Department of Homeland Security Targets Orlando and St. Louis TEA Party IRS protests

DHS vehicle is visible on the right side of this photo courtesy of BizPac Review.

Tom Tillison of BizPac Review reports:

The protest was held in Maitland, Florida, a short drive north of Orlando and not surprisingly, North Lake Tea Party, long the standard bearer of the Central Florida tea party movement, was on hand.

The tea party was acting on a call to action by Tea Party Patriots Inc., which bills itself as the nation’s largest tea party organization, in response to recent admissions by IRS officials that the agency had intentionally targeted tea party and conservative groups.

A scandal that continues to grow in scope with each passing day.

Under the watchful eye of Homeland Security — yes, they were present — protesters carried signs that read “We Do Not Consent to Tyranny,” “Abolish the IRS” and “Don’t Target me Bro!,” making it clear they do not condone the use of the IRS as a political weapon.

As one protester noted, it’s insulting that Homeland Security felt the need to be present as American citizens exercise their first amendment right, but decide to look away when suspected Islamic terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev travels back and forth to his home country.

Patti DiBella, who was at the Melbourne, FL  protest, in an email to WDW states, “I wanted to go & thank Homeland Security for being there ‘to protect US from TERRORISTS’!…that’s why they were there (with the K-9’s)…right? But it was raining like a monsoon & they never got out of their cars.”

The Department of Homeland Security did not show up at all Florida protests. The one in Sarasota, FL was held peacefully with no DHS presence.

Gateway Pundit reports, “Residents of St. Louis County, MO met in front of the IRS offices on May 21, 2013 to protest the IRS’ practice of targeting and harassing conservatives, patriots and Tea Party supporters. There were no city or county police there, ONLY DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY POLICE.”

Given that officers from the Department of Homeland Security were at TEA Party IRS protests in both St. Louis, MO, Melbourne and Orlando, FL but not in Sarasota, FL indicates targeting? It should be noted that the IRS offices are federal buildings and the DHS has a role in protecting federal buildings in the US.

If any other groups noticed the same presence of DHS officers at their protest or the lack thereof please contact WDW.


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