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CHRISTIANS: “Wake Up . . . Marxists Want to Tear Down Jesus!” [Video]

TOM TRENTO, Director of The United West carefully details the Marxist roots of the evil organization, “Black Lives Matter,” and how they, along with the Democrat Party, are targeting Jesus Christ as the next symbolic statue that needs to be violently destroyed in order to usher in socialism, on their way to a utopian Communism. […]

VIDEO: Kennedy and Reagan — Communism Sucks . . . Must be Destroyed!

Please watch this short video where Tom Trento reaches back into American history to have President John Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan teach the Democrat party that they have abandoned our Constitutional Republic and whole-hardheartedly embraced a Marxist, anti-capitalist, anti-God, political philosophy. ALL Patriotic Americans, E PLURIBUS UNUM – must come together and DESTROY Marxism! […]

VIDEO: Will America Survive? Dr. Alan Keyes on the ‘Current Marxist Revolution’

The Democrats have passed the point of no return, unable, unwilling to control the Marxist juggernaut within their party. Cities explode, cops die, flags burn and chaos rules the day in many Democrat-controlled cities. Patriotic Americans are furious and want to physically fight back. Now is not the time to physically fight back. Now is […]

VIDEO: Planned Parenthood + Democrat Party = Planned Deathhood!

This edition of the Tom Trento Show discusses Planned Parenthood and the Democrat platform that believes that babies have no rights, that the fathers of those babies have no rights, that it’s strictly and ONLY the woman’s right to abort the living human being inside her. ONLY the woman’s right to determine to kill/abort the […]

VIDEO: The #JEXIT Story — Time for Jews to Exist the Democrat Party!

Tom Trento interviews Michelle Terris the founder of #JEXIT. #JEXIT is a National Movement dedicated to educating and encouraging American Jews who are currently members of the Democratic Party to EXIT the Democratic Party and join President Trump who is a great friend to Jewish people and the state of Israel. Stand with us against […]

Pelosi and House Democrats draft resolution condemning Israel and attacking Israeli and American diplomats.

This is incredible. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is planning to pass a resolution in the House of Representatives condemning Israel and attacking Israeli and American diplomats. Why? She wants to pass it because Israel refused to allow anti-Semitic U.S. politicians into their country to meet with Muslim radicals, terrorist groups, and Israel Boycott organizers […]

Anti-Semitism @CNN

A major part of our mission here at The United West (TUW) is to expose and eradicate Anti-Semitism throughout the United States and around world. Whether it is the rise of Anti-Semitism among Socialist Democrats in Congress and efforts by some to end our nation’s support of Israel to opposing boycotts against Jewish businesses and […]

Mosques – Dangerous to Extremely Dangerous – Georgia, Extremely Dangerous

Dave Gaubatz, invited to investigate 3 mosques in the Savannah, GA area.  Gaubatz has investigated over 300+ mosques in the U.S. and over 150 internationally.  He did that with a standard analysis process to measure the level of dangers being promoted inside each mosque he visited. From Dave’s report below: “Islamic leaders have informed Dave […]

FLORIDA 3-YEARS AGO: Jihad at the Pulse Nightclub and what preceded it! [Videos]

JIHAD AT THE PULSE NIGHT CLUB, ORLANDO, FL – June 12, 2016 Through The United West’s Research and Investigations… we look back and see 2 very disturbing events that took place around Florida in the prior months leading up to the Jihad attack.  Promoting Jihad and Sharia!  And to clarify… Jihad is NOT a “personal struggle”as is […]