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Armed With Quran, an AK-47 and 6 Magazines, Jihadi Murders Three Israeli Soldiers

It’s a religious war commanded by Islamic text and teachings. But the enemedia will move heaven and earth to keep that absolute truth from the public. Islamic Jew-hatred is a central tenet of Islam. More details come out about Egypt border attack: Quran found on terrorist The terrorist who killed three IDF soldiers on the […]

Plans to Slaughter 200,000 Farting Cows to Save Planet from ‘Global Warming’ Inbox

It starts with cows.. Who’s next? if this kind of inhumanity and carnage is heralded as some kind of ‘benefit to planet’, their is a madness afoot. The ruling class has lost its collective mind and they mean to take us down. Ireland Looking To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change; Are US Herds […]

Children’s Choir Singing the Star Spangled Banner Forced to Stop by Capital Police ‘Because It Was Considered a Demonstration’

So BLM and Antifa can burn down cities, murder innocent people, loot and riot and it’s righteous raising tens of millions of dollars from America’s biggest corporations but children singing the National Anthem pose a threat. Drag shows for children are promoted by the Democrat government but children singing the National Anthem pose a threat. […]

DOCTORED EVIDENCE: Democrat-Led J6 Panel Added Audio to Silent Security Video for Primetime Hearings

It was a show. Hollywood produced, remember? This is textbook, how to stage a coup. Every totalitarian movement used these same tactics for destruction. Hollywood Show Trials Watch: How Jan. 6 security footage was altered by Democrats to add provocative sound https://t.co/IlTC0yI14U — Dr. Rich Swier (@drrichswier) June 4, 2023 Doctored evidence? Democrat-led J6 panel […]

South Dakota Farmers Face Land Theft By Climate Hoaxers

Appalling and terrifying. When John Kerry said US farm confiscations were not off the table, he meant it. Read through this thread. South Dakota Farmers Face Carbon-capture Land Theft By: Rebecca Terrell June 1, 2023 Farmers in South Dakota are facing egregious intimidation tactics by a private company that wants to use eminent domain to confiscate valuable farmland for […]

U.S. Birth Rate Falling Below Biden’s Migrant Invasion Numbers

This is the definition of replacement. NYC 85,000 Illegal Migrants – USA over 5 million Vaginal birth without health insurance ($9,013 – $19,775) They are having 2-3 ANCHOR babies per week FREE! FoodHousekeepingAlcoholGunsSexTheft 4 to 5,000 Roosevelt Hotel NYC – then bus them somewhere else. TAX REVOLT TIME! pic.twitter.com/lqFoqjfWtG — Joni Job (@jj_talking) May 28, […]

TRUMP UP 34: No Bump For DeSantis Following Governor’s Presidential Race Announcement

There was no bump in the polls for Governor DeSantis after officially launching his campaign. President Trump continues to surge. Why would any Republican even run against Trump at this point? Other than DeSantis, no other candidate is polling above 5 percent. It’s ludicrous. Trump up 34 points. So expect the Trump battering media and […]

VIDEO: Massive Hunter Biden Laptop Photo Archive with Nearly 10,000 Pix Published on New Website

Many images from the laptop show Hunter in various states of undress and surrounded by drug paraphernalia. Now close your eyes and imagine if this was Donald Trump’s son.  Extensive Hunter Biden laptop archive with nearly 10,000 photos published on new website By Josh Christenson, NY Post, June 1, 2023 An immense catalog of […]

Jordan: DOJ’s investigation of Trump may be ‘poisoned’ by ‘the FBI’s documented political bias’

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is obviously correct, and he could have and should have gone even farther. Not only is the investigation of Trump “poisoned” by the FBI’s “documented political bias,” but it wouldn’t even be happening at all if it weren’t for that bias. The whole thing is […]

The Leftist Climate Hoax Agenda Is Buying Its Way Into The News

The news is a fiction much like your favorite episodic TV series. They manufacture a story, frame it, bring in the actors to sell it. Until America understands this, we are susceptible to manipulation and thought control. The Leftist Green Agenda Is Buying Its Way Into The News By: Larry Behrens, The Federalist, May 30, 2023 […]

Leaked Government Memo Shows How Biden is Forcing Wokeness on Government Employees

‘Sinister, Nefarious, and Dangerous’! This Democrat administration isn’t just a disaster for this country, it is a danger to individual rights and freedom of thought and expression. And with the hijacking of our election system, redress grows increasingly unachievable. Unrecoverable. “If Biden and the radical leftists in his administration focused on the real problems facing […]

Billion Dollar Losses For Companies That Went Woke Are Staggering – Bud Light, Target, Kohls, North Face

For some psychiatric reason, the left can’t grasp that we don’t care what they do with their peckers, just keep them out of the classrooms and away from our children. BUD LIGHT VALUE HAS FALLEN $15.7 BILLION SINCE APRIL National Review: Sales for the beleaguered beer company, Bud Light, have fallen for a sixth consecutive […]

Academic Study Shows That Being A Leftist Drives You Mad, Makes You Crazy

How did they ever get this through? Our nation’s colleges and universities today are radioactive wastelands of far-Left indoctrination. Demonization and defamation of patriots and others who tell truths about issues Leftists cover with lies is common to the point of being routine and taken for granted. A central element of this propaganda is bogus […]

BRUTAL: Biden Regime To Reach a Deal ‘Soon’ To Release Iran’s Frozen Funds As Public Executions Rise

As the mullah’s brutality grows more gruesome and widespread, Biden moves to reward the villiany. The Biden Administration continues it’s immoral appeasement of Iran. They are apparently close to authorizing a deal that would release billions of dollars of Iran’s frozen assets in Iraq and South Korea. Once received by Iran’s leaders, this money will […]