2020 Presidential Election Related Lawsuits

Mainstream media has continually conveyed that: 1) none of Trump’s lawsuits related to the 2020 election resulted in a determination that there was election fraud in 2020, and 2) Trump lost essentially all of the lawsuits related to the 2020 election.

To evaluate the truth of these assertions, a detailed Report was done by independent experts. This analysis identified and summarized the key ingredients of ALL of the ninety-two (92) lawsuits relating to the 2020 election. So what is the verdict?

Regarding the first media assertion, it is TRUE —but is purposefully MISLEADING. It is dishonestly stated, because ZERO of the 92 lawsuits was a claim that some specific election fraud had taken place in the 2020 US Presidential election. Therefore it is impossible to have a verdict of fraud when it wasn’t claimed in the lawsuit!

The closest that the issue of “fraud” came into play was that some of the lawsuits asserted that certain actions on the part of Democrat state officials (e.g., to allow drop boxes) set the stage to make fraud easier to happen. That is undeniably true.

Regarding the second media assertion, it is FALSE. It is dishonestly presented, as the media’s position is that when a judge chooses not to hear a case (because of a legal technicality, e.g., standing), that they count that arbitrary choice as a “loss” to Trump.

The reality is that the only true wins and losses are when: a) the evidence involved is heard, b) both sides make their best arguments, and then c) the judge makes a determination as to what is legally right or wrong.

Out of the ninety-two 2020 election lawsuits, that happened thirty-one (31) times. In those 31 cases, the judge ruled in favor of Trump, et al, 23 times. In other words, when the lawsuit was decided on the merits, Trump was successful about 75% of the time. (Have you seen that acknowledged by mainstream media?)

The bulk of those cases were about state officials (Governor, etc.) illegally changing election rules or regulations. In almost all states, the authority to change election rules or regulations is exclusively vested in the state legislature.

However, prior to the 2020 election, certain Democrat state officials asserted that they were gifted “emergency powers” due to COVID-19, and these included the “right” for them to bypass the state legislature and unilaterally make election procedure changes. These included things like allowing unmonitored drop boxes, much-relaxed rules for absentee voting, etc.

The resulting changes had a profound effect on election integrity, as almost all of the changes made it easier to cheat. Essentially all attempts to instill sensible checks and balances (e.g., signature verification on absentee ballots) were stridently opposed by Democrats. Their main mantra was that these reasonable election integrity checks amounted to “voter suppression.” Of course that is patently false.

That judges refused to hear the evidence in almost 2/3 of those important cases is a legal travesty. Where the judges did hear the evidence (and 75% of the time ruled that the state officials were acting illegally), most of those verdicts were too late to have the bad actions fully corrected prior to the 2020 elections.

To those who believe that Democrats won honestly in 2020 [because: a) they had better messaging, b) they did a better job at getting out the vote, c) they had a better candidate, etc.], these facts douse that belief with cold water. {I’ll cover the honesty part in GREAT detail, in the next installment.}

The 2020 Presidential election-related lawsuit record is a convincing indictment that the Democrats did not win honestly in 2020, but instead aggressively focused on manipulating multiple aspects of the election process to make it easier to cheat.

PS — As a strong indication that our Report is still very much of interest, this week the Arizona Sun Times published Part 1 of an attorney’s more detailed analysis about the implications, etc. found in the lawsuits cited by our report.

PPS — Also related: How the Left Upended Our Election Laws in 2020.

PPPS — The tactics employed by the Left in the Presidential election-related lawsuits are similar to what has been used against high profile attorneys (John EastmanSidney Powell, Rudy Guiliani, etc.) who had the audacity to question any part of the 2020 election process.

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This is the third installment of a five part series on the upcoming 2024 US elections. See Part 1 (what characteristics are needed for a winning President) and Part 2 (The Rhyme and Reason of Negative Ballots). Part 4 will discuss whether electronic voting machines should be kept, and Part 5 will assess whether the 2020 election was mostly honest or dishonest.

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