PODCAST: Biden Vows to Impose the PRO Act Which Threatens Freelancers and Independent Contractors Livelihood!



Grover Norquist is president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at President Reagan’s request. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels and supports tax reform that moves towards taxing consumed income one time at one rate.

TOPIC: Freelancers and Independent Contractors Beware: Biden Vows to Impose the PRO Act Which Threatens Your Livelihood!


Mary Ann Mendoza is the Founder of Angelfamilies.com and Angel Moms. I as a Consultant for Webuildthewall.us and an Advisory Board Member for Woman for Trump and was also an Advisory Board Member of Donald J. Trump for President Inc. Mary Ann attended the State of the Union Address on February 4, 2020 as Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ) guest. Mary Ann has been a guest on Fox News and Fox Business channel talking about illegal immigration and sanctuary issues.

TOPIC: We Must Protect the Rule of Law and Restore Order.

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