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Own a home in the suburbs? BRACE YOURSELF!

Prior to the 2020 election, I posted a New York Post article on my local Nextdoor website, which has 39,000 subscribers within a 5-mile radius of my suburban Atlanta home. The article was about Biden’s plan for a federal takeover of local zoning laws, a move that would enable his administration to saturate suburban communities with new, […]

Don’t miss this: ‘A Wildflower Super-Bloom for the Ages’

With parts of California recently inundated by more rain than any time in the last quarter-century, the climate crisis industry is portraying the unusual weather event as more proof that the much ballyhooed climate “tipping point” is finally upon us. A few years back, they were making the same bogus claim about a stubborn drought […]

VIDEO: The ‘True Story’ of the First Thanksgiving

EDITORS NOTE: Millions of school children have been taught the revisionist history that the first Thanksgiving was about the Pilgrims giving thanks to their Indian neighbors for saving them from starvation. Around this time of year, an historically accurate account of the first Thanksgiving was told on national radio. Eight years ago, I compiled a […]

‘Teach Them To Hate’—The Georgia U.S. Senate Runoff

The U.S. Senate Runoff in Georgia is December 6th, 2022. “Reverend” Raphael Warnock has launched a character assassination attack against Herschel Walker Walker that totally distorts the battle the former college and NFL superstar once had with a mental health illness known as dissociative identity disorder. Warnock, who professes to be a man of God, […]

How Cultural Marxists In Our Midst Are Grinding Christianity Down

During a pre-election prayer session in support of Black Lives Matter, the pastor of St. Xavier Catholic Church in New York City instructed white congregants that they must renounce their white privilege to help “transform the church culture.” Using the noble cause of racial equality as a fig leaf, Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent […]

Physicians Group Sues FDA Over Ivermectin

Report: Ivermectin Obliterated 97% Of Covid Cases In Delhi, India On June 1, the Desert Review News reported that Ivermectin had obliterated 97 percent of Covid infections in India’s capitol territory, Delhi (pop. 30 million). The chart below shows that Delhi was experiencing more than 20,000 new cases daily in early May. By the end of the month, […]

Hurricanes Aren’t The Only Thing Climate Alarmists Lie About

How can climate alarmists explain away ancient megadroughts? They can’t! As reported by Fox News, a 2015 study published in the journal Nature Climate Change compared 117 computer model projections during the 1990s with the amount of warming that actually occurred. Of the 117 projections, only three were roughly accurate. On average, the computer models predicted twice […]

Biden Declares War On 74 Million MAGA Americans

 “President Biden tonight gave the speech of a dictator, in the style of a dictator, in the visual of a dictator, using the words of a dictator.” — Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller While issuing a blanket condemnation of rank-and-file voters who oppose his neo-Marxist agenda, and while bathed in a dark red backdrop that […]

Zuckerberg: FBI urged Facebook to Suppress New York Post’s Explosive Exposé on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

During a recent interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company’s censors acted on a request by the FBI to be on the lookout for a Russian misinformation dump set to occur shortly before the 2020 presidential election. In actuality, the “misinformation dump” that prompted the FBI’s politically-tainted request was […]

Virtue-Signaling Pastors On The Religious Left And The Rapid Rise Of Communism In America

Formerly known as “The Protestant Hour,” a religious radio program called Day 1 billed itself as an affiliation of what it referred to as “mainline” Protestant churches that embrace “the progressive worldview.” In other words, Day 1 is an affiliation of churches led by people who vote Democrat. By describing itself as “mainline,” Day 1, […]

Independence Day Shocker: 42 Years After The Most Memorable Sporting Event In U.S. History, Patriotism Dropping Like A Rock

In 1980, nearly every American was filled with unbridled national pride when the heavy underdog US Olympic hockey team of college boys defeated the powerful team of the Soviet Union. Before reading further, please watch the two videos linked to below. If you love your country, they will give you goose bumps, guaranteed. A short […]

Why I Bought AR-15s for My Sons

According to the Washington Post, 91% of Trump coverage by the three broadcast networks, which include ABC, is negative.  When a right-wing lunatic massacred people of Mexican descent at an El Paso Walmart in August 2019, the networks blamed the attack on Trump’s “hateful” rhetoric about immigrants. ABC News promptly produced a story to support the mainstream media’s narrative that […]

Gun Control Activist David Hogg Targets Semi-Automatic Rifles

A survivor of the 2018 massacre on Valentine’s Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and now enrolled at Harvard, student gun control activist David Hogg has become a sought-after speaker at colleges and universities, and the odds are off the chart that he’ll be given a prime-time slot at the Democratic National Convention in August.  While I […]

What Gen­er­a­tion Z Doesn’t Get About America’s Economic Pie

Gen­er­a­tion Z. Born between 1995 and 2010, they are ​“racial­ly and eth­ni­cal­ly diverse, pro­gres­sive and pro-gov­ern­ment” accord­ing to Gen Z data from the Pew Research Cen­ter. Growing up is a bitch as Generation Z chick YV discovers confiscatory taxation. Watch: pic.twitter.com/FSNy2weY7g — yv (@yvtweets) January 15, 2022 Fed a steady diet of economic lies by anti-capitalists in our society, the […]