New revelations about the High School the Boston Bombers Attended

L to R: Kimberly Parker, Kris Newton, Larry Aaronson, Alice Chen, Ed Byre. Photo credit: Elaine Schear

The column Howard Zinn, the Boston Bombers, and school propaganda notes:

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went to a liberal high school in the Boston area called the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, which prided itself on including young people from more than 80 nations among its student body. There the older brother became friends with Larry Aaronson, former chair of the Social Studies Department.  (Though Aaronson retired before the boys attended, the older boy seemed to have spent quite a bit of time chatting, which left a distinct enough impression on Aaronson that he recalls quite a bit of the conversation.)  Among Aaronson’s own students were Matt Damon and his brother.

Aaronson was also a friend of Howard Zinn, the radical anti-American historian (see my review of his famous People’s History of the United States).

Former CIA operatives note that the Tsarnaev brothers were radicalized in part by their parents, especially the mother. It is also clear from text messages and internet links the brothers were influenced by jihadists in Chechnya, Canada and the Middle East.

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School links to the website of Ms. Maggie Daily, a teacher of World History. One of her World History lessons is titled Imperialism Research Project with course materials. Below is the Imperialism Research Outline, which is due on April 22, 2013. Questions on the outline include: Who colonized your country? When was your country colonized? Why was it colonized (i.e. was there a prized resource?):

For a larger view of the full course outline click on the image.

To see the full outline click here. To view the entire Cambridge Rindge and Latin School curricula click here. WDW has requested the course work for the Tsarnaev brothers while they attended Cambridge HS.

Understanding the history of the Caucasus region, this lesson could have reinforced the jihadist world view of the Tsarnaev brothers and reinforced what their family in Chechnya was telling them. According to the Gannett Company’s website

This is not your grandmother’s Russia. Islamist Chechen soldiers are joining with al-Qaida all over the Middle East and can be found across vast areas — from civil wars in Northern African to rebel camps in Syria, and now Boston.

A slender bronze statue of Medea, the Greek goddess of rage, holding up Jason’s Golden Fleece was unveiled in the Black Sea city of Batumi. Medea is a fitting patron for the Caucasus region, which has been raging war for centuries. This seaport allowed fighters and supplies to transit into Chechnya, rejecting Russian demands to stop.

The Chechen Republic lies between the Black and the Caspian seas. Russian Czar Nicholas I led a successful invasion into the Caucasus regions. Citizens speak Kakh, not Russian. The clan society is 95 percent Salafi/Shafi Muslim. The national anthem is “Death or Freedom.” During World War II, they were Nazi collaborators. In the 1980s, thousands joined the Mujahideen with Osama Bin Laden. When Russia left Afghanistan, Chechen rebels took all weapons, bombs and chemicals.

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To view Larry Aaronson’s Facebook page click here. Aaronson’s Facebook page has posts of anti-Christian quotes, references to the Kent State shooting during the Vietnam War and this quote about an Occupy Austin event, “This is what non-violent civil disobedience to improve public education looks like. Only when this happens on a massive scale will the mega-billionaire neo-liberal reformers bend and concede power and control.” Again he was the former teacher and head of the Social Studies Department at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

WDW will continue to follow this story.


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