AWED NEWSLETTER: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections

Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

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— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

My webpage ( with dozens of Science-based COVID-19 reports

COVID-19 — Therapies:

New documentary: Doctor’s Orders

*** Short Dr. Hong Video: Ivermectin Deserves More Attention

*** Relatively short video: The Ivermectin Story (watch first 11± minutes)

Attorney says COVID patients are trapped in hospitals, receiving harmful treatments

Some Sober Observations– Dark And Light– To Consider As We Go Forward

COVID-19 — Injections:

*** Plant based COVID-19 vaccine shows high efficacy

*** Fauci, Gates Admit COVID Vaccines Don’t Work as Advertised

Vaccinated Serving As Breeding Ground For Virus Warns Renowned Virologist

Dr. Alexander on Booster Shots, Natural Immunity, and the Failures of Lockdowns

If the Vaccine is So Great, Why are So Many People Dropping Dead?

Study: The Pfizer mRNA vaccine: pharmacokinetics and toxicity

The jab lowers white blood cells more and more with each shot

COVID-19 — Injection Mandates:

*** 60,000 scientists call for an end to mass vaccination

COVID-19: stigmatizing the unvaccinated is not justified

Could the Democrat-Controlled US follow Australia’s COVID-19 Response?

EU Leader Calls for Throwing Out Nuremberg Code in Favor of Forced Vaccinations

Federal Contractor Vaccine Order Blocked by Judge in Kentucky

Senate votes to repeal Biden federal vaccine mandate for businesses

COVID-19 — Models and Data:

Short video: Vaccines Cause Spike in All-Cause Mortality

Cost Of War: Excess Deaths Soaring Despite Mass Injections

COVID-19 — Omicron:

*** Healthcare Chief Says Omicron “May Signal the End of COVID-19”

Omicron mutations signal vaccine evasion, similar symptoms

Dr. Campbell Video: Latest Data Looking Good

Dr. Campbell Video: Omicron, symptom changes

Short video: Breaking News — Omicron patient has one singular sniffle

The hidden victims of the South African shutdown

COVID-19 — Misc:

Excellent Report: The State of Emergency and its Consequences

*** Pfizer’s Unconscionable Crimes, Past And Present

*** Kennedy on Fauci: ‘Apocalyptical Forces of Ignorance, Greed and Totalitarianism’

*** The Only Pandemic We Face is a Pandemic of Fear, Hysteria and Lies

Nurses are leaving staff jobs — and tripling their salaries as travelers

Pentagon Source Says Covid Intentionally Released by Chinese as Bio Weapon

County Chairman: County Will Not Enforce NYS Mask Mandate

NYU professor who questioned masks is cleared after student complaint

Video: Dr. McCullough: A Physician Discusses COVID-19 Mass Psychosis

Greed Energy Economics:

***Wind Energy companies accused of bid rigging and racketeering in US lawsuit

Public should know true costs of state’s push for carbon-free grid

Energy poverty in Europe is linked to expensive renewables

Renewable Energy Health and Ecosystem Consequences:

Did Ohio board certify Icebreaker wind project with enough bird, bat research?

Stunned Still: Offshore Wind Turbine Power Cables Leave Crabs Mesmerized and Motionless

Mountain of discarded turbines prompts NY bond push

Iowa Turbine ‘graveyard’ removal underway

Wind Energy

Fine Video: Wind Turbines: Salvation or Ruin? Part 1: Wind Energy & Humans

Offshore wind grid woes may be worse than previously thought

Biden’s offshore wind goal is a waste of energy

Power Brief: China Flexes Rare-Earths Muscle (Again)

Energy Deficient: Wind & Solar Obsessed Germany Faces Long Dark Winter

Republicans in Ohio House reject support for proposed Icebreaker wind project

Solar Energy:

VA County officials, residents consider a slew of solar projects

Tesla solar fires subject of SEC, Consumer Product Safety Commission investigations

Nuclear Energy:

Fine Short Video: The Green Atom

British nuclear turns to tried-and-tested financing model

Fossil Fuel Energy:

Fossil Fuel Restriction Dam Starting To Break

Divesting in crude oil guarantees shortages and inflation

CO2 Coalition Statement on Virginia Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Biden halts federal aid for overseas fossil fuel projects – with plenty of exceptions

EPA proposes to hammer oil and natural gas with crazy new climate rules

Natural Gas Production (and Oil) Imperiled by Biden Bumbling

Short video: Will fracking survive? Fracking Part 2

How Fossil Fuels Lead to Human Flourishing

Misc Energy:

Fine Short Video: America in the Dark

A Thought or Two on Renewable Energy and Culture

Belarus Threat Shows The Importance Of Energy Independence

The Case for Carbon Capture at Existing Power Plants

Virginia Governor-Elect Pledges to Remove State From Regional Carbon Market

Matt Ridley: The roots of Europe’s suicidal energy crisis

Biden signs EOs to make all gov’t vehicles electric & buildings renewable powered

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:

Short video: No Need to go to Glasgow

Japan’s COP26 Climate Solution Includes 22 New Coal Plants

EPA advisers favor stronger soot standards

Why the Climate Panic About Africa Is Wrong

Unrealistic beliefs in NY climate law

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:

Global CO2 emissions have been flat for a decade, new data reveals

India and China set aside differences to resist carbon imperialism

In the Race for ‘Climate Leadership,’ Everyone’s a Loser

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

Zuckerberg’s Election Meddling Could Be Emulated by Foreign Interests

US Election — State Issues:

Attorney General Garland Delivers Remarks Announcing Lawsuit Against the State of Texas to Challenge Statewide Redistricting Plan

*** Wisconsin Hearing Reveals Massive Voter Anomalies

PILF Sues the D.C. Board of Elections to Provide Voter List Maintenance Records

US Politics and Socialism:

*** Third-Worldizing America (Hansen)

*** Decades of Communist Pushing Will Get You a Communist America

Build Back Better — How to Destroy a National Economy

Democrats’ Reckless Taxing-And-Spending Spree Is Stuffed With Billions Of Dollars In Special Interest Giveaways, Earmarks, And Waste

Build Back Better Is Graft for Corporatists, Pox on America

The Malicious Dead End Of “Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion”

Other US Politics and Related:

Why Russia could invade Ukraine again

Russia and Ukraine: War or Bluff?

Devin Nunes: First the Media, Then Education

Senate Dems launch last-ditch effort to change the rules of the chamber

Short video: Trump vs. Biden, ‘There’s No Comparison’

Education Related:

*** What Should We Teach in Journalism Schools?

*** Open Letter on K-12 Mathematics (from 600± scientists)

*** Short video on Critical Thinking

Democrats’ Toddler Takeover: Huge Childcare Inflation and Discrimination Against Religion

Democrats’ Toddler Takeover Would Be A Disaster For American Families

Oregon Governor Signs “Racist Bill” Removing Math And Reading Skills To Help Students Of Color

Schools Confront a Wave of Student Misbehavior, Driven by Months of Remote Learning

Chipping Away at Critical Theory’s Dominance of Higher Ed

Science and Misc Matters:

‘Fountain of youth’ pill shows ability to dramatically increase longevity in mice

China successfully modified the weather to create clear skies, researchers say

What I told the students of Princeton

The insane resurgence of vinyl records

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