Climate Hypocrites Hall of Shame – No. 1 Bill Gates

In addition to multiple other opulent estates he owns, billionaire climate preacher Bill Gates lives in a 66,000 sq. ft. mega-mansion in Seattle, flies the world at will in a gas-guzzling $70-million Bombardier BD-700 Global Express private jet that burns 486 gallons of fossil fuel per hour, and owns more carbon-emitting farmland—242,000 acres—than any other private citizen in the U.S.

An outspoken champion of renewable energy, the mega-CO2-emitter who became the world’s wealthiest man courtesy of his country’s free enterprise capitalist system has traitorously turned on that system, and is now pushing socialism-cum-communism as the only way to “save the planet.”

A voracious consumer of planet-destroying cheeseburgers—see photo above—this disgusting paragon of environmental hypocrisy advocates federal mandates that would force ordinary Americans to switch 100% from natural meat to synthetic meat. As reported by MIT’s Technology Review, the cheeseburger glutton said this about fake meat: “You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is that the taste will get better over time … eventually you can sort of change the behavior of people, or use regulation to totally shift the demand.” Translation: If Gates has his way, he will be able to stuff his face with cheeseburgers for the rest of his self-indulgent life, while preventing ordinary Americans from ever again being allowed to savor the taste of real beef.

Like other wealthy climate snake oil salesmen, Gate is not above profiting from his advocacy of “saving the planet.” After publicly touting the synthetic meat industry, Cheeseburger Bill conveniently cashed-out his multi-million-dollar stake in a fake meat start-up, and did so before the company’s hyped-up stock price fell through the floor, pocketing a handsome return while investors with no connections ate huge losses. Did he act on insider information? Who knows? It wouldn’t be the first time climate snake oil salesmen made off with fat profits while the getting was good.

Green activism isn’t the only way Cheeseburger Bill is helping subvert America

Gates is helping push the hammer and sickle down America’s throat not only by promoting the (Marxist) renewable energy hoax, but also by donating large chunks of his massive fortune to fund the same kind of subversive educational concepts promoted by self-declared communist Bill Ayers, the America-hating former domestic terrorist in whose living room Barack Obama launched his political career.

In 1995, Ayers co-founded a left-wing educational non-profit called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), which named Obama as chairman. On September 23, 2008, National Review journalist Stanley Kurtz completed a weeks-long examination of records of the Annenberg Challenge that found the following:

  • At CAC, Ayers and Obama worked as partners to impose Ayers’s radical educational concepts on Chicago’s public schools.
  • Instead of funding schools directly, CAC required schools to affiliate with “external partners,” far-left organizations that were selected based on their agreement with Ayers’s extreme educational views.
  • External partners that de-emphasized traditional education in favor of political consciousness, Afro-centricity and multiculturalism were awarded CAC funding, while groups that focused on achievement in math, science and American history were rejected.

Under Obama’s direction, CAC operated in a manner wholly consistent with Ayers’ concept that individual schools should be built around political themes that indoctrinate students with Ayers’ belief that America is an incurably oppressive nation that must be upended. In other words, Ayers and Obama used CAC to see that young future voters who attended Chicago’s public schools were taught to hate their country.

As recently reported by the Washington Free Bacon, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the same kind of anti-American, race-focused educational concepts that were pushed by Bill Ayers and Barack Obama, policies that turn classrooms into political indoctrination halls that push communist propaganda on impressionable young children who one day will have the power of the vote.

Related reading on how Democrats are using Critical Race Theory to culminate Obama’s vow to fundamentally transform the United States of America:

  • NYC public school principal calls on white parents to “subvert white authority.” Story here
  • Woke educators in Oregon seek to quash “racism in mathematics,” say searching for the right answer is a manifestation of “white supremacy.” Story here

America’s descent into mediocrity 

The Wall Street Journal recently published an eye-opening opinion piece titled “Mediocrity Is Now Mandatory.” Since not everyone subscribes to WSJ, the Andy Kessler article was posted on Facebook. Well worth reading, it describes how rapidly our deeply troubled country is sinking into the abyss of mediocrity due to political correctness, multiculturalism, white privilege, wokeness, critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, identity politics, cancel culture and other forms of victim vs. oppressor ideology. Please consider reading and sharing Kessler’s superb article.

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