impeachment Trial

Consider this, these same venomous snakes impeached a President for making a phone call about investigating Ukraine corruption. Senate rejects Mayorkas impeachment charges at trial, ending GOP bid to oust him By Kaia Hubbard Washington — The Senate quickly dispensed with the two impeachment charges against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, convening a short-lived trial Wednesday that brought an […]

NGO Camp in Mexico Urging Illegals to Vote for Biden

These are fliers at an NGO camp in Mexico encouraging illegals to vote for Biden. The camp has ties to both DHS Secretary Mayorkas and George Soros. This is why the Democrats have thrown open our borders to millions of unvetted illegals. Fair elections would vanquish the Democrat party. Flyers distributed at NGO in Mexico […]

The Phantom Voter: How the Democrats Will Steal 2024 with Phony Ballots

Without free and fair elections, we are hamsters on a wheel. The Colossal Phantom Failure of 2024 In all of U.S. history, never have so many, for so great a cause, so universally failed, with such dire consequences By: Omega For America, April 2024: The phantom voter – provably 20% of the voting population in some […]

WATCH: Thousands of Illegals Flood New York City Hall To Protest Move Out Of Luxury Hotels

You can’t make this stuff up. New Yorkers can’t pay their bone crushing taxes …. for this. They are trying to occupy the building and are demanding to have luxury hotel rooms provided to illegals instead of the shelters that NYC has provided. Other demands include work permits, assistance, etc. NOTE: Mostly military-age males! WATCH: […]

Biden Regime Defends Unfreezing Billions of Dollars for Iran

This regime is a danger to humanity. Kirby Defends Biden Easing Sanctions On Iran Leading To Billions In Oil Revenue By  Daily Wire News U.S. National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby repeatedly defended President Joe Biden’s decision to relax sanctions enforcement against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has helped the country earn tens of billions […]

ELECTION RIGGING: Corrupt Biden-Donor Judge Says He Will Arrest Trump If He Skips One Day of Months Long Trial

If you can’t beat him, arrest him. They banned him from attending his son’s graduation. And far more broadly, they are deliberately keeping him off the campaign trail. Murderers, rapists, looters, illegal criminals roam our streets with impunity but Trump will be arrested. More footage of Trump supporters gathering outside NYC courthouse. pic.twitter.com/1rK3xZi6zg — The […]

‘Israel, Free Us From The Islamic regime’: Iranians Support The IDF

When news broke that Iran had directly attacked Israel, I wrote here that I believed the Iranian people will join Israel to throw off the murdering mullahcracy, something they have been fighting for and dying for years. ‘Israel, free us from the Islamic regime’ – Iranians support the IDF By World Israel News Staff, April 15, 2-24: […]

Biden Knew About, AND APPROVED, Iran’s Planned Attack on Israel

Biden knew of the attack, signed off on it and then went on vacation to the beach. This is grounds for impeachment, at the very least. Joe Biden not only had prior knowledge of Iran’s assault on Israel but also technically gave it the green light under certain conditions, according to a report from the Jerusalem Post. […]

Biden Regime Demands Israel Stop Attacking Hamas Even If It Doesn’t Release the Hostages

While finding jihad terror through [anti]-humanitarian aid. Biden Demands Israel Stop Attacking Hamas Even If It Doesn’t Release the Hostages By Daniel Greenfield, Apr 11, 2024: A total betrayal. The grim farce of negotiating with Islamic terrorists always plays out the same way. The terrorists keep attacking while playing the victim, make escalating demands and once […]

UNCOVER FOOTAGE: DHS Analyst Brags, We ‘Can Put Anyone in Jail … Set ’Em Up!’ … ‘We Call It a Nudge’

“Sometimes you just light the fuse and wait for it to follow.” DHS Analyst Boasts “Can Put Anyone in Jail…Set ’Em Up!” “We Call It a Nudge” FBI “Did What We Wanted” with Alex Jones @RealAlexJones “Took His Money Away.” “Chop His Legs Off.” Estimates 20 Undercover FBI Agents at J6, Works with Some of […]

Biden Now Offering to Take Houthis Terrorists OFF the Terror List

We are ruled by traitors. BREAKING: Biden now offering to take Houthis OFF the terror list By: Right Scoop · Apr. 3, 2024: It’s been a roller coaster between Biden and the Houthis since he took office. He originally undid Trump’s move and took the Houthis off the terror list and then had to put them […]