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Get Your ‘I Got Canceled Before It Was Cool’ T-Shirt Now

Get it on Zazzle | Get it on Spreadshirt This isn’t a joke. Already in 2005, soon after The People’s Cube was born, Google canceled us by removing the site from their search registry. Soon afterwards Cafepress canceled our “Che is Dead” t-shirts. In the next few years our numerous products also got canceled by Zazzle and […]

New 2021 Words Added to Dictionaries

It’s nearing the end of another year and that can mean only one thing: opportunities for journalists to write quick articles and get paid without thinking too much or working too hard. During these times of “no significant inflation” and all those holiday alcohol bills coming due, it’s more important than ever for those of […]

U.S. Navy to Determine Ships’ Preferred Pronouns

Naval Station Norfolk, VA — The United States Navy has contracted experts to determine the preferred genders of all its nautical vessels. For millennia, mariners have assumed ships and boats were female and referred to them as “she/her.” As the world becomes more aware that people are actually whatever gender they happen to be thinking […]

I, Psaki

A remnant of the Obama administration, Jen Psaki has mastered the art of shamelessly dissembling before a largely friendly press corps and has proven relentless in her efforts of omit or distort facts, spin events, highlight the inconsequential and diminish the consequential. But this soulless android in the service of the Biden administration may have, […]

Missions Accomplished – History Revisioned

It took only 1,857 days (or, for those who are counting – 160,444,800 seconds, or… 2,674,080 minutes, or… 44,568 hours) but our moment has come! President Hillary has finally bestowed upon us what was rightfully ours…. Her VICTORY speech of November 8, 2016! Hillary Clinton Chokes Up as She Reads Parts of the Victory Speech Our moment was stolen from us. […]

An Open Letter to America

Dear America, The Left are doing everything they can to dismantle the institution of law enforcement nationwide and do away with police. This is not because the Left is against police. The Left is against the rule of law. And I’ll tell you as has been amply demonstrated, without the rule of law and your […]

The Magnificent Eight – now with Kyle Rittenhouse

Across cultures and historical periods, people who stick their necks out to defend the innocents have been always regarded as noble heroes. Seven Samurais in medieval Japan come to mind, and a subsequent remake set in 19th century America. Different time, different continents, same moral values. Today this millennia-old morality is being turned upside down. […]

Revamped ‘Trans Siberian Orchestra’ Makes Splash

Tampa, FL — The Florida-based rock band / touring company formerly known as “Trans-Siberian Orchestra” has suddenly become extremely hip and popular by simply dropping the dash from its name and replacing it with a space. The band typically plays concerts nation-wide only for the month of Christmas in gigantic stadium shows. They’ve been touring since […]

Dear Comrades: A tale of the Soviet past & American present

Dear Comrades! If you think the events of the January 6th “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol – where angry protesters entered a government building and were shot at, with the FBI later identifying and arresting the participants – if you think such events will never be faithfully described in an award-winning movie, you are mistaken. […]

Lego Figures Charged With Insurrection

Washington, DC — As news that one of the dangerous January 6 insurrectionists had a Lego Capitol taken from his home as evidence, further news has leaked that the FBI will likely charge many of his Lego mini-figures with weapons and conspiracy charges. An unknown number of mini-figures was taken into custody. At least four were […]

Accident Prevention for Trump Supporters

The Visual Agitation and Propaganda Directorate has addressed the most urgent issues of the day: fighting unsafe situations caused by unsafe speech in unsafe spaces. Many unfortunate accidents that happened last weekend in our nation’s capital to Trump supporters, as filmed by independent Antifa and BLM observers, could have been easily avoided had these misguided […]