Media and Corporate Censorship in the USA Just Like it is in Totalitarian Communist Countries

By now, you’ve seen how the leftist Socialist Democrat illegal victories in both the 2020 Presidential election and Georgia Senate races have led to the same kind of totalitarian actions that Communist countries take including total control of and by the media and even by influencing corporations to stop donations to anyone on the right. Specifically so far we have:

  1. Facebook and Twitter permanently banned POTUS Trump from using their social media outlets with snide remarks to those complaining like – start your own website or network if you don’t like it. It’s time for all conservatives to Stop using FB & Twitter.
  2. During the Jan. 6th Trump Rally conservative groups like The Right Side were cut off from broadcasting the truth. In the case of the Right Side it was You Tube that cut them off. Stop Using YouTube!
  3. Parler, a conservative alternative social media site has been cut off by Amazon, their broadcasting entity. Boycott Amazon!
  4. Marriott Corp, Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Commerce Bank have all announced they will curtain any donations to Republican candidates in the future.
    Boycott all 3 of these corporations if you can especially Marriott!

Just about all media sources including social media have prohibited the playback of POTUS Trump’s peaceful speech to the hundreds of thousands of of supporters in DC on Jan 6 – his speech did NOT incite a riot – just the opposite, he called for peaceful demonstrations under the 1st Amendment which did not include the storming of the capital (which we all know was Antifa). BIG TECH and the Media know his speech doesn’t support their false narrative reflected in Beijing Biden’s words at press conference where he blamed POTUS Trump for encouraging “insurrection”, “sedition”, and “subversion.” Nothing could be further from the TRUTH but they are hiding the truth once again by lies and omissions of facts. Stop using cable news and leftist social media – go to live streaming & pick your own channels!

-Where the hell was Biden and Kamala Harris during all the rioting, looting, burning, assaults, murders, etc. in their own Democrat controlled cities over the past year and the cries for violence against the the de-funding of police ? They actually encouraged these actions which are not only illegal but also examples of real insurrection, sedition and subversion. They and all their ilk are serial liars and pathological HYPCRITES !

And the beat goes on – I’m sure there will be many more cave ins to the left by traitors to conservative values including those we’re already seeing from the likes of GOP RINOs like Bill Barr, Lisa Murkowski, Tom Cotton, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and many others. VP Pence hasn’t been helpful either. Let’s start a 3rd Party & encourage POTUS Trump to lead it – we can call it the America First Party, the Conservative Party, the Constitutional Party or whatever we want to call it but we can’t keep supporting the GOP when they continue to fail us as bad as they have in fighting this election fraud and joining the left in expressing disappointment in us in regard to the events of Jan. 6th. We have tried to change them by our conservative, tea party movement helping to elect and re-elect them but what do we get in return ? Failed promises.

In Florida we have exceptions like our Governor, Ron DeSantis, who we should continue to support. However, we have far too many RINOs in our Legislature, especially in the Florida Senate, who continue to collude with or compromise with the left to ram more gun control down our throats like FL’s Red Flag Law; grant driver’s licenses to illegals (a recommendation by new Senate President); won’t fight the left on issues like abortion and textbooks containing porn and Islamic propaganda, etc. and this is all unacceptable !

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

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