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Three Facts Jews & Christians Must Know about HAMAS – HEZBOLLAH – IRAN and the Gaza Protests

HATE Muslims in Israel selected two Holy days for Jews and Christians (Passover & Easter) to launch their public protests to “overrun” Israel because Islamic doctrine requires eternal HATRED (enmity) against Judaism & Christianity. In the minds of these jihadis, violent protests on infidel holy days indicate doctrinal supremacy. Islamic hated against Jews & Christians […]

Sheriff Scott Israel – ‘We are Jihad — We are Hamas’

The recent shooting at a Parkland, FL high school is the result of failure on the part of many authorities who had both the opportunity and the responsibility to prevent it from happening. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was the local law enforcement authority who arguably could have stopped the massacre before it happened. But […]

Hollywood Actor’s Gun Pledge

The irony of “Hollywood” deserves its own Oscar. Here we have a contingent of people who, because they sell tickets, truly believe they have something important to say to us “common-folk.” So, let’s make an important point with Reductio Ad Absurdum and show the foolishness of “actors” who demand non-actors to change their beliefs and […]

Video of FBI Leaders Aiding and Abetting Terrorists

This powerful video demonstrates the criminal negligence, and one could argue the treasonous actions of FBI Director Mueller and Executive Assistant Director Paul Abate, who gave direct support to Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood leaders at the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood’s Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. The video details that many of Dar al Hijra’s founders, […]

President of the Young Democrats of Orange County, FL Rasha Mubarak Sponsors Anti-Semitic Hate Fest [Video]

Rasha Mubarak – CAIR Leader and President of the Young Democrats of Orange County sponsored an anti-semitic hate fest on December 8, 2017 at Lake Eola Park, Orlando, Florida. CAIR, Young Democrats of OC, and Organize Florida held a rally protesting the United States moving our Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, but that is not what […]

VIDEO: Radical Islamic Organization joins ‘F**K Capitalism’ Rally in Orlando, FL

Well folks, here you have it, video proof positive – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a radical Muslim supremacist organization, joining with Marxists to “F**k Capitalism,” impeach Trump and destroy America (by the way, my use of terrorist means the inner struggle, self-improvement type of terrorist). Right about now, “Capo dei Capi” of CAIR National, Nihad […]

VIDEO: Day of Jew-Hate in Florida

This video is a very short expose’ on the CAIR-sponsored, “Day of Rage” protests on Friday December 8, 2017 in Florida. CAIR, (Council on American Islamic Relations) organized these Jew-hate events to protest President Trump’s declaration on December 6, that the United States will now officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and begin […]

Prediction: In 2018 other countries will quietly move their embassies to Jerusalem

Three reasons why the Embassy move is great for the United States and the world! YES, Leaders lead and others follow, so indeed, more countries will move their Embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018. Here are three reasons why this “apocalyptic” decision by President Trump will NOT cause world disorder but more stability […]

TAKE ACTION: Send us your videotape of the ‘Theater of the Absurd!’

Here’s the story: THE COMMUNIST PROTEST, IN THEIR WORDS: Take To The Streets And Public Squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met. This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America! MORE […]

Stop with this ‘Self-Radicalization’ crap!

The expiration date for this nonsensical term has passed and it’s time to deal with the harsh truth about Islam. Following the Muslim jihad truck attack in New York City the term “self-radicalization” has become a household concept. This is very bad. For anyone who continues to foolishly use the term, “self-radicalization” you must either abandon […]