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— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

My webpage ( with dozens of Science-based COVID-19 reports

*** World Council of Health: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

*** COVID-19: What You Need To Know (Physicians for Informed Consent)

COVID-19 — Scientifically Proven Therapies:

*** Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity

*** The Left’s resistance to ivermectin is shameful

*** A Myth is born: How CDC, FDA, and Media wove a web of ivermectin lies that outlives the truth

*** Report: Did Dismissals of Safe Outpatient Drugs Cause Needless Covid Deaths? Dissenting Doctors Say Yes

*** Biden Ignores Science on COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines

*** Hospitals Choosing Death Over Ivermectin

*** Study: Combination Therapy For COVID-19 Based on Ivermectin in an Australian Population

*** Study: 20-Week Study of Clinical Outcomes of Over-the-Counter COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Short video: What is Ivermectin?

Video: The Inexplicable Suppression of Several COVID-19 Treatments

FDA Ignored: Seventy-One (71) Scientific Ivermectin COVID-19 Studies

COVID-19 — New Therapies:

FDA Authorizes First Oral Antiviral for Treatment of COVID-19 (Pfizer’s Paxlovid)

FDA Authorizes Additional Oral Antiviral for Treatment of COVID-19 in Certain Adults (Merck’s molnupiravir)

Paxlovid: What we should know about Pfizer’s new COVID treatment drugs

Do Paxlovid and Ivermectin have Similar Method of Action?

COVID-19 — FDA Fact Sheets:

FDA Fact Sheet for Healthcare providers for Paxlovid

FDA Fact Sheet for Healthcare providers for Molnupiravir

FDA Fact Sheet for Healthcare providers for Ivermectin

Merck sells federally financed COVID pill for 40x what it costs to make

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Cost $529 per Course

COVID-19 — Injections for Children:

*** Report: Are COVID-19 Injections Safe for Children?

*** Report: Should You Vaccinate Your Kids?

Expert testimony regarding Comirnaty (Pfizer) COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine for children

Expert testimony regarding the use of Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine in children

The Dangerous Push to Give Boosters to Teens

CDC: Heart inflammation cases among 5- to 11-year-old kids after COVID-19 shot

Study: COVID vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk

The American College of Pediatricians Supports Parental Choice

California School District Reverses Vaccine Mandate after Thousands of Children Refused to Comply

Texas AG gains federal injunction against another Biden vaccine mandate

Fauci: Hospitals are ‘Over-counting’ COVID-19 Cases in Children

COVID-19 — Injections (Others):

*** Unintended Consequences of mRNA Shots

*** Endless Boosters Threaten To Destroy Normal Immune Function

Ontario’s ‘top doctor’ says double-vaxxed people should stay away from triple-vaxxed relatives

World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the COVID-19 Experimental “Vaccines”

‘Killing our patients’: Nurse exposes hospital failures, side effects of COVID shot

Japan Puts Warnings on COVID Injections

Real Not Rare website: a collection of some post-injection stories

New York Times Editor Who Won Pulitzer For COVID-19 Coverage Dead of Heart Attack One Day After Booster Shot

Study: Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination and Its Potential Impact on Fetal and Neonatal Development

RT-PCR Test Loses FDA Emergency Use Authorization On January 1, 2022

Army working on COVID-19 vaccine that may provide protection against all variants

Sarah Palin: ‘Over my dead body’ will I get the COVID-19 vaccine

Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

The FDA Wants to Hide Pre-Licensure Data Until You’re Dead and Now the CDC Wants to Hide the Post-Licensure Safety Data

COVID-19 — Injection Mandates:

*** Boeing halts vaccine mandates for US workers

*** What’s Your Vaccine Discrimination Story?

*** U.S. Navy warship remains in port after COVID-19 breaks out among ‘100% immunized’ crew

COVID-19 — Models and Data:

*** ABSOLUTE (effectiveness) vs RELATIVE (efficacy) RISK REDUCTION in Research Reporting Bias

Looking at COVID infection levels after vaccination versus natural immunity

More Americans Have Died From Coronavirus Under Biden Than Trump

Why This New Virus Testing Makes No Sense

Oregon Health Authority: 622 Fully Vaccinated Residents Died Of COVID

I tackled a COVID modeler on Twitter and it was quite the revelation

Cheap, at-home COVID-19 testing is the quick fix we need

COVID-19 — Omicron:

*** Short video by MD: Beat Omicron Before You Catch It!

*** Omicron prompts rethink of vaccine impact, COVID-19 mandates

Physician Interview: All You Need to Know about the Omicron

Study: Vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection with the Omicron or Delta variants following a two-dose or booster

Omicron – Conclusions

Omicron Policy Implications

CDC Confirms 80% of COVID-19 Cases Caused by Omicron Variant in the US are Fully Vaccinated Individuals

CDC significantly reduces estimate of omicron prevalence in US

COVID-19 — Misc:

*** Proof that the CDC, FDA, and NIH are corrupt and/or incompetent

*** Federal Agencies: Should We Trust Them?

*** Pfizer’s History of Fraud, Corruption

*** Archbishop Viganò’s startling warning to the American people

Video: The pandemic will end when the digital monetary system is in place

The CDC’s Flawed Case for Wearing Masks in School

NY suburban Dems, Republicans refuse to enforce Gov’s mask mandate

Aaron Rodgers video: If science can’t be questioned it’s not science

WHO insider exposes GAVI, Bill Gates for perpetrating coronavirus plandemic

COVID-19 Whistleblower on Why She Won’t Be Silent Despite Threats to Her Life

Criminals have stolen nearly $100 billion in Covid relief funds, Secret Service says

Gates, Fauci, etc charged with Genocide in Court Filing

Dr. Mercola Files Lawsuit Against US Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Study: SARS-CoV-2 infection and persistence throughout the human body and brain

This Scientist Created a Rapid Test Just Weeks Into the Pandemic. Here’s Why You Still Can’t Get It.

COVID-19: A constant fight against misinformation and propaganda

Greed Energy Economics:

Green energy firms the biggest corporate welfare recipients ever

Thank you Senator Manchin — as he Says No on Build Back Better Green New Deal

Here’s how much energy prices rose in 2021

Europeans Face a $395 Billion Hike in Energy Bills Next Year

NYS Playing a Climate Shell Game with NY Ratepayers

Wind Energy — Offshore:

Texas Public Policy Foundation brings fishermen’s lawsuit against Vineyard Wind

Vineyard Wind Harpooned By New Federal Lawsuit

Offshore wind developer tries to calm worries

Oswego County Legislature (NY) formally opposes wind turbines in Lake Ontario

Wind Energy — Other:

Which Country Or U.S. State Will Be The First To Hit The Renewable Energy Wall?

No benefits, only negative impacts from proposed wind turbine

Industrial Wind Turbines Once Again Demonstrate their Unreliability

Energy Security Can’t Be Assured by Unreliables

Fort Indiantown Gap (PA) leaders pushing back against proposed wind farm near base

A rural community in Spain is fighting wind energy

Solar Energy:

Paving Virginia with solar slabs is bad law

VA Solar project — will be considered, with conditions

The Uselessness of Solar Energy

Nuclear Energy:

*** World’s first nuclear power plant using 4th generation high-temperature gas reactor officially enters operation in China

Europe’s biggest nuclear reactor receives permission to start tests

Zoom: Exploding the nuclear myth: the role of nuclear in the energy transition

Shift to nuclear brightens Asian energy future

Fossil Fuel Energy:

*** US Sends Fleet of LNG Ships to Fuel-Starved Europe

Biden’s Oil Price Heading to $100 a Barrel

Decarbonization cannot manufacture products demanded by civilization

Germany Burning More Coal, Renewable Energy Share Falling

Misc Energy:

*** Netherlands Goes Nuclear In Massive Atomic Humanist Victory!

The Biden White House’s Energy Incompetence

Report: Realism or Utopianism?

Lights Out for New York?

Europe Shows the Way to Energy Chaos and Disaster

Video: Angry owner blows up his Tesla

How and why Youngkin should quit the RGGI

New Joint Office of Energy and Transportation Created

Boris Johnson: Declare an energy emergency or risk economic disaster

Manmade Global Warming:

*** Senator Manchin “cannot vote” for Biden’s “mammoth” “Build Back Better” Bill

*** The Science of the People who will not be Slaves again!

*** Unsung Zeroes: The Top 10 Under-Reported Climate Flops of 2021

*** The Climate Movement and It’s 10 Biggest Failures of 2021

New AGW Book: Hot Talk, Cold Science

Many Climate Ambitions Will End With 2021

CLINTEL 2021 Report

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

*** The Power of 3/10 of 1% of 74 million

US Election — State Issues:

Hearing to Ban Georgia’s Dominion Voting System Marred by False AG Claims, Irrelevant Judge Interruptions

Lawsuit Reveals Fulton County 2020 Absentee Ballot Results Were Physically Impossible and Files Were Modified

Court Fight Over Dead People on Voter Lists Heats Up in Michigan

Pennsylvania Court Will Allow Inspection of Fulton County Dominion Voting Machines

US Politics and Socialism:

*** Who is to Blame for the “Industrial Revolution”?

*** John F Kennedy vs today’s Democrats

*** Facebook Admits in Court that its Fact Checks are Just Opinions

How Do We Stop the Cancel Culture’s Formula: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity = DIE?

The Sandcastle

Why BBB Would Be Hazardous to Your Health

Video: Bowing Down to China (10 minutes)

Biden’s EPA Turned Its Science Advisory Boards Into Woke Green Groups

Judge Hears Opening Arguments on Biden Administration’s Alleged Purge of Industry from EPA Panels

Other US Politics and Related:

*** The Real Misinformation Problem

*** AP’s Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Symbolizes Intellectual, Moral Collapse of Mainstream News Industry

*** Documentary: The Complete Documentary of What is Happening In This World

British Medical Journal on Facebook “fact check” ‘… inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible’

How Did the FBI End Up in This Mess?

The Danger of Nuclear War is Very Real

No, Congress should not codify ‘Chevron deference’

We Shouldn’t Allow Progressives to Limit Participation in Regulatory Process

Please—Stop the Coup Porn

The Fed’s Doomsday Prophet Has a Dire Warning About Where We’re Headed

Religion Related:

*** Why gratitude should be a part of your daily routine

*** Fake pastors and true

Christian Nationalism Is The Only Godly Option

Russia Fines Google With Record $100 Million For Corrupting Minors

Education Related:

*** Let the Buyer Beware!

*** No Critical Race Theory in Schools? Abundant Evidence Says Otherwise

*** How Marxists Captured the Universities and Will Soon Capture the Nation

Children are being ‘brainwashed’ by TikTok videos on ‘cool’ trans surgery viewed 26 billion times, campaigners claim

Many NC Students Are Missing out on Core Knowledge

Homeschooling Gifted Students: 9 Tips for Curriculum and Teaching

10 Books on Education That Are Worth Reading

Education Reform in 2022: Our Hopes for the New Year

Science and Misc Matters:

*** Implications of the retraction of a recent paper for scientific integrity in the White House

*** The Problem With Science is Scientists

If You Can’t Question It, Don’t Call It Science

EPA Announces Nationwide Monitoring Effort to Better Understand Extent of PFAS in Drinking Water

The Dirty Secret of America’s Clean Dishes

Dodge Is Cancelling The Hemi V8

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