Another Man, Who Thinks He’s A Woman, Wins LPGA Tournament

On January 17th 2024, a man who identifies as a woman won the LPGA NXXT Women’s Classic in Florida. A state which has more toll roads than any other state in our Republic.

The young man (who claims to be a woman) age 30 named Hailey Davidson (no relationship to Harley Davidson) won the tournament at the Mission Inn Resort and Club a resort near rainbow friendly Gay Orlando.

He shot one-over-73 ending the tournament at plus 4 after three rounds. This win could qualify him to win a spot in the next qualifying tour.

We are still unable to determine which bathroom he used after the tournament to freshen up but several trees did provide cover when he had to relieve himself while on the fairways.

He did state he’s had gender reassignment surgery so apparently he did have to sit down while dumping a full bladder during winter rules.

The ladies lacking the testosterone muscle strength to beat his long drives pressed on without complaint although I can’t imagine why they still competed in this tournament.

He does also state he’s been popping hormone replacement medication but his Adam’s apple is still visible.

In order to justify his win he did state he’s lost at least 15 mph off his drive speed since undergoing the unnatural change from being man into a woman.

The solution to this problem facing women competing against men who think they are women is not to compete with them in golf tournaments, or any competition.

The ladies should have sat out this golf tournament, while applying their mascara in the reflections of their shiny Titleist golf balls.

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