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We’re funnier and redder than The Boston Globe, Rush Limbaugh approves!

Rush Limbaugh described our Boston Globe parody this morning, making it the first item on his show. In addition, he posted a transcript with a link to this page and with this photo shop of him standing in front of our graphic. This calls for a celebration tonight behind Tractor Barn #2. Free beets for everybody!

Rush also said this (a screenshot):


The image he described as “this great parody” is below (it was originally posted in the comments).

This is the second time Rush praises our work. Read about the first time here.

And now back to the original thread as it developed:

Boston Globe Plays The Onion Offers Fake Sunday Front Page Mocking President Trump from: NewsBusters
I think we can do better! Here is a template to add your personalized Boston Globe cover story headline. Have fun!
My feeble attempt…

OfflineHammer and Loupe notes, “Is not the Boston Globe’s owner, John W. Henry, also the owner of Liverpool Futbol team, Red Socks, and a NASCAR team? Would that make him a capitalist pig?”

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire, which has now gone mainstream, originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.