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BIDEN SUED! Meet Matt O’Brien, illegal immigration investigator, going after Biden’s ICE!

Illegals Here/Still Coming – Goal to Destroy America’s Sovereignty! Matt O’Brien from IRLI – Immigration Reform Law Institute, describes the illegals invading America! Texas State Supreme Court vs. U.S. Supreme Court rulings and why Texas has the right to defend its borders when Federal law is NOT taking action. How bad it is and what America […]

MUST WATCH: Nihad Awad, Council American Islamic Relations’ ‘Capo dei Capi’ Busted!

“And yes, I was happy to see people breaking the siege…Israel, as an occupying power, does not have that right to self-defense.” — Nihad Awad, Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations. Discover the Networks’ file on Nihad Awad: Nihad Awad was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan. After high school he […]

INTERVIEW: Islamic Expert Analyzes Rising Threat of Hezbollah

This past May, I had the life changing experience of visiting Israel. It is deeply heartbreaking to watch all that is unfolding now. One of the trip’s leaders, Tom Trento of The United West, is an academic authority on Islamic extremism. He joined The American Spectator to discuss the Israel–Hamas war and the significance of jihad in […]

JOIN THE FIGHT! Swords of Iron Campaign to DESTROY HAMAS in AMERICA!

Swords of Iron Campaign: Fight Israel’s Information War. Brief Elected Officials on Hamas. Mobilize Americans for Law Enforcement. Produce movie exposing Hamas. DESTROY NAZI — HAMAS On Saturday October 7, 2023, following a devastating surprise attack by HAMAS on the citizens of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initiated Operation: Swords of Iron, a massive […]

WATCH: Hamas’ ‘Kill All The Jews’ musical in Gaza

MEMRI the excellent media watchdog organization brings us another classic that plays on Arab airways. Check out this “musical” designed to entertain Muslims as they learn how and why all Jews should be killed. Seriously, how can anyone make peace with satanically inspired people like these Muslims. RELATED VIDEO: Hebrew Music Video Glorifying the Killing of […]

VIDEO: Watch as Holocaust Liberator Bill Langfan Warned Israel about Hamas in 2013

On September 30, 1938, William K. Langfan, a World War II veteran witnessed the catastrophic consequences of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler. In a March 2013 interview Mr. Langfan explains how the Western world, led by President Obama is pressuring Israel to accommodate the HAMAS, which will also have immense catastrophic consequences. In an almost […]

HAMAS TERRORIST RALLY, ORLANDO, FL, 10.14.23: Watch a Screaming Jihadi In Yoga Pants

On October 14, 2023 our investigator went to a Pro-HAMAS rally in Orlando, Florida. Below is a 5 minute video overview of that “Jew-Hate Rally.” Please Note: A Muslim woman leading Muslim men. (…the times are a changing!). Very poorly attended. (maybe, even Muslims realize HAMAS is ISIS). The use of “Zionist” instead of Jew […]

VIDEO: Remembering the July 20, 2014 CAIR ‘We are Jihad. We are HAMAS’ Rally in Miami, Florida

We republish this July 20, 2014 video taken in Miami titled CAIR, FL “We are Jihad. We are HAMAS”. We should have listened then, we must listen now! “I’m gonna kill you mother fucker, you and the all Israelis!” “You want a push, I’ll show you a push!” He’s a Zionist, this guy is not […]

VIDEO: Border Expert Chris Burgard Details Biden’s Border Disaster that is Destroying America!

Chris Burgard joins the Jason Burmas on America Media Periscope to discuss the release of Death County & the River of Broken Dreams, featuring former Director of ICE under President Trump. WATCH:  RELATED ARTICLES: The Fix Is In: California City Plans to Grant Illegal Immigrants the Right to Vote DHS admits that around 160 […]

VIDEO: Arizona/Mexico Border—Come Right On In!

In 2019, Tom Trento and The United West team went to the Cochise County, Arizona border with Mexico to gain a full understanding of our country’s border situation. In this video you will see how vital it is for America’s national security interests to have a completed 24-foot border fence/barrier. Mexican cartels are utilizing our […]