Are Schools The Beacon of the Destruction of America?

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes, the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.”   – Thomas Jefferson

It is very difficult to understand the deep roots of communism in our Florida schools because the “educators” are very careful not to use word communism.  The American approach to education uses the scientific method of deductive reasoning where by many theories are tried until the unknown outcome emerges.  The communist approach uses the Pavlov/Skinner method whereby the desired outcome is known and theory is designed to fit the outcome.  This process is called Outcome Based Education (OBE)  aka Mastery Learning aka Training.  We see this communist method used in Critical Race Theory, 1619 project and BLM curricula where the outcome must be: America is racist and “Whiteness” is the problem.

All of America’s problems today can be traced back to the 45 Goals of Communism read into the Congressional Record on Jan 10, 1963. by Rep Herlong (D-FL).  The purpose of this reading was to serve as a reference and reminder showing the intent of the communists in their constant quest to transform America into a communist country.   The Goals are from Cleon Skousen, researcher and author of “The Naked Communist.”  These goals have been adopted by the Democrat Party and have been implemented across America.  Goals 17-32 are a direct assault on American history, values, culture and religion using the public school system as the transmitter of this propaganda. Communist Goals – 1963 Congressional Record.

The purpose of this shift to communism was to ensure an underclass.  Communists will  not tolerate competition and free thinking. All products, distribution, and activity must belong to the state. This is accomplished in the name of fairness.  “Dumbing” the population is the objective.   In the 1989, education was changed from educating students for life to training students to work, from individualism to collectivism, from fact based to feelings and emotions. Nov 2, 1989 Governor Association on Education – Gov Bill Clinton presiding, GWH Bush 41 President a presentation was given by Shirley McCune from the McRel Foundation.  Shirley believed that students were human capital and must only be trained to work. Individual life in not important only the group matters.

Whistleblower, Charlotte Iserbyt documented her findings when she was Senior Policy Analyst under President Reagan and wrote about the process to be used to accomplish this goal called Outcome Based Education, aka Mastery Learning.

The implementation of these goals in Florida schools is in violation of Florida Statute 876.01.

Communism forces humans to be the same which is totally against natural human instincts. Sameness eliminates natural instincts of curiosity, innovation and exploration.  Humans are reduced to objects.

Will we soon follow the Nazi method of Tattooing numbers on their captives to track them. FYI: The tattoo registry was created and tracked by IBM.

Nameless, faceless individuals become property to be used and abused.   The group not the individual is dominant.  When individual destiny is chosen by the government, humans need a replacement to fill the need to feel important.  Drugs, tattoos, piercing, drinking, and sex are used for replacement. How do you normalize this behavior – school, (Goal #17, 26,27)?   Instead of sex ed being focused on hygiene and biology, and loving relationships,  texts now teach explicitly how to have sex – with any age person or any gender. If used outside of school, these books and methods would be considered pornography.

The Obama administration through SOE Duncan gave grants to local media centers to include pop culture.  Instead of including Pop Culture, Classics were replaced by POP Culture pornography which can be viewed by any age student.  Today the communists proudly proclaim “WAP” by Cardi B,  performed at the Grammy’s is the Best song of 2020.

In 2018, the Florida Citizens Alliance conducted a review of this objectionable  material which did nothing more than “normalize” inappropriate sexual activity under the guise of “Sex-Ed” in violation of Florida Statutes.

  • English Language Arts
    • Pornography (violations of 847.012)
    • FL DOE Sunshine Reader List criteria (effectively bans classical literature)
  • Social Studies
    • Reconstructed History (violations of FS1003.42)
    • Religious Indoctrination (promotes Islam vs. Christianity FS 1002.206)
    • Political Indoctrination (violates FS 1006.31 factual, balanced and objective)Science (2017-2018 current adoption cycle–work in progress)

By shifting the focus of the 3 R’s, learning facts, individual responsibility, and deductive reasoning (the scientific method)   to sight,  feelings, collectivism, and outcome based responses students are ill prepared for the challenges life demands.  Due to the “grading on a curve” system adopted by many Departments of education, parents are often fooled by the letter grade their district receives.  Depending on the curve,districts can receive an “A” grade when only 55% of the students are proficient in reading or math.  Graduating students now enter college or the work place needing remediation and are often unable to follow simple directions. Mediocrity is evident throughout government and business decisions. When everything in your life is preplanned by someone else the human desire to be important, or successful becomes so frustrating that students often turn  to drugs, sex or suicide.    Students now trained to fit a particular job become apathetic while learning to shine by having sex any place, any time, with anyone.    Enough sexual indoctrination will start a dangerous trend of sexual addiction and lead to more rape and sexual abuse.

The man accused of killing eight people at three Atlanta-area spas on Tuesday allegedly confessed to the slayings and told police he has a sexual addiction.

As Communist Goals #17,25,26 are practiced and sex is “normalized” in school will sex addiction become the new excuse for horrific behavior?

When student feel their lives have no purpose, because they can’t control their own destiny, they feel hopeless and must replace that feeling with something.  Because factual information aka truth is missing, and students are no longer “educated” to be able to make common sense decisions they turn on their emotions. Students are taught to be victims and focus their anger visually and emotionally on race. These curricula changes encourage students to blame someone else for their plight while turning to school sanctioned sex and hatred. Sex “feels” good, drugs “feel” good and brilliant minds are hopelessly lost.  The destruction of American values through culture shifts  from Freedom and Liberty as laid out in the US Constitution, and through the teaching of morality by belief in family, G-d and Country are initiated. By knowing history we learn that if not stopped, the transformation of America to hatred, rioting, racism, drugs and sex will follow.   We have the right statutes in Florida to put a stop to the degradation. I support Gov DeSantis and his effort to implement them.

What’s in your school?

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