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Hillary”s State Department was “delusional” on Boko Haram

Earlier today when we posted on Hollywood’s ‘sudden awareness’ about Sharia, we noted the comments from last nights Fox News The Kelly File about former Secretary of State Clinton contesting requests from the CIA, FBI, National Counter-terrorism Center to designate Nigerian Jihadist group, Boko Haram, “a foreign terrorist organization.” Nina Shea, noted human rights lawyer and, director of the Washington, DC -based Center for Religious Freedom of the Hudson Institute, who we also positively cited in our post, revealed in a National Review On-line  post, just how delusional the State Department was under Clinton’s leadership on this issue.

Our take,  Clinton was reflecting the Administration’s obsessive redaction of any reference to Islamic doctrine as the wind behind the sails of this murderous band of terrorists. Secretary Clinton held hearings in December 2011 with representatives of  the EU, OSCE and members of the  Saudi-based Organization for Islamic Cooperation. They were endeavoring to prefect implementation of the UN Human Rights Council Res.16/18 on Combating Religious Intolerance  – a thinly disguised version of  a global Sharia Blasphemy code. Shea, whose interview is included in our collection, The West Speaks, was present at those State Department Istanbul Process proceedings. In our post on that State Department conference, Shea called it ‘perverse.”  In response to her New York Post op ed on those State Department proceedings we wrote:

The Istanbul Process is not only perverse but an affront to our Constitutional rights of free speech under the First Amendment. We await confirmation of how perverse the Washington Istanbul process conference was when exposure drafts of the “best practices” of combating alleged religious intolerance are released early next year [2012]. They should be the subject of intense scrutiny in hearings by Congress.

History will show that Congress did little to expose the OIC -backed UN proposals. The Administration went about its way redacting DoD, FBI and DHS counter-terrorism manuals of any references to Islam, Jihad and Sharia. The Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder subsequently enforced those delusional views.

Here is Shea’s NRO post on the State Department  evasion of the realities of  Boko Haram as a global terrorist organization under Secretary Clinton.

nina shea

Nina Shea, Director, Hudson Institute Center for Religious Freedom


MAY 9, 2014 5:35 PM

The Obama State Department’s Understanding of Boko Haram Was Even More Delusional than You Thought
By Nina Shea

A news article in today’s New York Times sets out to explore why the United States waited until November 2013 to designate Nigeria’s Boko Haram as a “foreign terrorist organization.” In light of the group’s latest atrocity – the kidnapping and enslaving of over 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria’s Borno state last month –this is a very good question.

The article makes the point that the terrorist designation was made after Hillary Clinton resigned as secretary of state, and confirms reporting that it came after a two-year debate in which “the Justice Department, the F.B.I., American intelligence officials and counterterrorism officials in the State Department” all called for the designation but State ultimately opposed it.

Clinton’s then–assistant secretary for African affairs, Johnny Carson, tells the Times that State opposed the designation for “for six or seven different reasons,” which boil down to an equal measure of fear of the affect on Boko Haram, possibly making it seem more important and popular, and wariness of legitimizing a Nigerian government crackdown. State counterterrorism official Daniel Benjamin essentially gives a “what difference does it make?” shrug, stating: “Designation was one of many tools and not the most urgently needed one in dealing with the Nigerians. ”

That ends the article’s probe. But a review of the State Department’s actual statements  from that era would have revealed a flawed official analysis of the situation that is more disturbing.

In 2012,  the State Department was declaring that Boko Haram was motivated not by Islamic extremism, but by anger at “poor government service delivery” and “poverty” generally.  Its policy was to actively oppose Nigerian military involvement and support greater American aid and investment to the country, particularly to the areas giving  rise to Boko Haram militants.

As I wrote on the Corner on April 12, 2012:

The day after [an Easter Sunday] Nigeria church bombing, at a forum on U.S. policy toward Nigeria held at Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies, Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson, overlooking Boko Haram’s self-proclaimed identity, pattern of behavior, statements and very name, which means “Western education is a sin,” publicly denied that Boko Haram has religious motives. He went out of his way to stress: “Religion is not driving extremist violence in . . . northern Nigeria. Carson is articulating official U.S. policy. Its theory is that Boko Haram is “exploiting religious differences” to “create chaos” to protest “poor government service delivery,” poverty, and a variety of good-governance concerns.

The State Department attributed the phenomenon of Boko Haram to the poverty and low levels of literacy in the north, rather than the other way around. Briefing an audience that was specifically interested in strategic insights,  he described the U.S. policies then in place for Nigeria. As Carson itemized:

We have provided technical assistance to support reform in the power sector. We have taken a large energy trade mission to the country, and encouraged the swift passage of a strong petroleum industry bill that brings more transparency to the sector. We have recognized the importance of Nigeria’s agriculture sector and supported Nigeria’s comprehensive agriculture development plans. And in the health sector, we have committed over $500 million a year to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, demonstrating how critical we consider Nigeria in the worldwide fight against HIV and AIDS.

All the programs Carson specifically named were directed to economic and health development, some of which may have actually created financial incentives for more Boko Haram violence. He stressed this was important “particularly in the disadvantaged North of Nigeria where Boko Haram finds support.” Carson made a point of stating that U.S. policy was to press Nigeria to “de-emphasize the role of the military.” (All of this could have been scripted from the MoveOn.org petition campaign on Nigeria at the time.)

The U.S. State Department’s delay in giving “terrorist” designation to Boko Haram had real policy consequences. It helped the Obama campaign narrative that al-Qaeda was on the run. But it didn’t help Nigeria, whose girls and boys, men and women, Christians and Muslims are now paying with their lives and living in dread of a larger, more powerful Boko Haram.


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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The New English Review.