Old Glory + Obama = No Glory?

When the President of the United States of America and his wife begin their “reign of terror” with an apology tour in the Middle East asking forgiveness for all of America’s aggressive failures how could NOT the great Flag of the USA fail into tremendous disrespect and disdain by people around the world?

Today, six years into an Administration that rebels at the thought of America being “exceptional” we see chaos and death strewn about the globe, much of it brought about by the weaknesses of President Obama’s policies and following the Obama’s lead, the disgust Americans have for their “colonizing” country.

It is against this mess that we bring you a bright light in the person of a 21-year old black American, Joseph Offutt. Joseph’s love for his country and her flag is a model of inspiration and encouragement for all people world-wide.

Tune in as we honor our great flag, on this day after, Flag Day!