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VIDEO: Patriotism is dropping like a rock [on one side of the aisle]

Gallup found that less than a third of Democrats are proud of their country. A special event occurred on April 10 at the Alhambra Dinner Theater in Jacksonville, Florida. Performed by African American orator and combat veteran Evangelo “Vann” Morris, the Old Glory Presentation is a time-honored tradition that symbolizes the love service members have for the […]

VIDEO: America’s clock is ticking. Fight Fiercely!

Fellow Patriots: Time is running out to save our Republic from the party of communism, open borders, global governance, gun confiscation, ends justify the means, voter fraud, climate lies, thought suppression, virtue-signaling, political intolerance, antisemitism, anti-Americanism, flag burning, anthem kneeling, rioting, looting and defunding the police. “Texas Reloaded” Please share this article far and wide, […]

VIDEO: How Cultural Marxism is Grinding Down America’s Public Schools

Cultural Marxism is the gradual process of grinding down western democracies by subverting the pillars of their culture, the structures and institutions of family, religion, education, politics, law, the arts and the media, as they provide the social cohesion necessary to a functioning society. Undermine the principles these structural institutions embody, and a capitalist society can […]

My Letter to the President of Princeton about “Systemic Racism”

In the wake of the alleged police killing of George Floyd, Princeton University president Christopher L. Eisgruber posted an open letter to the Princeton community on his official university website. Unwittingly or otherwise, his letter advances the election-year talking point that America is a rotten-ass place hopelessly infected with a terminal case of “systemic racism.” […]

Who [Or What] Killed George Floyd?

If they get a fair trial, a questionable proposition at best, Minneapolis police officers charged with murdering George Floyd should be acquitted. Let’s consider new, undisputed evidence, beyond the initial bystander’s video that we’ve all seen, to understand why. On Memorial Day, around 8 PM, Minneapolis Police are called to a local convenience store.  Two […]

Voter Fraud has Become a Staple of the Modern Democratic Party

As reported in the WSJ article “Heed Jimmy Carter on the Danger of Mail-In Voting,” a bi-2005 partisan commission co-chaired by former president Jimmy Carter determined that mail-in ballots are the greatest source of potential voter fraud. Opposition to voter ID laws facilitates voter fraud. Despite feigned protests to the contrary, voter ID laws are […]

Our Decaying Civilization: What it looks like when a great nation commits suicide.

Last week, I received an email from a friend. As a former U.S. Army intelligence officer during the Cold War, he carried out clandestine collection operations for the Defense Intelligence Agency in Germany, and later worked as an international war correspondent for the Associated Press. He’s served on numerous corporate boards and is a military […]

What Causes White Guilt?

“I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.” So tweeted virtue-signaling Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette, whose three-sentence message had one purpose: to help the political party she supports mainstream the absurd idea that white people should be ashamed of their skin color and, by extension, ashamed […]