Hamas Terror Chief Thanks Iran for Sending Money, Weapons

Appearing on Iran’s state-run Press TV on Friday, Hamas chief Ismail Haniya expressed his thanks to the regime for providing funds and weapons to his Gaza-ruling terrorist organization, declaring that the recent 11-day conflict had thwarted Israel’s attempts at building ties with the Arab world.

“I cannot but thank [Iran] who brought forth money and weaponry to the valiant resistance,” Haniya said.

Haniya, speaking from Qatar where he currently resides, also crowed that “this battle has destroyed the project of ‘coexistence’ with the Israeli occupation, of the project ‘normalization’ with Israel. We saw our Arab and Islamic nation arose, from east to west, in all its components and factions, behind Jerusalem and Palestine and the resistance.”

The recent conflict, Haniya declared, “defeated the illusions of negotiations, defeated the deal of the century,” in reference to the Trump administration’s peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It also “defeated the projects of normalizing [relations] with the Zionist occupation,” referring to the Trump-brokered deals between four Arab countries and Israel.

“Resistance is the best strategic choice for liberation and return,” Haniya added.

By “resistance,” Haniya means terrorism targeting Jewish children and other innocents, which Iran also supports. And the Biden administration lifted Trump’s sanctions on Iran, enabling their Jew- and America-hating agenda.

Ismail Haniya

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More than just a religious imperative, Haniya preaches that the importance of terrorism as a strategy lies in the fact that it works so well on Jews, who, unlike the Palestinians, “love life more than any other people, and they prefer not to die.”

Americans, too, are the objects of Haniya’s hatred. In May 2011 he issued this statement on the recent killing (by U.S. soldiers) of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden:

“We believe that this continues an American policy that is based on oppression and on the shedding of Arab and Muslim blood. Regardless of the different views in Arab and Islamic circles, we, of course, condemn the assassination or killing of a Muslim mujahid and an Arab. We pray for Allah to cover him with His mercy, next to the prophets, the righteous, and the martyrs.”

At a December 2011 rally marking the 24th anniversary of Hamas’s founding, Haniya issued a call for the formation of an Arab army “to liberate Jerusalem and the Aksa mosque.” He then told the 350,000 cheering Palestinians in attendance: “Resistance is the way and it is a strategic choice to liberate Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and to remove the invaders from the blessed land of Palestine.”

To learn more about Ismail Haniya, click here for his profile link.

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