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‘Bad manners’ or ‘rowdy behavior’ now ‘Musicality’ if you’re Black

Comrades, the Current Truth™ changes yet again.

Recently a middle-aged white female taxpaying bus driver earning meager wages for redistribution through the EBT program was accused of microaggression against two oppressed protected African-Amerikkan female snowflakes of University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Wisconsin Student Berates Bus Driver For Microaggressions, White Privilege

Bad manners and offensive behavior used to be called “snowboarding” but was raised to Winter Olympic competition levels, creating the unintended consequence of a veritable plethora of amateurs attempting to make it to the top…

Our oppressed victims have brought to light the fact that if the person committing “rowdy behavior” is of a protected class, it can be called “musicality” which makes it a protected form of communication protected by rules made by old dead white slave owners.

Dawson, the first of two offended scholars was recorded on video putting her elder into her place: “Ma’am, you have to understand that one reason you felt we were being rowdy was because of the color of our skin,” Dawson says to open the video.

“In the first of the two videos, a girl (apparently Dawson) accuses the driver of being racist and not recognizing the “musicality” of their behavior.” the bus driver halted the bus and told the two black students to get off for being overly rowdy.

The driver, by talking over (correcting) the accuser was accused of microaggression, because young black females gots rights and talking over them is “dissin’ baaaad”

Comrades, watch your step.

College students are to be coddled and protected. Minorities are entitled. Females are not to be interrupted even by other females.

Stick to the basics.

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Ivan the StakehanovetsEDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Ivan the Stakhanovets originally appeared on The Peoples  Cube.