More Lack of Critical Thinking Evidence?

The jury’s Mann v. Steyn conclusion.

As readers know, I recently posted a detailed discussion of the Mann v Steyn lawsuit, and asserted that ALL of our rights were being debated. The jury’s verdict was rendered yesterday — and it was disturbing.

I’m not an attorney, but the two fundamental issues appeared to be: 1) Does a person have the right to publicly express their opinion (right or wrong) about a national matter? and 2) Does a person have the right to publicly express an opinion that is based on reasonable scientific evidence, but differs from what is currently politically correct? Apparently no to both!

Put another way, can a public figure be awarded damages when their work product is publicly criticized (based on scientific evidence), but they are unable to show material damages directly related to such criticism? Apparently yes!

Since I’m not a lawyer, please read a good synopsis of this jarring jury verdict by a very competent attorney who was closely following this case. And when I say competent, I’m referring to the fact that he is not only legally knowledgeable, but he is very informed about the climate matter as well.

That the jury came to such conclusions could well be interpreted as yet another sign that our education system has been effectively hijacked by the Left, as we are producing citizens who not only lack critical thinking skills, but give unquestioned deference to authority — irrespective of any contrary evidence presented.

The hope for some semblance of sanity is that the judge in this case will overturn the jury’s verdict, based on the fact that it was in stark contrast to the evidence presented.

Some other good commentaries as of this writing:

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