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Undocumented Immigrant Rallies Support Online for Trump’s 2020 Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, CA/PRNewswire/ — The team at Trump Must Win is proud to announce the launch of TrumpMustWin.com, a website dedicated to providing fact-based arguments for supporting President Trump’s reelection this November.

On August 12, 2020, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate and the nominee for Vice President. In response, President Trump remarked that he was “a little surprised” at the nomination, due to Harris’ poor performance in the primaries for the Democratic nomination. As the country is well underway of preparing for the final votes to be cast on November 3, 2020, tensions are rising on both sides of the campaign to gather the larger share of votes.

Amongst those who want to vote for the next president of the United States is Eric Lee, an undocumented immigrant living in California. He is currently a DACA recipient, and although he has been in the United States for the past 15 years, he cannot participate in any political elections due to his citizenship status.

In response to this, Eric, with the help of other undocumented residents who are favorable towards Trump’s re-election, has created a website devoted to informing U.S. citizens on the reasons one should vote for Trump, not Biden. The website, titled Trump Must Win, features over a hundred reasons Trump is the better candidate for presidency and lists his accomplishments and feats over the past four years of his first term. The website also features campaign posters to be shared online and through social media, and links to coalitions that are pro-Trump. Articles on Trump’s history, starting from his childhood and background, to the members of his cabinet, and even extending to Trump’s business ventures, the website is a resource for those who want to learn more about Trump according to “the facts, not fake news” as Eric describes in the website’s introduction.

One of President Trump’s biggest qualms during his first term was the treatment he received from the ‘fake news media’ – those who distort the truth and paint his administration only in a negative light.

The goal of Trump Must Win is to cut through biased reporting and provide a comprehensive and interactive list called “Read 101+ Reasons to Vote for Trump.” Reasons include facts about Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, such Trump’s decision to invoke “the Defense Production Act to aid companies building ventilators for coronavirus patients to receive the supply of materials they need.”

There are also examples of Trump’s work on rolling back burdensome environmental regulations, and how the poverty rate among black Americans is at its lowest level in history, and how he appointed “judges who will uphold the Constitution and rule of law for generations to come.” Each reason is backed up by sources and references for impartial readers to learn more.

The website is fully funded by the creators, and it is not officially affiliated with the White House administration, Trump campaign, or the Republican Party.

“I wanted the site to be professional, yet honest, about what President Trump has done for our country,” said Lee. “Many people ask me why I would vote for Trump if I am an immigrant and that Trump hates immigrants, but the facts say the opposite.”

TrumpMustWin.com also features media coverage, news clips, and suggestions on how citizens can get involved and show their support for Trump. Although the website is not affiliated with President Trump or his campaign, the website is one individual’s unique approach to advocacy and exercising one’s rights to democracy, despite the limitations of his citizenship status.

For more information, visit TrumpMustWin.com.