Video Expose: The Project – How Our Government Protects Our Enemies

Recent events overseas have led to growing violence against the United States and our NATO allies. The Middle East and North Africa are more dangerous today than just a few years ago. U.S. soldiers are being killed at an increasing rate by those they train, known as “green on blue” attacks. On September 30, 2012 U.S. causalities in Afghanistan reached the milestone of 2,000 soldiers killed. The 2,000th soldier was killed in a green on blue attack. For a map of green on blue attacks on NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan click here.

The Blaze has developed a two part video series on how various movements have infiltrated our government, at times with the full knowledge and support of our leaders. From Communists during the 1930s to Islamic militants like the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1940s the tactics are the same as is the goal – the destruction of the United States from within. The Project shows historically how those pointing out the threat are demonized, the most famous example being the misrepresentation of Senator McCarthy.

It is useful to understand how radical Islamists have not only infiltrated our government but flourished with in it. In some cases Islamists are helping to shape national security policy in the Middle East and our homeland security policies. This has hamstrung agencies like the FBI’s ability to infiltrate and deal with infiltrators and saboteurs. How these “enemies of the state” have been given special protected status by key government agencies is exposed in The Project. The CIA, FBI and DOD were created to protect us from movements, like the Muslim Brotherhood, that threaten our safety and liberties.

The Projects shows how Presidents, like FDR, have even embraced and knowingly placed in their administrations those who would undermine our national security.

Watch The Blaze two part series titled “The Project“:



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