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Chernobyl HBO Series: The Radiology of the Ideology

Comrades! After having watched with growing indignation all five episodes of the new HBO miniseries, Chernobyl, we feel it is our duty to denounce this show for its counter-revolutionary agitation and to report its creators for slander and sabotage to the proper authorities. OFFICIAL TRAILER:  The show’s many thought crimes against progress and socialism pale […]

Mueller Bombshell: Trump Turned Me Into A Newt

According to a story by our reliable subsidiary, the Babylon Bee, former FBI director Robert Mueller ordered that Trump be weighed against a duck to determine whether the sitting president is a witch. Because of the clearly established pattern of Russian collusion, Mueller stated that Trump may actually be an incarnation of Baba Yaga. “I wouldn’t […]

Elizebeth Warren takes her dog Wahanassatta campaigning

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is a self-identified hominoid, has a new anthropomorphized advocate on the campaign trail – and Donald Trump Jr. says it’s proof that she is struggling to resonate with her homo sapiens base as a bipedal homo erectus. Warren, who declared her intention to seek the 2020 Democratic nomination last month, has […]

I believe Jussie Smollett and here’s why

I love Jussie. I believe Jussie! The police are lying about him. You know how much police hate black people.  By arresting Jussie, the police are only emboldening Trump supporters, making it easier for them to target innocent, defenseless, helpless-without-the-government progs like me.  Why, just last night I was in San Francisco, or maybe it […]

MABA! A new movement

A new movement has been launched to make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a barmaid again.  Due to her being sent to Washington, she no longer has unfettered access to the tip jar at the Flats Fix taqueria. If she could get her barmaid job back to supplement her income, perhaps she could then afford the high rent […]

Glorious posters to support Venezuela’s Democratic Socialism

American workers and peasants! A danger is creeping over the beloved socialist government in Venezuela. A Yankee imperialist coup is about to overthrow their heroic leader, who has a unanimous support of all progressive celebrities and Democratic Socialists in the U.S. It compels us to produce these Party-approved slogans and visual agitation, to be printed […]

And the smirk, don’t forget the smirk

See more at Confederacy of Drones. In a bold move, Robert Mueller expanded his investigative and law enforcement powers to include the authority to read facial expressions and assess fashion statements.  Seeing the potential end to the current Russian collusion investigation, that so far has netted only post-election process violations having nothing to do with collusion, […]