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PAPERS PLEASE! National Covid Card Quietly Emerges

This is just the beginning. If you can’t see that, you’re ignorant of history. Quietly and over some objections, a national digital vaccine card has emerged The SMART Health Card is voluntary and minimal by design to protect personal information. About 80 percent of vaccinated people in the U.S. most likely have access to it. […]

Texas Synagogue Rabbi and Jewish Congregants RESCUED, Muslim Terrorist DEAD

The best of all resolutions. Don’t mess with Texas. Prayers answered. All hostages are out alive and safe. — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) January 16, 2022 The hostage-taker at Colleyville Beth Israel synagogue is dead. — Matt Leclercq (@Matt_Leclercq) January 16, 2022 Sounds like gunfire, loud bang heard outside Colleyville synagogue as hostage situation continues https://t.co/AIi3AYBn7e […]

Russia Threatens To Send Armed Troops Into Cuba In Another EPIC BIDEN FAIL

Biden gave them the pipeline ……. what will give them now? Russia Suggests Military Deployment to Venezuela, Cuba if Tensions With U.S. Remain High  Deputy foreign minister says Moscow couldn’t exclude sending military infrastructure to the two countries. By: Wall Street Journal, Jan. 13, 2022: Russia’s deputy foreign minister said talks with the U.S. over the […]

Sinema Doubles Down On Filibuster Support, Dealing Likely Fatal Blow to Dems’ Steal The Vote Bills

Conservatives – beware. Sinema is no conservative, she’s just not a lunatic. Senator Manchin also announced on Thursday that he will not support a bill to weaken or end the filibuster. This combined with Biden’s defeat at the SCOTUS over COVID lockdowns, made Thursday the most humiliating day for the Biden Administration since Afghanistan. BREAKING: Kyrsten Sinema: […]

Jeffrey Epstein Brought EIGHT Young Girls With Him To See Bill Clinton At The White House

And Hillary covered for that pig terrorizes his victims. That’s the Democrat choice to replace te demented child-perv segregationist in the White House. Photo: The disgraced financier was first admitted as a guest in February 25, 1993 – just a month after Clinton’s inauguration. He stopped by again months later on September 29, 1993 with […]

GOVT CENSORSHIP: Biden Tells Social Media Platforms to Crack Down on Free Speech

Anyone who gets banned for ‘COVID misinfo’ can now use this clip in court to show the tech companies are censoring at behest of a govt official in violation of the First Amendment… .@POTUS: "I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets — please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that's […]

Supreme Court HALTS Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Businesses

UPDATE:  BREAKING REPORT: Florida WILL NOT Enforce Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Vaccine Mandate Upheld by SCOTUS for healthcare providers… — Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) January 15, 2022 EUREKA! Finally! Sanity! Supreme Court Halts Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Businesses By: Newsmax, 13 January 2022: The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s pandemic-related vaccination-or-testing […]

Biden Admin To Send $300 Million To Taliban Controlled Afghanistan

This despite Americans still trapped in Afghanistan because Joe Biden abandoned them. White House to send more than $300 million in aid to Afghanistan despite Taliban control “We stand with the people of Afghanistan,” Emily Horne said. By Madeleine Hubbard, Just The News January 11, 2022 – 11:34pm The White House announced plans Tuesday to […]

Inflation Hit a 40 YEAR HIGH in December and Bidenflation ‘Tax’ Costing Americans $5K Per Year

Bidinflation ‘Tax’ Costing Americans THOUSANDS Per Year. They are laughing at your struggle as they consolidate their power and move to federalize stealing elections. Inflation rose at the fastest pace in nearly four decades in December, as rapid price gains fueled consumer fears about the economy and sent President Biden’s approval rating tumbling. The consumer […]

LA Times: It’s Necessary To Mock Unvaccinated Dead

LA Times: It’s necessary to mock the deaths of the unvaccinated By: Jazz Shaw, January 10, 2022: In Orange County, California, Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby recently passed away due to complications from COVID. Ernby had been a vocal critic of government vaccination mandates and was herself unvaccinated according to her family and friends. This led to the […]

Biden’s DOJ Launching New ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Division

This is nothing short of a declaration of war on decent, law abiding Americans. The Democrat insurrectionists are imposing by decree a form of permanent martial law, communist style. Stalin is laughing in his grave. Ayn Rand wrote, “The Communists’ chief purpose is to destroy every form of independence—independent work, independent action, independent property, independent […]