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Trump’s ambassador lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed pro-freedom activist Tommy Robinson

At last, an American administration that has its priorities in place. What a change from the Obama administration. The government of Theresa May has become increasingly repressive toward anyone and everyone who opposes its sinister agenda regarding mass Muslim migration into Britain. Tommy Robinson is just the most well known case of many. And while […]

President Trump Storms UK

Despite the cowardly, sniveling British press and the jihadi mayor of Londonistan, many Brits are offering strong support of the president. “If he came here, I’d shake his hand, absolute brilliant businessman,” Dean Roberts, running a market stall in Barnsley, told Fox News. “He’s going to upset a lot of people, that’s what we want, he’s a […]

Hey Protesters: Ever Thought About What Abolishing ICE Might Really Look Like?

Thousands of Americans took to the streets on Saturday to protest the immigration policies of the Trump administration. The event was called “Families Belong Together,” and the participants, such a compassionate and welcoming group, proudly marched in over 600 cities demanding the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Organizers even placed several […]

Vice President Mike Pence to Central Americans: ‘If You Can’t Come Legally, Don’t Come At All’

Vice President Mike Pence put out a public statement to Central America that made clear: If you’re not coming to this country legally, don’t bother coming here at all. Wait for the left to go nuts on this one. Pence made the remarks while traveling to Brazil. Talk about bold. America, he went on, is […]

Beheaded Animal Left on Homeland Security Staffer’s Porch Amid Heightened Democrat Threats

It’s not a question of if but when. What will be the casus belli? Of course, Newsweek runs this grotesque act of violence with an anti-Trump photo. They want war. Imagine if the right engaged in this kind of violent action to overthrow the Obama administration. The Democrats would have rounded us up in and put […]

Washington Times’ Charles Hurt: President Trump Got Himself Reelected This Week

The Washington Times’ Charles Hurt appeared on the Tucker Carlson show Wednesday night to discuss how recent events are “playing right into the hands of Donald Trump.” He cites the success of radical leftist candidates in recent Democratic primaries and, in particular, the race that everyone is talking about, 28 year-old Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s surprise win over […]

VIDEO: President Trump Directs Pentagon to Establish ‘Space Force’ as New Military Branch

Trump’s space age versus Obama’s stone age. “My administration is reclaiming America’s heritage as the world’s greatest spacefaring nation,” President Trump said. Boom.  TRUMP DIRECTS PENTAGON TO ESTABLISH SPACE FORCE AS NEW MILITARY BRANCH By Jack Heretik, WFB, June 18, 2018: President Donald Trump announced Monday that he is directing the Department of Defense to create a new […]

Who Is Behind the Internet Thought Police?

An article, “What the Red Pill Means for Radicals,” published on June 7 in the ironically named publication Fair Observer might have passed unnoticed as yet another uninformed, biased and ideologically motivated attack on all who ever get labeled “extremists.” The piece is so riddled with non-sequiturs and wild generalizations that it seems almost cruel to rip […]

WATCH Israel i24 TV, Spin Room Panel: Pamela Geller destroys antisemitic leftist Jew

Earlier today, I debated Yariv Oppenheimer  — Former Director, Peace Now; an anti-Jew left-wing Jew, Akiva Eldar — Political Analyst, Senior Columnist Al Monitor and Haaretz (notoriously anti-Israel); and Daniel Seaman — Former Director of Israeli Government Press Office, today he is the chief editor of Mida English Online Magazine. We fight it out on […]

VIDEO: Hey Samantha Bee, What About #MeToo? The Women’s March?

Ivanka Trump posted a lovely photograph of herself and her son earlier this week on social media. She was immediately attacked by liberals and the mainstream media for her insensitivity about immigration issues. Comedian Samantha Bee, the most notable critic, responded with the following remarks in the opening monologue of her show, “Full Frontal,” on […]

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Wants to Be CEO of Facebook

“Most people in our country get their news, true or not, from Facebook,” she said. “It really is critical to our democracy that people get accurate information on which to make decisions.” Clinton understands power, and there is no more powerful platform in the information battle-space than Facebook. She would destroy our freedoms. Hillary Clinton […]

Andrew Cuomo’s Fatwa Against the NRA [and Gun Owners Like You]

A fatwa (proclamation) has been issued by the State of New York against the National Rifle Association (and gun owners like you): “I urge companies in New York State to revisit any ties they may have to the NRA and consider their reputations, and responsibility to the public,” tweeted the Ayatollah Andrew Cuomo, aka the Governor of New York […]

VIDEO: Outrageous Redactions to the Russia Report

The Department of Justice and FBI have just been caught red-handed in some outrageous acts of cover-up, via the Russia report agents with these departments released just recently. Basically, the redactions show it’s not President Donald Trump was guilty of any wrongdoing with Russia during election season. The fingers of blame point more inward, at […]

REPORT: Google Search Manipulation Can Swing Nearly 80 Percent of Undecided Voters

A new study conducted by a team of researchers at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology shows Google can actually manipulate the large majority of voters by returning negative search results. Basically, all Google censors have to do is affix a negative suggestion to a candidate’s name — and a positive to another […]