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Obama’s Police State Dream Is Coming True

The U.S. Capitol Police have been authorized to open field offices in two states, Florida and California, ostensibly to investigate threats against members of Congress. A Capitol Police spokesperson said additional field offices will be opening, prompting fears of a massive federal law enforcement overreach: the nightmare scenario of a police state. I predict the Capitol Police […]

Straight From The Marxist Playbook: Evidence Of Election Manipulation Mounts

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Marxist community organizer Saul Alinsky taught Democrats that the path to political power is not to solve society’s problems, but to exacerbate them, to use them to create an atmosphere of perpetual crisis. As Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, put it: “Never let a good crisis […]

Socialism’s Defenders: Their Stupidity May Cause Your Brain To Spasm

You might want to take an aspirin before reading further, because the economic stupidity described below is guaranteed to send your brain into painful spasms. Reader discretion is advised. David Harbour, star of the hit movie Black Widow, said during an interview with The Guardian that he doesn’t think “there’s anyone who could disagree with socialist ideology.” “If you […]

BUMMER: Cuba’s Freedom Uprising Couldn’t Come at a Worse Time for the Party of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky & Obama

Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie.  What bad timing. Just as the party of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Obama thinks it’s finally poised to flip America to the side of the hammer and sickle, the Cuban people have taken to the streets and are risking their lives to shed the yoke […]

4th Of July Shocker: 41 Years After The Most Memorable Sporting Event In U.S. History, Patriotism Dropping Like A Rock

In 1980, nearly every American was filled with unbridled national pride when the heavy underdog US Olympic hockey team of college boys defeated the powerful team of the Soviet Union. Before reading further, please watch the two videos linked to below. If you love your country, they will give you goose bumps, guaranteed. ● A […]

First-Hand Account of Jan. 6 “Insurrection” at U.S. Capitol

No protester fired weapons or set off bombs. What a few hundred of them did inside the Capitol was an unlawful riot. Describing it as an “insurrection” is a political narrative. Last week, two bipartisan Senate reports blamed what happened not on President Trump, but on a total failure of federal law enforcement agencies to adequately plan […]

Adolf’s Crackdown on the Jews, Joe’s Crackdown on Trump Voters

I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame. — ✌🏼rosanna arquette (@RoArquette) August 7, 2019 So tweeted virtue-signaling Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette, whose three-sentence post had one purpose: to help the political party she supports mainstream the Critical Race Theory propaganda that half of white America—the conservative half—is […]

How can climate alarmists explain away ancient megadroughts? They can’t

As reported by Fox News, a 2015 study published in the journal Nature Climate Change compared 117 computer model projections during the 1990s with the amount of warming that actually occurred. Of the 117 projections, only three were roughly accurate. On average, the computer models predicted twice as much warming as that which actually occurred. The projections […]

The Political Purging of America’s Military: ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ in Peril

The video above shows the United States Army Field Band’s rendition of one of America’s most time-honored songs. Watch “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” while you can, because the days of U.S. military bands being allowed to perform this patriotic song will likely come to an abrupt end. Why? The Biden Pentagon is indoctrinating […]

Wake Up, America! The Destruction of U.S. Sovereignty Through Open Borders and Mass Migration

The Attempted Destruction of U.S. Sovereignty Through Open Borders and Mass Migration. In February 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden signaled his enthusiasm for open borders: “I’m proud of [the Obama administration’s] record on immigration. Not only our Muslim communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities. And the wave still continues. And it’s not going to stop. Nor should we […]

VIDEO: Get Your Critical Race Claws Off My Kid!

“In many of our schools, young, impressionable children are no longer being taught to feel good about being Americans. Their schools’ teachers, who traditionally embody socially approved values, are teaching them to be ashamed of being Americans. Spreading out from the schools that teach our teachers, this ideology is being inculcated into our nation’s K-12 schools […]

My letter to the CEO of Disney

Robert Chapek, Chief Executive Officer The Walt Disney Company Dear Mr. Chapek: Like millions of other Americans who love this country, I was dismayed to learn that Disney, a company I once held in the highest esteem, has been using a Marxist poison pill known as critical race theory in an attempt to impose ideological […]

VIDEO: Argentina — Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

In the early 20th century, Argentina was one of the richest countries in the world. Over the next hundred years, a succession of charismatic Marxists lied their way to power, leaving the country’s once-vibrant economy in tatters. The parallels between what socialist rulers did to Argentina and what the Democratic Party is now doing to […]