Florida Democrat gives Nazi salute

The Palm Beach Post reports, “[Democrat] Marcia Radosevich said ‘Heil Hitler’ and gave the Nazi Germany leader’s salute during a discussion about government transparency and the power of village staff members at the monthly Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board meeting on March 5. The gesture was directed at the village’s planning director.”


The Post notes:

The embattled planning board member who gave the Hitler salute during a public meeting last week has offered her resignation.

Wellington village leaders, employees and residents have expressed outrage since Marcia Radosevich referenced the Nazi dictator during a Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board meeting March 5, when she directed the gesture at the village’s planning director.

In a letter late Thursday to the Wellington Village Council, Radosevich apologized for her actions and said, “Although I have been asked to remain on the PZAB, I am offering my resignation … so that the public and the village council can focus on important issues regarding the government’s responsibilities to us.”

It’s unclear whether the village council must vote to accept her resignation. Village hall is closed on Fridays.

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